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Star of Faith

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Star of Faith Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander isn't what he seems to be and he needs some help

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Chapter 1-0

Star of Faith
Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Hawklan
Disclaimer: I do not own anything or so I claim, except a strange sense of humor.
BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and the rest belongs to their creators.
X-over: Tenchi Muyo.


Chapter 1-0

Inside the small, but fully equipped, wood shop was not much sound as Ronald Harris (everybody called him Rory) sat there working on a piece of pine wood, crafting it to a sculptured locker. Rory’s mind was only barley concerned with the delicate work he was doing it was more at his favorite and only nephew Xander, who was sitting there and watched him work.

Rory was many things, an old soldier and a drunk with two failed marriages behind him, but he was also a philosopher and smarter than all other Harris were. Something was bothering Xander and he hoped the boy would talk to him.

Finally Xander spoke, "Did you know I was adopted?"

Rory nodded, "Yeah, they finally told you then?" Aah the ‘I'm adopted and who am I?’ teen pain and confusion time he mused.

Xander shrugged, "I always knew. What would you do, if you knew something bad could or might happen to earth? To everybody you love?"

Rory continued to work a moment "It depends on the situation."

Xander said, "You could perhaps stop it, but to do so would be to give up your freedom and to become a slave."

Rory sighed as he looked at Xander "I have no idea. Is this about the vampires or something? You’re not hunting them are you?"

Xander blinked, "No it’s not about the vampires or demons, it’s slavery to a human. But I am a hunter of vampires."

Rory grinned a bitter smile, "I suspected that. So not about the suckers then, your freedom against the life of those you love, correct?"

Xander nodded, "Yeah."

Rory mused, "As long as it is to a human you have to ask yourself. Is it really worth being free IF the ones you love are dead?"

Xander nodded to himself as he grew silent again.

Rory said, "You could explain it to me if you like."

Xander grinned, "No.. Yes.. It’s that I have a power, but to use it, to use it I must have a master or a mistress to order me around."

Rory looked doubtful, but the kid never lied to him. "Crap, how much?"

Xander grumbled, "Much, too much"

The two were silent as they contemplated the nature of what they said to each other.

“Then make a list and find out who you are willing to be bonded to. Perhaps the red head?" said Rory.

Xander looked up, "No not Willow, she doesn't trust me anymore."

The two were silent again as they continued, Rory with working and Xander with watching.


Next afternoon outside Giles apartment

Walking up to the door Xander was nervous he felt like a doomed man as he knocked at the door.

"Yes what.. O Xander, I hope nothing is wrong," Giles said as he stepped to the side, silently letting the boy indoors.

Xander smiled a bit, "Thanks G- giles and no nothing is wrong I need a favor. Could I borrow your girlfriend and Faith? I need their help."
Giles cleaned his glasses "What is it? I do hope it is nothing dangerous."

Xander answered, "No, I just need Anya’s help as a mediator."

Giles blinked "I see," he said in a tone of voice that clearly explained he did not understand anything. If anything Anya was the worst mediator he ever seen.

Her voice interrupted them, "You need me as a mediator?" Anya asked.

"Yeah, I need your help to explain a thing to Faith," Xander grinned


The first meeting between the two, when she had tried to curse him and he had become a vampire version of himself, had ended with a epic fight between him and the vampire version, a fight only Anya remembered as she herself destroyed her powers-center to end the existence of the vampire version.

Anya paled, "Oh.. It’s about and Faith," she swallowed remembering what Xander really was.

“Yeah," Xander said and noticed Giles funny look, "Don't worry G-man I'm not an enemy and you can trust Faith. She is the slayer."

"Don't call me G-Man and could anybody explain what this is all about?" Giles asked a bit grumbling.

Xander shrugged, "Sorry, but it’s between me and Faith."

Anya smiled as she kissed Giles, "Don't worry about it. It’s nothing dangerous to us or them," she said shivering, "It’s just about bunnies."

Giles growled, but was interrupted by Xander. "Afterwards, if Faith likes too, she can explain."

Anya nodded to herself "Let’s go then I like this to be over with," she shudder knowing exactly the power Xander had and the two walked out to Anya’s car.

Giles sighed as they left. Anya had time and time again hinted about that keeping Xander out from the slaying was wrong and the boy had hidden depths, but he never ever had been able to make her tell him what they were or why she, a former vengeance demon, was so afraid of him Also non of his magic tests had shown him to be anything, but a normal human. He was a follower not a leader and nothing special.


The two drove away in silence. They really had nothing to say, but then Xander asked, "Why Giles?"

Anya shrugged, "He is cute for an older human."

Xander blinked, "Oho, good answer."

Anya asked in return, "Why Faith?"

Xander thought a moment and then answered, "I think I can trust her."

Anya then said, "So you are going to put your faith in," she blinked, "That was an accident."

Xander grinned "Sure, it was."

Anya grumbled, "It was. I do not come up with stupid jokes."

Xander raised an eyebrow. There was not much to say anyway.

A moment later they arrived at the small apartment, which Xander had managed to arrange as a home of the dark haired Slayer. It had taken him a bit of computer hacking and creative work, but in the end it worked better then the slime motel she had been living in.

Now she had a home which she believed was a payment from the Watchers for doing her duty.

Anya knocked at the door, it took only a moment for it to open and a grinning Faith stood there wearing a t-shirt with the print, -You ain’t seen nothing yet- and only that t-shirt.

Xander swallowed as he tried not to look at the half nude goddess in front of him. "Hi.. We we... I Um.. What we need to do" he said with some panic in his voice.

Anya rolled her eyes. "We need to talk about something and Faith would you put some pants on or Xander might forget his own name."

Faith shrugged as she walked back a bit and grinned at the blushing face of Xander. "Sure," she said grabbing some pants.



Faith sat down on the sofa with her legs spread over the table in a relaxed and sensual teasing way as she looked at the two. "So what is the story X and A?"

Xander said, "Um... you know about Anya right?"

Faith nodded, "Yea, she is a former vengeance demon. What about it? Is she a demon again?"

Anya answered, "No I’m still human. I’m here as a witness. Xander is going to tell you something incredible and I’m his witness."

Curious Faith said, "Alright spill it X."

Xander nodded, "Alright. My name is Xander and I’m.. I’m not completely human."

Faith blinked, "So? Not all demons are evil, it’s five by five to me, but then what are you?"

"Um... I‘m not a demon and right now I am human, my non-human abilities are locked away. I cannot use them or access them unless.." here Xander stopped.

Faith sighed "Unless what..?"

Anya answered for Xander, "His kind needs a Master or a Mistress to be able to use their powers."

Xander nodded and continued, “And only somebody with a soul can be a master/mistress. Unless somebody uses dark magic or turns me into a vampire, then bad things can happen," he said looking irritated at Anya that paled.

Faith said a bit confused, "I don't get it. Anya is your mistress? You rock girl,"

Anya shook her head, "NO I am not his mistress."

Xander said "Um.. I.. I like you to be it Faith," seeing her angry face he continued, "Something bad is coming to Sunnydale. We need my powers or you and ALL of my friends will die."

Anya said to defuse the situation a bit, "Look its nothing sexual Faith. If you accept Xander will be your slave and you can use him to protect us from whatever he fears is coming."

Faith blinked, "I don't get it. Explain or I go nuts."

"Xander is a Cabbit. They are shape shifters and look like a cross between a cat or rabbit. Some can turn into human shape and others forms,” Anya explained.

Xander continued, "In my human shape I am completely human because my grandmother, a cabbit, fell in love with a human and my father was born. He was kidnapped by a criminal and abused. In the end he created me. A clone of himself and gave me some of his own memories, not much just the skills I need to use my powers and then..."

Faith guessed, "He died."

Xander shook his head and continued, "Not exactly, he took his own life. I need a master or mistress or all I care about might die, but if I chose the wrong person they could abuse me and I would have no defense against that."

Anya said, "It’s a bit much but."

"And I still don’t know anything about what you are" said Faith.

Xander nodded, "And unless I have a master or a mistress I cannot show you. I am, what Anya said, a Cabbit. Completely explaining my ability is impossible. You would not believe me."

Faith smiled, "Try me."

Anya shrugged. "He is a living starship."

Faith’s mouth fell open, "You are shitting me?"

Anya shook her head, "No."

Faith blinked and asked, "Really?"

Xander nodded, "Really. I’m an alien LIVING starship."

Faith asked her next question, "And your grandmother fell in love with a human?"

"Yes, a human knight by the way," was Xanders answer.

"And you are a clone of your father?" fired Faith her next question.

Xander nodded, "You believe me?"

Faith said to that, "I believe you are drugged higher than the moon and you should go now."

Xander sighed, "Well I can prove it. Just say.’ I Faith hear by take command over Xan-Okhi, Surrender the control crystal.’"

Faith looked at Anya who was currently pretending to be invisible, "If I say that you will leave?"

Xander nodded as Faith cleared her voice. "I Faith hear by take command over Xan-Okhi, Surrender the command crystal."

Suddenly a burst of light appeared, coming directly from Xander’s head. The light slowly manifested itself like a shining blood red crystal which was floating gently in the air.

Faith swallowed "Oho, um, that. What is that?" she asked gently, poking the flying crystal with her finger. As the tip of her pinky touched the crystal a second burst of light flashed in the small room and the crystal was gone. Faith blinked and asked, "Where did it go?"

Anya asked, "Why are you not a disgusting bunny Xander?"

Xander ignored her and said to Faith, "Look at you right wrist, Faith. I told you my grandmother fell in love with a HUMAN. And you know we are shape shifters," he felt strange, just like a missing part of him suddenly was completed.

"What do.." Faith fell silent as she saw the crystal sitting on her arm just below the hand, poking it she could see it had merged and was half buried into the flesh and was glowing slightly, pulsating in tact with the beating of her heart.

Anya added her two cents, "Huu.. I thought Cabbits were limited shape shifters?"

Xander nodded "We are, normally limited to a small number of shapes. The Cabbit shape and the Starship shape are our normal shapes. A human shape would be a body gained by training, but my grandfather was a human so my default shape is human and starship"

Faith said, "Wait Starship? It’s true? Show me, NOW."

Xander in a small panicked tone said, "Now? We should wait," crap, the building was to small his sensors told him that this was the only apartment in the building which was occupied the rest were empty, but most likely he would still destroy it, but damn he felt GOOD.

Anya now also panicked, "This is not," she said starting to back away.

Faith interrupted her, "NO, I want to see it. Show me NOW DAMn IT," she shouted with fever like curiosity.

Anya shouted, "Crap," it was too late, suddenly a wall of crystal exploded towards them from where Xander was standing.

Xander grinned as he for the first time EVER turned in to his starship shape.
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