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Summary: Xander's visit to the zoo ends in a different way.

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Chapter 46

Note: My thanx go out to Oxnate and Hawklan for helping out with this chapter. Both have several nice fics of their own, so going there to check them out won’t hurt too much….

Chapter 46

Petunia wasn’t happy. Her house was full of freaks. Friends of Harry the freak and her boy her wonderful perfect Dudley was being friendly with the freaks. Even her husband had started to be civil to the freaks. "Vernon, this is the worst Christmas ever," she hissed venomously in his ears.

"Honey, they are friends of Dudley and Hank. Just ignore it and after dinner they will go over to Hank's. It's just for Dudley’s sake," Vernon replied.

She growled again. "I don’t wish Dudley to be friends with, with those freaks."

"Mo-om, they aren’t freaks. They are my friends," Dudley said, banging his fist on the table. "Just because you were angry at your sister, that isn’t a reason for you to let your hate destroy everybody."

"Look Vernon They are turning our Dudley against us," Petunia complained.

Vernon was pale. He knew the truth, but what was more important, his love of his wife or his love of his son, the two cornerstones of his world? The reason he worked and lived.

"Mother... I will not hate or insult Harry, he is blood, he's family. Your idiotic hatred has ruled our house for years and I listened to you. I believed you and we destroyed his childhood. But I will not do that anymore. I will not listen to your hatred anymore. So PISS OFF or SHUT UP MOM," Dudley yelled at the end.

Petunia paled. "Dudley, go to your room. Harry this is your fault, you freak I…," she hissed, moving up to strike her sisters son. Harry backed away, gripping his wand, but Dudley grabbed his mother’s hand. "Mom, I said no more. You... WE have done too much already. Stop it. He is not Lily."

"Dudley, they are freaks, dirt. Don't you see? They destroy everything. They’re turning you against me, brainwashing you. We have to stop it," Petunia whined.

"Mom… you’re not listening," Dudley said, anger filled his voice and around him things started to tremble as he accidentally used magic.

Petunia paled. "No no no no. They made you a freak," she said crying and looking pale before she suddenly rushed up grabbed a knife from the turkey and dived towards Harry. Only a feet away from Harry the knife stopped.

Xander held her hand in an almost bone breaking grip. "Mrs. Dursley. I will not let you hurt Mr. Potter anymore. Let the knife go," he said with his eyes glowing green.

Petunia paled, "Magic… magic," she hissed. "Who are you?"

"I'm Xander Harris, professor in Wiccan magic, shaman, Witchdoctor and Martial Artist. I will protect him, even from you." Seeing her stop fighting he released her hand.
Petunia backed down slobbering in tears. She then did something surprising with a scream in fury on her lips. "Duuudly I'm sorry," she yelled and attacked her own son.

Xander blinked in surprise before he acted almost too slow, but with full speed he managed to grab the knife again this time only inches from Dudley’s pale face. This time he grabbed the knife not the hand holding it. Blood dripped from his hand as he ripped it free from her hand.

"Petunia sit down. Harry, take Dudley and the rest of your kids and go to Mr. Summers. Hank, Xander would the two of you stay? I'm going to call the police, she needs care," Vernon said with a sad tone in his voice.

"Best call Dumbledore, he might know a good place for her," Xander said while a pale Dudley followed the others out.

"Merlin... I never knew it. Your aunt is crazy. I just believed she was, you know mean, but crazy?" Ron said loudly to Harry.

"Shut up. It's… it's my mom…," Dudley said, still shocked to his core.

Ron nodded. "Sorry but…," he muttered but then kept silent. What could he do? His own mother tried to kill him.

Ginny dried a tear. Poor Harry and Dudley, she had to distract them. "I wonder what Voldemort’s reaction is to the battle at the award."

"Probably having a hissy fit," Dawn said with a smile.


(About the same time in Voldemort’s lair)

Normally he would curse somebody using Crucio, normally he would scream in rage. But now hate, anger were too weak to describe what he felt like right now. He had gone beyond anger and hate straight to crazy madness.

"Potter…. always Potter," he said, his voice empty and cold as the polar wind. "Prepare yourself my apprentice you will train to get stronger. Then we will destroy Potter and the Weasleys."

Draco nodded from the sick bed. His right eye was gone, replaced with a prosthesis, a magical eye similar to the one Mad Eye used. "And Xander, destroy him as well," he muttered.

Voldemort nodded. "Yes, destroy them. We have to build up our army. We need stronger monsters." He gave Draco a cold calculated look "My apprentice. What would you be willing to do if I gave you the strength equal to my own?"

"Anything my lord… anything," Draco replied.

Voldemort grinned. "Be prepared to swear an oath of eternal loyalty and I will give you magical power beyond what even I have. Physical power stronger then what even a dragon has. It will be yours once you made your oath."

Draco nodded and replied, "Anything my lord, anything…"

Voldemort nodded and stood up. The Creation of Monster book had some interesting transformations in it, transformations which needed a willing victim.

He would have a monster that would destroy Potter. Perhaps he would remake Draco completely into a living weapon. He needed to think about what he should do.

He walked out, the Death Eaters whispered in fear feeling the promise of death and pain cloaking and surrounding Voldemort like an aura of destruction.

In his room Voldemort started to read the old runes. He would have a monster, a living weapon so terrible that nobody would stand in its way.

His Ogres were growing strong and loyal, now he just needed something of more magical power, something he would be able to control. Perhaps he could make a sentinel dragon or perhaps something more terrifying.


Xander was looking around in the Exotic Magic book store. He found the address of this place in the Japanese paper. Hidden deep in Muggle London, not even in Diagon Alley, it was a place of exotic mystery. A place of books from Asia, a place where he just found two ninjas or they found him and they could have been more friendly and happy.

"-Translated from Japanese-"

"-So Gaijin… you claim you’re a ninja,-" Said the first Ninja, while pointing his sword at Xander’s head.

The other ninja looked silently at him "-We have seen you have skill,-" he growled at Xander. "-Who taught you our art?-"

Xander swallowed, crap they really were scary. "-Honored brothers of the art. The one that taught me does not live among us in this world. The story is long and complicated. We should talk in a civilized place over a cup of tea-." He hoped they were polite as a real ninja should be.

The two ninjas gave each other a look then nodded. It was perfect. A chance to ensure the Gaijin would tell the truth and a chance of them to show of their Japanese superior politeness, a win win situation.


(Later... After using the International Floo connection)

They were sitting down at a Japanese table deep inside a tea house outside Tokyo. The Geishas were polite as they bowed and served their honored guest before they walked out again.

Xander blinked. "-While I’m overwhelmed over your gracious hospitality the journey to Japan was a bit much-."

The two ninjas shrugged. "-Honored Stranger we wouldn’t like you to feel less then welcome among us. Unless we feel offended by your actions-."

Xander nodded. "-A wise choice. Never declare somebody an enemy before you know you have no choice-."

The two ninjas beamed and smiled. "-You talk with great wisdom, young one-," the oldest said.

Xander shrugged, he had read that in a fortune cookie. He himself preferred to attack first and ask questions later. "-I try. Do call me Xander-."

The older of the two nodded. "-Right Xander-san. Where did you learn our ways-?"

Xander carefully took a taste of the tea, an excellent mixed Daijling and almost hidden, the taste of Veritaserum. But the deadly venom did bring out its flavor. He hoped they would give him the cure and not activate it. "-My compliment to your potion master. The Veritaserum is hard to notice and the venom. I hope you will not feel the need to use it to kill me-."

The younger ninja paled.

The older beamed a smile and his eyes twinkled. Xander wonder if he was a related to Albus Dumbledore. "-You do your teacher great honor Xander-chan."

Xander smiled, Chan he likes me. (Chan is used by older person towards younger males and females.) "-Thank you Sensei-Sama-," he said, putting the Sama to indicate he knew he was talking to a real master. He took a second drink from the tea to indicate he did trust them.

The sensei nodded. "-Let us begin to ask. Where did you learn the art?"

"-The Veritaserum is forcing me to tell the truth. What you would know if you read some papers is that I'm from an alternate reality. My master was from yet another universe.-," Xander replied.

The younger man looked doubtful.

"-I was the victim of chaos magic. The spirit of a Ninja took over my body turning me in to him. To regain myself I offered the ninja a trade, my skills as a witchdoctor against his skills as a ninja. It worked and the ninja returned to his own realm and I to mine. Until the accident that forever brought me to this world," Xander added.

"-It is an unlikely story Xander-chan. But I do believe you. May I ask about your spirit sensei life-" the Ninja Sensei said, giving Xander a small bottle. "-It’s to make you immune to the venom we gave you-"

Xander nodded drinking the bottle. "-Thank you Sensei-Sama-." He drank more of the tea noticing while they removed the effect of the venom they didn’t remove the truth serum. "-The spirit that was my sensei grew up in a different world. Muggle and wizard lived side by side and technology and magic had merged. He, like me, was a Gaijin who grew up among a ninja clan and he was trained since before he could walk.-"

"-They trained him in the old way then-," the old Sensei said.

"-Yes, but they also trained him in using the modern way guns and some magic also, mostly self transformation what we would call Animagus. They called it Animorf-," Xander explained.

"-So you took his skill just like that-?" the younger ninja said, sounding offended.

"-If not he would be stuck in my body and I would have been lost. I didn’t cast the curse that forced that to happen. But I can’t deny that I gained a lot from it.-," Xander replied.

"-Yasuko-Chan. It wasn’t his fault. He is telling the truth-," the Sensei said in a forceful tone.

The younger ninja Yasuko nodded. "-Hai. I’m sorry Xander-san.-"

"-You have trained for years and then a Gaijin suddenly pops up with skills you worked years for and he got them without hard work. It is not fair. To you or me,-" Xander agreed.

Yasuko smiled now as he bowed. "-Hai you make me ashamed of my own actions.-"

Xander bowed down. "-If I would be ashamed over all things I said in anger I would never be able to show my face. You have nothing to be ashamed of-."

The ninja sensei smiled. "-Well now then we confirmed your origin what should we do with you?-"

"-I don't think you like the idea of a ninja running lose. But I already pledged myself to Harry Potter-sama. His goal is my goal. Besides, if you hide in silence too long, the silence might forever silence you,-" Xander replied.

The Sensei frowned a bit. "-I see. And you are correct. We ninjas do no longer hunt the night as we once did.-"

"-That is good and bad. Many clans must have died out as the lack of action destroyed them,-" Xander said in a sad tone.

The two ninjas nodded.

Xander just smiled. "-Then as I'm a different clan I should be free to move under Harry Potter-samas orders and maybe a new chance of life will be given to the ninjas."

The Ninja sensei nodded "-You have guessed that we are from the council of Ninjas then.-"

Xander raised an eyebrow. "-I suspected something similar. You serve the Emperor then?-"

The ninjas nodded.

Xander bowed "-Then I’m doubly honored that you noticed me.-"


Much bowing, polite talking, number of words of wisdom and sweet talking later...

Xander swallowed the Sake "-And then she said. I'm not a Mudwrestler I'm a slayer. The vampire just looked at her and said ‘You sure could have fooled me’-"

The young Ninja fell over in laughter.

The older Ninja sighed. He would have to tell Xander's master that their ninja was too drunk to go home tonight and so was his student. Young ninjas today…

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Kishijoten" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 13.

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