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Planetary Destruction

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Summary: In the wake of the discovery of the Wolf-Biederman comet, Illyria comes to Angel and company with a deal they really can't afford to refuse...

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Planetary Destruction
by P.H. Wise
an Angel crossover

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Please don't sue. I especially don't own Angel, but I also do not own 'Deep Impact.' I also don't own the third crossover, nor would I want to. A man's got to have SOME standards, after all.


Angel blinked. "Wait, you want to do what?"

Illyria all but glared at the Vampire-With-A-Soul (well, one of them) as she repeated herself. "You will undo a fraction of the damage that the mutari generator inflicted upon my splendour, and in exchange, I will banish the comet from the skies of this world before it wipes out all trace of your insignificant lives."

Angel, Wesley, Spike, and Gunn all exchanged worried looks. They were sitting in the conference room at Wolfram and Hart, the four of them around the table, Illyria standing at the door which she had just pushed open. They'd all heard about the comet, of course; news reports suggesting the imminent destruction of all life on Earth was hard to miss. Stupid Wolf-Biederman comet... Even so...

"The alternative is planetary destruction," Illyria intoned.

Spike looked Angel's way. "Bird's got a point," he said.

"Shut up, Spike."

"What, you *want* to die to some stupid rock falling from the sky?"

"Shut UP, Spike." It wasn't just Angel, this time, but Wesley and Gunn as well. Then Angel went on, looking Illyria directly in the eye. "We're going to need to discuss this for a moment," he said.

Illyria DID glare, now. "Discuss as you will, half-breed, but know that I am the only hope of this world's salvation."

None of the men liked that, but none of them could deny it, either. Later, when they had had their discussion - well, Angel, Gunn, and Wesley had had their discussion, and Spike had been unhelpful - it was Gunn who went to Illyria to tell them what had been decided. His words were few: "Do it."

And so it was that when the Messiah finally launched to confront Wolf-Biederman, intent on deflecting it with carefully placed nuclear devices, quite suddenly, an enormous whirling portal snapped into existence directly in the path of the comet, swallowing it in its entirity, and then snapped shut once more, leaving behind not a trace.

The world rejoiced, and in the aftermath, it was only Spike who thought to ask the one question that no one yet had asked of the god-king of the primordium: "...where'd you send it, anyways?"

"When I was in search of the one called 'Gunn,' his prison was not the first alternate dimension I travelled to. There are many worlds, and some of them are more worthy of destruction than others. Planetary destruction is sufficient to repay the insult given me upon one in particular."

Spike raised an eyebrow. "... Which one?"

Illyria smiled triumphantly, and Spike grimaced, took a shot of whiskey, and swore to himself that he was NOT going to tell Angel about this.

... and in another reality, upon the planet known as 'Gor,' countless slaves looked up and rejoiced as Wolf-Biederman sped its way towards the surface of that world: their salvation, at last, was at hand. Master and slave alike burned with their world, consumed by the primal fire as the comet's impact boiled away ocean, forest, earth, and sky with equal indifference. It took a day for the thick cloud of burning rock-dust to completely envelop the planet, and several months for it to fully dissipate, leaving behind a dead and utterly sterilized world, wiped clean of all life, and suitable only for the habitation of the demons, of the Old Ones, and of the forces of darkness.



Author's note:
... and far better than they deserved. :P

The End

You have reached the end of "Planetary Destruction". This story is complete.

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