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Go Down Singing

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Summary: Nothing would ever be the same at William McKinley High School. The Gleeks had finally banded together. (Glee NonCross)

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Puck hurried through the halls as quickly as he could while still making it look casual. He was a badass. He didn’t rush to anyone’s aid. Honestly, he was used to being the reason they would be needing aid. Glee was turning him soft, man, but he didn’t really have time to think about it at the moment.

He slowed to a stop beside Rachel’s locker, taking a moment to enjoy the gloriousness that were Rachel Berry’s legs.

She looked up at him, startled, then glanced at his hands, obviously wondering if the lessons he’d learned from his own slusheeing hadn’t stuck.

They had, though, and that was why he was both here and empty handed. And after babygate, he knew who his friends were. The Gleeks, in all their painfully socially awkward glory, had circled the wagons around Quinn, Finn, and him. (Artie had literally pulled a little wagon in a circle around them but Artie was occasionally strangely literal and managed to make even the most surreal things very serious while being funny as hell. Artie was just naturally cool like that.)

He noticed the other students starting to scatter like prey before a huge, hungry, vicious predator, leaned down, and hurriedly murmured, “In a second, I’m going to do something but I’m just trying to help.”

Normally, he was a badass and he wouldn’t have bothered explaining himself but she carried mace and that shit stung.

She blinked those big, brown liquid eyes at him and nodded slowly. “Okay.”

He glanced red and white out of the corner of his eye and leaned in closer and kissed her almost chastely, hands settling around her tiny waist. He was just trying to help. And, okay, maybe cop a feel, too. She gamely circled one arm around his shoulders and her other hand played along his Mohawk. She opened her lips for him and he forgot where they were, why he was kissing her. He just knew she tasted like sweet strawberries and innocence and that she felt great against him when he hoisted her to her toes to press flush against him.

At least, he forgot where he was until Hummel’s sarcastic amused voice cut through the haze of hormones clouding his brain.

“Oh my God. Stifle your hormone-driven urges until you’re behind closed doors. I don’t need the repeated mental scarring.”

Puck looked up to see Hummel smiling a little wide-eyed at them. Since he’d obviously had to cut through the entire hockey team to reach them, Puck could understand his slight panic. But that ‘repeated mental scarring’ crack was just bullshit because he and Rachel hadn’t even gotten that far on the PDA scale when they’d been dating and they weren’t dating now, just faking it. Even if it had been really hot.

He let the comment slide, though, when Rachel finally noticed all the slushees held forgotten in the jocks’ hands and pressed closer to him. He tightened his arms around her waist but smirked at all the faces ranging around them. Yeah, that’s right, boys. Rachel Berry was a firecracker under all that prim and proper prissiness and she was hot for him.

Mike and Matt sidled up behind them and, ignoring the bewildered people around them and Hummel’s slow shuffle into their small circle of protection, Mike said, “Hey, Rachel? Did you do the math homework?”

And Rachel, fear of an epic slusheeing forgotten, pulled slightly away from him and stomped her tiny little ballet-flat covered foot, and said, “Michael! I explained all that yesterday at Glee!”

“I know,” Mike said sheepishly. “And I think I got all of them but 8 and 10.” He paused, then shrugged. “I think.” He busted out the puppy eyes and Rachel wilted a little.

“Let me see,” she said, resigned, and Mike and Matt whipped out their math homework. She glared at Matt, obviously thinking of starting another lecture, and Matt gave her that ‘You know you love me’ grin that usually got him out of everything. Rachel sighed and just started to check their work. That grin widened into a bright, surprised ‘Rachel Berry is my friend’ smile that people usually got when she forewent lecturing and actually helped them.

Hummel pressed closer to look over her shoulder and Puck was pretty sure he should feel weird about that since he still had his arms around Rachel’s waist but he didn’t. That might’ve had something to do with having to pick Hummel up and hold him back from scratching Santanna’s eyes out the other day because of an accident involving her nail polish and his favorite new designer sweater. Sure Hummel was a dude who was into dudes but he dressed like a girl and sometimes acted like a girl so it wasn’t that hard to kind of just…treat him like a girl, with a few minor differences, of course. (Like, say, if Hummel’s hand ever landed on his ass, Puck would probably punch his teeth down his throat instead of smirking at the invitation.)

“Hey guys!” Artie said as he rolled up smiling, Tina hot on his wheels. (Heh, and Rachel says he’s not clever.) “What’re we doing?”

“Checking Michael and Matthew’s math homework,” Rachel said distractedly, glancing at him.

Artie automatically pulled out his math book and Rachel passed him Mike’s papers. Mike moved to hover around Artie, still muttering about 8 and 10, and Matt crowded into them to see what Rachel was doing to his own paper and everyone was ignoring the elephants, the slushee-bearing, letterman wearing elephants, that surrounded them. Everyone but Puck who was staring down Karofsky, just daring him to slushee over half of Glee. The hockey team were mostly animals, so they understood pack mentality and the possible result of messing with a group of people instead of just one person.

The indecision on the dick’s face was priceless. And Puck knew it wasn’t just because the Gleeks weren’t cowering like they were supposed to. Partly it was because three of them were football players and built for violence. And Hummel got fierce when he got pissed. And if the Gleeks could just ignore them, how would they react to slushee facials? Artie might roll all over them and Tina wore steel-toed boots and everybody knew that Rachel was crazy. The entire hockey team shuffled back a few steps, then turned and went back the way they came from.

As Mike looked up and caught his eye, as Matt gave a quiet grunt of satisfaction, Puck knew that nothing would ever be the same at William McKinley High School. The hierarchy was going to be shaken to its core. The Gleeks had finally banded together, in part thanks to Sectionals and in part due to Rachel drawing football players to her like a magnet, and they had something besides brawn and slushees on their side. Talent, ambition, and brains drove this club and they let nothing stand in their way.

Author's Note: I'm not wholly satisfied with this story. I might come back to it. Eventually.

The End

You have reached the end of "Go Down Singing". This story is complete.

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