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Me llamo Felipe

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Summary: Dawn finds an old diary written by a mute servant who can only tells the secrets he knows in writing.

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Literature > Action > ZorrokaekaeFR1331,426031,40027 Jan 1028 Jan 10No

Chapter Three

See 1st chapter for who owns what - I own nothing except a stiff neck and a headache right now.


Everyone says that Madrid had ruined Diego, that Diego was normal before he left for college, but now he is a lazy bookworm, who never does anything more strenuous then playing a musical instrument or painting a portrait. They have no idea how wrong they are.

Diego de la Vega is the strongest man in the territory, as well as the smartest, and the best swordsman. But he has decided that if anyone finds out his secret they will be in danger, so he pretends to do nothing and have no energy when in fact he is just as much a tornado as his horse, Toronado. But he hides who he really is so well, that even his own father thinks he is nothing more then an intelligent, coward.

And Victoria, who he has told me many times is Love of his Life, thinks Diego is a friend, a brother, but he needs to do more then just think all the time.

You see I know all these things because no one knows I can hear. So they talk in front of me, or rather in back of me, because they don’t want me to read their lips. They also talk about me “Poor Felipe. He lost his family and his hearing. Or was he able to hear at all, do the doctors know?” Poor, poor, Felipe. I can’t stand hearing the sympathy in their voices when they talk about me, almost as much as it pains me to hear them talk about Diego’s laziness. Especially, when Zorro has just saved their lives or saved the entire Pueblo, or simply stopped a few banditos from robbing the mission poor box.

Once Diego, as himself, had to defend the square from an escaped bull, he did it with only a broomstick, and got a broken leg for his troubles. And they acted as if he had been foolish, and that he should have left it to Zorro.

Sometimes I think I want the day to come when Zorro is no longer needed as much as Diego and Victoria do. I hope then he will tell his father so his father can give him the praise his son deserves. And Victoria will realize just what type of man she is getting since Diego is so much more then just being Zorro. And after he and Victoria are married, I will go off to defend the people myself. I am going to be a lawyer. Diego says he thinks that someday I will be able to speak - but I won’t wait until someday just like Diego didn’t want for corruption to stop someday.


Dawn paused. The admiration for his mentor and the determination to be just like him almost rolled off the page. As much as Felipe wanted to be like Diego/Zorro (They seemed like 2 separate people from his descriptions and she was having a hard time melding them.), she could tell he was already very much like him. So fierce in his defense of his best friend, and so passionate to help others. Dawn thought that Diego/Zorro should have been very proud of Felipe just as he insisted that Don Alejandro be proud of his son.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Me llamo Felipe" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jan 10.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking