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Me llamo Felipe

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Summary: Dawn finds an old diary written by a mute servant who can only tells the secrets he knows in writing.

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Literature > Action > ZorrokaekaeFR1331,426031,40027 Jan 1028 Jan 10No

Chapter One

Joss owns the Buffy Characters and Zorro Productions own New World Zorro (Family Channel).

Dawn paused as she handed Giles books for his new library. These non-Demon-related books had been for the most part boxed up since Sunnydale.

“Giles, what’s this?” She showed him a thin volume - the pages yellowed with age, yet still in excellent condition.

“What?” Giles stepped down from the ladder he was one and peered at the book. Taking it from her, he carefully opened the book and saw the handwriting. “Oh this, yes I picked it up in Los Angeles right before I went to Sunnydale. I was at an antique store that had some very interesting demonology’s, quite rare - and since obviously I didn’t want to attract any undue attention to my purchases, I added a few random books. I think that was one of them. Why?”

“So this isn’t a Watcher’s diary?”

“Dear me, no, those are on the shelf by the main desk - in chron....”

“In chronological order, cross-referenced by watcher, slayer, location and demons fought. I know - I helped you create the system.”

Giles caught the slightly exasperated tone in her voice. “Yes, Yes, Quite. Why did you ask about that book?”

“I don’t know. It seems different somehow. Meaningful. I can’t explain it. Can I borrow this?”

“Certainly.” Giles fought off the urge to clean his glasses. “Please let me know if you find out why it feels special. And if it is demon-relat...”

“I know. Stop reading immediately, and come see you so you may do the proper protective wards so that we don’t have a repeat of a Moloch. I am not a child remember.”

“Of course not. Could you finish handing me the books on the Tudors? And please remember as with the rest of books on royalty, I want these in order by monarch and by family tree.” Giles climbed back up the ladder.

Dawn smiled and started giving him the books on Henry the Seventh.

That evening, Dawn sat down in her favorite reading chair in the far corner of the library and carefully opened her new book.

She was surprised to realize that it was in Spanish - since Giles had said he bought it in LA. And then she remembered her history, California was once Spanish territory. Well, at least it was in an easy language like Spanish and not Fyarl. Ok, Fyarl was easy, now.

“Me llamo Felipe...They call me Felipe.”


The title is pretty much the extent of what little I can remember of my failed HS Spanish lessons. So I will be doing what they did in Zorro, and only putting a few flavor words (ones they used in the show) in Spanish and the rest in English.
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