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Fluffy But Evil

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Summary: Always knew the Teletubbies were evil.

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Television > TeletubiesMissEFR1313390592330 Jan 1030 Jan 10Yes
Disclaimer: Do not own or claim rights to Buffy or Teletubbies.


“There it goes, Xander, get it!” Buffy cried out as the fluffy purple demon dashed his way. Xander stepped up, and with one smooth swing, the triangle-topped head flew off and away from the body.

“You know, I think that preacher guy wasn't far wrong. These things are evil,” Xander suggested.

“Yes,” Giles grunted as he neatly decapitating the small red demon. “He actually knew what they were, but you can't really come out and say that on mainstream television, now can you?”

“Hell, no, G-man. I still can't believe it was your people that unleashed this on us, though. You have no excuse now. We are so no worse than you Brits.”

“Yes, yes, I know,” the older man grumbled. “I can't believe they did that to us.”

“Is that all of them,” Willow asked, looking around.

“We still have that vacuum … cleaner … thing-y,” Buffy decided, waving her sword vaguely.

“That should still be in the house,” Giles offered.

“I can't believe they stole the Hobbit hole concept,” Xander complained as Buffy went down into the earth house.

“They are evil,” offered Willow.

They waited for Buffy to come back out, and were surprised to see her covered with dust when she did. “Ah, Buff? It dusted?”

She glared at her Xander-shaped friend. “It switched to 'blow' when I attacked. I'm covered with Teletubbie house dust.” She shuddered. “Ugh. I need a shower. A long shower. And to burn these clothes. They're never coming clean.”

“There, there, Buffy,” Xander comforted, patting her on the shoulder. He then grimaced as he looked at his hand, and tried to decide where to wipe it, eventually using the bottom of his shirt, deciding it was time to get rid of it anyway. “Look on the bright side – you can go shopping!”

“Hey, yeah! Shopping.”

Giles rolled his eyes as he followed the three youngsters, one with a sword, one with a large battle-axe, and discussing times to go to the mall. His children, he decided proudly.

The End

You have reached the end of "Fluffy But Evil". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking