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Original of the Species Part 4: Cell

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse) He’s here! You know who, tall, dark green and evil. ;)

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Anime > DB/DBZ
Literature > Fantasy > Author: David & Leigh Eddings
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MuadzinFR741365,203615227,5473 Feb 1018 Jul 11Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13




Another part done!

This feels so exhilarating. And yet also frightening at the same time. Time to move on to a new part of the story. And yet at the same time it means abandoning something that felt comfortable while working on. Something that almost took 1,5 years to make.

I have to be honest. I am not sure when I will get started on Part 5, or if it gets started that it will get finished. I have a lot of ideas, and of course, as some of you may have noticed I’ve already set some things in motion, but I’m still trying to find my bearings. I know how it will end, I’m just not sure how it will start.

Also, at times it has been quite busy on the real life front, so I’m not going to promise things that I can’t keep. And at the very least reaching this part has always been my measurement for success. I kept telling myself, if you make it to the Cell Games at least, that’s something to be proud of. Anything after that is just bonus. Time will tell when Part 5 will materialize. Both in part or as a whole. I want to do it though. I still envision three more parts to come, excluding the Buu saga. Which if I manage to get there will probably get done as my plot Saiyan gave me some good ideas

But let’s just see if I can get part 5 off the ground first.


Personally I think I stuck too much to continuity as is. With the Buffyverse I tend to stray off way more then I did with the DBZ verse. I’m not sure why. All the more strange because I’ve been looking forward to doing this story since day 1. Even more so because many of the story elements stem from the early days. Maybe its because to me the Cell sagas are my favorite part of DBZ. Like the original ending of BtVS season 2 I loved it too much to radically alter it.

Another problem I found difficult was handling the many characters. There were just too many of them to let them all take centre stage. It’s why Giles, Willow and Spike kinda dropped out of sight for most of the story. Mea Culpa! I know!

The interludes.

I get the impression that most of you didn’t care much for them. That’s okay though. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t. I became enthralled with them, possibly because there was so little canon material of that grimdark future to work with, thus giving me more freedom to do my own thing. Also, as a writer I don’t want to repeat myself. Which is why the thought of doing a little side story in between chapters appealed to me.

Breakout characters

When I first created future Mayan I had no idea she would grab so much attention. Some of my original characters tend to do that. Like Angela and Ferucca did. In the end though the story probably could have been written without Mayan as she didn’t really prove to be that important. But then again, part of that was fully by design. I don’t want every story element to be critical to the story. Some stories are like the scenes in every James Bond movie where Q gives Bond some new gizmos. And you just KNOW that they’re going to play a big role later on. I’ve seen to many movies and stories that do that, where you know as soon as they introduce something, it will factor in big later on. I don’t want my story to be like that. Even if I have to introduce characters with lots of shebang that turn out not to be critical to the story at all.

To me other breakout characters were 18th century Slayer/Watcher team Marcus and Victoria. I created them back in the days of Mayor and the Saiyan with the specific purpose of them being Xander’s great-great-great-grand parents, but I didn’t think that their story proved that interesting to me. Now I confess that they do. If there is enough interest, both from you the reader, or from me, I might explore their story in full.

And finally there is of course Priya, our Saiyan Goddess of War. Which I admit also got a bit out of hand. Taking an ever greater and keener interest in our favorite Slayers. Which surprised even myself because I never planned to use her as more as some Ancient lady scientist that the Saiyans once knew in their distant past and which they later turned from legend into a deity.

The Powers that Be

I freely admit that I don’t like the PtB, never did, never will. I freely admit borrowing the idea of the PtB as evil meddling bastards from 3DMaster (when do we finally get a new Buffy Z update?), but I’ve also read a gazillion other fics that portray the PtB’s as uncaring bastards that throw our favorite heroes into whatever crossover that that writer fancies as well. It usually involves that asshole Whistler showing up to do some storytelling, so I took particular delight in writing his torture scene. I don’t think they are necessarily evil though, more they’re like supernatural versions of Travers, head of the Watcher’s Council. Too busy playing their game to actually care for the people that work for them.

One thing that always struck me as odd in Buffy Z was that despite Xander declaring war against the PtB, they seemed to take very little action against him (they did though, as they killed Anya). Which was one of the big story elements in Part 3, where the PtB basically used Adam as their weapon against the Scoobies. I just didn’t name them yet at that time. Now I do.


As always I would like to thank Shadowmaster (damn you for finishing A World of Difference before I did!) for helping me with some nifty ideas, Mr. Plot Bunny. 3Dmaster, jKal and the girls of DBZ Super Z for having inspired me in the first place. And of course the late great David Eddings!


I’m not sure I should be doing these any more. I think I’ve now reached the same point Toriyama did when he stopped giving his readers exact powerlevels. At some point those numbers became to big to even mean something. And everything after the Trunks saga is just fanon guesswork anyway. If I said that character X has a powerlevel of half a billion what does it mean?

I do intend to keep track of powerlevels for each and everyone for myself though, as I have to know where each and everyone stands in regards to the story.

Just to give you a final fix, here are the powerlevels as they were at the start of this story:

Buffy 2.164.190
Xander 603.389
Faith 1.505.359
Belmo 29.000.000
SSJ Trunks 20.000.000
Mayan 1.500.000
SSJ Vegeta 27.000.000
SSJ Goku 25.000.000
SSJ Gohan 5.000.000
Piccolo 8.000.000
Imperfect Cell 45.000.000

As you can see, Buffy, Xander and Faith’s PL’s are not rounded down, as these numbers are the result of extensive spreadsheet formulas into which a lot of thought has gone. The figures of the Z-fighters are based on various (guessed) levels that float around on the Internet


Cut me own throat and hope to die otherwise!

Suffice to say that now this story is over both Gohan and Buffy are now the strongest fighters in existence. Which means you get the following ranking:

Gohan, Buffy, Vegeta, Piccolo, Belmo, Xander, Android #18, Faith, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha.

Faith’s relative low position of course stems from her inability (yet) to go Super and having spent only 1 year in the RoSoT, not 2. And not from some form of inferiority in regards to Buffy.

Super (Saiyan)

I really should come up with a different term then Super Saiyan as neither Xander nor Buffy are Saiyans. When I dreamt up the back story back in the days of parts 1 and 2A I didn’t want to do Super Humans and Super Slayers. Buffy Z did that, it did it awesomely (How about a new update?), but I felt stealing the PtB’s as villains was enough stealing as it is. I wanted something else for our heroes. So I came upon the idea of the Slayer not having stuffed a demon down her throat as in canon, but the essence of the First Super Saiyan. With enough changes of course to be significantly different. But only different in the sense that while lions and tigers are different animals, they are both still big cats. So, unless you’re closely related to a Saiyan, or a a Slayer, going Super will hurt like hell.

Know that I do take notice of your comments and suggestions, as they seem to fascinate my little plotbunny. So if you have an idea, just shoot! There are no bad suggestions, only options to chose from.

And now this part is finally finished. I’ll be happy to answer any questions but the time has come to close the cover on yet another book. Peace!

The End

You have reached the end of "Original of the Species Part 4: Cell". This story is complete.

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