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Original of the Species Part 4: Cell

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse) He’s here! You know who, tall, dark green and evil. ;)

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Anime > DB/DBZ
Literature > Fantasy > Author: David & Leigh Eddings
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Prologue: The Saints Are Coming

Original of the Species

Part 4 The Robots and the Saiyan: Cell

Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse) He’s here! You know who, tall, dark green and evil. ;)

Time for the next instalment, boys and girls. Yes, I’ve gotten off my ass a little earlier then expected, I didn’t need people to bug me for my next instalment. Once I had a lot of spare time I got started on working out the general outline and after that the first chapter wrote itself.

Now, this is going to be a little different then the previous parts, as this one is mostly centred on events taking place in the DBZverse instead of the Buffyverse. In a way I’ve been living towards this moment since I first started writing this story. Oh how I’ve longed to do the android/cell sagas! Everything else in between is just like the stairs of Moria scene in Fellowship of the Ring. Where to the script only said: And then the Fellowships descends down the stairs. And what a descent that turned out to be, right? ;)

But I’ve come to like what I did with the three years waiting for the android invasion. There was some good shit in there and fun times to be had. But everything comes to an end and I hope I can live up to the expectations. I like to think the usual suspects, Shadowmaster for exchanging ideas with me and giving me some good ones to use. You’ll recognize them, dude. ;) Then there are the people who inspired me to take up writing, by now you should know who you are. ;) And then there is you the reader. Enjoy and be sure to feed me regular reviews. I needs them!

Alright, time for the obligatory. Let us never forget the true Gods who came up with this stuff long before I did. All hail Whedon, Toriyama, the late David Eddings (You Da Man!). And the buggers who came with Stargate who I’m just too lazy to google up. But you know who you are. No rights reserved! All copyrights cheerfully ignored. I’m just playing with this stuff to entertain myself. In fact this might even result in additional sales/fans for these franchises. Honest!

Slayer – Undisputed Attitude
Lyrics by Tom Araya

Endure the pain, you know my name
I am your soul insane
I am no one, no one who cares
I am your soul despair
Your fear deceives, vulnerability
leaving an easy prey
Consume your mind, a power so divine
will take you and rape you blind

Gemini, master of demise
your death is my salvation to a kingdom mine
my lord is my light, the master of darkness
your death is my salvation, to a kingdom mine

You look at me with eyes of fate and see the graphic truth
Your ignorance cannot shield you from your naked abuse
Numbing of your moral sense, facing reality
That life is unconditional and death is only the beginning

The pain will never end...

Walking slow, breathing heavy you could see death sweat
how it shined an argument out of control in my mind
I am here for the sole purpose of your death
walking slow breathing heavy, you can see death sweat.
I am here for the sole purpose of death
look into my eyes and see the revelation of your demise
feel the pain that stares at the center of your heart
reflections of my soul
reflections of the dark


‘The Saints Are Coming’

AN: And so it begins. Again! Have fun and don’t forget, writers are like women. We need food, water and reviews!

A Day +23:42

“This is exciting.”

Tien and Krillin looked aside to their friend Yamcha who was sitting in between them. The three of them were sitting at the bar of a local Australian pub. Behind them a group of surly bikers were playing pool and making a moderate amount of noise.

“Gee, that’s like the, what is it? 14th time that you said that?” Tien moaned as he put his head down on the counter in frustrated.

“If you’re tired of my company, why don’t you go ask those bikers for a date,” Yamcha said annoyed.

“Guys,” Krillin said imploringly, “Let’s be nice, okay? It’s been a long day.”

“Too long,” Yamcha sighed wistfully as he studied the empty beer glass in front of him, “Look guys, it’s not that I’m not happy to see you, or that it’s nice to spend some time again together. But when you spend three years preparing for something it kinda bums when nothing happens.”

“I thought you liked having your peace and quiet?” Tien asked, to which Yamcha shrugged.

“There’s quiet quiet and there is the quiet like you know something should have happened but didn’t and instead hangs over you like a big flaming sword of doom,” Yamcha said sullenly.

“I know,” Krillin said as he casually glanced at the TV on the wall, showing a re-run of an Australian rules football match, “It feels anti-climactic.”

“Maybe Piccolo was wrong,” Yamcha mused softly, “Maybe he got the date wrong. Maybe its tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year.”

“I didn’t get it wrong,” a voice growled from the other side of the bar, where Piccolo sat hunched over a mineral water, “besides, if I got it wrong, then so did Goku. “

Yamcha looked up and gave the Namek a glare.

“So why the no show of the killer Androids?” he asked accusingly, “Why have we waited all day and nothing happened?”

“How would I know?” Piccolo muttered, “Because Future Saiyan was wrong? Because he was lying? Because Belmovekk’s shenanigans have changed the timeline? All I know is that I heard what I heard.”

“Speaking of his Saiyan meddlesomeness,” Yamcha said as he looked around the bar, “where the hell is he? Where the hell are all the Saiyans for that matter?”

“To ask the question is to answer it,” Piccolo said as he sipped from his mineral water, “They’re Saiyans. Walking stomachs. They went to get something to eat.”


“Again, to ask the question is to answer it,” Piccolo replied. To which Yamcha replied something under his breath that sounded suspiciously much like fortune cookie wisdom dispenser.

“Looks like we’re the only ones left,” Krillin said as he looked around, “Even Bulma’s gone.”

“I wish,” Yamcha sighed as he hit the counter with his forehead, “Capsule Corp. has a hotel suite on retainer not far from here. If only she would disappear and take that foul demon spawn of her with her.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you about that,” Tien asked curiously, “Yamcha, what the hell? What the hell happened?”

“Yeah,” Krillin added, “I thought you guys were sure to get married and have kids. Now she’s with Vegeta?”

“Technically she’s with no one,” Yamcha said without looking up, “she just got a kid from him.”

“You know what Krillin meant,” Tien said.

“You guys were such a cute couple,” Krillin said.

“Only if you define cute as in only just refraining from killing each other,” Yamcha said as he raised a finger as if in trying to make a point, but his face remained firmly on the counter.

“Aw come on,” Krillin protested politely, “it wasn’t that bad, right? And even if it was, it’s better to have someone then no one, right?”

Yamcha began to wiggle his raised finger from left to right.

“You’re only saying that because you never had any pussy, Krillin,” he said still without looking up, “Be glad you never had a girlfriend like Bulma.”

“Somebody had to do it,” Tien shrugged, “Guess you didn’t have what it takes to handle a girl like that.”

Yamcha looked and glared at Tien.

“Says the guy who dates a male midget.” Yamcha snorted, “come back when you actually sleep with a girl first.”

Tien wanted to say something when the door to the bar opened and the two Slayers walked in with their friends.

“Hey look,” he said instead, “Team Slayer’s back.”

The three looked around as the two Slayers came towards them.

“That blonde vampire gives me the creeps,” Krillin said as he watched the bleached vampire trailing the others with a bored look, “he has all those implants.”

“You want to hear something that really gives you the creeps?” Yamcha said almost whispering, “Bulma gave him a tune up before coming here. Said she quintupled his power output. He can kick all of our asses now.”

“What is this world coming to,” Tien said shaking his head.

“Did you miss us, guys?” the dark haired Slayer smiled.

“Only in the sense that I’ve spent way too much time with these two guys on one day without any action,” Yamcha replied as he pointed to Tien and Krillin, “So where did you guys disappear to?”

“You think you got bored, Scarface,” the bleached vampire said as he sat down on a chair and put his feet on the table, “try being a Slayer. They got bored waiting and decided that since they were here they might as well go on a patrol.”

“Patrolling for what?” Krillin asked puzzled. Upon which Tien put two fingers on front of his mouth like he had two fangs pointing downwards. Meanwhile Yamcha pretended to drape himself in a cape.

“I hear ze children of ze night,” he said in a fake Rumanian accent, “I hear zem calling.”

“Oh,” Krillin said as he finally got the hint.

“I hate those sodding movies,” the vampire moaned.

“There were more of them then we thought though,” Xander said, “Three vamp nests, seven kinds of demons.”

Then he looked at the red haired sorceress and they both smiled.

“And they made a very agreeable thumb!” they said in unison.

Before one of the Z fighters could ask the blonde Slayer spoke up.

“Where’s Belmo?” she asked and looked around, “And his Awesomeness for that matter?”

“Saiyans and their stomachs,” Yamcha smiled and shrugged, “They say armies march on their stomachs, well, since Saiyans are one man armies….”

“Go figure,” the blonde Slayer said annoyed, “Just when…..”

Before she could finish her sentence the door to the bar opened again and in stormed Belmovekk the Saiyan, followed by Goku and his son. Only they weren’t carrying food and Belmovekk practically ran towards the TV. Looking for a way to change channels he fumbled with the TV controls for a moment before muttering something that surprisingly sounded much like ‘stupid hunk of Earth junk. Then he put his hand on the TV.

“Change,” he said and the channel switched from the Ozzy rules football to CNN.

“Hey, we were watchi …..,” one of the bikers said before stopping mid sentence as the Saiyan shot him a patented death glare that had him cower for cover.

Returning his attention to the TV, on CNN there were people discussing something amidst images of a burning skyscraper.

“CNN?” the bartender behind Yamcha said surprised, “I didn’t know I had bloody cable?”

“Belmo? What’s going on?” the blonde Slayer asked as she approached the Saiyan who seemed glued to the TV screen.

“Shhh,” he said as he signalled her to stop talking, “Any moment….”

Then a news anchorman came into view.

“For those of you who have just joined us here at CNN International, at 08:45 AM, Eastern Time an explosion took place near the top of the North tower of the World Trade Center in New York. As you can see from the images the explosion has caused a massive hole near the top, from which a fire seems to be burning. The NYPD and fire departments are rushing to the scene carrying out an evacuation.

Although there is no word from the authorities there appears to be a rumor going on that this is not some accident but an organized attack, that apparently a suicide bomber detonated himself on the 95th floor. Again there is no official statement to prove this but sources close to CNN have heard reports of a possible suicide bomber on NYPD police channels and…… Good God!”

On the TV the image of the news anchor was switched to the background picture of the burning WTC tower as a massive explosion erupted on the other WTC tower.

“Oh no,” the red haired sorceress gasped aghast and the Xander kid put his hands on her shoulder.

The three Z-fighters turned towards Piccolo.

“They’re in New York?” Tien said aghast, “How can this be?”

“History has got to be changed,” Piccolo said as he stood up and walked towards the TV, “Something we did changed the timeline. That’s the only thing I can think off that makes sense.”

“But we didn’t do anything, Piccolo,” Goku said as the Namek walked past by him.

“Maybe you didn’t,” Piccolo said as he stopped near the TV and briefly glanced at the other Saiyan, “But somebody did.”

“Just say it, Piccolo,” Belmovekk said edgy, “It’s my fault, isn’t it?”

Piccolo wanted to say something but he changed his mind.

“At least you tried,” he finally said, “at least you tried.”

“We’re in the wrong place,” Tien said as he hopped off his stool, “We have to go there. And fast.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” the vampire said, “And what makes you think those ‘bots will still be there once you get there?”

“Goku,” Yamcha said like he had the solution, “Instant transmission, remember?”

The vampire shot him a look like he was stupid.

“Have you ever fought one of those ‘bots?,” he said a very condescending tone of voice, “It’s not like Superman over there can zoom in one something he can’t sense.”

Before Yamcha could grab the vampire and shout that he had single-handedly finished off two androids already the Xander kid and the sorceress spoke up.

“Shut up, Spike!” they said in unison.

“Whatever,” the vampire muttered and slumped into his chair.

“We have to go there,” Piccolo said to Belmovekk, “You saw the news. Doesn’t matter how it happened, it’s happening. Right now! Can you and Goku teleport us there?”

The two Saiyans looked at each other and began to scratch their hair in unison.

“It doesn’t work like that, Piccolo,” Goku said, “If I can’t lock onto a specific chi I could end up anywhere.”

“One of his trainees!” Piccolo suggested as he pointed towards Belmovekk, “Thanks to him the United States is crawling with people with above average chi. Surely one of them must be near New York.”

Goku thought it over for a moment, then he smiled.

“That might work,” he said nodding.

“There is another solution” Belmovekk said as he looked at Willow, “Why do we not u……”

A light suddenly lit up the night sky outside the bar.


A loud explosion began to rattle the bar’s windows and the Z-fighters and Team Slayer ran towards the windows

“They’re here now as well?” Krillin said shocked as he could see the fires of the explosion run high a mile away.

“It looks that way, buddy,” Yamcha said as he saw the flash of another explosion happen on the other side of the city, then he ran outside, after the others.

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