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The Web of Xander

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Cartoon Heroes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to my story Cartoon Heroes, where Xander starts his life in Sunnydale again.

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Chapter 30

Chapter 30

(Summers home)

They had all been a bit surprised by the strange Oriental breakfast that awaited them, but they soon began to eat.

Joyce sighed. "No, I don’t think it’s a good idea Faith."

Faith frowned. "But why not? They have a homepage why can’t we, the Slayers, have one as well? Wait let me explain. I’m not talking about telling anybody our names."

Joyce frowned and turned to her daughter, "Buffy tell her why not."

Buffy blinked her one eye. "Actually mom, I think it would be a cool idea."

Junior Jarod nodded. "I have plans on how to create it. Don’t worry."

Joyce sighed… kids today. "No bikini pictures. We don’t want pervert vampires to drool over you."

Joyce sighed again. Giles would probably be able to talk some sense in to them. "By the way Junior this breakfast you made is incredibly good. Do you always make oriental type of food for breakfast?"

Junior smiled. "Thank you and no, this was the first time I ever cooked some food."

They all blinked the food was perfect.

"Moom… I need a baby brother… adopt him," Buffy ordered her mother.

Joyce just nodded.


(New York)

Blacki blinked as he watched the News. "Fucking hell. The Spider kids. Luke, turn on the computer."

His brother nodded and they started to surf the web. The page was slow, probably to much traffic at the moment.

"They did it. Pictures on enemies, including US," Luke cursed.

Blacki growled. "That... Did they put on pictures of our civilian forms?"

Luke frowned. "No they didn’t. I wonder why."

Blacki grinned. "Either they don’t have them, which I don’t believe as we all have been captured and sentenced to jail. Or it’s a warning, be legal or we tell the police. They are giving us a second chance."

Luck and the other Vultures nodded, but what to do now?


(Washington DC, the CIA building)

James Fairdael currently chief of operations in the CIA frowned at the others of the meeting.

"Alright, as seen in the NEWS the cloak was real and they actually flew with that thing better then a parachute. Now our techs are trying to find out if the laser gun is working as well."

One of the team raised his hand. "Sir… it’s really a type of plasma gun that has a laser to heat up… I’ll be quite now," he said in fear of the boss’s angry face.

James continued. "Alright our Tech is building it and we will son test the plasma-laser gun. What I like to know is this, are there mutants out there? The President himself has ordered me and other department heads to find out. Any secret you have or hide I will be told or you are fired."

Silence was his answer then one raised his voice. "Sir… we have small teams with invisible fighters. Mostly teenagers that somehow manage to turn themselves unseen. Sometimes permanent, others somehow gained control over it."

James blinked. "Alright is any one of those unseen persons a mutant?" Once again a small nod was his answer. "Yes sir. Some of them, others are just normal humans that... Well its magic sir."

James blinked. "What are you smoking? Magic isn’t real… Is it?"

One by one his eggheads and agents raised their hands. "Sir we have evidence about vampires and demons. Magic is real. For years our secret Voodoo priests and mages have been trying to curse the Russians or protect the President."

James sighed it was one of those days. "Are you saying that we have been involved in a magical curse you war with the Russians?"

The man nodded. "Yes sir, but their mages are better in attack then ours. But our defenses are superior so…"

James nodded. "Nothing happens."

The man grinned. "Exactly sir."

A lady in the back started to talk. "We read the part of mutated humans and ways to bring out a passive mutation in a person."

James felt fear again, but he just had to know. "What are you planning or what did you do?"

She frowned. "In the 70th we did some drug experiments on student. Most died or became permanently insane. But Andy McGee and Vicky McGee somehow got mental powers. They married and got a child, a girl. We found that out later and tried to abduct them. The Vicky died protecting her child and Andy managed to overpower the remaining guard and told him to shoot himself and he did.

Andy’s power seems to be killing him slowly and the child, Charlie, has a fire starting ability. A real weapon I say. After both of them were captured by us in the Farm they tried to escape, but Andy, the father, was killed and the girl got angry and burned down and murder many CIA agents. We have a shoot to kill order on her after that to this day."

James blinked. "How old?"

The lady frowned. "Excuse me?"

"The child, how old is she? How old was she when she burned down a CIA lab?" James wanted to know.

The lady looked down in the papers. "12 years, sir."

"Well… we did murder her mother and her father in front of her. She was defending herself, remove the hunt and kill order NOW," James ordered.

The lady frowned. "Sir… with all due respect, she is guilty of the death of over fifty agents."

James stared at her. "A prisoner’s first duty is to escape by any and all means necessary. You need to learn to use your brain. You catch more flies using honey then vinegar.

We will find her eventually and then we use another method. Maybe use one of those invisible agents to make friends and make her believe that your version was an illegal operation. The question is, is she a mutant?"

The lady nodded. "Yes sir, she is a mutant just like the description on the page said."

James nodded. "Right we have a lot of invisible agents, a fire starter, three spider humans, a living battery that’s hurt and a flying girl named Wasp."

Another agent raised his hand. "Sir, don’t you remember Spider-Man saved her from us?"

James knew it would be one of those days. "I see. So the only super humans we have are the invisible ones. You do realize that every nation in the world will start hunting superhumans to use as agents? We need to be first."

The lady raised her hand. "Sir, the drug we used compared to the once described on that home-page looks almost identical and it warns against the use on NON-Mutants.

The drug we have has the potential to wake up passive mutations by forcing them to mutate or we could arrange passive mutants to have children which will most likely be active mutations."

James frowned. "Let’s start with voluntaries and use the drug on them. Find agents in any government agency. I mean it. CIA, FBI, even the police, but keep it secret. Contact only those we know are mutants or have a mutant gene. Any time they give blood or test them self we can find out."

The lady nodded. "I will see to that sir. You said anybody is that right?"

James nodded. "Yes ANYBODY."

The lady sighed. "Sir, you have a passive mutant X-gene inside of you."

James finally understood his position in life, it was a joke and they were out to get him.


(Iowa, on a small farm)

Charley McGee frowned. She was a mutant, that wasn’t so surprising, but she wasn’t alone, there were other mutants out there and that surprised her. She knew the CIA would try to hunt down the Spiders and if they could not catch them they would try forcing them by finding and hurting their friends.

She removed the glasses. Maybe it was time for her to stop hiding and to fight back. She was an adult now, almost 28, and she had spent most of her childhood running from them.

Yet she was strong, she had the power of fire inside of her and according to the power level scale on the home-page she was an Omega class mutant. Her power of fire was equal to that of a nuclear bomb, but she might be able to go boom more than once.

It was time for her to find allies and help younger mutants. If she could find the spiders then they could get other young mutants to join up. And may god help anybody that stood in her way, because she would fry them alive.


(Sunnydale later)

One by one they came inside.

Xander was pushing a wheelchair where Tara-F was sitting in and surprisingly Hope rolled one where Wasp sat in.

Jarod smiled, it looked like Hope had decided to make the strange girl a friend. And Hope had the tendency not to accept or understand the NO or give up.

Finally when the last one was there Jarod started to talk. "Thank you all for coming. I found out some disturbing news."

Giles frowned a bit wondering if he was talking about the council’s tendency to assassinate black magic user even after they had been stopped. He hoped it wasn’t that Jarod would complain about. It would be difficult to explain to Buffy.

Jarod continued. "I must say this first. Giles doesn’t know about this. Giles and most field watchers are completely without any knowledge about this. Do you understand, Slayers?"

"Yea I’m five by five. Field watchers innocent, head watcher guilty,” Faith said.

"What she said," Buffy agreed.

"Alright, I found out that they often assassinate the parents of potential slayers if they are young. With older ones they use magic and mind manipulation to create situations where they can abduct and brainwash the potential slayer. Yes Buffy, you want to ask something?" He interrupted himself as he could see Buffy wave a hand.

Buffy nodded and said, "Yes, what’s a potential?"

"Slayers are called in family lines. A potential slayer is one that could have been a slayer. Joyce is probably a potential or your slayer potential might come from your father’s side of the family," Giles explained.

Buffy nodded. "So that’s how you find us?"

"Actually no, we have many potentials living in Watcher’s home. But we find most slayers using a spell that will tell us which are the most likely to be called. Normally it gives us five to nine girls, but lately the spell is less then trustworthy. The spell calls the favor of the Powers that BE, they are guardian of humanity and if what you said is correct that the Watchers have been assassinating the families of Slayers then that might be a sign that they are angry with us," Giles said.

Jarod nodded to him. "Yes, I think so too. In your case Faith they didn’t do that much except that they put the old pub you used to sleep in on fire, forcing you out in the street where one of their field agents could save you."

He looked at Buffy. "They did things to you Buffy and your family. A spell was cast on you Joyce that clouded your mind. They had to rearrange it one time to make you place Buffy into the mental hospital after LA."

Joyce blinked. "Are you saying that my most shame full action was the result of some mind magic?"

Jarod nodded. "Yes. The spell made it harder for you to actually believe your daughter and accept anything supernatural."

Buffy rushed over to her mother. "Mom I love you and I always knew that wasn’t you. I never ever blamed you," she frowned. "I only blame you for cooking to good food and I still do," she ended smiling.

Joyce grinned. "Thanks."

Beside them Jarod smiled and said, "It isn’t over yet."

Giles sighed and asked, "What more did they do to her?"

"They considered Hank Summer to be a problem. He was too protective of Buffy. He loved her too much and they knew he would get in the way. So they put first a compulsion spell on him making it hard for him to talk to Joyce without feeling that she was arguing with him. After that they put a mild lust spell on him and let a secretary they had paid seduce him and Joyce discovered them," Jarod explained.

Joyce sighed. "And that led to our divorce. After that all we ever did was argue."

Buffy frowned. "But why doesn’t he talk to us… to me?"
Jarod sat down. "That’s because they have a spell that makes it hard for him to actually remember you."

Buffy swallowed, but she couldn’t hold back her tears. "Why are they doing this?"

Xander stood up. "Control, those bastards wanted you to find a surrogate daddy in your watcher. One that would support you and love you, no matter what and that watcher would be the one they could control."

Giles nodded. "And by controlling me they could control you," he said, shaking his head.

"I think I will fry them alive," Tara-F muttered.

"I I can turn them into frogs. At least one of them," Tara-M added.

"No, no frogs, rats do rats, I hate frogs," Willow babbled.

"We will not turn anybody into frogs, but I will break the bones in their hand and personally destroy Quentin Travers," Xander said calmly.

"No… no murder I…," Buffy mumbled.

"Unless they learn a lesson other innocent children will be murdered, Buffy," Xander stated.

Buffy slumped down. "I don’t want anybody to be murdered."

Xander nodded and said, "Fine, I promise that I will not murder them."

Wasp frowned. "Hope gave me ice-cream when I was sad, Buffy would you like some?" she said, hoping it would comfort the crying blond.

Buffy giggled a bit and went over to Wasp and gave the former bad girl a hug. "Thanks."

Wasp paled in panic. "I’m not interested in sex Buffy."

Buffy blinked. "I was only giving you a hug."

"Buffy… Wasp was raised as a weapon. She was speed grown from new-born to adult in less than nine years, everything she knows was implanted inside of her. I don’t think she knows about friendly hugs," Hope said.

Buffy blinked. "Oho… Well, would you like to be my friend?"

Wasp frowned and had another look of fear and an evaluating look as she turned from Hope to Buffy. "Hope is my friend Buffy."

Buffy blinked. "And what?"

Hope giggled as she explained. "Wasp, a person can have more than one friend. I have hundreds of friends."

"Well, now I’m going to be one of your friends, Wasp. You need it," Buffy stated.

Wasp nodded and replied, "That’s acceptable"

May was studying them closely. She wasn’t ready yet to forgive and forget, but she was close.

"Well, what are we going to do about Hank?" Joyce wanted to know.

"I will force the Watchers to remove the spell and prove to him what they did.... And this time I will not be gentle," Xander mumbled in an angry tone.

Joyce nodded. "Good. Hank was always a good man and a wonderful father. I could never understand why he suddenly was sleeping around and being grumpy when I was talking to him. And then he suddenly just ignored both me and Buffy like we didn’t matter to him. It was so unlike him."

Xander sat down cuddling Tara-F closer to him and was smiling at Wasp before turning a look towards Jarod and Riley. "We need to do something to convince them."

Jarod nodded. "I think it would be best if I did it. I have methods. The drug they used on Angelo to fog his mind can be used on them as a warning."

Xander grinned, turning them in to vegetables permanently would be a good warning even better than just killing them. "We need to find the witches they use and probably make an example of them."

Jarod nodded. "I see what I can do." He had one of them already and he knew many methods of permanently making somebody scared. It was time for the ‘Three fold law’ to come out and whip them in to submission.

The mayor frowned as he said, "My my, it do looks like quite an active week for you. Well I’m not one to give additional burdens, but it does looks like your old friend Ethan Rains is coming back to town Mr. Giles. Should I handle him for you?"

Giles blinked he had forgotten that the evil Mayor was listening in. "That would be quite alright. Just don’t let him get away this time."

The mayor nodded. "I take care of it." On the inside he grinned, he had the perfect use for the chaos mage.

Jarod nodded and said, "Well let the meeting be adjourned." Inside he was planning on how to free Hank Summers from the spell and punish the witches. It would be an interesting week.

On the side he could see that Buffy and Faith had cornered Junior. Just what he knew would happen and the reason he let junior do the homepage.

"Yo Wonder-boy, could you help us create a homepage for the Slayer?" Faith asked.

"It would be a public service to protect others from vampires and demons,” Buffy stated

"And show us in bikini," Faith added with a sultry smile.

Junior Jarod sighed. He finally realized that his homepage was far more dangerous than he had expected, but only for him. "Alright I help you," he said in a tired voice.

The two older girls grinned and hugged him. "Thanks."

On the side Willow pouted, "I could have done that."

Oz raised his eyebrow and said, "I know. Let’s do a Wicca homepage and one about Were-wolfs."

Willow grinned.

Xander watched and was wondering if Hope had created a monster or not.

He shrugged. In less than six months the atomic missiles would strike the asteroids and then the aliens would probably attack directly and he had no ability to stop them. Only to destroy them once they had landed.

He frowned, if he had a real starship then it would be a different matter, but he had not.

On the side Hope suddenly realized something. 1. If she knew her big brother correctly he had completely forgotten about his own birthday and if she knew her own big sister she firmly believed that Alex had told them. 2. Tara-F might be the girlfriend, but when it came to birthday dates she was completely lost. This meant that Buffy and the others had no idea that Xander and May’s birthday was in two days and that her own was in four days.” She groaned. That was another thing she would have to correct. She loved birthday cakes and parties.

The End?

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