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Harper's Island 2: The Thrill of the Kill

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Summary: One Year has passed since the brutal murders committed by Henry Dunn and John Wakefield. A group of thrill seekers rent out the Candlewick for a week, wanting to make a documentary about the massacre. Then the murders begin again….

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Harper's Island 2 Preview

Harper’s Island 2

Summary: One Year has passed since the brutal murders committed by Henry Dunn and John Wakefield. The Island is pretty much deserted, save for a handful of locals. A group of thrill seekers rent out the Candlewick for a week, wanting to explore the place where the biggest mass-murder in Washington history occurred, and to make a documentary about the massacre. Then the murders begin again….

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harpers Island or any recognizable characters herein this fanfiction sequel. Disregards Harper’s Globe webseries

The Suspects (and short bio’s)

AJ Buckley as J.T. - Nicole’s boyfriend, best friends with Griff and Murad. Helped finance Griff’s documentary endeavor, and also came along to spend time with Nicole away from their regular lives.

Felicia Day as Nicole - Dating JT, and best friend of Amelia. Upon arriving on island, Nicole begins dreaming of several of the victims of the wakefield/dunn massacre

Clayne Crawford as Sean - Cousin of massacre victim Shane Pierce. Came to island looking for closure after the original massacre and ended up staying.

Dominic Zamprogna as Griff- Best friend of Murad and JT. Amateur filmmaker. He came to the island to film a documentary about the massacre.

Keir O’Donnell as Derrick - Didn’t want to go to the island, but was somewhat bullied into coming and helping with the documentary by Kurt.

Sarah Thompson as Kim - Nicole’s college roommate, she came along out of curiousity.

Brandon Quintin Adams as Murad- Best friends with Griff and JT. Came to help with the documentary, and a desire to explore the island.

April Scott as Samantha - Hired by Griff to be the Make-up artist.

Sam Horrigan as Kurt - College friend of JT, Griff, and Rob. came to island to help with the documentary.

Kelly Overton as Lauren - The Goth chick, heard about the trip from Adam and decided to tag along

Jay Brazeau as Dr. Campbell- Survived the original massacre. The oldest remaining local on the island. Now mostly retired

Devon Gummersaul as Joel - Childhood friend of Griff, came along to help with the documentary project, and brought longtime girlfriend Breanna with him.

Nicki Aycox as Breanna- Joel’s Girlfriend. She came to island because of Joel. Didn’t know any of the others prior to the trip.

Daniel Cudmore as Adam - Criminology major, he was hired by Griff to act as Technical advisor for the documentary.

Larisa Oleynik as Cora - Lesbian friend of Amelia’s, also her college roommate.

Nancy Stafford as Officer Danvers - came to the island with Sheriff Hunt when he was transferred from Seattle.

Lance Gross as Rob - Draft Prospect for the Seattle seahawks, and college friend of JT, Griff and Kurt. Came to island cause he had nothing better to do.

Neil Flynn as Oliver Donnelly – hired by JT and Griff to bring the group to the island, and stayed around after becoming interested in Griff’s project

Lennie James as Officer Curry - former Private investigator who worked with Cole Harkin and JD while they were tracking the Wakefield copycat, who turned out to be henry dunn. Came to the island to make sure that history didn’t repeat itself a third time.

Katharine Isabelle as Amelia- Twin Sister of Jenna, and Nicole’s Best friend.

Jenny Mollen as Jenna - Amelia’s twin sister. Came to island by Amelia’s request.

Melanie Merkosky as Robin - runs the town’s newspaper, was saved by Tommy during the first massacre

Mark Pellegrino as Sheriff Hunt- an old friend of dr. Campbell. He replaced the late sheriff mills as head of the island’s police.

Erin Karpluk as Sarah - Another one of Griff’s financial backers, she came along to oversee the progress of her investment.

Mark Gibbon as Tommy - Saved Stacy and Robin during the last massacre, getting them off the island on Cal’s boat. Returned to island a month later and bought and re=opened the Cannery.

Marie Avgeropoulos as Stacy - One of the l0cals to survive the original massacre. She helps Tommy run the cannery.

Zachary Knighton as Rick - Local fisherman and hunter, dating Kelsey and drinking buddy of Sean

Bree Grant as Kelsey - Candlewick employee and girlfriend of Rick.

Just like the first, One By One….

Can you guess the killer?

Episode 1 Coming Soon.
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