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The next generation

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Summary: A sort of continuation of my Aaron/Buffy vignette from my Women's Day collection. Will have the Scoobs' kids, so it's all OC's.

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Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the Buffyverse. Jeff Davis owns Criminal Minds.
All I own is the plot, the OC's and my own twisted sense of humor. The actors playing the characters own themselves.
The pictures in the following chapters are owned by whoever took them/commissioned them.

Author's Note

Celebrating International Women's Day

This is sort of the background for these vignettes.

I'm doing a series of more or less interconnected drabbles from this Verse with everyone's kids...


Faith Lehane and Derek Morgan have one son- Alex. He is doing his residency at a prestigious learning hospital so that one day he can go back to the Council as Head of Trauma. He is the most zen out of all of the new generation, he's most often compared to his Uncle Oz.
He'll be played be Jesse Williams.

Buffy Summers and Aaron Hotchner have two kids- Jack and Joyce. Jack is Aaron's son from his first marriage to Haley but he thinks of Buffy as his mom and she loves him like her own child. He's older than Joyce by three years. He's currently a soldier with Riley's unit but thinking of coming back home as a Council Field Operative. Joy is finishing up her university education.
Jack is played by Chris Pine and Joy is played by Blake Lively. (Remember Aaron talking about how Joy was almost taller than her mom at twelve? Well I figure she's super tall by now, leggy. She's got her Aunt Dawn's genes).

Kenney and Willow have one daughter-Sineya. She's adopted and she loves her two moms to bits. Alex has always had a crush on her and it is a total case of opposites attract. She's a tomboy, a fighter and has a temper to boot. She doesn't have any magical abilities but trains twice as hard as the slayers to be as good as she is. She's very determined. She's currently stationed with Jack.
Sineya is played by Michelle Rodriguez.

Dawn Summers and Spencer Reid have a pair of fraternal twins- Athena and Cyrus. Of course their kids are braniacs, with those two-the genes alone account for their near genius level of intellect. Cyrus is training to be a CSI with a specialization in Supernatural Crime Scenes and Athena is sort of floundering about what she wants to do. Her whole family is scary smart and ambitious so she feels just a bit iffy about her choices.
Cyrus is played by Eric Szmanda and Athena by Alexis Bledel.

Final Note: Because this is ME writing, there will be swearing. There will be oodles of profanity, sexual situations, crude jokes and trying to make each other as uncomfortable as possible. Cause this is the way I write.

Please review!

Subject:Your parents' wedding

I talked to Joy yesterday and she was saying something about you not being able to make it to Headquarters until the day before the wedding.

I *know* she was partaking in a little bit too much of that Mexican beer cause your mom will beat your ass black and blue if you don't spend at least a week at home. The internship's the shit and all that, but family's more important. Everybody's coming back.

Sineya will be there. All hot and buff from working the jungle.

P.S. Congratulations on your folks *finally* tying the knot. Twenty years is a long time to go unwed.

Subject:Your parents' wedding

Hey asshole,

I'll be there. With bells on. I'm trying to make it a surprise for mom, so if you could please keep your trap shut ;)

What's Joy doing in Mexico? With beer? I thought she'd be locked up somewhere in her dorm when she's not in class.

And fool, shut up about Sineya. Is she really coming though?

Yes, yes- laugh it up. I'm not going to be a bastard anymore, my parents are finally getting a piece of paper to confirm what the rest of us have known for the last twenty years.

How's auntie B by the way? I heard Giles is nominating her for IWC Director when he retires next year.

P.S. What the hell is up with the pictures at the end of the emails? You look so pretty in yours.


You're testy today. Everything good at the hospital?

Aunt Willow did a spell, something about us forgetting what the rest of the fam looks like- so every day that we start a new e-mail between each other, the spell automatically updates our current pictures. It's way for the parents to keep track of who's getting what pierced, I guess.

Mom's good, she's freaking out about turning forty five. She actually had this whole thing started, except funny thing is- the picture updates for the 'rents will be their likenesses from twenty years ago. Aunt Willow went into this whole spiel about soul ages and karma, blah, blah, blah. You know how my brain works, I tune out. Basically though, they're all freaking out about turning old and they're picking their favorite pictures from back in the day.

Joy, Athena and Sin decided to go on a last minute vacation. Your girlfriend got a week off base so she did a teleportation spell straight to HQ, told her moms that she was going and left for my little sister and the big brain.

By the way, did you know that Athena's finishing up her Master's? For a girl who in her own words "hasn't realized her entire path in life" yet, she's sure doing enough school work to become a Watcher.

Ya can't run from destiny.

I know you've wanted me for the last twenty years. Admit it.

Our little sisters are gallivanting off by themselves in Mexico? And nobody thought this would be a bad idea?

By the way Jackie boy, I told mom that you *still* haven't picked between the three girls you're dating in town. She's getting pissed that you can't stop playing the field.

Ha, fucking, ha.

P.S. The pictures are a dumb idea.
P.P.S. You two are screwed in the head.



Ahahahahahhaha times infinity. Are those friggin *highlights* I see in your hair little cuz?

Oh and Cyrus, I'm going to rip your leg off and shove it up your ass when you come home for the wedding. You know how angry mom gets that I don't want to only date one girl.

The girls will be fine, you know Sineya will kill anybody with her death glare who dares come on to Joy and Athena.


Fine, I'll be lame and hobbled when Aunt Faith gets married, but it'll be worth it just to see you getting reamed by Aunt Buffy when you come back home.

Don't make fun of the 'do.


I hate both you assholes for clogging up my inbox.

Cy, the hair looks fine, ignore Jack. For being the oldest, he's the most immature out of all of us.

The girls are alone in Mexico? Do our moms know about this? Maybe one of us should use the emergency teleportation spells just to check up on them. See if everything is okay.

I mean, I'm just being a good guy here.


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