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Xander rising

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Summary: During the Halloween episode Xander gets Ares attention and this is the result of it.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredJCHattenFR151631,1741113894,2954 Mar 107 Jul 11No

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

"Cry havoc once more and release the Oz of war," Buffy yelled while storming in, shooting with her Kerz99 Automatic rifle tightly followed by Tuvok and Paris.

Tuvok was firing just as fast without the screaming. "I believe it is ‘Dogs of War' Buffy," he said in his calm tone.

"No, you don't understand. Oz is a Werewolf friend of mine," Buffy said with a pout.

Paris looked around and said, "The room is clear, right where to next?" Tuvok activated the armor's computer map and said, "This way." And continued his speech to Buffy. "A Werewolf is still not a dog, Buffy"

With a pout Buffy took the rear guard. "You're no fun, Elfboy."

Paris smiled and said with a smirk. "I think he has lost his reindeers, he has always been a bit grumpy."

Buffy smiled. They sure had become a great team after only a couple of days of training under Strife and Discord. She remembered the days they got their toys of death.


Three days ago

Xander stood in front of them all and said, "This is the Kerz99 automatic rifle, it has single shot, three shots or full auto, but in full auto you empty your clip in seconds. The clip can hold hundred and fifty rounds and the bullets are Plasma hardheads, a semi armor piercing round that contains a small amount of Plasma, after penetrating the target this round explodes in a small, but extremely warm explosion."

Paris interrupted and asked, "How warm?"

"Iron melt warm," Xander replied with a smirk.

Buffy look a bit sick and said, "Instead of parboiled enemy warm."

Xander nodded. "Buffy got the idea. Even a shot in the leg with one of those puppies causes the blood to cook and kill the target."

The crew of Voyager looked a bit sick at hearing this.

"A painful way of dying, unless you aim in the chest and head," Xander said. "So don't cause friendly fire."

After seeing the crew go quiet again he continued. "The second round is the armor piercing slicer round, an improvement on the armor piercing anti personnel round.

Normally with an AP round you get a small entrance wound and a small exit. Those AP's have small slicer blades, that slices and diced the target from the inside, causing massive bleeding and a fast death."

"Do we really need this kind of barbaric type of weapon?" Janeway asked a bit nauseated.

"Do you want to win? Do you want your crew to survive?" Strife simply asked.

"Those guns are the most effective anti Borg weapon we have. They are brutal, but effective and it's only logical that we use this to win against them," Tuvok offered his opinion.

Xander continued. "As a backup the Kerz99 has places for a grenade launcher on it. On our Kerz99 we have replaced the launcher with a Federation type phaser. It can only manage a few limited shoots, before the Borg will adapt to it, but it's a good backup."

The crew looked and felt calmer as they knew there would be a real weapon with the away team.

Discord came forward holding a black full body suite. "Those babies are the armor you will wear. It contains two layers of protection. The first is an energy reflection layer that can protect you from 5 to 10 phaser shots, depending on the energy level used. The second layer of protection is a crystalline matrix, which is extremely good against slug weapons, stabs and cuts. It may protect you from Borg nanoprobes."

The crew looked even happier at the idea of protection, but was a bit suspicious of it.

"Won't the armor be bulky and in the way?" Neelix asked.

"About as much as you uniforms are in the way. Do you fight in the nude? If not the armor will not be in the way," Discord replied with a smile as she thought about Tuvok fighting in the nude.

Xander smiled. "And it has an inbuilt computer with mapping and communication capacity. The eyes have goggles that will give you night vision and zoom, just like the Borg."

Many began to smile at the young god's enthusiasm, but Xander continued. "On the left arm I have put a fold back cutting blade. It's 1,5 feet long and can cut through steel."

Buffy couldn't hold back an enthusiastic yell of. "Sweet, cutting lethality, can't wait to try them on a vampire. Slice and dice baby" She looked at the blade with barely hidden blood lust.

Some begun to laugh nervously and moved a bit away from her.


The fight

Buffy walked faster now and looked at the Borg that came from the walls. "Hurry up Tuvok," she said, as he placed one more explosive. Suddenly part of the wall folded in and hands grabbed Paris and dragged him inside.

Buffy cursed. "Keep up the mission, I save Paris." With that Buffy folded up the blade, took the gun in her right hand and jumped like a kangaroo straight into the mass of Borg.

Tuvok looked a bit irritated and then he started to shoot high precision shoots before running away to the next location to place an explosive.



Dawn had cold sweat pouring down her body as she maneuvered the Summershome between the two giant cubes avoiding as many rays of death as possible. The shields of Summershome were down to 70% and Giles and Tara were shooting as fast as they could.

Joyce looked strangely, almost surreal calm and ordered. "Drive closer Dawn, so that the second team can enter the other cube."

Giles could not believe how impressed he was with Joyce. ‘She must have been a queen in a former life,' he thought while he had the time of his life firing the phasers.

Tara looked afraid almost falling apart, but she fired one high precision photon torpedo after the other at weak points on the cube.

Suddenly the computer chirped and she looked up. "Second Team GO GO GO and be careful Willow."

The second team B'Ellana, Willow and 7of9 rushed in shooting and casting magic.


In the first cube

Buffy's arm blade decapitated another Borg while her gun hung empty on her back. She used the arm of a Borg as a club and crushed Borg heads, as she made a path of death among them. "Die you stupid zombie wannabes," She screamed.

Paris was wrestling with a big Borg probably Klingon which tried again and again to penetrate his armor to inject him with Borg nano bots. In the last second he remembered the arm blade and -snick- it was out.

Paris cut deep in the chest of the Borg and suddenly it went limp and bled quickly to dead. He struggled to stand up. Then on his way to freedom he could see 15 Borg. Armed and in his way, gulping down his fear he look at them and said in a calm tone. "Run and you may live."

The Borg still advanced on him and replied in their stoic tone."Resistance is futile"

Then suddenly the central mass of the Borg exploded in blood and Borg came flying out with broken arms and heads.

Paris could only watch as the 15 Borg were reduced to spare parts by a bloody and angry slayer that rushed to his side. "Are you okay? Tell me you are alright," she said.

Paris could see tears of fear in her eyes. "I'm alright the armor protected me, but we better move quickly."

Buffy had a grim ‘I go first' look and with that she suddenly jumped straight into the next corridor and behind a corner. Paris could see a Borg actually trying to run away in fear before a small hand grabbed his neck and twisted the neck in a strange shape.

Buffy look back and asked, "Are you coming? I really hate ambushes. It's only assholes that do that, don't you hate ambushes? I mean it's so unfair that they do it to us."

Paris nodded as the young slayer raved on about the unfairness of life as they ran quickly through the Borg cube, stopping now and they to massacre Borg fighting and non-fighting, Buffy really didn't like them.

The End so far....

Note from Hawklan: Sadly we now have reached the end of what Hatten has written on this story since he posted it years ago on the Xanderzone. If you, like me, like this story, a few nice reviews might bring Hatten back to write more in this Verse, so don't hold back *g*

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Xander rising" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jul 11.

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