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Master Force

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Summary: Forget everything you know. It's time to enter a brand new world where the Scoobies have gained great new abilities. It's time to enter the world of... The Transformers.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > GeneralSithicusFR15213,7260124,24413 Mar 1018 Mar 10No

Pretenders meet the Master Force

Author's Notes: Chapter two isn't as long as I thought it would become... Mostly because I was eager to share it with all of you and perhaps generate some more new reviews, maybe even something constructive from somebody if they were so inclined. :D This story is definitely shaping up into something quirky and fun. It's just a shame I don't have the skills of a master like Don Figeroa one of the former artists on the Transformers Comic Books who had a knack for cooking up brand new transformers and figuring out how they could transform. In my case most of these guys are pretty much straightforward represantations of the toys, only Buffy is a more feminized version of Lightfoot (as he's known in Japan.) and Gina is a more feminized version of Siren.

But Faith, Willow and Dawn are ALL brand new. I don't even know 100% what they look like exactly as robots. Oh well... I hope this chapter will intrigue more of you lurkers. I know you're out there, because I have like WAY more hits than reviews.

For convenience sake to any who may be confused on the matter. Some of the characters were given the japanese names to differentiate them from their American counterparts, hence why Buster and Hydra are not called Dreadwind and Darkwing. As I indicated in one of my review responses, the Scoobies are based on the original blocky G1 designs, although for the women think Female Autobots from The Search for Alpha Trion and it might just help with the visualizing thing.

Also the name is pronounced Devil Zed (Apparently) not Devil Zee. (Next Chapter we get to witness the meeting of Overlord and Starscream. I doubt the old Air Commander is going to have much fun being forced to obey the orders of another power hungry Decepticon leader. ;) )

Instinct drove the new ‘Master Force’ to head across country. Their Transtectors traveled at speeds exceeding those by normal vehicles. They managed to arrive at their destination within hours – stopping only briefly along the way to pick up some McDonalds and just about every other Fast Food chain take-out they could afford. Apparently the financial situation on this Earth was different from their own – five dollar bills could get them a lot of happy meals.

Arriving at the destination that their newfound memories had driven them to resulted in their arrival at a city like no other. A massive metallic city built mostly out of orange colored materials from an alien spaceship. This was Autobot City – not to be confused with Metroplex, the Autobot sized city-former who had left back to Cybertron with the rest of the Autobots.

To Giles this place just seemed the best to go to for privacy so that he and his charges could come to terms with what had happened to them. Contrary to popular belief however – Autobot City was not as abandoned as the populace of Earth were led to understand.

Metalhawk – the leader of the Autobot Pretender squad – was currently overseeing a special operation in conjunction with EDC Command. His team of Autobots were searching for Starscream and his strange new Powermasters and Headmasters.

Currently they hadn’t exactly been learning what they had hoped. They still didn’t know where Starscream had gotten those strange constructs that the humans were using to masquerade as Decepticons. Optimus Prime had been quite disturbed by the developments occurring on the planet, which is why he’d sent Metalhawk’s team.

Being comprised of the latest advance in the Autobot war efforts – the Pretender Shell technology allowed the Autobots to displace mass and assume the guise of ordinary humans – the better to avoid detection or panicking the humans now that Galvatron and the rest of the Decepticons were who knows where.

It was a surprise then for Metalhawk to find a convoy of strange vehicles approaching Autobot City – wary of a possible Decepticon ambush – he triggered the silent alarms and rushed to rejoin with his Pretender shell.

Dawn was sitting next to Giles in his armored form – her gaze lingered more on her own strangely altered body. The armor as it turned out was removable – to an extent – underneath they still had organic human bodies. But they had been enhanced with endoskeletal systems that allowed them to transform and bend in ways that no ordinary human body could ever hope to.

Their skin had been stripped down to their bones by Arkeville’s little machines – it hadn’t been a gentle process. Cybernetic circuitry had been jacked into their brains – like something out of the Matrix – this allowed them to mentally control the Transtectors.

Their muscles had also been modified to enhance strength. The process of controlling and powering up the Transtectors meant that each of them had Slayer level metabolisms. In Buffy’s, Faith’s, Minerva’s and Gina’s cases their metabolisms were almost doubled because of their Slayer essences.

It was a real problem.

Giles missed being able to polish his glasses – his cornea had been repaired by Arkeville’s machines – so he didn’t need them anymore, but the calming effect polishing the lenses afforded was something he could really use right about now. “We’re approaching our destination,” he alerted breaking through the thoughts of his charges.

Faith’s image appeared on the dashboard monitor. “Where are we going, Giles?” she asked.

“Hopefully a refuge we can use to sort everything out and… possibly contact the Autobots,” Giles replied. “It’s called Autobot City.”

“That is one massive city,” Xander commented as the orangish rust colored buildings came into view.

Buffy’s image cut into Faith’s. “We’re going to a place that doesn’t have any malls?” she demanded.

Giles sighed. “I hardly think a shopping trip is an appropriate coping mechanism at this particular junction, Buffy,” he chastised.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Listen, Giles, I am not wearing this armor all the time. We’re getting some clothes!” she declared with a sharp glint in her eyes.

Dawn stuck her tongue out at her sister. “Get over yourself, Buffy, you think the rest of us want to walk around in this junk all the time?” she demanded angrily.

“We can get you some clothes after we find a place to settle in,” Giles insisted. “We’re talking about a completely new world and a new way of living – because of our encounter with the Decepticons we are now targets, and forced to operate as their adversaries.”

“On top of that we don’t officially exist here,” Willow pointed out. “I’m going to have to hack into government files, create a whole new batch of identities for us, and with the security levels that this tech is at it’s going to be a real challenge,” she added in an almost eager tone.

“Long time since you got to play with computers, Red?” Faith asked playfully.

“Systems these advanced?” Xander broke in. “You just know that our Willow is going to have some fun learning everything she knew in high school all over again,” he added his tone implying that he was smiling.

Willow blushed slightly. “You guys,” she mumbled.

“Mister Giles, isn’t this place supposed to be abandoned?” Gina asked breaking into the older Scoobies’ conversation.

Giles nodded and tuned in to Gina’s communication frequency. “Yes, Gina, no one lives here currently according to the information I’ve learned from the Data Packet.”

Gina frowned. “Then how come I’m reading an Autobot alert?” she asked.

Activating his systems – Giles was surprised to discover that a silent alert had been issued from the central command structure. “Curious,” he commented.

Minerva cut in creating a three-way comn-link between them. “I bet they could answer that question, Gina,” she said.

Everyone stared at the quartet of armor wearing humans standing at the city outskirts with weapons raised and pointed in the general direction of the Transtectors. Their nervousness was readily apparent.

Giles issued a quick command to his Transtector and the semi pulled to an abrupt stop.

The sudden stop caused several of the others to pull up ahead of Giles, but they quickly reigned in and also came to a stop.

“This is unexpected,” Giles remarked. “Perhaps the Earth Defense Command set up a garrison here due to the Decepticon presence on Earth,” he hypothesized.

“Should we approach them with our Transtectors, Giles?” Buffy asked her earlier frivolous tone replaced with the familiar ready for action one.

Shaking his head slightly – Giles quickly considered all of their options. “I think it would be best to approach them on foot, Buffy, you, Faith and Xander will remain behind to guard our Transtectors. The rest of us will go out to meet our… Hosts,” he decided. Opening the driver’s side door Giles hopped out of his cab and slowly raised his hands in the universal gesture of peace.

Willow tapped into her Transtector’s onboard systems and began to hack into the security systems of Autobot City – trying to glean information before they approached these unknown people.

Minerva, Gina and Dawn followed Giles as he led them towards the outskirts of Autobot City.

Briefly eyeing her Transtector, Minerva frowned slightly. “Willow, come on already.”

Joining them Willow offered a smile. “The good news is I wasn’t caught. The bad news is I couldn’t get anything more on them than this,” she added holding up a palm sized device and triggering a data transfer. “I love these new gadgets,” she said with a big grin. “It’s like ten times better than the Ipod and Blackberry combined.”

Giles shot her a glare and quickly checked over the data she’d gleaned from the files. It wasn’t much. “Interesting – Pretenders, a curious concept,” he mused.

“Then they’re Autobots disguising themselves as humans?” Minerva wondered.

Nodding Giles continued to lead the approach. “Yes, Minerva, that’s exactly who they are. I suggest we allow them to ‘reveal’ that information to us in due time though… Unless Willow’s estimation of her skills has been grossly exaggerated,” he added shooting her a pointed look. “Next time wait until I give you an order to do something so foolish,” he said. “We don’t need them shooting first and asking questions later.”

“Sorry.” Willow had the decency to look embarrassed.

Metalhawk frowned as the humans approached. There was something not quite right with them and he couldn’t put his finger on just what from this distance. Fingering his rifle uncertainly he double checked the settings.

Landmine squared his shoulders and moved to stand between his leader and the possible enemy.

Cloudburst was studying one of their portable scanning matrixes and appeared to be confused. “They are giving off an awful lot of energy readings for simple organics,” he said speaking in hushed tones in case the humans could hear them. “And I’m reading something very strange from their vehicles – a second energy source that is more in tune with Cybertronian than regular Earth vehicles.”

Waverider eyed his friend briefly. “Decepticon?” he demanded.

Cloudburst shook his head his confusion growing greater. “The signals almost match Autobot in nature,” he admitted.

Intrigued Metalhawk glanced towards the information on the screen briefly. “Wholly unexpected,” he said. “Prime wouldn’t have sent another team here without telling us first. Do you think they could be a threat?”

Landmine curled his lip. “Who cares? Let’s just blast’em and be done with it, we can have First Aid do an autopsy on them later,” he said.

“We don’t do things that way,” Metalhawk reprimanded. “Let’s talk first and if they prove to be a threat… Then we’ll kill them,” he decided. Taking a step forward he held up his hand. “That’s far enough,” he called out to the man in the center of the group. “State your business.”

The man paused briefly and offered a nervous smile. “I apologize for assuming this base was unoccupied,” he began. “We’ve experienced a rather unsettling time since our arrival here… We needed a place to recuperate and come to grips with everything that has happened, my name is Rupert Giles. This is Dawn Summers, Minerva Masterson, Willow Rosenberg and Gina Lowell. We are not here to cause trouble,” Rupert finished his smile having changed into a friendlier and less nervous one.

Metalhawk blinked slightly as he suddenly realized that all five of them were partially dressed in control armor similar to that which the Decepticons had been using. “Explain yourself,” he commanded pointing his gun directly at Giles. “Those are Transtectors aren’t they? You’re with the Decepticons?”

“No way!” Minerva – the girl in the reddish pink and white armor with the blonde hair – shouted defiantly.

“Jerks,” Dawn added under her breath.

Rupert sighed and shook his head. “It has been a long drive here from where we were,” he admitted. “And I haven’t been able to enjoy a good cup of tea since this terrible ordeal began,” he said with a wistful sigh. “I would gladly explain all that I know to you, sir, but I’d prefer to do it sitting down in a relaxed and calmer environment. Some of us could also use a few hours rest… Perhaps if we agreed to leave our Transtectors outside of the city you would be so kind as to allow us a chance to freshen up?” he requested politely.

Metalhawk eyed his men uncertainly – they could just assume their normal sizes and come out of their shells, but these people hadn’t done anything aggressive against them and some of them genuinely looked tense and wrung out at the same time. “Very well,” he relented. “I’m sorry to say we don’t stock any nourishment here for humans…it isn’t entirely practical, but I can send someone to get you some tea if you would like,” he offered trying to be nice.

Rupert frowned briefly and turned back to the others who hadn’t left their vehicles. The VTOL hovercraft took off at a rapid rate and Rupert sighed. “Faith has volunteered to make a quick grocery run. She’ll most likely be back shortly,” he said. “Lead the way,” he added waving his hand towards the city.

Metalhawk led the humans to the central meeting room that the Autobots had left relatively intact. One corner had been modified for their use as Pretenders and featured a small hexagonal table that the EDC liaisons used when discussing Decepticon activity in person.

The group – unlike the Decepticons – seemed to be composed mostly of young women. Minerva was somewhere between fifteen and sixteen, she wasn’t sure if her birthday had passed recently. Gina was the youngest at thirteen. The others were mostly in their twenties with the exception of Mister Giles and Dawn who was approximately seventeen years old.

Each of them had various pieces of armor covering them – apparently they needed clothing and hadn’t had the chance to get any, so they were resigned to being stuck in the armor. The mixture of colors on them matched those of the vehicles. Rupert Giles’ armor was red and white. Dawn Summers’ armor was a mixture of greens – apparently her vehicle was a submersible craft of some type and was currently in the tractor trailer’s cargo section.

Buffy Summers’ armor was a mixture of blue and white similar to Giles’ – however her blue coloring was darker almost navy blue in comparison to the lighter tone. Minerva Masterson’s armor of course was the pinkish/red and white he’d noticed before, with Gina Lowell’s armor being mostly white with some black accents.

Alexander Harris’ armor was primarily red with orange highlights. Willow Rosenberg’s armor was a rich forest green in color with yellow highlights and Faith’s armor happened to be a mixture of dark red and black matching the unique VTOL craft she used.

While Xander fixed the tea for Giles and anybody else who wanted it – the others took various seats around the table. Landmine and Cloudburst stood behind Metalhawk acting as guards just in case the humans tried to harm him in some way.

Fixing them all with a brief glance Metalhawk decided to start things off. “I would like to know how it is you gained these enhancements,” he said regarding Rupert pointedly. “The Headmaster technology was created on the planet Nebulos and as far as I have been able to determine none of the current Decepticons originated from there.”

Dawn shot him a petulant look. “No really?” she asked in a sarcastic tone.

Gina lowered her gaze slightly and her cheeks flushed. “Mister Giles, is there a bathroom around here?” she asked.

Glancing at his charge briefly he offered a slight shrug. “I’m not sure, Gina,” he replied.

“I’ll take her,” Waverider offered gruffly. “Come on, kid.”

“Sorry,” she apologized. “We’ve been driving a long way even though it only took a few hours. I was the only one not making pit stops because I wasn’t sure how to get this stuff off until Minerva showed me,” she admitted.

“Doesn’t matter, kid,” Waverider returned. He led them both out of the room.

Giles leaned forward clasping his hands together as he examined Metalhawk carefully. “Are you aware of a man by the name of Arkeville?”

Metalhawk shook his head. “Not off-hand,” he said turning to Landmine. “You studied the data files more than I did before this mission. That name ever come up?” he asked.

Landmine nodded a frown gracing his lips. “Doctor Arkeville as he called himself was a mad genius who allied himself with the Decepticons during The Ultimate Doom event on Earth. When Megatron used the space bridge to bring Cybertron into Earth’s orbit.”

Metalhawk shuddered involuntarily. “A dark moment in Autobot history,” he admitted.

“Nobody has seen hide or hair of him since then,” Landmine continued eyeing Rupert briefly with a hint of suspicion.

“For good reason,” Xander spoke up. “Apparently Starscream did something to him after that plan backfired on Megatron. Took the good doctor to Cybertron after rigging something called Electrocells to explode and destroy the Earth. Arkeville got himself transformed into some cyber-organic monstrosity, but that didn’t stop him from plotting revenge.”

Giles cut in with a slight cough. “Ahem. Xander is correct, Arkeville stole certain things from Shockwave – I believe that was the name in the files we were given – and used it in an attempt to free himself from his prison. When that failed he created a contingency plan in the form of our Transtectors.” Giles took the cup of tea Xander offered him and indulged in some. With a contented sigh he continued his explanation. “The purpose was to create Autobot and Decepticon insurgents loyal to Arkeville who could disrupt the two factions from the inside. However Arkeville’s trust in a person he called Cobra Commander led to the Transtectors programming being altered.”

Metalhawk interrupted at that point. “Cobra Commander? Why does that sound so familiar?”

“GIJoe,” Cloudburst offered.

Metalhawk’s eyes widened slightly. “Ahhhhh.” He turned to Landmine. “You’d better get in touch with Officer Fairborne; she should be made aware of these developments. Her organization has more information on Cobra Commander,” he said.

Landmine nodded. “It’s as good as done.”

Buffy raised her hand to interrupt the proceedings. “I don’t mean to be rude, but what exactly is a G I Joe?” she wondered.

“America’s code name for the special missions force that dealt with terrorist organizations. Specifically an organization led by a madman known as Cobra Commander, called – unsurprisingly enough – Cobra. While the Autobots were too busy to offer any assistance in capturing them due to the presence of the Decepticons. They were aware of the possible connection to Cybertronian technology that the terrorists may have had access to,” Metalhawk explained with a sigh.

“Prime always suspected they found one of the Decepticons’ lost escape pods or some of the wreckage from the Nemesis and used that to reverse engineer their particle weapons,” Cloudburst added.

“Definitely nothing like our dimension,” Faith remarked.

“Dimension?” Metalhawk repeated.

Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose with a tired and disheveled expression in his eyes. “I was just getting to that part of our story,” he revealed. “Arkeville discovered some kind of alien energy source which granted him the ability to tap into an interdimensional nexus known as the Hellmouth… It was quite literally a portal to various hell dimensions located on our Earth.”

“Basically he used it to try and take over our planet Earth,” Xander spoke up flopping into his seat now that he’d passed out the tea. “Didn’t pan out for him, but he had established a foothold in a little town called Sunnydale. Calax Research and Development – they specialized in computer technology. He wanted to bring some of us over here because we wouldn’t be recognized to any of the Autobots or other authorities on the planet.”

“We had just finished trouncing the First when his plan activated…” Buffy trailed off with remembered anguish.

“The First?” Cloudburst repeated. “I’m not sure I understand.”

“Our group fought demons and vampires – all those things that probably don’t exist in this dimension. Just as your Autobots and Decepticons don’t exist in ours,” Giles revealed. “It was our duty to protect the Earth from plunging into Hell – again quite literally – and we did a commendable job of it if I do say so myself.”

“You do say so yourself,” Xander teased.

Giles shot the younger man a glare. “Quite.” He turned back to Metalhawk. “The First was attempting to breach the Hellmouth to escape – apparently an imbalance was created due to an oversight on my part…”

Willow shook her head. “We brought her back,” she reminded in a defeated tone.

Xander reached over to give her hand a squeeze. “It’s ok. We did it, Wills, we beat that bitch.”

Metalhawk could tell something very big had happened in the lives of these people. But that didn’t stop him from wanting clarification. “What exactly is this First?”

“The First evil,” Buffy stated coldly. “The one that created the Vampires.”

“She’s toast now,” Faith added with a smirk. “We kind of crushed her beneath the entire town of Sunnydale.”

Giles nodded. “Yes… Sunnydale was collapsing because of our actions in preventing the First from succeeding. The Hellmouth itself was being destroyed. The most likely cause for Arkeville’s plan to be set into motion,” he stated his eyes filled with sudden hatred and disgust at the mention of the man.

“Somehow he yanked us out of our dimension… And did this to us,” Buffy explained indicating her armored appearance. “We were kind of hoping the Autobots could undo the mess so we could get back to our dimension and rejoin those who were left behind because of it.”

Metalhawk pursed his lips and slowly climbed to his feet. Crossing his arms behind his back he turned so as to not face these people. Their story was incredible, but strangely enough he believed it. Some Cybertronians also shared belief in a mystical side of life – nothing like the humans’ beliefs, but enough that they could easily understand and accept certain things at face value.

Landmine shook his head as he rejoined the group. “I doubt we could get you back to being a hundred percent human,” he admitted.

“Landmine is unfortunately correct. Our mission here is to deal with the Decepticons, we don’t have a scientist on our team who could match the levels this Arkeville seems to have possessed,” Metalhawk told the group lowering his head in sympathy at their plight. “We might be able to contact Brainstorm or Perceptor and ask them to come here, but it would take time. Most of the other Autobots are still searching for Galvatron to stop him from ever starting up the wars again.”

“You’re Autobots?” Faith wondered. She hadn’t been let in on the secret Willow had discovered.

“Pretenders,” Cloudburst replied with a smug smile. “Basically we use these to hide in plain sight and interact with you humans. They also make it tough for the Decepticons to figure out just how many of us are actually here,” he added with a chuckle.

“Perhaps we could offer some assistance towards your mission here,” Giles offered. “We’ve already been engaged with the Decepticon Headmasters and Powermasters.”

“They tried to use us for target practice,” Dawn chimed in.

“We gave’em a real workout,” Faith added with a wink.

“You haven’t met Piranacon yet,” Cloudburst returned with a knowing smirk.

“Piranacon?” Xander repeated. “Who came up with that name?”

“Probably Starscream,” Landmine said. He tapped his wrist briefly and offered a silent nod. “Fairborne is here, sir,” he announced.

Metalhawk turned back to the collective group. “I suggest then that we reconvene until we’ve had a chance to familiarize ourselves with Cobra Commander and his usual MO. If he’s working with Starscream there could be factors we haven’t been aware of.”

“I take it then that we can bring our Transtectors into the city?” Giles asked.

Metalhawk smiled warmly. “Of course… One of you wouldn’t happen to be equipped as a medic would you?” he wondered.

Minerva stood forward. “My Transtector has repair equipment as well as weapons, but I don’t really know how to use all of them,” she admitted.

Metalhawk clapped his hands together. “If you’re going to be involved in our war then I suggest you’d better learn,” he stated. “Teletraan-Three has a lot of useful knowledge in her databanks and she’d be more than capable of helping you get accustomed to anything you might not be able to figure out,” he added in a friendly tone.

Xander got up and put a hand on Minerva’s shoulder. “I think we could both use a refresher course on taking care of giant robotic bodies,” he said with a half-smile. “It’ll take your minds off of what happened and what we left behind,” he added turning to Gina as she once again entered the room.

“An excellent suggestion, Xander, as for the rest of us. I believe learning the lay of the land as well as any tactical information the data banks of Autobot City have on our new adversaries would be a brilliant idea,” Giles stated climbing to his feet. “Autobots, move out,” he ordered.

Metalhawk eyed the man briefly with a bemused look.

“It helped to come to grips with our new reality,” the British man admitted sheepishly.

Landmine chuckled. “Your Transtector’s vehicle form could be a match for Optimus Prime’s… So I guess your mannerisms might be similar too,” he said clapping the other man on the back.

“Most likely a remnant of Arkeville’s programming,” Giles grumbled. “I’ll have it deleted as soon as possible,” he added before leaving the room with his group.

Waverider sighed. “Optimus won’t like this… You know how he felt when Spike and Daniel became Headmasters,” he reminded.

Metalhawk shook his head. “It can’t be helped. Besides these humans have been changed against their will and probably require an outlet to vent their emotions. If it helps for them to consider themselves a part of the Autobots now, who are we to argue that point?”

Cloudburst shrugged. “Personally I’m interested in seeing some of those women in their robot modes,” he admitted. “It’s been a long time since any Femmes were stationed on Earth… Think they’d be interested in dating alien robots?”

Waverider shook his head exasperatedly. “Sometimes I worry about you, Cloudburst, you take being a human far too seriously at times,” he said forcibly taking Cloudburst by the shoulder and leading him out of the room.

Landmine laughed and followed after them leaving Metalhawk alone.

Metalhawk walked over to the monitor connected to Teletraan-Three and studied the blank screen thoughtfully. Shaking his head he decided against the idea that had been sending his CPU into a feedback loop. “It can’t be,” he muttered to himself. “There’s no possible way that Arkeville could have found that… Not even he could have been so unlucky.” Turning he left the room his thoughts however remained haunted by the possibilities concerning the mysterious energy source that Arkeville had potentially discovered.

Deep beneath Sunnydale something stirred. A small glowing energy orb shimmered and flickered as the last remnants of its imprisonment at last collapsed thanks to the interference of the human. Unfortunately he was still weak. He needed time to recuperate before he could leave the hellish pit he’d been trapped in for literal eons.

He would require a few eyes and ears in the world above to alert him to the happenings that had transpired since his downfall at the hands of the accursed Autobots.

Fortunately for him there just so happened to be a dormant form resting not far away inside the remnants of a small mountain. His energy could sense the compatible systems.

Reaching out the being known only as Devil Z rebooted the systems of the entombed Decepticon.

A haunting almost terrifying screech erupted from a cave in the wilds surrounding Sunnydale and a large hulking bat-like monster stirred. “Lord, Devil Z,” he said as awareness returned to him.

“Bomb-Burst, you have survived.” Devil Z would have smiled if he had any type of physical body. “I knew Metalhawk and his pitiful Pretenders could not destroy you,” he stated.

Bomb-Burst shook off eons of dust and dirt from his monstrous form and stretched long unused joints. “I live to serve, my master,” he groveled.

Devil Z chuckled. “I can sense the others on this world, but can not reach them… There are also other Decepticons operating on this pitiful globe. Decepticons we could use for our own ends,” he informed. “I require energy to restore my physical self. These Decepticons will be able to convert the resources of this pitiful planet into Energon that I can use, but first you must locate your brethren.”

Bomb-Burst growled and removed his sword from where it had been stuck for millions of years. “Of course, my master, I shall revive Skullgrin, Submarauder and Finback immediately.”

Devil Z would have grinned. “Good. Good. I shall be here, when you can send me Energon.”

Bomb-Burst bowed to the air. “It shall be done, Lord Devil Z,” he stated before taking to the air.

Devil Z let him leave and began to conserve his energy for the coming rebirth. Soon he would once again be mobile and capable of destroying all of humanity as he had attempted to do eons before during the initial birth of the Terran eco-system. Much of his power had been wasted by Arkeville in the destruction of an alternate dimension which had become tied to Devil Z when a demonic entity attempted to usurp his powers.

She discovered too late that her pathetic plans were doomed from the moment of their inception. Her precious Turok-Han had all been wiped out and then to add insult to injury Arkeville caused the catastrophic chain reaction which led to her domain transforming into a massive black hole.

Devil Z admired the craftiness and cunning use of vengeance. He could feel some of that reality still tied to him and began to study these remnants. Perhaps they might prove useful to him in the future were he capable of crafting physical forms for them. But that would have to wait… First he would need enough Energon to recharge his energy matrix and then he could move against his enemies. But he was patient. He had waited millions of years for freedom from his forced imprisonment he could wait a little longer for his vengeance.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Master Force" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Mar 10.

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