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Master Force

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Summary: Forget everything you know. It's time to enter a brand new world where the Scoobies have gained great new abilities. It's time to enter the world of... The Transformers.

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > GeneralSithicusFR15213,7260124,24313 Mar 1018 Mar 10No

Old Endings and New Beginnings

Author's Notes: I keep getting wierd ideas that just won't leave me alone. I had intended to post this once I put up the last chapter for Freaky Friday and the last chapter (for a while) for the TMNT crossover, but I got this one finished first. And since TMNT didn't get that many reviews I was kind of a little more interested in getting this out of the gate.

As you can see it is yet another Transformers Crossover, featuring a similar situation comparatively speaking to my Guardians of the Potential Reboot. This story however is firmly centered around the Original Generation, the king of Transformers. Generation One.

This story will most likely be updated irregularily since I plan to make the chapters as long as I damn well can. LOL There is a lot of stuff left over at the end of this one to see to for chapter two. Explaining how everyone is coping with their new lives. Dealing with a few setting up of things. Having the Scoobies realize what happened to their universe because of what happens in this one. Things like that.

Also of special note... This time I tried to make the Scoobies take on the forms of brand new Transformers characters. Because Joehundredaire made a very neat suggestion in his review of my other story. I also wanted to keep the Scoobies aware of who they were... to that end, instead of turning them into American based characters I borrowed a page from Takara's book and cleverly created something that I'm sure will knock you on your butt.

If you don't like the Transformers. Why are you reading this crossover? *Chuckle*

Disclaimer: All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon and ME Productions. All characters, Transformers, and GIJoe belong to either Hasbro of America or Takara/Tomy of Japan. The author makes no claims otherwise, he just really likes taking both universes and smashing them together to come up with something fan-fic-tastic. That is all.

Date Unknown: Records Discovered After the Fall of Sunnydale Alpha.

The project is utterly futile – despite my brilliant intellect I am unable to remove myself from this accursed state. A result of treachery from the Decepticon Starscream. It has been a considerable span of time since anyone has even noticed me… My organic components have withered away to nothing leaving behind this artificial shell – in spite of this I still live. It is a dangerously unstable life. My heart no longer beats yet these machines continue to maintain my cortical nerve functions.

It wouldn’t matter anyway. I have no blood and no further need of oxygen. Shockwave fails to realize that I have managed – in my own inestimable way – to reprogram several of his servant drones. It is how I have managed to at last flee this wretched metallic tomb-world and return to my beloved Earth.

I have discovered several things since returning here. An old colleague of mine who once operated a Terrorist organization has lost many of his followers. He did however manage to perfect a technology capable of cloning synthetic bodies. This is my last chance to succeed in escaping from the confines of this failing form. I suspect that with my carefully guided brilliance and the new advancements I have discovered on Cybertron – I will be able to modify this technology to create a suitable new body.

Soon the world will once again fear the name of Doctor Arkeville and Starscream shall rue the day he ever betrayed me. This I can promise.

It is unfortunate, but my attempts to adapt the Synthoid technology have failed miserably. I have managed to ensure that they will last and no longer deteriorate, but due to the fact that I have no genetic material left to duplicate a compatible form I can not migrate into a new body. At least – not one of flesh and blood – there is another possible option open to me.

While studying the Cybertronians’ historical records – I discovered information on a process created by one of the Decepticons who vanished a long time ago. His records were slightly corrupt – however I did manage to decode many of the necessary variables.

The technology is a most intriguing concept – it allows for smaller robotic entities to gain a stronger more resilient body. The process was used in conjunction with two Cybertronians to fuse their power source to that of the larger Decepticon – I have been unable to determine what might have happened to him. However I am prepared to begin experimentation of the procedure – though I may no longer be able to regain a human body – the opportunity to create a powerful Decepticon form for my use is greatly appreciated.

I have created several Transformer sized bodies – some of them Decepticon in nature – others Autobot. Were I to succeed in recruiting suitable minions I could insert sleeper agents within both factions. Thus I would be able to eliminate all of my enemies in one fell swoop.

I have relocated to a small unassuming town known as Sunnydale – a strong energy source was detected by the Decepticon Drone’s sensors. This mysterious energy source has somehow eliminated the link between this dimensional plane and one similar in nature. However in that reality the Transformers do not exist and time seems to be affected.

I sent one of my mechanical AI’s into the alternate Sunnydale to report back to me – at this moment Ted seems to have developed a personality due to his coming in contact with the mysterious energy source. I am concerned – Ted has begun to express attraction to a human female and has requested I send him finances to establish an alternate identity.

I have lost all contact with Ted – his technology seems to have fallen into the hands of an organization run by creatures claiming to be demons. They stole Ted from me and for this they will suffer – the breach I have opened which allows me to glean information on this strange dimensionally misplaced alternate Sunnydale has also allowed me to insert more than one agent.

Although Ted may have failed me – a living breathing operative will be less inclined to corruption – I have established a technological factory within this Sunnydale. With it I intend to further establish a foothold there – at least until I can safely eliminate the Wolf the Ram and the Hart for daring to cross wits with the brilliant mind of Doctor Arkeville!

I have been forced to abandon my plans with Calax Research and Development – The Wolf, the Ram and the Hart have proven to be a most vicious set of adversaries. All of my human agents have either been eliminated or corrupted by their influence – in truth I am beginning to suspect that they are the demons they claim to be.

Fortunately there is yet a contingency plan in place that will ensure their demise. Using the technologies granted to me via the dimensional nexus I have tapped into – combined with the Cybertronian advancements I have learned – I have managed to install a program into the systems of CRD.

I have learned that Ted managed to escape their holdings and return to Sunnydale – using his connection to my computer systems I – The Great Doctor Arkeville! Have managed to install the program – it will activate at a specific date and time selected by myself.

I have placed all of my experimental ‘Transtectors’ into a suspended animation chamber. Once my program activates the town of Sunnydale USA will cease to exist and this strange dimensional occurrence allowing for the two realms to be connected will cause a chain reaction that will suck the entire dimension ruled by these… Demons… into oblivion.

I plan on saving only the best specimens from this alternate reality to create my ‘Master Force’ – a unit of Autobot insurgents that will obey my every whim. The Autobots will be infiltrated by humans who never existed in this reality and so will be unknown to everyone.

I am afraid however that I will not live to see that day. My Decepticon ‘Master Force’ is also in storage at a different facility under the careful watch of my former colleague. I am certain that he has already re-wrote my programming blocks. Cobra Commander always was an intelligent and cunning ally… When my early Slave Collars failed his organization and I began research on my Hypno Chips he tried to have me killed… I miss those days.

I am moments away from committing suicide. All of my preparations have been readied so that my plans will continue long after I am gone – the vessel I stole from Cybertron will pilot itself into a black hole. I leave these records intact so that my new agents will know of my brilliance once they arrive… I trust they will not be completely incompetent. The specific genetic marker I programmed into the CRD detection grid should weed out any undesirables.

And so I – The Great and Brilliant Doctor Arkeville! Shall bid this miserable existence farewell. Knowing with confidence that my vengeance shall be assured. The Wolf the Ram and the Hart – these so called Senior Partners – won’t know of this until it is too late. A pity I shall be unable to witness their destruction first hand, but it is a struggle simply going through the motions of living at this point. I will relish death.

CRD Building: Sunnydale, California. Classified Sunnydale Alpha by Doctor Arkeville. Final Battle with The First.

“Warning, warning, structural integrity destabilizing!” A silent alarm rang out inside of the CRD building as the computers located in a secret laboratory complex began to experience the collapse of the Hellmouth. “Dimensional Gateway will cease to exist in eight point seven minutes. Beginning planetary sweep of designated genetic markers.”

Outside of the building a small probe was launched through a long access tube. It flew out over the abandoned city of Sunnydale and began to scan for the targeted genetic markers.

“Targets identified and located,” the computer announced. “Initiating Project Master Force.”

Buffy Summers was fleeing the destruction of Sunnydale High by running atop the roofs of the buildings following the school bus as it raced out of town. So intent on her escape from a third and very much unwanted death – Buffy failed to notice the curious piece of alien technology as it floated above her.

She did realize it was there however when she spotted it moving out over the bus. Concerned she started to run faster. “I’m not letting some weird satellite thing destroy us now,” she vowed clutching the scythe in her hand.

A sudden surge of energy from the Hellmouth distracted her momentarily. A sudden cloud of debris and strange energy emissions began to rain across the sky. One piece struck Buffy in the arm causing her to lose the scythe.

“No!” she shouted reaching out for it.

The satellite thing struck the bus with several bursts of harmless energy. It then circled back and blasted Buffy. The Slayer vanished in a burst of light – in truth a teleportation device – and the scythe fell even farther as the city of Sunnydale sank into the ground and collapsed.

But the opening did not stop within the city limits. The gaping maw of the Hellmouth – fueled by the alien technologies sent to the alternate Sunnydale by a mad genius – began to draw every living thing into it.

Screaming in terror and despair – the survivors left inside of the school bus plummeted into the abyss that was formed from the Hellmouth. Perishing instantly.

The Remains of Sunnydale Beta: Location, Arkeville’s Hidden Laboratory.

Buffy felt pain. Her entire body was being assaulted with ever sense being overloaded by the effects of whatever her captors were doing to her. She heard screams from elsewhere in the large room. It reminded her of the CRD building, but it was different – there were noticeable changes and something felt decidedly off.

Invasive metal fingers raked across her skin and she felt some of the flesh being stripped from her body. The outer layer was being peeled off of her as if she were a grape. But she wasn’t dead – or dying – something was maintaining life support functions. How she knew that precisely was hard to tell in the haze of raw agony.

“Unit Alpha Compromised,” a harsh mechanical toned voice said. “Unable to upload Arkeville Program one-one-three. Searching for alternate command protocols.”

“Buffy!” Dawn screamed from somewhere to her right.

“I’m here, Dawn,” she reassured her sister despite her own pain.

“Warning, Warning, System Overload… System Overload…” The computerized voice suddenly cut out.

“Of course there’s a system overload you mechanical piece of junk,” a new voice stated. Someone entered the room – his shadow fell into the periphery of Buffy’s vision. “I erased those protocols as soon as I discovered them in the devices my old friend sent to me for storage,” the person stated snidely as though the computer could understand him.

Buffy tried to get a better view by twisting her head. A cable jacked into her brain at this point and all conscious thought left her.

Snake – as he called himself these days – smirked beneath the tarnished silver face mask. His fingers dancing lightly over the controls of Arkeville’s little hideaway. “Restoring myself in this longer lived Synthoid form was a stroke of pure genius,” he stated to the air. “Most of these ones are a lost cause. No hope of changing their base programming now… A pity I could have used some more Decepticons to subjugate, but at this point some fresh Autobot blood might be exactly what we need. After all everybody can learn when they have targets to play with.” Snake laughed.

Willow – having remained conscious to overhear this thanks to sheer willpower alone – knew that something very bad was about to happen. She didn’t understand what an Autobot was or even a Decepticon, but whatever this man wanted to do to them couldn’t be good. Summoning all of her strength she unleashed a powerful spell.

Snake stumbled backwards. “What kind of energy attack was that?” he demanded whirling on the red-head who was currently undergoing the painful process of being made into a living extension of the much larger Transtectors waiting beyond the operating room.

“Leave us alone!” Willow managed to shout. With a second attack she managed to teleport the man out of the room.

Snake appeared miles away from the CRD building with a sudden pop. Blinking he glanced around in some surprise and with a growl he clenched his left hand. “Blast! They’ll be online before I have a chance to insert my control program!” he cursed.

“At least you prevented Arkeville’s program from activating,” a mysterious entity whispered in his ear.

“What good is that, Starscream? They’re going to be Autobots.” Snake started jogging back towards the lab.

Starscream chuckled. “That’s the point, Snake,” Starscream stated with an air of superiority. “The Autobots are currently off planet. These fools will be easy pickings for our army,” he said confidently.

Snake paused. “Perhaps allowing them to retain their individuality isn’t such a bad idea after all.” He smirked as a cunning plan began to formulate. “Snake to Hydra, are you receiving me?”

A comlink crackled to life and a new voice began speaking from it. “I hear ya, old Snake,” the Decepticon informed.

“Bite your tongue!” Snake snapped. “I was right… Arkeville did have a second set of Transtectors in storage here. Unfortunately the Autobots got to them first and managed to eliminate the programming Arkeville had intended.”

Hydra growled suspiciously. “I thought the Autobots left Earth?” he pointed out knowingly.

Snake hissed. “Shut up!” he barked sharply. “Look! They are activating as we speak with their human partners, get Buster and rendezvous at my location… Before these new Autobots become fully accustomed to their new abilities let us eliminate the potential threat,” he stated his lips curling slightly with smug confidence.

“Understood, Snake. What about the Headmasters?” Hydra asked.

Snake considered the question carefully. He was confident that his Powermasters could destroy all of the Transtectors before they fully activated, but considering Arkeville’s cunning it would probably be safer to ensure all of his forces were present. “Tell them to join us, but they’d better be damn quick about it,” he decided.

Hydra chuckled. “Wouldn’t want them to miss all the action,” he remarked before the line went dead.

A large F-15 appeared on the horizon flying very quickly towards Snake’s location. “To think I allowed myself to be modified,” Starscream complained.

“It was either this or let your body – generously rebuilt by Unicron – degenerate into scrap,” Snake reminded with a snicker.

“That’s what I get for trusting that thing,” Starscream said with a sigh. His cockpit flipped open and Snake leapt upwards – rockets in his boots activating so he could make the distance.

“Just be thankful our goals are compatible, Starscream,” Snake said.

“Oh I am, Cobra Commander, I am,” Starscream returned the sun gleaming off of his nosecone at just the perfect moment to make it seem as though it were mimicking a sinister glint in the Decepticon’s optic sensors.

When Xander Harris regained consciousness his body felt different – in fact it felt alien – something unusual and definitely Hellmouthy was happening here. The strange pain from before had dissipated. Xander slowly began to sit up – his breath came in sharp fast gasps – he felt lightheaded and suddenly very, very hungry.

A low moan escaped from the creature lying on the table next to him. Xander blinked in surprise as he studied the strange being – it looked like a female robot of some kind – her armor plating a rich green in color. For some reason the face looked familiar. “Ok… So who are you?” he asked.

“That isn’t funny, Xander,” Dawn complained.

“Dawn!?” Xander blurted in shock.

“Xander!?” Dawn said her tone matching Xander’s in intensity.

“Oh Goddess!” Willow’s familiar tone exclaimed from Xander’s left. “What’s happened to us?”

“I believe this is a decidedly unsettling development,” Giles said as he joined them. He was changed into an equally strange looking robot with white and red colored armor. “We should take stock of this admittedly frightful situation before we start panicking,” he declared.

The group gathered together – each of them wearing oddly colored armor similar to the others – and each of them afraid as to what had happened to them. The group was also smaller than it had been when they rushed out of Sunnydale. Altogether it appeared that only eight of them had escaped the destruction of their former home town.

Giles, Xander, Buffy, Dawn, Willow, two of the potentials and Faith.

They appeared to be in some kind of lab – Buffy wasn’t the only one to recognize the similarities to the old CRD building. Eight tables sat in a semi-circle across from the large monitoring computer. Numerous mechanical hands with bloody instruments hung from the walls – having completed their work. All in all it wasn’t a very fun looking place.

“Did we get abducted by aliens?” Xander asked the obvious question.

Giles shook his head. “Highly unlikely, Xander,” he replied.

Buffy turned her head when the computer started to beep. “Whoever brought us here I think they’re about to announce themselves,” she alerted.

The computer screen flickered as static first appeared. The image refocused into that of a gristly sight – a strange looking cybernetic alien fused to a large metallic chair with parts of him being skeletal – darkened black bones – stared at the group.

“That is one seriously ugly dude,” Faith said.

“I hope we don’t look like that underneath these,” Minerva – the blonde potential – said with a shudder.

“Greetings.” The disturbing looking creature smiled. “Welcome to Earth. Of course you have lived in Sunnydale for a considerable length of time I would suspect.” His voice cracked with age and rasped – an echoing effect made him sound hollow – dead. “Therefore you are well aware of Earth. I am pleased to announce that the Earth you knew was an alternate dimension. I discovered a strange and powerful energy source underneath Sunnydale in my home dimension – where you are currently – this energy source allowed me to discover your dimension. I intended to use its resources to help me conquer this dimension’s Earth, unfortunately I soon realized that would be impossible even with my brilliance.”

“Is anybody else getting a serious Super Villain vibe off of this guy?” Xander asked with a sigh.

“I want to hear this,” Giles said mutely.

“You have been selected to become part of my ‘Master Force’ a group of human controlled Transformers that will infiltrate the Autobots and engineer their downfall. I have inserted programming within you to ensure compliance to these orders. You will control your Transtectors by using the activation code Transform! For the Powermasters, for the Headmasters I have chosen an alternate activation code – Head On!” The man smiled and the sight made the collected group reel in disgust. “You have little choice in obeying my commands. Obviously you have no idea what an Autobot is – I have compiled a data packet within your Transtectors. When you first transform this packet will upload into your central processing unit and give you all of the answers you seek.” The man started to cough and the image flickered. “I shall leave it to you to choose your Autobot names. I trust you will be obedient I would hate for the failsafe programs to be necessary.” The image faded and cut out leaving the confused group of misplaced Scoobies and associates standing in front of a dead monitor wondering what the hell he was talking about.

The computer slid into the wall – beyond it was a large garage with numerous vehicles sitting in a semi-circle similar to the tables that the operations had taken place on. Each of the newly modified humans shared curious looks.

“Color coded rides,” Faith remarked. “Sweet.”

Dawn walked up to the vehicle that matched her armor’s colors and stared at it confused. “What exactly is this supposed to be?” she asked. “I get that that’s a fire truck, and this looks like a police car, what the heck is this?” She stared dumbfounded at her dark and light green ride.

Buffy shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t even know what the hell is going on here aside from being operated on and being stuffed in these tin cans,” she said in a frustrated tone.

“So why don’t we try those activation code thingies and get the four one-one on our new bods?” Xander wondered.

“I am not saying Head On,” Willow declared stomping her foot.

Faith smirked playfully. “What’s wrong with that, Red?” she asked. “Doesn’t sound very lewd to me.”

Minerva stepped up to the vehicle which might have been an ambulance if ambulance’s looked like Porsche 959’s. “I don’t know,” she said a hint of excitement entering her tone. “If it means solving the mysteries of what the hell that guy was going on about, I might try it,” the blonde potential admitted with a smile. “Minerva, Head On!”

The possible ambulance suddenly transformed into a powerful robotic form – obviously female it had curves and what might have been considered robo-tits – Minerva’s armored form also altered its shape. Screaming in a sudden panic the teen Slayer’s body folded in ways no human body had ever meant to bend and she became a large robot head – that slid onto the robot body.

Xander stared at Minerva concerned for her well-being. “Is everything alright?” he asked hesitantly.

Minerva’s optics lit up glowing blue in color. She blinked a few times as everything rushed into her awareness and then she pumped her fist into the air. “Awesome!” she exclaimed with a grin. “You guys have got to try this!” she told the others twirling around and showing off her new body’s full range of motion.

“But which of us are the other Headmasters?” the other Potential asked shyly.

“The only way to find that out is to use both activation codes,” Giles stated with a nod.

Xander walked up to the fire truck and slammed his hands together. “We always said we should make the best out of a bad situation,” he said. “I think we’ll need to figure out our names before we transform though, guess you’re stuck with Minerva,” he added eyeing the young girl.

“How do you figure that?” Minerva wondered curiously.

“Standard operating procedure in these types of science fiction things, I’m a closet geek remember? I studied a lot of this stuff while I was in High School,” he said. Adopting a thoughtful expression he ran over a ton of names that he’d always wanted to use if he ever got to be a super hero. “Smolder, Transform!”

Faith shot Xander a playful smirk. “Try again boytoy.”

“Aw crap,” Xander groaned. “Smolder, Head On!” The fire truck transformed into a large and bulky robot form. Xander converted into its head – the transformation process didn’t hurt like he thought it would – instead it was more like a really great high. Not that he’d ever experienced anything like that. “This has got to be the best thing ever!” he declared as he pulled a large gun from nowhere and pointed it at the far wall.

“Men,” Buffy muttered rolling her eyes.

Giles shot her a pointed look. “I resent that insinuation,” he informed his charge.

“Well I suppose I have to go next,” Dawn said with a sigh. “Aquastar, Head On!”

Buffy eyed her sister. “You’re picking a name too?” she wondered.

“Why not?” Dawn shot back. “Aquastar, Transform!” Unlike Minerva and Xander – Dawn transformed before the odd vehicle sitting in the parking space transformed. Dawn changed into a glowing engine that connected to the rear of the vehicle and then the vehicle transformed into its robot mode. Her eyes shining green – Dawn grinned and twirled in her decidedly feminine form. “Oh!” she blurted. “I’m a submarine,” she announced to the group.

“A submarine?” Xander repeated. “That has got to be the weirdest looking submarine I’ve ever seen,” he announced.

Buffy stared at her sister and slowly began to realize that something really big was going on. “Ok… Before I do this Transforming thing, would one of you care to shed some light on to what exactly that weird cybernetic guy turned us into?” she requested crossing her arms over her chest.

Minerva shook her head. “It’s way too complicated to explain… Xander, do you want to try an abridged version?” she asked turning to Smolder.

Xander smiled. “Basically there’s this alien race from a planet in the Alpha Centauri star system – they call it Cybertron. They’ve been locked in a civil war for millions and millions of Earth years. The Autobots – which our Transtector forms are based on – are basically the good guys. Fighting to ensure peace exists in the galaxy. The Decepticons are trying to conquer it.” Xander looked down at the others feeling a little trippy at the height discrepancy caused by the change in forms.

Dawn took a step over Gina – the red headed Potential – and bent down so she could look her sister in the eyes. “It makes way more sense when you let that data packet feed you the total info dump,” she revealed. “Those failsafe programs that whack job Doctor mentioned don’t seem to be here,” she added glancing over to Xander.

Nodding slowly Xander tapped the side of his head. “Somebody erased those too.”

Willow gasped. “That creep I teleported out of here while we were being turned into these… Masters,” she said.

Rolling her shoulders Buffy turned to the big white and blue muscle car. “Fine!” she said. “Let’s see what I become,” she decided. “Sineya, Transform!” She picked the activation code at random – she had a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right. Her body folded up the arms and legs constricting as the small circular pieces of her back grew larger. She began to glow a blueish gold in color and she connected to the front hood of her car – the car transformed into a taller robot mode than any of the others had so far with a really large chest manifold.

“Whoa, B! You just got the mother of all boob jobs,” Faith said grinning. “Why’d you have to go and take my pick for name?” she wondered with a sigh.

“Who’s senior Slayer here?” Buffy asked smugly admiring her robo-boobs in the reflection of the computer monitor.

Xander frowned. “Talk about a real downer,” he muttered staring at Buffy. “I think I’m starting to get a height complex,” he added.

Willow marched up to her ride – a soft green and blue futuristic looking jeep wrangler – and put her hands on her hips. “Kennedy better be ok,” she said.

“Not to mention ok with dating a giant robot,” Faith said with a soft smile.

Willow rolled her eyes. “Gaea, Transform!” Willow transformed into the engine of the vehicle and connected to the hood. She transformed into a slightly shorter robot compared to Buffy – with a slightly smaller chest manifold, but with curvier hips. “The power involved in this is… Amazing!” she exclaimed.

Faith walked up to the black and red VTOL hovercraft with a wicked grin. “Being a Powermaster sounds like a great gig to me,” she said. “Plus this sweet ride is a definite bonus,” she added.

Giles walked up to the freightliner sitting off to the far left – he circled the cab slowly searching for any evidence that the vehicle could change shape into a robot. He was carefully considering all of the possible options – he could choose to forego this strange transformation – or he could accept it. He wasn’t sure if he wanted a name change though. It was all very odd – an experience that the Watcher really wasn’t an expert in considering it really didn’t surround magic or mysticism.

“They’ll need a guide, Mister Giles,” Gina said startling Giles with her nearness.

Giles gave a curt shake of his head. “I am aware of this, but my expertise does not include fighting a war against alien robots,” he admitted.

“Faith, will you make up your mind already on a name!” Sineya exclaimed exasperated.

Giles watched as Faith stopped her perusing of the vehicle given to her and shot Buffy a glare.

“Alright already!” she said. “Honestly, B, you’re a little pushy all of a sudden,” she observed taking a deep and steadying breath to prepare herself for the transformation. “Dusk, Transform!” Faith transformed into her engine mode and connected to her Transtector’s engine port allowing it to become a robot. She stood roughly the same height as Willow, had some very curvy thighs and a chest almost equal in size to Buffy’s. Pounding her fists together she smiled broadly. “Oh yeah… This power feels ten times better than the Slayer essence,” she said reveling in the experience she was having.

“That just leaves us, Mister Giles,” Gina said turning to Giles.

“I have reached the difficult decision thrust upon me,” Giles informed the group as he moved to stand in front of the truck cab. “I have decided that we will need a level headed person in charge of this group. Especially if we’re going to be masquerading as Autobots – therefore I have decided that I will assume that difficult mantle and I shall use the name… Ginrai, Transform!” Giles converted into a red and white engine that practically burned with energy. Connecting to the front of the freightliner’s cab – which converted into a towering robotic form colored red, white and blue. Gile’s robotic eyes glowed a rich blue and he stood larger than the others.

“Way to go, Giles!” Xander praised clapping his hands together.

“Quite,” Giles said doing his best not to lose himself in the sensations totally alien to him. “Well, Gina, I suppose this means you might be a Headmaster,” he remarked.

“I can’t think of any good Autobot names,” she admitted.

Faith smiled. “I had a tough time too, Gina, you’re still young. What do you like the most?” she asked.

Gina smiled shyly. “I always liked Barbie,” she admitted.

The group of transformed Scoobies – literally – shared a collective look of bemusement.

“I don’t think that’d be quite appropriate,” Giles said.

“I kind of thought so,” Gina admitted.

“You’re a police car, Gina, why don’t you try something in that field out? See how it sounds?” Xander suggested encouragingly.

Gina nodded. “Ok… Um. Stakeout, Transform! Oh no, I mean… Stakeout, Head On!” The police car converted into a feminine robotic form and Gina converted into the head. Her body wasn’t as obvious as some of the others – mostly because the girl was only thirteen – but she still had a more feminine slant compared to Xander’s and Giles’ male archetypical forms. “I did it!” she boasted cheerfully.

The roof of the complex suddenly exploded under heavy laser fire and three fighter jets appeared hovering above the building.

“It’s about damn time, you Autobots take forever to transform,” the F-15 complained.

“Snake, Transform!” the pilot shouted triggering the Powermaster transformation and fusion.

“This is decidedly unexpected,” Giles stated.

“I knew I should have tried to send him into the ocean,” Willow grumbled recognizing the high pitched voice of the human who had been attempting to overwrite their programming or personalities or whatever.

“Hydra, Transform!”

“Buster, Transform!”

The GR1 fighter – now in robot mode – leveled his weapon on the still slow to react Autobots. “This is going to be fun, Starscream,” he declared with a smirk.

“Shoot them!” Starscream ordered.

“What do we do?” Minerva asked trying to find cover from the raining laser fire.

Giles squared his shoulders and eyed the trailer still sitting quietly behind him – his data packet had included information on the trailer’s full range of abilities. “I believe our first course of action should be to escape the confines of this cumbersome and ill defensible location,” he said running his fingers over the top of the box trailer.

“What does that mean in English, Giles?” Buffy asked frustrated that she couldn’t just jump their attackers and kick some robot ass.

Giles’ eyes lit up bemusedly. His new understanding of this alternate dimension coupled with the memories that their strange and haunting captor had given all of them had provided him with voice clips of the Autobot commander – specifically his common sayings. “I believe the common term is… Autobots, Transform and Roll Out!”

Xander smirked. “Well why didn’t you say so?” he asked and instantly Smolder reverted into his two separate forms. The engine running – Xander hopped into the driver’s seat and floored it.

“You mean we don’t have to use those awful activation codes to revert to our separate forms?” Gina asked. “Sweet!” Reverting back to her police cruiser form and smaller Master body – the thirteen year old hopped behind the driver’s seat and activated her sirens at high volume as she followed Xander straight through the closest wall.

Minerva was quick to follow them.

Dawn however shot the others a concerned look. “How am I supposed to drive anywhere? I’m a fucking submarine,” she reminded with a glower.

Faith smirked. “I didn’t know Submarine’s fucked,” she teased.

“Not now!” Buffy snapped as she finally discovered the weapons on her new body. “I hate guns,” she admitted pointing the laser weapon up at the attacking Decepticons.

Willow and Faith both transformed simultaneously into their vehicle forms and drove or flew their Transtectors after the Headmasters. While Buffy offered covering fire.

Giles transformed and hitched the cab to his trailer. The rear doors popped open. “I will transport your Transtector in my trailer, Dawn, get into the passenger side,” he instructed pulling up alongside her.

“Fine,” Dawn said her tone one of disappointment. “Everybody else gets to drive while I get stuck with a useless vehicle,” she complained bitterly as she crawled into the trailer and transformed. It was a tight fit, but manageable. Hopping into the passenger seat she shot Giles a smile. “Let’s burn rubber.”

Giles smiled back in a fatherly way and shot Buffy a concerned look. “Buffy, I insist you leave first. My armor is tougher than yours,” he said.

Buffy shook her head. “This is going to take some serious getting used to,” she admitted to herself before she transformed again and drove her car out after the others. She clipped the computer monitor as she did and knocked it over causing a small explosion as it was destroyed.

Giles shared a knowing look with Dawn. “We are going to have to get her driving skills up to speed,” the former Watcher stated sagely.

Dawn agreed. “Wouldn’t want anybody to mistake her for a Stunticon,” she added. “Does it scare you too that we know what that means?”

Giles simply nodded.

Dawn slumped in her seat. “All of this happened so fast. When we’re not under fire or pressure we’re going to have to figure a lot of stuff out… Like how to deal,” she said softly.

Giles reached over and squeezed her armored shoulder. “At least we have each other to better cope,” he reminded.

Cancer, Wilder and Stampede waited for the Autobots outside – it was the flyers’ job to flush them out and their job to stomp them flat. The three Headmasters were going to enjoy this battle.

“What do you think we should do when we’re in charge of the planet?” Cancer asked turning to Magnum.

Shrugging Magnum double checked Stampede’s horns. “Don’t know… Personally I’m looking forward to not being targets to the damn EDC,” he said.

“He’s got a point,” Wilder remarked with a shake of his head. “My sensors say the Autobots are about two minutes from breaking out of there,” he alerted.

Cancer sighed. “Guess it’s time to transform then,” he said.

Magnum smirked and crossed his arms over his chest. “You’re just jealous because I didn’t pick that stupid Bullhorn name you tried to push on me,” he stated smugly.

“Oh shut up,” Cancer grumbled.

“Wilder, Head On!” Wilder shouted. Wilder’s unusual bipedal beast conglomerate form converted into robot mode and the Decepticon Headmaster converted into head mode. Drawing his weapon he steadied it on the most likely exit point from the abandoned lab.

“If that decrepit old fool Arkeville survived his suicidal run into a black hole, I’m going to kill him for sticking us with these stupid activation codes,” Cancer vowed gritting his teeth. “Cancer, Head On!” The crab monster creature transformed into robot mode and Cancer flipped into his head form – he pulled his gun out of storage and clutched his shield tightly knowing he would need it.

“Stampede, Head On!” Magnum shouted. Stampede transformed and pulled out both of his weapons automatically. Magnum converted into Stampede’s head and connected to the Transtector. “Alright boys, let’s eviscerate some Autobots,” he said with a chuckle.

The fire truck burst out of the lab at high speeds – the driver noticed the Decepticons waiting a few seconds before the lasers started flying.

Cursing under his breath Xander ran a quick mental scan to try and find out what kind of weapons he had. Being connected to this Transtector thing was actually kind of thrilling – it was also wiggy on so many levels. He was actually aware of the fact he was literally feeling the ground under his tires.

Behind him Stakeout and Minerva were at least afforded some cover fire. Xander knew he had to get these Decepticon jerks before they hurt his girls – which meant it was time to immerse himself completely in this alien tech and hope for the best. “Smolder, Head On!” he cried.

Transforming in motion was different from a standing still position – the wheels kept spinning as his Transtector converted into a robot the legs pumping as he ran straight at the Decepticons. Two guns were located on either side of his head and he was holding the pistol he’d pulled out earlier. “Eat plasma!” he shouted targeting his new enemies and letting his soldier memories help with the aim.

“I thought these guys wouldn’t be able to control their Transtectors,” Cancer complained searching for cover.

“It’s instinct, Cancer, like us,” Wilder reminded.

“Minerva, Head On!”

“Stakeout, Head On!”

Cancer stared in shock at the two femmes charging next to the Autobot Smolder. “They’re Femmes!” he blurted.

“That’s derogatory!” Minerva snapped dropping Cancer with a furious flurry of energy blasts.

Chuckling Stampede helped his partner back to his feet. “That’s what you get for letting the opposite sex distract you… I told you, you should get out more, Cancer,” he chastised.

“Oh piss off,” Cancer spat.

“Gaea, Transform!”

“Dusk, Transform!”

“Sineya, Transform!”

“Aquastar, Transform!”

“Ginrai, Transform!”

“Crap,” Wilder cursed. “Starscream said nothing about there being eight of them,” he added.

“We should have brought the Seacons with us,” Cancer grunted ducking behind one of the larger buildings in the area and letting it take the brunt of the onslaught of lasers.

“I think I’m in heaven,” Stampede remarked eyeing the curves on Dusk in a lecherous fashion. “Think her human component is hot? Maybe Starscream will let us keep some slaves,” he added.

“Decepticons! Stop cowering like a bunch of frightened fleshlings and destroy the Autobots!” Starscream ordered as he, Hydra and Buster joined the group.

The Autobot that looked suspiciously like Optimus Prime took a step forward. “I offer you this one chance to leave before I eliminate your threat to my charges,” he declared.

Starscream laughed. “What threat can you possibly pose? You have only been online as a Powermaster for less than a day… Whereas I have lived for millennia!” he scoffed.

The Autobot shook his head. “Suit yourself, Starscream,” he said. “Transtector Battle Mode, Transform!” he ordered.

The Decepticons watched in mounting horror as the tractor trailer converted into a large battle platform, complete with a shit load of guns.

“Now why did Arkeville have to go and do that?” Hydra asked lamely.

Ginrai leapt onto his battle platform and manned the central cannon. “FIRE!” Lasers flew into the sky peppering the Decepticon flyers with intense and deadly firepower.

Starscream shielded his face out of habit and narrowed his optics frustratedly. “Blast Arkeville and his tricks,” he grumbled. “You should have seen that coming, Snake,” he reprimanded his Powermaster partner.

“Just shut up and get us out of here!” Snake bellowed fearfully as his cowardly side came to light. “We can’t all be as immortal as you! And I doubt you want to become a free-floating spectral entity again anytime soon,” he added close to outright panic.

“Decepticons, Retreat!” Starscream reluctantly commanded pushing himself to go faster as he rocketed off into the sky.

With the Decepticons on the run – Giles stopped firing – his charges all eyed him with a modicum of respect.

“That is one seriously well equipped toy,” Dusk said with a whistle.

“Yes, well I guess this Arkeville person decided that better armed and armored meant better equipped to handle his dirty work,” Giles remarked dismissively. “A pity though they left so quickly… I was looking forward to trying out the other feature this trailer has,” he said with a wistful tone.

“That thing can do more than just turn into a battle station?” Smolder asked impressed at what he’d just seen.

Ginrai laughed. “I can assure you most definitely, Xander, that this trailer is much more than it would appear to be,” he informed secretively.

Sineya eyed the distant horizon – more specifically she noticed the large and very visible space station orbiting the night sky. A growing feeling of dread began to build up in the pit of her stomach. “Guys, do any of you happen to know what year it is?”

Dawn was quick to respond. “It’s only two thousand and thirteen,” she said with a shrug. “Only ten years later than our dimension was at,” she added.

Sineya sighed. “Something tells me that humanity is a lot more advanced than our world… Take a look at that,” she said pointing at the space station.

“That is one seriously cool sight,” Smolder said.

Gaea frowned. “We’ve dealt with those Decepticons now,” she said. “Shouldn’t we try and figure out how we get out of this mess?”

Ginrai shook his head. “I’m afraid, Gaea, that the solution is not readily apparent.” Letting his trailer revert to cargo transport mode he approached the others. “From everything I have gleaned through observations and the data packet this… Arkeville character supplied us, I firmly believe that we are stuck as we are until we can contact the Autobots… Perhaps with their help we’ll be able to undo whatever it is Arkeville did to our human bodies.”

“I really hate to bring this up, but is anybody else starting to get mondo hungry?” Dawn wondered rubbing her stomach.

The other Powermasters nodded.

“Fueling these forms must require a much higher metabolism,” Ginrai hypothesized. “We’d best revert to our smaller forms and find a place to refuel.”

“How?” Dusk wondered. “No offense, Giles, but are we even still organic underneath this armor?”

“That is something we shall have to determine elsewhere,” Giles said. “We wouldn’t want any more Decepticons or possible threats interrupting us at this junction,” he added.

Smolder nodded and smiled. “Sure thing, G-Man,” he said.

Ginrai’s optics gleamed. “Xander, if you ever use that insufferable nickname again I will be forced to introduce you to my battle station,” he informed with a serious air.

“Chill, Ginrai, I was just trying to lighten the mood.” Smolder transformed back to fire truck form.

“So? Are you going to say it again or what?” Sineya wondered eyeing Giles pointedly.

“I sort of put my foot in it didn’t I?” he returned. At the nods he was receiving Giles sighed. “Oh very well, if it means helping you to slowly get used to this new life we are faced with… Autobots, Transform and Roll Out!”

“Accursed Autobots!” Starscream complained as he sat parked in jet mode while Snake was refueling. “They’re going to ruin all of our carefully laid plans!” Starscream’s ire was high.

Rolling his eyes, Snake snatched up another high carbohydrate filled snack and tore into it ravenously. “Calm down, Starscream. It isn’t as if those Autobots can hook up with the others on Cybertron.”

“We don’t know that!” Starscream retorted frustratedly. “Ever since I came back to Earth looking for a solution to the degradation of my Unicron spawned body I have been out of the loop concerning Cybertron’s status,” he reminded.

Snake shook his head. “From everything that was reported to us by that Quintesson, the Deceptions vanished and Cybertron is abundant in Energon again,” he pointed out.

Starscream began to slowly calm down. “I know… Which is why I was hoping we could use those Transtectors. If we’re going to attack Cybertron and resume the Great Wars, I need an army,” he said beginning to mellow out completely as the anger melted away.

“No. You only need a competent plan and a unit of Decepticons more capable than those who have come before,” Snake corrected. “Hence why I have been using the old Cobra resources I kept in hiding to slowly build our movement into a credible threat.”

Starscream chuckled with obvious disdain. “Those ancient relics weren’t of much use,” he reminded.

Snake shot Starscream a glare. “They helped repair your body,” he shot back.

“Irrelevant!” Starscream shouted. “Being a leader isn’t as easy as I hoped it would be… We need someone that can serve as a puppet, a figurehead that the other Decepticons can get behind. But where are we going to find someone like that? That we can control.” Starscream silently fumed leaving Snake to finish eating in silence.

“He might be closer than you realize, Starscream,” Snake whispered smiling knowingly.

Resting in a long forgotten warehouse two ancient vehicles sat – one was a tank – the other a jet with similarities to an SR-71 Blackbird. It was covered in a protective transparent plastic sheet ensuring that rust or other defects could not affect it. The warehouse itself was marked by a faded red symbol and surrounded by long abandoned buildings.

Both vehicles had been discovered by a young Cobra Commander several years prior to the launch of the Cobra Terrorist organization – it was through them that much of his technology was gleaned. Now after years of lying dormant however it was time for them to resume full operating status.

Buster and Hydra walked into the warehouse unobserved hauling large crates loaded with Energon.

“Is Snake sure about this?” Hydra wondered. “I mean how can he possibly tell that these two things are part of some Transformer?”

Buster shrugged. “He’s a cunning little son of a bitch,” he said plugging the fuel lines into the tank. “Plus he’s had years to study these things.”

“What if they’re part of an Autobot?” Hydra asked in a nervous tone as he plugged his crate into the jet.

“Military vehicles? I don’t know that many Autobots who use military vehicles as alt modes,” Buster said with a sinister toned laugh.

The Energon flowed into the power reserves of both vehicles. Slowly systems began to reactivate as the forced stasis was overridden. Having managed to remain alive – just barely – it felt good to finally be back to partial operating status.
The engine of the tank kicked on rumbling to life. The jet didn’t take long to follow as the engines began to glow white hot.

“Giga, Transform!” A small engine detached from the tank converting into a short robot that bore a striking resemblance to the Powermaster Engines.

“Mega, Transform!” The second engine on the jet turned out to be a female robot. She also transformed.

“Mega, we still function,” Giga said with a dark chuckle.

“Giga, my love, we have been restored,” she added rushing to embrace the male engine.

“A bonded couple?” Hydra muttered shooting Buster a confused look.

“RAHH!” both the jet and tank started to scream. “Fuel, Energon, I FUNCTION! I LIVE!”

“Holy shit,” Buster blurted backing up from the vehicles in fear.

“Giga, Mega I wish to see my new soldiers,” the vehicles stated in harmony.

“Yes, Master,” Giga said supplicating before his tank form.

“Overlord, Transform!” both shouted simultaneously triggering the transformation of the twin vehicles into a gestalt robotic form. Towering above Buster and Hydra, Overlord smiled as he noticed their Decepticon symbols. “Finally! You took long enough locating me,” he complained beginning to march towards the exit.

“Find you?” Hydra repeated dumbfounded.

“How long was I trapped on this miserable dust-ball?” Overlord demanded ignoring the obvious confusion in the other Decepticon’s tone.

Buster took a cautious step forward. “I’m afraid, uh… Overlord, you seem to be a little confused. I think we’d better let Starscream fill you in,” he suggested.

“Starscream!” Overlord cursed. “That mewling weakling is still functional? I trust the Decepticon High Command finally put him in his place,” Overlord said turning to face the others once more.

“Uh… He’s kind of in charge,” Hydra revealed.

“Oh is he now?” Overlord asked with a vicious smirk. “Take me to him. NOW!”

Jumping in fright at the intensity of the command – Buster and Hydra quickly rushed to comply – leading Overlord out of the warehouse.

“What are we getting into?” Buster asked under his breath.

“Don’t ask me,” Hydra shot back. “Just hope we don’t get slagged by this new guy,” he added nervously eyeing Overlord before the trio leapt into the sky and headed off to rendezvous with Starscream.

“I don’t think Snake is going to like this,” Buster commented to himself.

Autobot Master Force:
Ginrai/Rupert Giles (Freightliner COE Truck and Tractor Trailer)
Sineya/Buffy Summers (Muscle Car)
Gaea/Willow Rosenberg (Jeep Wrangler)
Dusk/Faith (VTOL Hovercraft)
Aquastar/Dawn Summers (Submersible Aquatic Craft)
Minerva/Minerva Masterson (Porsche 959 Emergency Response Vehicle)
Stakeout/Gina Lowell (Police Cruiser)
Smolder/Alexander Harris (Fire Truck)

Decepticon Master Force:
Overlord/Giga/Mega (Gigatank and Megajet Vehicles)
Hydra/Hydra (GR1 Fighter Jet)
Buster/Buster (F-16 Fighter Jet)
Starscream/Snake AKA Cobra Commander (F-15 Fighter Jet)
Double Dealer/Knock/Scar (Missile Trailer/Mechanical Eagle)
Cancer/Cancer (Monster Crab Creature)
Wilder/Wilder (Amalgamation Wolf/Bat/Lizard)
Stampede/Magnum (Alien Buffalo/Bull Creature)

Autobot Pretenders:

Decepticon Pretenders:

Decepticon Seacons:
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