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Remember Who You Are

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Summary: Everyone was ready to go back through the mirror, but the trip to Wonderland made it impossible for some of them to return unchanged. Syfy's Alice cross.

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Television > AliceJmariaFR1522,305031,47826 Mar 1011 Apr 10No

Trapped in a Mirror

Title: Remember Who You Are
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Lewis Carroll owns the main source, Joss owns the girl, Nick Willing owns the boy, and Guy Collins inspired the title and quote on top.
Spoilers: Syfy’s Alice, Guy Collins Alice Through the Looking Glass, season 7.
Summary: Everyone was ready to go back through the mirror, but the trip to Wonderland made it impossible for some of them.
Words: 878
A/N: Have I mentioned my obsession with Syfy’s Alice? Because everyone should own a copy of it. Anywho, I felt the urge to fic again, which has been waning ever since Christmas. I tried finishing up the pieces of INtEotW, 31NoFDQ, and 25, but they are being brats, so I did the whole fresh slate. There’s gonna be at least two more bits to this, as it is firmly set in the middle of the second part of the miniseries. I think I’ve now watched/own almost every version of Alice in Wonderland known to man with the exception of the three cartoon versions (that I know of), the NBC miniseries from the ‘90’s, and the new Tim Burton/Disney one. And the Care Bears in Wonderland so counts, seeing as it is my favorite simply because Grumpy Bear and the Cheshire Cat rap about pickled beets…

Remember Who You Are
Trapped in a Mirror

Speak in French when you can’t think of the English for a thing
Turn your toes out when you walk,
And remember who you are.
- The Red Queen, Alice Through the Looking Glass


The Suits were bringing in fresh meat for the Drs. Dee and Dum. Which was kind of sweet, because then they laid off her torture sessions. Apparently, it was a big no-no to deny the Queen anything, and she‘d gone and denied the old hag her information. How long had she been stuck in this hell? An hour, a day, a week? It felt like an eternity with the hypnotic backgrounds and shock-therapy sessions. Damn those bald psychotic bastards.

She huddled in the corner of her cell when there was a big ruckus in hall. Ten suits dragged in a struggling form, a woven hat tipped askew on his head and his battered brown leather jacket was half-off. She cringed as Dee and Dum delighted in this new subject.

Two imposing figures stood in the back, one with the frightening white rabbit head, the other wearing his club hat and medallion. He’d been the one who’d dragged her kicking and screaming through the mirror after she’d helped that guy find his way around the city. Jack Chase. She must not have been here that long, she still remembered his name.

“N.O. Ten…what kind of messed up name is that?” she croaked, her brown hair falling limply in her eyes. “Not even a good alias, you club-headed bastard.”

Number Ten jerked around at the sound of her voice, drawn away from the dispatching of Hatter, containment of Alice Hamilton, and imprisonment of Jack Heart. He gaped at the girl he himself had brought in for questioning when Jack had first disappeared through the mirror. She’d given aid to the fleeing prince of Wonderland, but hadn’t spoken more than her name and a string of numbers with the letters N-I-W-C at the end of it.

“Why hasn’t that Oyster been sent up to the casino with the others?” Ten demanded, giving his best imperious glare at the two doctors.

“Since when do we answer to you,” Dee sneered, clinking Hatter’s manacles in place.

“She’s here by order of the Queen, stupid Club,” Dum answered.

“But Jack Heart’s been recovered, surely there are better uses for her in the casino. Her emotions -”

“Piss off you stupid little toady,” she spat, glaring at him from the floor. “And the bastard’s name was Chase.”

“Another girl our darling prince recruited, eh?” the new victim spat out disgustedly.

“With the ring back, you don’t need a broken Oyster,” the rabbit-headed figure drawled in a thick New York accent.

“Our Oyster isn’t broken,” Dum huffed.

“And if she is, it’s entirely Dee’s fault. He’s always breaking our Oysters far too early.”

“My fault!”

“Thanks, Brooklyn, for getting them all riled up,” she curled in further on herself.

“Shut up,” Ten hissed, glaring at her to be still, watching as the two doctors started taking out their frustrations with each other on Hatter.

“What do you care?” she hissed back. “You handed me over to them.”

With a blur of speed she can’t even wrap her head around, he’s pulling her from the floor and out the door unnoticed. He’s got work to do, but she’s soon hidden from sight in the royal throne room. She watches as the Queen sentences both her son - that bastard doesn’t even recognize her pitiful form - and some other idiot girl he dragged into his mess. She can barely follow the conversation between the Queen and her court, and all she can think about is trying to go home to - what? What was it that she was so eager to go home to?

A job that hadn’t come to her rescue. Friends who probably didn’t even know where to look for her if they wanted to try because portals to different worlds via innocuous mirrors in creepy warehouses was just this side of weird even for them. Parents that weren’t speaking to her because she’d dropped out of school for a job dealing with the occult. Her fearful eyes met the non-seeing ones of the girl named Alice. She quickly mouthed ‘help me’ and slipped her employee ID card in her hand as Number Nine and two other Suits bustled Alice out of the Queen’s throne room.

Unfortunately, after learning what Jack had slipped to Alice earlier and remembering Alice’s own sleight of hand with the Ring of Wonder, the Suits checked her pockets and dutifully gave the piece of plastic to Number Ten. He studied it in his one moment of leisure and read it:

Kit Holburn, W.i.T.

Her smiling image was pasted next to it, along with a little scribbled note on a bright fuchsia colored paper. We’re gonna have a blast saving the world! ~ D & C. Ten frowned at this but slipped the materials into his pocket and gave her a reproving look. Kit merely sneered back at him as he shoved her into a small room off the throne room.

“Fuck you too, freakshow,” Kit snapped bitterly as he left her alone, trying to figure out how to escape now that her one hope was smashed. She could never go home without her pass, and her pass had slipped out of sight with the ten of clubs. She couldn’t help but giggle insanely at that thought. “I’m so screwed.”
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