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When Richard met Buffy

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Effect Trumps Truth". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: He'd always had a weakness for strong women...(Castle)

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Television > CastleWhimsicalityFR1511,0153134,40729 Mar 1029 Mar 10Yes
A/N: A prequel to 'Down the Rabbit Hole' because my muse apparently likes this cross quite a bit, there may be more to follow, we shall see. And again, I do not own Buffy or Castle or any of the characters used below.

“Aren’t you that author guy?” The blond asked him curiously as she casually wiped blood off his forehead, cleaning the shallow wound beneath and applying a bandage with clinical efficiency.

“That’s me, Richard Castle, master of mystery.” Castle replied, a trifle unsteadily, but giving her his best attempt at a suave smile.

She snorted delicately, pulling away from him and propping her hands on her hips, hips that he could not help but notice were slender but perfectly curved, as well as fashionably clad. “Care to unravel the mystery of why a successful author was playing poker with a bunch of demons?”

He shrugged, heart rate beginning to slow and his breath no longer coming in harsh pants. “You haven’t lived till you’ve played kitten poker.” He stated flippantly, before sighing as she arched one perfectly shaped, and utterly disbelieving, eyebrow. Why was it always women who saw right through him?

“I was doing research for a story a few years back when I stumbled across the supernatural world. I make a point to keep up my contacts, and a few games of poker, where I make sure to lose just enough, keeps me from losing any important body parts.”

She nodded slowly, green eyes judging him on some internal meter in a way that reminded him of Kate. “Well Mr. Castle I suggest you be more careful with your contacts.”

He nodded fervently, a vivid flash of a bloodied claw reaching for his face sending involuntary shivers down his spine. If this tiny little blond hadn’t shown up with her ridiculously sharp sword, there would be one less egotistical author haunting New York, and Alexis would never have seen her father again.

That thought chilled him in a way that the violence had not and he turned grateful eyes on the woman in front of him. “Thank you. For saving my life.”

She gave him a genuine smile, “That’s what I do, master of slayage is me.”

He winced at the grammar, but returned her smile, his grin widening when an equally stunning brunette appeared behind her and wrapped an arm around the blond’s waist, dropping a kiss on her neck. “You okay B? I got caught up with the vamp bodyguards in the alley.”

“Peachy with a side of keen. Faith meet Richard Castle, author. Mr. Castle meet Faith, the other master of slayage.”

The brunette grinned at him cheekily, sex and something else smoldering in her large, dark eyes. “You can call me Mistress.”

“I would be happy too, Mistress.” He replied, cracking an imaginary whip and winking at her, then cursing softly under his breath as his bruised shoulder protested the motion.

Faith laughed, a low sound that tickled all the right places, and Castle forgot his pain for a moment. The blond shook her head, an amused grin twitching her lips as she pulled a business card out of her impossibly tight pants. “My name’s Buffy Summers, Mr. Castle, we just might be in touch. I have a feeling some of your contacts could be useful to us.”

He took the card, staring bemusedly down at the simple silver lettering ISC – New York Branch with a phone number underneath.

“And if you ever need any help, or come across anything unusual, give us a call.”

“What if I’m just looking for some beautiful, and apparently lethal, company?” He couldn’t help but ask, his curiosity at just how the blond had managed to subdue and slaughter seven demons breaking through his lingering fear. His fingers were already twitching for his keyboard, he never could resist stories of women kicking ass. It was why Beckett so appealed to him, well that, and her underlying vulnerability. He wondered what vulnerabilities these two had.

“Then pay for it by the hour like everyone else.” The brunette said dryly, her hands wandering down the blond’s thighs in a way that sped Castle’s heart rate up again, though for a much better reason than a near death experience.

“I’ll do that.” He muttered distractedly, mouth dry. If he didn’t already have inspiration, inspiration he had no intention of letting go anytime soon, he had a feeling that these two would have found themselves a stalker, laptop in hand.

The blond picked up her sword from where it had been leaning against the wall and he forcibly reminded himself that she, and most likely the brunette, could remove his hands without even blinking. Then he had to fight a smile at what Beckett would say to that thought, most likely something along the lines of ‘good riddance’.

Struggling to his feet he managed a slight bow. “It was lovely to meet you two ladies, despite, or maybe because of, the circumstances, and I do hope we meet again.”

Faith laughed again, “I think we should keep him around B. He’s much more entertaining than that last crop of Watcher wannabes the G-man sent us.”

The blond eyed him appraisingly before cursing as something beeped. “We have to go, that’s the emergency line.” Sliding the sword into a back sheath Castle hadn’t even noticed she turned to go, flashing him a smile over her shoulder. “It was nice to meet you too Ricky, and I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

Then she was gone, and so was the brunette after blowing him a kiss. Castle rocked back on his heels, staring around the room filled with demon body parts and playing cards, before realizing that he probably shouldn’t stick around, especially without the gorgeous bodyguards. He was halfway to the door when a mewing sound stopped him in his tracks.

Turning around he walked back and grabbed the box of kittens off the table before finally leaving, a grin still splitting his face at how unexpected, and amazing, his night had turned out to be. And Alexis had been bugging him for a pet, so really it was a win-win all around. Except for maybe the demons he thought with a grimace as he flagged down a cab. It definitely hadn’t been a good night for them.

The End

You have reached the end of "When Richard met Buffy". This story is complete.

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