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As Time Goes By

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Alissa's Interests". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the things that Alissa has been through over the centuries

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Further Up and Further In

Title: Further Up and Further In
Rating: FR 15
Fandoms: At the bottom of the fic
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the series used in this story, the concept of Nights is Methos's and the idea of Alissa is something I came up with...specific disclaimers at the end of the story.
Author's Note: This story is set during my Alissa's Interests series after Alissa has lived back up to the 24th century

After the chaos of Xanders Date Night, Xander wasn't sure what to expect from this Tuesday, especially since it was Mary's night off. Jack and the Doctor were in, arguing about whether or not temporal dimensions were easily displaced by the chaos of the Time Lords while the women of Table 17 argued about the point of certain herbs needed for protection spells with Willow. Just then, the wards hummed, and Xander glanced towards the door as a semi familiar face came through the door.

"Alissa, what are you doing here? Last I heard, you were in the middle of a case with the FBI and the NCIS, or was it that one with the Winchesters? Either way, what can I get you? Scotch on the rocks as usual?" Xander asked, taking in her red and black unitard attire.

The Immortal grinned as she walked up to the bar, an older looking man with a beard following up behind her. "Well, if nothing else, at least you can be thankful my drink choice hasn't changed since I last saw you," she commented as she sat down, and looked over at the other man. "Come on, Captain, I told you I'd get you a drink to celebrate the promotion as soon as you and Mom got back from your honeymoon," she said with a grin. Looking over at Xander, she introduced the man in the matching red and black uniform as Will Riker.

Riker looked over at her as Xander put a beer in front of him. "Are you sure we can tell them who we are? Prime Directive and all?"

Xander frowned in confusion. "Wait a minute- are you not the Alissa from my timeline? We tend to get a few of those kind of things in here from time to time."

Alissa just laughed as she sipped her single malt. "Not exactly- I'm just an older version of the one you know and since the you in this version of my home timeline is bound to this bar for eternity, I do believe that the Prime Directive has a loophole for things like this, at least I would hope She would have something like that for confusions like this. I just wanted to bring my stepfather out for a night of relaxation, but also try and give him a small taste of what I've been through over the centuries."

Just then, there was a flash of light and a man appeared, dark haired and 30ish, clad in a similar outfit to the other two, with an impish grin on his face. "Oh, trust me, my dear, there's a lot of things through here that you've run into, or a couple of versions of you have, anyway," he commented, taking a sip from Riker's beer.

Alissa just rolled her eyes and smirked at the new arrival as Riker frowned. "Q, no scaring the humans now," she warned as Xander tried to scan through the new arrival, wondering why the wards hadn't even squawked when the other man had appeared out of the blue.

Q just turned to look at the younger man, shaking his finger in front of Xander's face. "Naughty, naughty, little boy. No peeking at the omnipotent being without asking first."

Xander just gulped audibly and turned to look at Alissa, eyes wide. "Omnipotent being? How do you know him, Alissa? And what's this about not scaring the humans? I know you're an Immortal and all, but you're human too, right? I mean, the wards would have gone off if you weren't and, as old as you are and all, we'd have known by now."

Faith had come out of the kitchen to hear the last bit of his comments and pulled out one of her knives, only to have it disappear from her hand in a flash and reappear the same way in Alissa's hand. Alissa just sighed as she glared at Q, muttering "Blabbermouth" under her breath before turning back to the two co-owners of Nights. "Look, since we're in a pocket reality here, I think I can get away with telling you guys the whole story about me...I mean, that is what Nights is here for, right? I tell you my story and leave a little something for your wall?"

Xander and Faith exchanged a look. "Yeah, I'd say that's about right; just so long as you don't plan on killing anything or anyone," he agreed.

"Oh no, my protege here is a little Girl Scout- won't hurt anyone unless they try and hurt her first," Q commented from next to Riker, having snapped his fingers and brought a brightly hued drink into being in his hand, one that kept changing colors every time Xander happened to glance at it.

"Can it, Q- you're really not helping matters," Alissa snapped out as she threw back the rest of her drink.

Xander reached under the bar for the bottle of good scotch he kept for when Methos dropped by, feeling Alissa would need it, and poured a glass for her and another beer for Riker. He had a feeling that Q could refill his own drink just fine. "So, what's the whole story?"

Alissa took a deep breath, looked over at Riker, who just shrugged, and she sighed, as if a weight was finally coming off of her shoulders. "Well, first off, I was born a human telepath but was made a Q by this Puckish omnipotent being over here after being brought to the 24th century," she explained to them, jerking a thumb in Q's direction.

"But how did you do that?" Faith demanded. "I remember G-man mentioning diaries talking about your experiences from centuries before that."

"And here in comes the powers that Q gave me," Alissa admitted, glancing over at the being in question.

"And, like I told you before, I didn't expect you to take me so literally when I said to go look at how much fun the humans had had in the past," Q blurted out.


Xander just wiped his hands down his face and looked at the two Qs and the 24th century human in front of him and Faith. Alissa's total story had seemed too fanatical to be believed, but Q and her had pulled him and Faith into the future of her home dimension, and he blinked back a few tears at what she'd given him a glimpse of. He tried to speak a couple times and had to hold up a hand and take a swallow of his Jack Daniels before he could say anything. "So, what you're telling me is you made yourself an Immortal- part of the Game- to blend in with the timeline so you could truly experience what humanity had lived through. You bled and died and lived and tried to help out as much as you could with the Immortals and the Slayers. You helped us out, as well as you could without any memory of what you knew or could know, and I guess, in the end, or, whenever you'd call it, you still have Dead Boy and Cordelia and Spike and-"

Alissa glanced over at Willow just as he and Faith had. "Shhh. She won't know about that for another year or two. We came close to having to tell her back with Faith and Buffy were sick, but Rupert, Duncan and Joe agreed that just training her as best we could was for the best. Then things happened with Kennedy, and, well, you really don't want to know how bad that got. The longer she can grow older and learn, the better...she'll be an Immortal for a very long time, if she has anything to say about it."

"Yet, you still cling to your humanity," Illyria hissed, walking up to the group with a sneer on her face. "She could be so much more than even I once was, but she'd rather just use those powers of hers when it suits her."

Alissa just snorted and returned the sneer. "'Lyri, darlin, I don't feel like scaring the humans and having more questions from them than there is breath in this body. But, more importantly, to me anyway, I am also a Starfleet officer- free will is one of the most important things we can have happen, as well as not letting the multiverse go to shit when omnipotent beings feel like disregarding the natural order of things."

Q held up his refilled glass at her last comment. "Which reminds me, Mr. immortal barkeep, be sure to let Willow know, once she comes back as an Immortal, that they all should really make sure to take out that little nest of vamps who thought kidnapping Captain MacKenzie here was a good idea. We're still cleaning up the ripple effect from that little brainstorm," he told Xander with a grimace, glancing toward the door as O'Neil and T'ealc walked in.

Jack turned five shades of white at the glimpse of Q and the Goa'uld had to hold him up and help him to the bar.

"Colonel Simmons? But I killed you!" he gasped out, as Xander just silently set their drinks in front of them.

Q just stood up and sneered at them. "Don't worry...this appearance isn't my natural form. The normal form of my kind would destroy your mind just as surely as one word from Her mouth would." Looking down at his humanoid form again, he looked over at Alissa again. "I'm going to go look in on Kathy and see how she's adjusting to life back on Earth. You enjoy yourself with your friends here and I'll pop in to see you on the Miami when you get back."

Alissa just looked around at the group presently in the bar, and shared a bemused grin with Riker. "I'll be sure to do that," she murmured, as she glanced over, recognizing Jack Harkness, though this younger version hadn't met her yet. Glancing back at Xander, she looked over at her stepfather as she pulled her Starfleet communicator off of her tunic and handed it to Faith, along with the other woman's knife back. "Keep a hold of these for a while," she told them. "The knife won't ever miss a target again," she told the Slayer. "As for this communicator...well, you'll know when to give it into safer keeping." And with that, the two Starfleet officers finished their drinks and disappeared in a flash of light.

****Xander, Faith, Illyria and the rest of the Scooby Gang belong to Joss Whedon; Q, Riker, Kathryn Janeway and the concept of the Q belong to Gene Roddenberry's estate; the concept of Highlander Immortals belongs to Davis/Panzer; the Doctor and Jack (dammit, I wanna borrow him just for the night!) belong to the BBC; Jack O'Neill, T'ealc and Colonel Simmons belong to MGM....I want to thank Methos again for giving me the opportunity to play in his sandbox for a little bit. Oh, and if you're wondering about the warning Q told Xander to remind Willow of later on, read the previous chapter ;)****

The End

You have reached the end of "As Time Goes By". This story is complete.

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