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As Time Goes By

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Alissa's Interests". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the things that Alissa has been through over the centuries

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ChristyFR152014,9490310,04331 Mar 1020 Nov 14Yes

Hunters' Recap **NEW**

Author's Note: This one came about from the just aired 200th episode of Supernatural, appropriately titled "Fan Fiction"...slight spoilers here, but nothing major. I'm trying to branch out about what Alissa will be doing after the events of Echo, the Castle fic I'm still writing. You get a few hints here. As always, enjoy, but know I'm just borrowing Sam and Dean and will put them back in one piece...eventually.)

After not having seen the Winchesters for weeks while hunting a Ghora demon, Alissa couldn't help but lean against one of the bookcases in the bunker, cross her arms and smirk at a pacing Dean.

"Ya know, it's not like Chuck published the books about you looking for Eve and..." she started.

Dean whirled on her, still not used to her with shorter, blacker hair since she'd faked her death and given her company over to her daughter. "What's between me and Cas is for us, not for Chuck to plaster around the interwebs, if that damn prophet was still alive to do it," he spat out.

Alissa opened her mouth to comment, but the mostly dormant link she held as a former prophet herself flared to life and all she "heard" in her head was "HUSH", so she closed her mouth again and watched Dean pace for a moment. Turning when she sensed Sam behind her with a steaming cup of coffee, she thanked him before glancing back at Dean and asking "How is he?"

Sam shrugged. "As best we can tell, he's not a Knight of Hell anymore."

Alissa sat in one of the many plush armchairs the boys had managed to find since they first got there and sipped her coffee, lost in thought. She knew she had the Winchesters to thank for her new identity being taken as a good reputation when she'd needed to change names again. Being an Immortal can sure be a headache sometimes, she thought as she watched Dean whip out his phone when it trilled, then head to his bedroom for privacy. Easing open her telepathy, she sensed nothing but happiness and love from the older Winchester and concluded he was talking to Cas.

"Don't worry too much, Sam.  He may have the Mark of Cain, but without the Blade, he can't manifest as a demon again," she reassured him, grabbing a nearby reference book and thumbing through it absently.

Sam frowned. "How can you be sure?"

Alissa smirked. "I've been around for a while. I think I would have heard of Knights of Hell being able to resurrect themselves."

None of them knew how prescient those words would later be.
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