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The Dreams of the Lost

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book II". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Slayers of Dune must figure out how to live in the world they've created.

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Chapter 1

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

I have lived long enough to have seen the world change. People live just long enough to catch a tiny portion of the world mutating around them but I have lived thousands of years. I remember how the world was on the day of it's creation. I know the origin of words and the meaning of fashion. I have seen the man behind the curtain and the secret hand of history. It is instructive to note that the original meaning of the word Apocalypse is revelation.

Leto II
Commentaries on History

The sandstorm stopped just before dawn. For hours on end the winds of the deep desert blew particles of sand over the small village. The sand coated everything. The doors, the roofs, the streets were inch deep in dust. No one had moved on the streets for hours. It had spent three days walking in from the deep desert. For over thirty hours it had marched in nearly a straight line. It felt no fear, no pain and its mind held a singular focus, a singular thought. It’s body was covered in a blood red suit of armor, it’s skin was powder blue. It had fought the searing storms of the desert, it had survived the heat of Arrakis and now it had reached its target.

Illyria, sovereign and warrior of the demon age, gently tapped on the worn wooden door before her. She waited patiently as she heard the occupants stir. She ignored the sting of the sand in her face. After long minutes the door opened. Illyria looked down into the dark sleepy face of Surayya Atreides. Surayya recognized the emissary of the Destroyer and immediately let her in to the small three bedroom hut. Since resigning her commission with the slayer fleet, she, Motorria and Lisa had moved into one of the smaller districts of the capital city. They wanted somewhere quiet and safe while they waited for the baby to be born. Surayya allowed Illyria into her home.

Her eyes followed Illyria as she entered the room. Out of habit or training Surayya marked the distance between them and held her hand inches from her reliable lexan knife. Her knife contained a metal that was formed in a dark matter star. It was the only thing she knew that could kill Illyria for sure. Her knife could kill any Old One. That’s why Leto had given it to his slayers. Of course, the knife didn’t help the thousands of slayers killed in their assault on Tailos Three. It sure didn’t help poor Alisha Itkin who had her head torn off by Anubis inside the deeper Well. Leto gave them a lot of things that didn’t help them at all in the real world. He was dead before they could return from Tailos Three. Leto never got to focus them, to shape them for living in his empire. Surayya still missed the old man.

“What brings you here, emissary?” Surayya asked. The slayer within her found it insulting to have to address a demon with respect.

Illyria produced a gold cylinder. She twisted off the top of the cylinder producing an ancient document.

It was actually written on paper, from Earth!

“This is my covenant.” She said. “This is the nika, my sacred promise.”

Surayya examined the ancient paper. It was written in a language long forgotten by Humanity. Her eyes drifted over the paper and stopped dead when she recognized her own name.

“Why is my name on a document that predates space flight?” She asked. “Is this a prophecy?”

“Not in the way that you mean.” Illyria said. “This is a promise I made thousands of years ago. You must be there. It is awakening.”

“What?” asked Surayya.

“The Shell.”

Surayya watched Motorria stir in the back bedroom. She was in her first trimester and she was as big as a house.

“I’ll have to make arrangements for Motorria and the child.” Surayya said. “There are those would love to dissect it or worse.”

“I have requested several slayers to be stationed here. We are aware of the interest the child has generated.”

Something occurred to Surayya.

“Does the Destroyer know you’re here?” She asked.

Illyria looked away pensive. Whatever this mission was it was something personal.

Surayya had her answer

“Give me a moment to pack some things.” She said. She left Illyria standing all alone in the living room.
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