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The Rings Of Power

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Summary: Response for FireDragon's "The Rings Of Power" challenge for "Hug A Donor". Destiny's hand has guided Buffy's life for even longer than she thinks. There's yet another prophesy and this time Buffy end up dragging her new friends from the SGC with her.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered
Stargate > Buffy-Centered
BeriaearwenFR1522,8143183,96210 May 1019 Jun 10No

Two Years Ago - Stargate Command...

Disclaimer: The characters of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” belong to Joss Whedon, etc. The characters of “The Lord Of The Rings” belong to J. R. R. Tolkien. The characters of “Stargate: SG1” belong to Sci-Fi, etc. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

Notes: 1) The characters from “Lord Of The Rings” do not appear in this chapter. 2) I've messed with time-lines and picked and chosen the bits and pieces I need, so you'll see things out of place and there's no way that the BtVS and SG1 time-lines happened coincidentally in this fic no matter what the reality may have been. :-) 3) This is set about the time of “Politics” in Season 1 of the Stargate: SG1 series.

Warning: Canon... isn't that something used during the playing of the “1812 Overture”?

Rings Of Power
By Beriaearwen

(Earth – two years ago)

This wouldn't end well.

It never did. It never would.

Any of his team could tell them this.

Whatever the brass were thinking, they were wrong. The SGC would not be better off in private hands and certainly not in the hands of an organization that didn't have to report to any known government.

On the other hand, would it really be worse than Kinsey and the NID? His faith in humans to do the right thing in dangerous situations ran as high as ever, but his faith in government and administration disappeared long ago. For the life of him, he just couldn't figure out why this all had to happen now.

According to Hammond, this was the only option available to them that allowed the Stargate to continue to function. Without this change, Kinsey would succeed in his crusade to shut down Stargate Command. Of course, that didn't mean this new group would allow them to continue, after all, the few times he'd been involved in working military jobs with civilian organizations, the results had been less than spectacular.

Still, the President had asked them to be on their best behavior and to give this group a chance. He may not like it and he may not trust him, but the safety of the galaxy depended on his being able to convince these people to maintain the military presence and to let his team keep going through the gate.

The only question that really remained, was if they could be that convincing.

Glancing at the door to the meeting room, he figured they would find out soon enough.


Xander mentally tracked their progress through the mountain. The years since Anya's death had been hard and brought so many changes to his life, and to those of his friends, but they all came out better for it.

He would always miss Anya and he certainly wasn't ready to find someone else, but he'd once more been able to open his heart to his friends. He, Willow, Dawn, Giles and Buffy were once more family and their relationship was better than they ever could have imagined. Thank God for Dawn's stubbornness. Despite it being easier to walk away, he would have regretted not having the others with him.

He adjusted his suit jacket as they walked down the last hallway. A part of him still freaked a little at the thought he would be the one leading the meeting and the SGC, but, since he had the most insight into the program and had the most time to study the files, it seemed to make sense. When all was said and done, he would be the one bearing the brunt of leadership on this project, which wasn't all that shocking when they all realized he had the best diplomatic skills of the group. His own life experience had taught him when to stand firm and when to be flexible, how to listen to people and see what was really behind their words as well as what needed to be done.

This wouldn't have been his first choice, it wouldn't have been any of theirs, really, but when the President approached them and explained the situation, they knew they couldn't do anything less.

The new members of the Supernatural Sanctuary and Security Foundation (SSSF) governing board were ready to take on more responsibility and with Giles, Faith, Robin, Andrew and Oz there for continuity, Buffy, Willow and he felt safe in taking a step back from their active roles and taking on a new challenge.

Of course, that didn't make the thought of stepping into the meeting room they now approached any easier. He had dealt with enough military over the years to know how they would respond to being taken over by, essentially, a “civilian” organization. Of course, if they agreed to sign the SSSF non-disclosure agreement, he knew they would be pleasantly surprised by what they discovered.

Still, they would be facing an up-hill battle. But it wouldn't be their first and, most likely, not their last.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped into the meeting room and prepared to rock these people's world.


Daniel sat in the room, fiddling with his pen. He, like the others, had mixed feelings about what was going on with the SGC, but, unlike several of the others, he wasn't dreading the change. Of course, being a civilian working in a military organization, rather than a military person working in a civilian one probably gave him a completely different view of things.

Still, he couldn't say he felt particularly confident in this upcoming change. Maybe if he'd heard of this organization before, or if Sam had been able to find out something about it...

On the other hand, with any luck, these people would actually listen to his warning about the G'aould and let them do something about it.

That would have to wait, though.

His thoughts trailed off as the awaited group entered the meeting room.

He had one thought and one thought only, “My God, they are young.”

When he looked at them more closely, though, he saw their eyes and realized that, no matter how many years they had been on this Earth, they had been through things that he wished they didn't know. Their eyes looked as old and haunted as Jack and Hammond's. A chill ran down his spine as he realized these people may be civilians on paper, but they were soldier, warriors, at the core.


Giles took his seat and noted the surprise on some of the faces when he didn't take the lead.

It might have taken a while, but he finally admitted that “the children” had earned the right to lead. Despite his own desire to escape the responsibility of his position as Chairman of the SSSF board, he knew he was still needed at the Foundation, just as he knew these young adults needed a new challenge, needed to spread their wings and needed to find something to call their own. After all, they'd given up their youth for a war he'd done his best to avoid, he couldn't ask for more.

Despite the fact he knew they needed to do this, he still felt a pang in his heart at the thought that they no longer needed him. Of course, that had been where he'd been trying to help them get to for years, it was one of the reasons he left Sunnydale when he did.

All of the non SSSF people in the room shot him a look, which he ignored. They would understand or they wouldn't. It was up to the chil... the others to show them the truth. He was there simply because they asked him to come along, and his own curiosity had gotten the better of him.

He settled in as Xander began the meeting.


Sam's initial disbelief slowly disappeared as the young man, Xander Harris, continued to talk and reveal their plans and expectations for the Stargate.

Though she couldn't feel entirely comfortable about all they were suggesting or the lack of military oversight, the scientist in her was almost jumping in joy at some of the opportunities that would arise and the thought that someone who would be able to keep up with her intellectually would actually be in charge of approving her projects.

She did bristle slightly when told that the tiny little blonde would be in charge of field personnel, but found herself soothed by the admission that they had a lot still to learn since files could only tell them so much.

They did have ideas of what they wanted to do and things that needed to be done, but were willing to wait and see how things currently worked before they made their final decisions about the changes.

All in all, it seemed to be a very positive thing.

Of course, they had their first big challenge coming up and she could only pray they would listen and act.

After all preliminaries, greetings, expectations and assurances, the meeting was just about to break when Daniel brought up what would be the ultimate test for these people – the G'aould attack that would be coming soon.


Dawn dropped her eyes to her day planner.

Nope, not a Tuesday.

Still, she couldn't work up any sort of surprise or worry over the upcoming apocalypse. Oh, sure, the people here at the SGC called it an invasion, but, she always felt better calling a spade a spade. The end of life as they knew it on Earth qualified as an apocalypse no matter what their new co-workers might think.

She skillfully jotted down notes in shorthand as Buffy, Xander and Willow began shooting questions at the group, gathering whatever information they could.

This would be a completely new situation for the Scoobies and not just because it dealt with aliens, but because they really didn't have the research material they needed. For the first time in her life, she found herself wishing for a prophecy or at least an old scroll in a language they didn't know. Anything would be better than this...

Continuing to jot down notes, she inserted her own questions for clarification on some points. It had taken a while for her to be accepted into the tight-knit group of her sister's friends and, in truth, that had never been her goal, but, as she worked to repair their relationship, they all discovered she seemed to provide some sort of missing element.

A quick glance at the others showed they were already thinking and planning. She could practically see Willow running through spells and available technology in her mind while Buffy devised and discarded battle plans. Xander, she knew, would sit back and listed to everyone including Buffy and Willow before making sure everything would work together seamlessly.

They would get this together and save the world. After all, it was what they did.


Teal'c sat back, impressed with the young warriors.

DanielJackson had informed them of the pending threat to the world and without hesitation they began asking the correct questions and demanding details that neither he nor his team had thought to ask.

Before long, he found himself the center of the young one's attention as they requested detailed information from him. Pleased with their swift action and admiring the practiced ease with which they worked, he answered their questions to the best of his abilities and added other information he thought they might find useful.

He noted the same hope in his teammate's eyes that he felt in his own heart.

Perhaps this change would not be as horrible as O'Neill led him to believe.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Rings Of Power" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jun 10.

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