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The Rings Of Power

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Summary: Response for FireDragon's "The Rings Of Power" challenge for "Hug A Donor". Destiny's hand has guided Buffy's life for even longer than she thinks. There's yet another prophesy and this time Buffy end up dragging her new friends from the SGC with her.

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BeriaearwenFR1522,8143183,96310 May 1019 Jun 10No

Prologue - Arda

Disclaimer: the character of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" belong to Joss Whedon. the characters of "Stargate: SG1" belong to...? The characters of "The Lord Of The Rings" belong to J. R. R. Tolkien. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement intended.

Challenge: "Hug A Donor" challenge. Challenge #3878 by FireDragon: "The Rings Of Power". Essentially, Buffy is originally from Middle Earth and has a destiny there to free the three elven rings of power so that they can help overcome the darkness. She's been gone a long time and everyone gives up on her coming back except Galadriel. When Buffy comes back, one of the SG teams comes with her. There's a lot more detail in the challenge, you should read it. :-) I've included as many points as I can, but not a whole lot of depth. I just don't have the time.

Warning: Canon has been pretty well disregarded for all three universes. Also, characters will be slightly out of character. Stop reading now if it hurts your brain to read. ;-)

The Rings Of Power
By Beriaearwen


As they were leaving the room, Gil-Galad placed a hand on Galadriel's arm, stopping her progress. Her eyes turned to meet his a question writ large within them.

“You, above all, must not lose faith,” he commanded, his voice firm and without doubt. “It will come to pass, whether it takes a century an age or all the ages. You must remain firm in your belief for you will be the one to see it through.”

A pained look crossed Galadriel's face. She didn't want to acknowledge what he said or the reasons he was saying it. “You can not know... Surely it won't...”

“It will. It will come to pass and you alone will be left of us to believe, to know, to tell her...”

Their eyes held a world of emotion as they looked at each other. Neither wishing to meet the fate they knew awaited them, but both knowing they must if all was to turn out well.

The tension broke moments later when a page called them to dinner.


The tall figure stood immobile in the bitter, swirling wind. A gray hood of a specially woven cloak rested over the still, blonde head.

The breathtaking face betrayed no emotion; the ageless eyes little more, but not even the harsh wind of this strange Northern environment could stop the storm of emotion in her heart.

It had come to pass. The first conditions of the prophecy were fulfilled. The words echoing in the mind of the watcher drown out the howl of the wind and the quiet words of the others.

The Chosen shall fall.
The child taken.
Her safety an illusion.
Immortal shall taste mortality.
Through the great hidden ring she will depart.
She will take up her father's mantle.
Through the great hidden ring she will return.
Through her will the three be free.
And before them darkness shall flee.

Gil-Galad had fallen in battle. By the time she reached the Havens where he his hid daughter, she was gone. There was nothing she could say or do about that disappearance, though, once she discovered that Ulmo himself had risen from the sea to take the child to Valinor. No one knew what happened there, but even Valinor became unsafe for the child.

Given the danger to the girl and the needs of her destiny, the Valar approached the ring bearers and told them what to do; told them of the hidden ring and how to reach it.

When Galadriel saw the ring, she understood. Her kin's daughter would depart. The young one had a great destiny before her. Galadriel could understand and sympathize for she, too, had been given a destiny long ago. She could only wish to spare the child the heart ache and pain that must come.

Now she stood stoically in the bitterness of the north wind as the her fellow ring bearers spoke with the young one, distracting her from what must come. She saw the others standing by the pedestal before the ring. All three knew the keys to press and the order in which to press them. Each of the ring bearers had three symbols to press in order. They then would need to join hands to press the red globe in the center.

Finally the time had come.

Leaving her spot, Galadriel, crouched down in front of the small elf. Reaching out, she tucked a strand of dark blonde hair behind the delicately pointed ear. “Be safe on your journeys.”

“Stay well, my lady. I will see you again.”

A smile bloomed on the older elf's face, “Indeed you will little one. I will be waiting.”

Standing, she moved over to the pedestal. The three ring bearers began dialing their symbols.

As the three pressed the center bubble, their rings glowed brilliantly for a moment causing them to miss what happened next.

When they were able to see again, the hidden ring stood with some odd looking water on its surface. It had no true color as all the colors in Arda seemed to be dancing across the surface. Finally, though, a particular shade of blue began to form in the center before expanding until it filled the entire ring.

The ring bearers turned to leave.

“I fear for the child,” Gandalf said. The three knew his role. He would hold the ring until the child returned and took her rightful place as a ring bearer.

“She will return,” Galadriel returned, her voice calm, leaving no room for argument.

“We sent her to the unknown. A child, unprotected,” Elrond stated, struggling to come to terms with his actions.

“She will return,” Galadriel reiterated, this time feeling the truth of the words sink into her heart, creating a deep conviction. As the others turned, she whispered her knowledge to the howling wind, “She will return.”

To Be Continued
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