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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Pack". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A continuation of Buffy and the pack from "Off To See The Wizard"! Plus New pack members! Some femslash, but nothing explicit, some harsh language.

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ArjaiHFR181117,3440138,25012 Jun 1015 Sep 12No

Chapter 11: First Contact

Chapter 11: First Contact
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the OC's and the plot such as it is. BtVS and Angel belong to Joss. ‘NCIS’ belongs to Belisarius Productions, and CBS. True Blood belongs to Charlaine Harris and HBO, 'Doctor Who', 'Torchwood', and 'The Avengers' belong to the BBC. I own nothing am nothing and am not making a sou from this, in fact I'm not even here (imitates glass end table) I just do it cause I'm slightly(?) demented, and have no real life at all! Oh and Igor is played by the late, great Marty Feldman as he immortalized the character in "Young Frankenstein".

Classic Characters represented are not mine either they belong to many different people who are still not me. I am a dancing bear, or a paper tiger, or such!
"spoken" #Thought# *telepathic*
When the men on the chess board
get up and tell you where to go
And you just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the white knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "Off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said

Feed your head
Feed your head

White Rabbit lyrics Songwriters: Grace Slick

Night was coming on but, finding shelter in Hannibal hadn't been too difficult for Buffy, Dre, and Beatrix; a lot of cottages and shops dotted the landscape, though the town itself was spread out over a fairly large area. Asking for the local carpenter quickly had led to the home of Martha's brother. He and Martha had been more than happy to offer them a place to stay for the night, and particularly for the knight.
Once they were settled in for the night they sat by the fire of Enoch the carpenter's home eating a supper of beef stew and fresh homemade bread.

"Buffy, how did you know Darla?" asked the Beatrix the Black Mamba turned White Knight. Darla was one of the Scourge of Europe a notorious gang of vampires. When they split up she returned to the one who originally turned her, the one they called the Master, who was in Sunnydale at the time. She became my responsibility I was the Slayer." Buffy explained. "How did you know her, and how did you know about vampires anyway."

"Hmm... simply put Dear: I was an assassin and one of the targets I was assigned was a known seer called Drusilla thought to be in the L. A. area at the time. I found her in the Hollywood Hills. It was there that I learned about vampires. Drusilla had two bodyguard her lover..." she said.

"That would be Dead Boy Junior, Spike that is," growled Dre.

"And Darla. When he found out they were vampires, Bill called off the hit."

Early the next morning after sunup they left for the castle of the heartless Queen of Hearts. They could see it high on a hill in the distance wreathed in the morning mist.

"That has got to be the strangest castle I've ever seen," Beatrix said looking up at it, "it looks like it was built using warped, water-stained, old playing cards, cracked, and/or broken, old, castoff chess pieces, and several dingy, old, ivory dice piled together in a haphazard manner." She smirked at her daughter.

Buffy's mind was spinning, #Even after talking with Beatrix half the night, I was finding it hard to relate to this woman who looked the same age that I look, as my mother. I,m willing to try to be civil and even friendly. But Dammit! I still think of Joyce as my mom not Joyce's supposed older sister. No, to be fair I do know that my 'mother's' maiden name was Kiddo. Silly name, Kiddo, well almost as silly as Buffy if you think about it. Still the story is plausible considering the memories I've had almost forgotten. Oh, but Joyce Summers was such a good mom, and I loved her so much, and I don't want another mom...Joyce was Mom!# Her thoughts were chaotic, then...

"Uh, Ali...I mean Buff!" said Dre. "We've got company!"

Ten warriors dressed in red chainmail with red and black tabards that looked like playing cards, and red helmets shped like chess pawns blocked their path. They were led by a red clad knight with a red horses head helmet. The warriors were armed with spears with heat shaped head and the knight with a broad sword.

Without a word the enemy charged. Buffy soon found, wonder of wonders, the Scythe in her hands. A rough, untutored voice spoke in her mind.

*Take you back now! There is now great need! Bear Woman, Snake Woman, and Wolf Woman still with you but I am Chieftain! You Mine! You now Slayer of this world, Fight good!* and in her mind eye she could see the First Slayer with her war paint and rictus grin. The totem women stood behind her in silence.
The vision took almost no time. In the same moment a voice spoke in Dre's mind.
*You girl body now, but you still man thing inside. Need is great now. You still one-who-sees, Mankind's Paladin. So even though you man thing inside, I take you as mine. You not Slayer but you is Hunter. You strong, fast, heal fast, not as good as Slayer, but good. Sight and smell better than Slayer. She Queen you King. Fight good!* The vision showed him the First Slayer backed by the Sabre-tooth, the Snake, and The Hyenadon, Mother-of-All!*

In that second Beatrix drew forth her katana, and made a come and get it motion to the soldiers with her free hand. She was fast and sure. and unlike Buffy and Dre had no compunction against killing humans.

She was a whirlwind among the guardsmen. She took several cuts, and stab wounds, but continued on...until she was struck from behind by the flat of the red knight's blade. She went down on one knee, her head bowed, momentarily stunned.
Buffy came out of vision, newly empowered, and saw Bea's dilemma.

#No,# she thought, #I lost one Mom and couldn't stop it. I won't lose this one now!#

Before she could act, however, she heard the yowling roar of that hadn't been heard since the prehistoric ages. The smash of Dre's huge, clawed right hand slammed into the red knight's helmet.

The knight staggered, but righted himself almost immediately. Shaking his head he turned on the Milliner. Swinging his sword unerringly at her throat, only to have his blade knocked aside by a swing from Buffy's Scythe.

"No, Never again, Die you bastards!!" she roared as the Scythe split both the helmet and the knight down the middle. Her fury left none of the patrol standing.

It was after they calmed down that it was noticed that the entire patrol appeared to have been made of magically animated papier-mâché.

"See Buff," Dre said trying to mollify the distraught Slayer' "They weren't human. You didn't kill humans!"

"So not the point Xander!" Buffy pouted, "I thought they were human, that makes all it difference!"

"What was your reasoning then to kill them, think it through logically, Cripes Buff I'm the crazy one here not you!" Dre snarled through her teeth.

Buffy thought for a minute, calming down visibly, "I did it to...I did it to"

Bea faced Buffy with almost shock on her face. Buffy on her part embraced her mom in a gentle hug and buried her face in Bea's armored breast in tears.

A muffled "Mom" was all Dre heard.


Dawn, Moth, and Jessie found a cache of rations, left by the riverboats in the cave. Some of the rations were sealed in glass jars, others were in sealed in cans, and still others were sealed by wax in ceramic, and /or clay pots. They decided to use some of these rather than to break into their own meager rations. They chose carefully: beef Jerky sealed in a jar, a can marked cornbread biscuits, a clay pot marked dill pickles, a small ceramic jar marked boiled potatoes, a can of beef gravy, and curiously a tightly sealed jar marked hog's blood. all these they supplemented with a couple of the strange looking fish that they had caught during the day.

Jessica satisfied herself with the hog's blood, and some of the jerky.

Dawn ate the fish, pickles soaked in gravy, two of the cornbread biscuits, and a piece of the jerky dipped in the pickle brine.
Moth ate beef jerky, fish, boiled potatoes in gravy, and biscuits.

They awoke the following morning chained together along with several other teens, both black and white, in the dirty cabin of a keelboat.

They each had a groggy drugged feeling. The only thing they had all had a share of was the beef jerky.

"Oh, goddess curse it," Dawn grumbled "It has got to be a damned Tuesday!"

Author's Note: I know Short but I wanted to leave y'all with a cliche cliffhanger...Tuesday Indeed!
Evil Snarky ArjaiH

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wonderland" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Sep 12.

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