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Anarchy's Glee

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Summary: The life and times of a Glee club in Charming, CA.

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Television > Glee
Television > Sons of Anarchy
JmariaFR1533,430063,34312 Jun 1012 Apr 13No


Title: Anarchy’s Glee
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Cutter owns all things Anarchy, Brennan, Falchuck & Murphy own all things Glee.
Spoilers: Set in the first half of season one for both series.
Summary: The life and times of a Glee club in Charming, CA.
A/N: This is what happens when you fall asleep watching Sons of Anarchy after explaining the season finale of Glee…you dream of the oddest mash-up of all time. Some of this was actually in a dream I had…which makes my mind a very scary place. The plan is to have all of the Glee members (possibly some of the faculty as well) interact in some capacity with the S.O.A. Au-ish for Glee for a few reasons…

Anarchy’s Glee

Charming, California had a lot of things. It had motorcycle clubs, illegal activity, and all the shit that went with it. It had families struggling to make ends meet, long friendships and ties to see some through the rough patches. It was basically Anytown, USA meets the problems of the big cities. The one thing it didn’t have: an actively competing Glee club.

Until now. Monday morning last, Spanish teacher Will Schuester had put up the signs for auditions on this upcoming Friday. It was all Kurt Hummel could talk about that week at Teller-Morrow Garage, where both he and his father worked. Burt Hummel was one of the top mechanics and had worked there since before Kurt was born. Normally, his sixteen year old son would have nothing to do with the testosterone-laden place, but the kid was saving up for his first car, and Gemma Morrow was feeling generous with the boy. She didn’t have many soft spots on her, but the motherless boy struck a cord with her. Not that he reminded her of her boys, but maybe because he was so different from the boys in the club.

He was humming and grinning like a loon for the first time about something school related since he had started at McKinley High. After ten minutes of him singing something under his breath, Gemma slapped her hands on the desk, getting his attention.

“What the hell has got you in such a good mood?” Gemma snapped.

“I promised Dad I wouldn’t gush on about it - add that to the long list of things I shouldn’t mention at the garage,” Kurt smiled. “But I just can’t contain it!”

“Contain what, Kurt?”

“Mr. Schuester is holding auditions for Glee! And my musical talents are nearly unrivaled at that plebian little hell hole called McKinley. Except for that Berry girl - nevertheless, I am absolutely confidant I will blow them away.”

“Who’s blowing what?” Tig’s head popped in the open doorway, an almost gleeful look on his face. Kurt blushed prettily at the comment, and had Gemma not been giving the biker the look of death, she would have smiled at him. Tig, noticing Kurt for the first time, made a weird face. “Uh, what you say Lowell?”

“He’s not a very good actor,” Kurt brushed back a piece of hair from his eyes. He was used to Tig’s - well, being Tig.

“Ignore him, he hasn’t been beat hard enough,” Gemma sighed, standing to close the door. “I’m sure you’ll knock ‘em dead, Kurt.”

“Thank you, Gemma.”

“Get out of here,” Gemma did smile then. “Maybe Bobby’ll help you prep for auditions.”

“Yes, well, I’m not sure show choir is really in his wheelhouse, and I did promise Dad that I wouldn’t bother any of the Sons with -”

“Kurt. You’ve been singing with Bobby since you were knee high, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind you asking for a few tips,” Gemma shook her head at the boy. He’d never wear a cut like her boy, or tat himself up, but he was part of the family.

“Thank you again, Gemma.”

“Hey, you’ll be making up your hours on Saturday, kid. I’m not cutting you any slack.”

Kurt only smiled at her and hurried out of the office, brushing past Clay Morrow and Jax Teller. Clay put on his best mean-old-man face and Jax pretended not to smile.

“Where’s the songbird runnin’ off to now? We ain’t running a charity here, Gemma,” Clay leaned propped himself against the doorjamb as Jax leaned forward to kiss his mother.

“You think I don’t know that?” Gemma cocked a brow at him. “Kid’s got auditions for the glee club Friday. He’s excited.”

“Just what we need,” Clay rolled his eyes, “More damn signing around here.”

“Schuester’s the teacher holding the auditions.”

“Will?” Jax’s head jerked up. “When he get back in town?”

“Couple months ago. Just divorced that little vapid bitch he married.”

“That sweet butt who thought she was the queen of the world?” Clay grinned at the memory of that particular girl.

“Oh, yeah, she’s real high up in the world. Assistant manager at Sheets ‘N Things,” Gemma chuckled.

“So Kurt’s afraid he won’t get in? Kid’s got pipes, and he’d a helluva lot better than Bobby Elvis,” Jax leaned back.

“Nah, kid’ll get in, even if I have to have a word with Wee Willie Schue.”
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