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Once Upon a Memory

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Summary: Sam Winchester was absolutely sure that the tall brunette aiming a crossbow at his brother’s neck was most certainly not the Dawn Summers he remembered.

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Chapter Four

That morning, the Winchesters were shaken awake by Buffy Summers.

“What the—”

Dean all but growled his displeasure at being wakened so early, and Sam felt himself smiling before he felt the hands on his own shoulders. When he opened his eyes and sat up, he saw that Dean was already standing.

Buffy wore all black and had her hair twisted in a low bun. She tapped her foot impatiently as Sam wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“Get up.”

She thrust two garment bags at Dean.

“It’s time for part three.”

“What the—” Dean started again, but Buffy was already moving towards the door.

“You’ve got half an hour.”

“Damn it Dean. I can’t take this anymore.”


“No! We’ve already jumped through all of their hoops. We’ve been here forever Dean, I’ve had enough.”


“And what the hell is a slayer anyway? How were we supposed to know we were trespassing?”


“Dawn only mentioned two parts. And we did two parts. She didn’t say anything about part three.”

“I think part three’s special for us Sam.” Dean muttered softly, more to himself than to his brother.

“I’m going to kill myself Dean. I’m going crazy, aren’t you going crazy? Why aren’t you going crazy?”

Sam stopped pacing and turned towards his brother, who had unzipped the bag with his name on it.

“Because Sammy,” Dean unzipped the bag farther as Sam stared with wide eyes. “I think we’re going to a funeral.”


Sam was still pacing nervously when Bella, the girl who had first shown them to their room, appeared at the door. Dean noted with interest that she was wearing a white dress.

She frowned worriedly when she looked at Sam. “Um, ready?”

Both brothers breathed deeply and Dean nodded slowly. “Lead the way sweetheart.”

Bella scowled and gestured impatiently before moving down the hall quickly.

“Okay go over there by Xander. Quick, hurry! I’m late because of you.” With one final shove in the direction of the one-eyed man, Bella cursed softly and took off running.

Sam and Dean exchanged another nervous glance before starting in Xander’s direction.

For the first time since they had even arrived at the house, the Winchesters took stock of their surroundings. They were in a large clearing, not far off from the east side of the house. There were rows upon rows of foldable chairs and a gigantic stage towards the front. Sam glanced around uncertainly, examining the people who were in attendance.

In the middle section, almost all of the chairs were occupied by teenage girls. Another section had a more even mix of males and females, and the section that Xander was standing by was predominately female. They were all wearing black or white.

Xander gestured impatiently and tapped his wrist.

“You two boys sit there. Don’t move.” Xander fixed Dean with a hard stare before bounding up the stairs to the stage.

“Sammy what’s happening?”

“I don’t—” Sam was cut off because Dawn was by his side suddenly. Like her sister, Dawn wore all black, and she held a large stack of papers in her hand.

“Hi guys!” She smiled brightly as she brushed past and followed Xander up the stairs.

“I don’t think we’re in trouble but I could not tell you what’s going on to save my life.” Sam murmured dejectedly before taking his seat.

Dean looked around warily, searching every corner of the field for a possible exit. Except there was a teenage girl wearing an all black uniform standing at every edge of what he decided to be some sort of ceremony.

Dean was still surveying when a loud cheer went up from each section in the audience.

“Ahem, yes, thank you.” An older man stepped up to the microphone and tapped at it twice to settle the crowd.

“My name is Rupert Giles.” He paused for a brief moment as another cheer went up.

“Welcome to the seventh commencement ceremony of the Cleveland Branch of the Academy for Kicking – Xander!” The Englishman turned suddenly towards Xander who was holding a program in front of his face and giggling profusely.

“Good heavens.” Giles frowned and reshuffled the notecards in his hands. "Welcome to the seventh commencement ceremony of the Academy of – the Academy of – well, of the Academy.”

Several girls to the right of Sam started cheering again. Dean held his head in his hands.

“I present to you, Willow Rosenberg.”

Sam watched as the tiny redhead from the interrogation room stepped forward and adjusted the microphone.

“Academy of Kicking Ass.”

More cheering exploded and Xander pumped his fist in the air. Dean suppressed a grin and Giles fanned himself with his notecards and looked away.

“Hi, I’m Willow Rosenberg and I am here to present to you the Willow Rosenberg Awards for Being Awesome.”

Dean punched Sam in the arm. “I blame you for this. You with the big bad werewolves, and the stupid Stanford and whatever. This is your fault.”

“First award goes to Graham Bunn for the completion of his watcher training and his successful translation into English of the Vita Quod Nex, Prophecy IV.”

There was scattered applause as a blonde blushing man stepped onstage to accept a certificate from Dawn.

“Second award goes to Virginia Elks for the completion of her slayer training through her final test of single-handedly slaying a Gero-Walk Demon.”

Sam gasped as an incredibly tiny redhead bounced on stage. He nudged Dean. “Gero-Walk Demon.”


“Bearwalker Dean. A Gero-Walk Demon is a bearwalker. It was in the margins of dad’s journal, I remember seeing it!”

Dean’s eyes narrowed into slits. “You’re telling me that kid just got an award for being awesome from killing a mother fucking bearwalker by herself?”

He rolled his eyes, “Get real Sammy.”

“Fourth award goes to Kristina Grimm for the completion of her slayer training through her final test of single-handedly slaying eighteen vampires in a record-breaking forty-six seconds.”

Sam turned white as he whispered to Dean. “I think I just figured out what a slayer is.”


The Winchester brothers sat tight-lipped and white-faced through all twenty of Willow’s awards. Sam’s mind reeled with what he had heard. Ten girls received an award for completing slayer training with tests ranging from slaying vampires to demons and even one vengeful spirit. Ten people received an award for completing their watcher training with feats like translations, spells, and dissertations. He braced himself for what Xander would say.

“I’m Xander Harris.” He grinned when he received louder cheers than Giles had.

“I will present to you the newest members of each class. Please stand when I call your name, Willow has a present for each of you.”

Xander ran through a list of nine slayers and four watchers, and when each stood, a single white rose appeared in their hands. Sam saw Dean grip the edge of his seat until his knuckles turned white.

What the hell is happening? This is a dream. Teenage girls cannot kill demons that would have taken both me and Dean to stop. Teenagers cannot translate prophecies back and forth in dead languages, and roses cannot appear out of thin air. Sam wanted to be anywhere but there.

They sat through a few more presenters and a few more awards.

He opened his eyes wearily when Dean nudged him and another cheer went up through the crowd.

“Hi, I’m Dawn Summers, Head of the Research Department of the Watcher’s Council, and president of the Anti-Kidnapping Club.”

Buffy scowled from her seat behind Dawn.

“I want to introduce to you the next presenters for this ceremony. Sam and Dean Winchester.” She stepped back and started clapping while a scrawny little man hauled Sam to his feet.

Dawn cleared her throat. “Thank you Andrew.”

The man beamed brightly at the praise and then pushed both Winchesters forcefully up the stairs.

Stationed in front of the podium, Sam started to sweat. He noticed that Buffy was sitting up a little straighter, Dawn was biting her lip, and Willow was staring bullets into Dean’s back.

Dean cleared his throat and waved stupidly. Instead of cheers, chuckles rang out from the crowd and Sam looked down at the paper on the podium.

Seeing that Dean refused to speak up, Sam cleared his throat. “Hi, I’m Sam.” He blushed furiously when he heard a wolf whistle from the slayer section of the audience.

“These are the awards for um, excellence and mastery in um, a field.” He looked at Xander questioningly. He nodded reassuringly, and Sam continued.

“Sarah Abbott, for excellence in,” Here Sam paused and turned to Willow. She glared and crossed her arms. And then she pouted.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Excellence in witchiness.” He finished for Sam.

“Terrence Blake for excellence in wolfishness.”

As Dean read down the list, Sam got a sinking feeling in his stomach. Part three wasn’t Chad’s funeral, and part three wasn’t this boring graduation ceremony. Part three was

“Chris Vance for excellence in wolfishness.” Suddenly Dean paused and Sam knew that he had figured it out. The brothers exchanged yet another look before Dean looked back at Buffy. She didn’t say anything, but she crossed her legs and started to clap, signaling that Dean had reached the end of the list.

But Sam knew he hadn’t because there was another name that hadn’t been read, would never get read, and he swallowed hard.


Note1: In case you were wondering, yes the new system of slaying/watching is modeled a little bit after the Jedi council. (Star Wars)
i.e. each slayer or watcher officially finishes training when they complete some sort of test (that is not previously determined or agreed upon) that really tests their skills.
This doesn't mean that a slayer isn't slaying before the completion of the test, just like a Jedi padawan isn't in school 24/7 before their big test.
It just means that they're not going to be put in charge of other slayers/stationed at another branch just yet.
I do not own Star Wars.

Note2: The reason there were only ten slayers 'graduating' is because this is only one branch of the whole big shebang.

Note3: vita quod nex - Latin for life and (violent) death

The End?

You have reached the end of "Once Upon a Memory" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Jul 10.

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