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The New Guy With One Eye

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Summary: Xander has enough of watching girls die and gets a new job. Read as he bonds and protects his new girls while trying to leave his past behind WARNING future Spike/Xander slash

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Spike was a bit scared for the next few days. Every other turn he hit some sort of booby trap. Cold showers, boiling hot showers, tar and feathers, food in the face, crosses carved into door knobs, and once a firecracker in his pillow. He was so paranoid it was surprising he didn’t get whiplash for how often he looked over his shoulder.

So when Xander tapped him on the shoulder Spike almost swallowed his cigarette, “God Xan, don’t do that. I thought you were one of those little devils. How come you had to tell them so much about me. I mean I can take most of that stuff but they put a cross on every bathroom door in the place. Is there nothing you can do?”

Xander just smiled, “Sorry honey, nothing I can do for you. It will be over soon.” Xander hugged him and patted his head

Spike pushed him away and scowled, “I’m not a puppy to be pitied and petted.”

Xander just chuckled, “Look Spike, all you have to do is wait it out. Another day, two at the most, I promise.”

Spike sighed dramatically, “Alright, I guess, but if I get another cream pie in the face I’m leaving you.”

“I’ll go talk to the girls.” Xander said as he ran off with a smile on his face. He yelped and moved faster as he ran by Spike who smacked him on the butt

Spike was just starting to relax when a motorcycle came screaming round the bend and screeched to a halt right before hitting him, showering him in dirt.

Spike coughed and swore, “Bloody Hell. What are you bloody doing driving around like that? Don’t you know there are kids around here?” the helmet came off and Spike froze

Before him was Faith. Her curly dark brown hair flowing over her shoulders. Her leather pants painted on and a low cut black shirt almost made Spike’s eyes fall out of his head. Maybe he should buy Xander some new leather pants.

“Sorry Blondie Bear, didn’t see you there. What are you doing out in the sun like that?” Faith asked as she dismounted and began to walk with Spike up the drive, pushing her bike

“Red made me a ring to protect me from the sun. Can still get staked but no more sunburn. What in the name of the Queen are you doing here?” Spike asked as they put her bike away

“I heard what happened to X and I thought I’d come check on him. But I see I didn’t have to seeing as how his boy toy is here. So, think I could join you guys for a round in the sheets?” Faith asked with a wink

“Oh no you don’t Faithy, that boy is 100% mine. You touch him and I’ll rip out your heart through your throat.” Spike said with a smile on his face and a hark glint in his eyes

Faith held up her hands, “I get it, I get it. Hands off for me. He’s all yours.”

As they walked into the school they heard laughing and saw Xander running from a group of girls with water balloons, “I swear, I didn’t want to ask you to stop. He threatened to dump me.”

Xander was so busy running and looking over his shoulder he ran right into the two of them and they fell onto each other and were flooded by several water balloons falling on them. They were all laughing but when Xander saw he was tangled up with none other then Faith he stopped laughing and got up faster then he should have been able to.

“Faith, what are you doing here?” Xander asked looking suspicious

“I’m not here to drag you home or try and convince you to come back. I heard how you walked out on all of them and came to see if you were getting on. But seeing as how Spike is here I’m guessing you’ve been doing really well.” Faith winked at him as Xander turned beet red, “I knew it. I’m jealous of you two. Since Wood left me I’ve had no one to do the horizontal mambo with.”

“Please, the girls are right here and they don’t need any more ideas then they already have.” Xander said with a nervous chuckle as the girls all laughed behind him and Spike just smirked.

They went to the guest room to dump Faith’s duffle bag and show her around. When she dumped her stuff on the bed she held up a bottle of clear liquid, “Do you guy’s feel like getting drunk and talking about old times. I brought us the strongest vodka I could find.”

Spike and Xander smiled at each other, “We promise you we have something stronger.” Xander said before running to his room next door and coming back with the bottle of Trinski

“Holy shit, where did you get that stuff?” Faith asked as she stroked the bottle

Spike laughed, “The first years make the stuff right here at this school.”

A few hours later they were all very drunk. They had each had two shots of Trinski and several shots of Scotch. At this moment they were all smoking outside, staring up at the moon. Xander had taken up the habit of smoking while drunk from all his time with Spike.

“Look at that full moon. It looks like the moon is going to come crashing out of the sky.” Xander said as he leaned on Spike’s shoulder

“Yeah, but it won’t, unless someone didn’t tell us we’re due for another apocalypse.” Faith chuckled

“I always loved the moon, even before it became my sun.” Spike said. When he got drunk he tended to be a bit more poetic. This was illustrated when he said, “The moon shines above us all. While we wait for it to fall. In the arms of the ones we love. Watching from below to high above.” then he hiccupped loudly to finish his short poem. He had hugged Xander a bit tighter for the last 2 lines of it.

Faith was laughing, “That was the worst poem I’ve ever heard Spike.”

Xander huffed, “Well I thought it was great. I always have liked Spike’s poetry, and he knows that. Isn’t that right Spike?”

Spike nodded before nibbling Xander’s neck, “It’s one of the many reasons why I love him.”

Xander stiffened, “You…love me.”

Faith slipped quietly away when she heard Xander say that, know, even in her drunken state, that she was not meant to hear this.

Spike looked at Xander and said, “Even though my heart no longer beats, your very presence makes me feel it once again. And though I have no need for air you take my very breath away. And as I stare into your single chocolate eye, I see the real you deep inside. And that you inside makes me feel like I could be a better man, a better man just for you.” and then he kissed Xander long and hard. When he pulled back he said, “Xander Harris, I love you with all my unbeating heart.”

Xander smiled as a few tears of happiness fell down his face, “I love you to Spike.”

They lay in the grass outside, staring up at the moon, holding each other. That is how they fell asleep and how Faith found them early the next morning.

She shook them both awake and asked, “Hey Xan-man, don’t you have class in an hour?”

Xander freaked out and ran off leaving a laughing Spike behind. Spike looked up to see Faith looking down at him with a scary glint in her eyes, “What did I do and what can I do to fix it so you don’t stake me?” Spike asked only half joking

Faith hauled him to his feet with one hand and then pulled him close, “Did you mean what you said to him last night? Do you love him?”

Spike’s eyes widened in shock at the question before narrowing in anger, “Of course I meant it. I love that boy with all my unbeating heart.”

Faith pushed Spike away, “You better, cause if you break his heart they won’t even find a speck of dust when I’m done with you. Got me Blondie Bear?”

Spike’s glare softened and he smiled slightly, “I got you Faith. But I promise you, I really do love that pirate.”

Faith tried to hold back a smile but couldn’t. She smiled and said, “Wanna walk me to breakfast?”

Spike chuckled before taking her arm like a gentleman and leading her back to the school, “With pleasure my lady.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The New Guy With One Eye" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jul 10.

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