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The New Guy With One Eye

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Summary: Xander has enough of watching girls die and gets a new job. Read as he bonds and protects his new girls while trying to leave his past behind WARNING future Spike/Xander slash

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The Last Straw

There will be slash later in this story. There wasn't any when it started or else I would have added it to the warnings. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to change it so be warned.


Xander was sick of it all. It had been two years since Sunnydale had become a literal Hell Hole. And after loosing Anya the losses just kept coming. Within the first week of opening the school in Cleveland he had lost his first girl. She had been a spunky 17 year old from Canada named Stacy Park. Two months later he lost another. Her name had been Tracy Anderson. She had been a bit of a Goth but still a good person. She had been an 18 year old from Florida. And just four days after that he lost a 16 year old perky blond named Lizzy Tanner from New York. The list just went on and on. Jenny Harper, age 18. Missy Wilson, age 17. Kelly Andrews, age 15. Tammy, Andrea, Tabitha, Abby, he could remember every single name.

And then, there was this one. The final straw. She had joined just three weeks ago. So happy and committed to her destiny. Long red hair tied in a high ponytail. Eyes as green as emeralds and shining with joy and mischief. Always a big smile plastered on her face, even when covered in demon goo or bleeding. Always dressed in clothes that always seemed a size to big. Her name was Trina McFarlin, a pure bred Irish girl. She had been only 13 but talented. Xander could still see her standing there next to him. Looking up at him with a smile at a job well done. That smile didn’t even have time to leave her face as a bone spike seemed to spring from her chest. She had died in an instant, she never even knew.

Her blood had splattered his face, girls had screamed, but Xander just stared. He held her in his arms as she fell. He wanted to cry, he had never wanted to cry more in his life, but he couldn’t. He had no tears left to cry. Without a word he had laid her down, picked up a sword, and cut the demon several times, killing it slowly and painfully.

He had returned to the Main House, Trina in his arms. He spoke to no one. He answered no questions. He just went into the morgue to clean her himself. He chuckled darkly in his mind, a morgue, for God’s sake, their school had a morgue. He had washed the blood off her face and changed her into her favorite clothes. As he closed her eyes it looked like she was sleeping. Sleeping with that smile on her face.

Without a word to anyone he had gone to his room. He took off the clothes he wore and put them in a pile on his bed, he had planes for them. He then packed up all his clothes and weapons. All the pictures of his girls and friends. He had pictures of every girl who had ever been on his squad, with the dead ones in black frames. He cast a charm on his weapons bag so it would go through customs with no problem. Then he walked out into the yard with all his things and the clothes he had been wearing that night.

Seeing the bags all the girls follow him out asking what he was doing. He ignored them all and went to the center of the yard. He dropped the bloody clothes in the grass, took out a box of matches, lit one, and set the clothes on fire. He then walked out of the front gates, leaving all the girls staring after him, their faces illuminated by the burning pile before them.


Xander drove his motorcycle down the long drive of St Trinians School for Girls. He had heard a great deal about the place and it reminded him of the Slayer School. All but for the one detail he cared about. No matter how bad the girls were no one had ever died. He smiled as he saw the shrunken heads mounted on sticks. Most people would think them real but Xander could tell they were just very good fakes. He could also see many crude but effective traps laid all around him. He avoided them all with practiced skill and made it to the front door. He took his bags with him and put a charm on the bike that would not allow it to start for anyone but him. He then walked inside. It was strangely quiet inside but he wasn’t fooled. He walked up to the secretary and said, “Hi, I’m Alexander Harris, the new history teacher.”

When the secretary looked up her eyes widened. She pressed a button and said into a speaker, “Ms. Fritton, Mr. Harris is here.”

“Let him in.” said a voice from the speaker

Xander walked into the Headmistress’s Office with a smile on his face, bags slung over his shoulder. He looked at the woman before him…at least he thought it was a woman. She had the most masculine features. He offered her his hand and said, “Hello Ms. Fritton. I’m Alexander Harris, but I’d like it if you called me Xander. I’ve heard a lot about your school and have to say I can’t wait to start. It should be fun.”

Ms. Fritton’s eyes widened at his statement and she just smiled, “Really, well, that’s something I’ve never heard before. I hope you have tough skin Xander, you’ll need it. And if you don’t mind me saying, that eye patch should give you a bit of the girls respect. Shall I show you to your classroom and bedroom?”

Xander smiled back at her, “That would be great.” as they walked out the door Xander noticed a crossbow bolt lodged in the wall, “I think I’m gonna like it here.”

I don’t own Buffy or St Trinians. Also, in order for me to update I need at least one review per chapter.
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