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Darkness Falls

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Summary: Leia has been corrupted by a Dark Jedi and a new rebellion struggles for freedom. Spin-off to Hatten's Knight Verse stories.

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Han and Mace reached Fenn's Landing bay quickly and while Han looked around Mace concentrated on the Force to find the disturbance again.

In the same moment as Han said in surprise, "Jan?" Mace looked directly at the man who stood beside the woman Han had identified as Jan.

Mace looked at Han and asked him quietly, "You know them?" Han nodded in reply and as he started to walk into their direction said, "Yes, the raven haired beauty is Jan Ors. She was an Alderaanian Intelligence Operative and after the planet was destroyed by the Empire she worked for the Rebel Alliance and worked together with Kyle. The man I've seen before as well, but I just can't remember his name right now. He was a member of the Red Sun Organization, but joined the Alliance as a special operative after their leader Ogun disappeared and the Organization fell apart. The Twi'lek beside him I have never seen before.

Just as he finished his explanation and before Mace could say anything they were spotted by Jan Ors and after a moment of shocked silence she threw herself at Han and hugged him quite fierce. Mace quickly relaxed after thinking the girl was attacking him and while the woman hugged Han he noted the amused smirk on the man's face.

"HAN," Jan yelled. "You old scoundrel are still alive. I've heard you were dead or imprisoned by the Empress," she said and hugged him a bit harder.

Han puffed out an "Air, I need air." Jan grinned and loosened her hug a bit and so Han could answer her. "As you can see I'm not dead, but the rumors about been imprisoned were right. I spent quite a while at the mercy of Leia and her Dark Jedi's mercy," he spat out, "but luckily I was freed a while ago. So what are you doing here girl?" he asked her.

"You know exactly why I'm here you old nerf herder. Where is he?" Jan said.

"Who?" Han asked in an innocent sounding tone.

"HAN!!" Jan said a bit louder.

"OK, ok Jan he is nearby and you can join us, but first my friend here is Mace Windu and who are your friends?" Han said, but before Jan could say anything in reply the man who was with her stepped forward and after a formal bow to Mace said, "It's an honor to meet you again Master Windu. My Master thought you were killed in the fight with Palpatine."

Mace inspected the man for a moment and then replied, "Sorry I don't remember you. You're a Jedi?"

"I'm not surprised Master Windu. I was just a youngling of four years in the temple at the time Skywalker betrayed us. I and a few younglings were lucky that day, because Master Laureen had taken us out of the temple for an excursion and to answer your question, no, I'm not a Jedi. After the order was destroyed Master Laureen took us to her home planet and there we were trained to be members of the Grey Knights."

"Grey Knights?" Han asked.

Mace who looked a bit surprised about this bit of information nodded and said, "I think it's better if we explain that later in the camp so that we don't have to repeat it again.

Han nodded in agreement. Then he looked at the man and said, "I know I've seen you before, but I'm sorry I don't recall your name."

"No problem General Solo, we met only once in a strategic meeting. I'm Praiphex Verner and this stunning beauty," he said while pointing at the Twi'lek woman beside him, "is my wife and better half Kiara."

"An honor to meet you General Solo and Master Windu. So Kyle is actually here on the planet? That's good news and I look forward to see the scolding Jan will give him," Kiara said with a wicked grin.

A bit impatient Jan said, "Exactly, can we go now?"

With a grin Han said, "We actually finished the provision shopping we were doing and just wanted to pick up some news, but I guess you can tell us more than we could find out here. I hope you've a speeder in your ship so that you can follow us."

"No problem," Jan said, "Praiphex has one in his ship we can use."

While Praiphex nodded his wife said, "I'll stay here and join you later if you can give me your coordinates. I still have to finish a project I've on board which needs supervising for a day or two."

After all was cleared and Praiphex has gotten a brand new AV-21 Land speeder out of the ship all, bar Kiara, traveled back to the camp where the others stayed.


A bit later at the training camp

Xander looked up as he heard the sound of speeders coming into their direction. He quickly felt out with the force and he felt the presence of Han and Mace as well as the one of two unknown persons and one of those two was at least force sensitive.

While he used the force to check them out the others had joined them and now all were watching the two speeders land and then Han, Mace and two more people disembarked from them.

As Kyle saw the two he blanched and said, "Uhaaaa.... I'm in trouble now."

All looked with a question at him, but before Kyle could say something else the woman of the two newcomers flew into his arms and gave him first a scorching kiss and then quite a hard slap.

While Kyle rubbed the burn on his face and the others were sniggering, the woman said, "The first was for being still alive and the last for letting me think you were dead, you moron."

"Sorry for spending time in an imperial prison, Jan," Kyle mumbled while he still couldn't believe the kiss Jan gave him.

Jan looked at him a bit softer now and then said, "That never stopped you before."

"This time was a bit different Jan and I left you a message as soon as I could," Kyle defended himself.

Jan huffed and turned to the others. "Sorry about that, had to get it out of my system. I'm Jan Ors a friend of Kyle and that tall guy over there is our friend Praiphex Verner, who helped me find you here."

Xander nodded at the two and then said, "Welcome to ‘Camp Hell' then."

After Praiphex and Kyle clapped their arms in an old friendship Xander looked at the man and said, "The Force is flowing in you," and at seeing the man nodding he continued. "Good, while the others can unload the speeders I think we two and my wife Jaina need to talk about that, because I can feel you are neither Sith nor Jedi, but something else."

The man Jan introduced as Praiphex just nodded and then the three disappeared into one of the tents.


Next day, theory lessons

This time they were gathered inside one of the bigger tents, not only because of the rain, but also because this was the closest thing they had to a work shop.

"We're going to start teaching you the way of the Jesaarair. The Jensaarair is a sister or brother group of force users. They started when a group of Jedi broke away seeking hidden knowledge and they found it among scrolls of Sith teaching. In the beginning they removed all the dark side teaching. They removed the anger, the hatred and then they started to teach their own students," Jaina told them and then she was silent as she looked at Luke. "That ended as their leader, the first Saarai-kaar, fell in lust for power and turned to the dark side. He warned the rest of the Jensaarair that the Jedi order was after them and told them to hide while he took care of them. In reality he and his loyal guards murdered and stole valuable and dangerous artifacts. The Jedi order had to destroy him and his guards. The rest of the Jensaarair watched and believed the Jedi order were the criminals and the evil ones. Many years later our Luke and the present Saarai-kaar came to an understanding and the truth was discovered. The Jensaarair were still a light-side group of force users and they now hold chairs on the Jedi council. Just like we, the Jedi, have a chair on their ruling council and we were trained as honorary Jensaarair. We are going to show you some of their tricks. If you manage to find them and convince them to stop their fear of the Jedi you would gain a powerful ally."

Xander took over. "Jensaarair means follower of the truth and the truth to a Jensaarair is to serve and protect their own people. Saarai-Kaar is the leader of the Jensaarair she or he is the first of the councils. The title means keeper of the truth. Unlike Jedi the symbol of a fully trained Jensaarair is body armor." He looked at them for a moment and then continued. "That in itself is a symbol. The body armor is more of a shield to protect themselves with. The Jedi use a sword, a weapon of death as their symbol and that's how most of the Jensaarair see the Jedi, as followers of a dark path."

Luke seemed to twitch. He had seen the armor they used as a symbol of aggression, but it could be seen the other way around also.

Kyle was interested. "What is so remarkable about the armor then?"

Xander grinned. "If you open yourself up with the force you will find that the armor feels alive. That's because it's imbued with the force. Just like a lightsaber is and now you are wondering what the advantage of doing that is."

Kyle nodded. "You bet, I'm wondering."

Jaina grinned as she answered him. "Increased protection is one thing it offers us. What do you know about the dark side attack called Force Lightning?"

Luke who had suffered its affects answered. "It's painful and feels like your skeleton is trying to crawl out of you skin. I also had to use force healing as my skeleton was damaged day's and even a week after I was hit by hit."

Jaina nodded. "That's part of it. The force lightning keeps on damaging the body for days, week's even months after the attack happened until you die unless force healing or Bacta treatment is given. Worst is that no normal armor can protect against force lightning. It crawls inside you even if you wore a fully sealed armor space suite. It still gets itself inside. A lightsaber can be used to protect you, but it's tricky to do that."

"Force imbued armor gives you protection. The force lightning cannot crawl itself inside it. It has to force its way through the protection of the armor and force lightning does not actually do that much damage. It is mostly pain and a slow death. The light side version of Emerald lightning can do much more damage, but normal armor can protect you against Emerald lightning," Xander explained.

Kyle frowned. "Still force lightning sounds impressive." Xander shrugged. "Come with me," he said.

The Jedi all followed him into the rain.

Xander silently walked to the far side of the island. He looked at group of trees. "Watch," he said an took a deep breath summoning his anger, his rage and then lifted his hand and pointed it at a tree. He let his anger and rage free and in a wild thundering lightning storm it hit the tree. The tree burst out in fire as it almost exploded.

Mace found himself wincing as he watched the demonstration as memories of Palpatine's force lightening attack engulfed him. It was not something he wanted to remember, but seeing what Xander just did brought it all back. He noted Anakin's force ghost was also watching from beside him, looking pale and drawn even for a force ghost. He guessed he was thinking about it too. He had also suffered its effects during the Clone Wars as had many Jedi.

Xander calmed himself. "That was force lightning. The dark side and not something I should be doing. Each time you risk being trapped in the darkside. Luke, Jaina and I do have some protection against becoming trapped, but it can happen," he stated.

Kyle nodded with a look of understanding and only said, "Leia."

"Now watch," Xander said as he summoned the force again, this time only the light side. He pointed his hand and an emerald shining light burst out of it, straight towards the tree and made a big rock behind it explode from the force of the energy. "And that's emerald lightning. It's about 10 times more powerful then force lightning is, but in pure deadliness they are equal."

Kyle nodded weakly. "Why do you even use a blaster?" he asked meekly.

"Because channeling that much energy takes time and is draining on the body," Jaina replied while she looked up at the rain which was quite irritating. "Let's go inside."

Kyle stayed behind watching the two fallen trees. Force lightning was nothing in his mind compared to the awesome coolness of emerald lightning.

Inside the lesson started again.

"Right, force imbued armor gives you protection against force attack. You also know if it's broken or not, you'll feel it. I'm going to teach you how to do it and let you imbue armored body suites like the one I have on me. You can easily upgrade it if you like." He handed them a computer pad with the information written down.

"This will take time to do," Luke said with a frown.

Xander agreed. "Yes. But the advantages speak for themselves. Another skill we're going to teach you is ‘Force Stealth'. Using it you can move without being sensed by the force, unless you're standing right in front of someone. A fully charged force stealth makes it difficult for a person to see you. Computers and droids have no problem detecting anybody using Force Stealth. Then there is Force Cloak which is based on Force Stealth. You have to master the stealth skill before you can learn Force Cloak and it's as it's named a cloak, you are totally invisible to all things alive or not alive, but it has its weakness."

"What is the weakness?" Luke wondered.

"For one thing you can not hurt anybody or anything while under Force Cloak. Even breaking up a computer or breaking security on a lock is impossible while cloaked. The reason I think is because you make a contract with life itself. It allows you to be invisible, but in return you may not hurt anything while invisible. It's also incredible difficult to activate during a fight. That's one reason we did not use it while saving Han and another is that if the enemy doesn't know about our Cloak ability they cannot be forewarned about it and make counter measures like installing pressure sensors in the floor," Xander explained.

"We have used Force Stealth so much that it's almost second nature to us. Force Cloak is also something we use to sneak inside enemies building. As long as the door is open we just walk inside. Nowadays most dark side users in our galaxy have invested in pressure sensitive floors to stop us from doing that," Jaina finished looking annoyed.

Xander nodded also annoyed over that fact. "Another skill is Ballistakinesis the art of using anything small as a projectile. You use the force to fire away an object so fast it can kill a human. You use the force to guide the missile to its target. It's not that useful against a Jedi who's prepared, but against non Jedi? Next will be ‘Force Flight'. It gives you a Short distance flying ability, anywhere from 10 to 200 meters depending on your skill. I've seen a Force witch that was a true master on this skill. She can fly around two miles before she has to land. It's like an extended jump, but slower." He thought for a moment what else he could offer and then said, "Animal domination perhaps, if you're interested. It's the skill to mentally dominate an animal. You can tame almost any beast with this trick." He could see they were interested as he looked at their eager faces. "Learning how to make force imbued armor takes time. Jaina or I will have to work side by side with one of you at the time." He looked at Jade, Luke Kyle and the others. Normally he taught or showed them a force skill and helped them learn the basic of that one skill. Then they started with the next force skill. If they wanted to master that skill so well they actually could use it in a combat situation they would have to do that on their own time.

That way they would have a huge library of skills they could self train in later. This time that wouldn't work. "Dawn you already have your force armor so you're going to re-train yourself in you psionic abilities. There are more powers then just jumping between dimensions. It's time for you do discover them." He was taking a risk here, but it was a calculated one. "I'm going to show you exactly how that training will be conducted and there will be no playing around. Is that clear?"

Dawn nodded. "Yes sir," she said. While she barely remembered the two hundred meter long Dagger corvette she accidentally pulled with them during their first journey to the Star Gate universe had left a standing impression in her, seeing that many dead people often does that to people. She was actually afraid or rather extremely careful with her psi powers.

Kyle frowned that could be risky. Dawn did not look to be that careful. Luke blinked. Was Dawn looking afraid? He wondered what had happened to her. Jade wondered about that as well. The girl looked afraid but determined or something. What could make a person like Dawn afraid? Unlike Kyle she and Luke had read up on Dawn's disorder. Anything that could make somebody like Dawn permanently afraid must have been something big.

Luke put the questions about Dawn in the back of his head as he asked a more needed question. "Who's going to start doing the armor?"

Xander looked at all gathered around him and then replied, "I think you and Praiphex are. Out of all the students you two are the most advanced. Most of what we can teach you two already know." He looked at the other Jedi. "What we do with you is more or less a refreshment course," he grinned. "We're going to take turns teaching Jade and Kyle while we instruct you two in the basic know how of doing the armor and in the meantime Mace has offered to help teach with a few of the other skills that are important for a Jedi so don't think there will be much time to slack off."

Luke and Praiphex nodded a bit unsure at the smile Xander gave them.

Xander rubbed his hands together. "Right, this is force armor 101. The simpler you make the armor the shorter the time to built it. Just like if you make a lightsaber. The processes are similar and related. It's also called force alchemy as we change the nature of the material itself. Alchemy can also be used on living beings, but I do not know the exact nature of that personally. I do know that the Sith liked to play with life forms. Kyle you did see my monster sofa. That was a Sith Alchemy monster I had to fight. A Force Guardian, turned Mandalorian, and I fought side by side. It took all we had just to bring it down. It was a Terantatek," he explained. "Right, back to the armor. As this is the first armor you make we decided for you to make it simple. After all armor has a tendency to break if you use it the correct way. That's what they are therefore after all, break before you own body breaks and the ritual, once you master it, takes less and less time if the object you imbued with the force is almost identical. The first time I made my armor with all the life support electronics and things it took almost a month. Nowadays it takes two or three days to imbue a replacement armor," he said and as he looked up he saw Jade looking at him a bit confused.

"If you use it the correct way?" she asked in a wondering tone.

Xander smiled the smile of a predator. "The armor is not just to protect you. It's also a weapon and a tool. Instead of parrying an attack you can take the hit and retaliate with you lightsaber and while the enemy is trying to kill you, you kill him instead. The same thing goes for other things. You shoulder armor and back armor gives you the ability to crash open doors or to glide on you back while you're escaping or fighting an enemy. Moving like that would hurt you without the armor's protection."

Jade nodded. "I get it," she said. "Storm troopers are trained in using their armor to smash open simple doors. They are also trained to slow down their fall during jumps from high moving shuttles with only a backpack-repulsor and using the armor to soften the landing and a few other methods I heard off." She did not say what type of methods they used because nobody would believe her if she told them, perhaps Kyle and maybe Praiphex would, but they would be the only ones.

The special elite storm troopers were also trained in jumping from extreme heights using something called a parachute instead of a backpack-repulsor. Most enemy sensors did long range sweeps for just repulsors and heat signatures so using a backpack-repulsor or a rocket pack would not be that useful if you want to land unnoticed, but the parachute was a wing made of a soft silk like material that used aerodynamics to slow down the falling soldier. Only somebody who had seen it would believe that something that crazy exists.



As Jade and Kyle started with Xander to instruct them and showing them more skills this time with deeper instructions, Jaina talked with Luke and Praiphex.

On the table before them were the objects they were talking about, two soft armor jump suits with a helmet. "This is a basic armor suite we use," Jaina said to her Uncle and Praiphex. "Yours are much simpler than ours are. That's because Xander and I teach our students to start with a simple armor and if they like wearing and using the armor then we teach them to upgrade and improve it. Infusing electronics with the force is always tricky and so it is better that they start with simple armor and work their way up. The Jensaarair do it the other way around. On the other hand, a Jensaarair student most likely spends years thinking and testing what type of armor he or she likes."

Luke nodded taking his hand to tenderly feel the material. "How good is this?" he wondered aloud.

Jaina shrugged. "Depends on the type of attack. The suit can handle most light blaster pistols without you feeling anything. It can survive at least one hit by a heavy blaster, you would be hurt, but survive. More than that is not a good idea. It's hard to cut, but force-pikes, lightsabers and light-foils will cut it asunder with no problem. Vibro-weapons are also able to slice it with almost no resistance. Normal non powered daggers and swords it can resist quite well, the same goes for explosives or simple bullets." She grinned. "It's an effective expensive light armor body suite. We tough about getting some spun cortosis fibers, but that would make it more difficult. So instead we're going to give you spun cortosis fibers and if you like to include it on your armor and imbue it with the force you can do it on you own time."

Luke frowned and asked, "Cortosis fiber?" Jaina blinked "Oh well. Most Jedi and Sith try to keep the existence of that substance a secret. Spun cortosis is a raw mineral that has the amazing ability to short circuit a light-saber. Contact with cortosis forces a lightsaber to shut down and you have to activate it again. The down side is each time the armor is hit some of the cortosis is burned off and heat explosions also tend to burn the stuff away. Xander and I have to constantly put new cortosis on our armors. In the end we just stopped, it got to expensive."

Luke nodded. "I heard about cortosis blades, but that sounds like a different thing then."

"No, not quite, Cortosis mixed with a different metal creates an alloy that can parry energy blades. The downside here is that cortosis alloy blades are brittle and easy to shatter, but it's the greatest energy resistance alloy that exists. Other alloys and metal like Phrik do exist, but are even rarer or it's secret of manufacture it is too well hidden like Mandalorian steel. Vibro-weapons can be forged using a Cortosis alloy a thin layer cortosis covering a stronger metal and you have a superior weapon or you forge a pair of gauntlets or a shield out of the alloy that can block lightsabers," she explained with a grin.

Luke nodded. "I think about it," he said. Perhaps gloves or something, but the whole suite sounds like too much trouble to be worth it."

Jaina looked at Praiphex and asked him, "And you?"

"I have to agree with Luke. A whole armor with the fibers sounds to be too much trouble to be worth it and so I'll go for some bracers. Could surprise someone with a lightsaber if you engage him unarmed," he said with a smirk.

Jaina nodded and then they started to work.

Jaina was right Luke decided. This reminded him about attuning a lightsaber to the force. Yet it had many differences. One most glaring was that this was a ritual that could easily be adapted to other things not only armors.

By the time Dinner was to be served Luke and Praiphex had mastered her lessons and they were ready to do the ritual. A basic suite like this could take up to a week depending on the skill, the power and the ability to understand technology, so they would start the next day.

Out of all students they had, Luke needed training the least followed by Praiphex and than the rest, but Luke also was the student that needed most help out of them all. Danni and Xander had talked about it and the two of them had agreed that putting Luke in isolation while making his armor like, that would help cleans him of his fears and Praiphex would do it with Kyle and Mara so that he could help them if needed.

Jaina was not totally convinced.

After dinner the normal weapon drills continued as normal, Candace, combat training, team work and solo combat. As always it was a hard and focused training.

Xander, after taking some time to clean of the dirt, walked to Dawn. "Hi, did you manage to do anything?" he asked sitting down beside her.

Dawn nodded with a thoughtful look on her face. "I did. The Key has turned into a psi power and I did find it inside me. It's more than just navigating and opening holes between dimensions, but what those other powers do, I have no idea," she replied shivering. "This is dangerous. Why have you not tried anything? I know you have something similar to me."

Xander nodded. "I do. The Void that was implanted inside me and you are correct, it has slowly been integrated itself into me as something that could be called a psi power. Your gifts are many times stronger then mine are and the void inside me is not completely a psi gift either, it's not a natural part of my body. Your key powers are a natural part of your body, making the psi ability a true natural ability most likely enhanced by the presence of the key."

Dawn frowned. "Are you saying the key and my Psi ability are two different things?" Xander swallowed as he thought about the correct answer. "Yes and no. Your body has carried the Key for so long that it's a natural part of you. In our original home Willow said your Witch powers would have been different, because of the key giving you a strange gift of internal magic. The same in our reality, Witch magic doesn't exist only the force exists. The key changed that and gave you not only the force as a replacement for the Witch magic, but Psionic as a replacement for the internal magic that it had to replace."

Dawn nodded. "Oh. I get it. So I have a psi ability that mimics what the key can do in a less powerful version." She took a deep breath and continued. "Only the key is still inside me, linked to my soul and my body. My Psi ability makes it more powerful then it should be, right?" she asked.

Xander nodded. "I think so. Just remember PSI-Power and PSI ability are two different things. Just because the Key improves your ability to jump between dimensions does not mean it improves your ability to navigate between them or do other smaller things using you PSI ability."

Dawn opened her mouth and then closed it again. "So what do you oh master of mine think I could do?"

"PSI teleportation and the ability to summon objects you own from a far distance. The trouble here is, will the Key be in the way or help you? That's something you have to figure out," Xander explained.

"What about you?" Dawn asked.

Xander smiled. "I checked. I don't have a PSI ability just the void that seems to give me some rare jumping ability. You have those gifts." He looked at the watch and then said, "Dawn, better meditate before bed."

Dawn nodded. "Sure," she said.

Jade was nearby and trying to steal as much information from Luke as possible using her female charm. So that she could show how good a student she was. Depressing enough Luke willingly helped her, giving her all the information for free, so much for her talents of seduction. Damn farm boys... sometimes they are no fun.

And as the next morning came Luke walked inside, isolating himself as he drew on the force to make himself his armor.



Leia watched as Jenna pushed the Dark Jedi to their limits, she was beginning to grow concerned about how she could no longer see the future. It was clouded and difficult to navigate now, clearly whatever Luke and whoever was with him were doing was enough to change everything she had once been able to see so clearly and that angered her. Kaira stood beside her in the strongest suit of body amour that could be made. Leia was worried about loosing her lover and so had her Sith armorers create the suit. One for Kaira and one for her, it would stand up even to a couple of lightsaber hits. This should give them an edge against Luke and whatever pitiful handful of Jedi he had managed to train. She reached out with the force again, but was again frustrated as she could found nothing at all. Any plans she had to attack the rebellion before they struck were for naught because they couldn't find them. Wherever Lando and the others had hidden it was very secure. Any rebel captured either killed himself or refused to talk up to the point where his bodies finally gave out and died anyway.

Clearly the Rebels were aiming for the end game where it became all or nothing. A brief memory flashed in her mind as she recalled being in such a situation with them before they had fought the last battle against the Emperor and Darth Vader. She dismissed the memory with a frown, that was her past and this was her future. She would succeed where her father had failed, where even the almighty Emperor had failed and crush the Rebellion. Then she and Kaira would rule the galaxy, and if Luke refused to join her then she would in the end have to kill her twin as well. She savagely crushed the revulsion and horror a part of her felt as she came to this choice, nothing could get in her way now.


(Rebellion Hideout)

Lando and Ackbar watched as the new recruits continued to train and train hard. Every one of them was committed to the goal of bringing the new Empire down and finally freeing the galaxy from the evil of the Sith. Soon they would regroup with Luke, Han and whoever else was with them and they would launch their assault.

"How do you think they are shaping up?" Lando inquired.

"I'd trust my life to any of them. They are as committed as any other Rebel I have served with," Ackbar responded. "The new bridge crews I have trained for the new ships are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure of training. They easily match up against the Empire crews," he said confidently.

"Good to hear it, by the time Luke joins up with us we should have a larger fleet than we had during the battle of Endor," Lando concluded. "Some of the men are kitting out one of the new X-wings for Luke, Rogue Squadron wants him to lead them into the fight," he told his friend.

"That will depend on Luke. Still it might not be a bad idea," Ackbar replied. "Luke is one of the most gifted pilots I have ever seen and together with Rogue Squadron they should be able to break through anything," he suggested.

"Guess we will see when Luke gets here what he wants to do," Lando said before he turned and headed off to his meeting with Wedge and Jaxs.

Ackbar watched him go before he turned and headed of to the command deck to check the latest reports from their spies. He hoped this was the last time any of them would have to do this kind of thing. He wanted to finally be able to settle down with his family and live in peace. A dream he knew many shared and at one time Leia herself had wanted. He felt great sorrow to see what Leia had become. She had once been the shining beacon of the Rebellion and now she was everything they thought against.

‘Such a shame,' he thought as he walked.


Two months later

The island looked different now then when they had arrived. Less trees and plants were left because of the damage they had taken from the training fights.

R3 finished up his last check. Everything was packed down, tenth, heaters, nothing forgotten by the organic people. He sometimes worried about them, they were always rushing into danger. What would Master Xander do if he and R6 were not constantly there to hold their hands? Thinking about it he wished he could have a short talk with R2D2. "That droid of Luke's let his master run around without any kind of guidance. R2 should be ashamed of himself," he mentioned to his friend.

R6 nodded and then beeped out. "You had this argument with our version of R2D2. It did not help then. Why do you think its going to help now? Not all organics are as easy to train as ours are. Besides knowing how careless Master Jaina and Master Xander are. Do you really think the two of us are somebody to preach about teaching organics to behave well?"

R3 seem to sulk. "It's the principle. At least they listen when we say something." R6 sighed. "You do what you wish. You always have. R5 any comment?" he asked the newest member of the droid crew.

The depressed R5 just glared at them. "No, it's useless. With any hope the careless organic will cause us all to die. I just wish they memory wipe me. Life was so much happier before my personality started to evolve."

R3 and R6 sighed. Among the Astromech droids a good 25 % of all R5 unites suffered from mental problems. That was because of a construction error inside their personality matrix. During the design of the R5 the company had cut corners to produce a droid that was cheaper in price then the R2 or R3 models was and more useful then the R4 model was. The end result was a droid that far too often ended up with depression and anxiety and out of all droids in the Galaxy Dawn just had to find one that seemed to be constantly depressed.

Danni walked over to them. "Oh there you are. Is everything packed up or did we miss anything?" she asked.

R3 peeped out the answer real slow. Danni listen carefully she was not as good at this as Xander was, but she could understand him. "Oh that's fine. I hope you guys are just as happy as I'm getting out of these muddy swamps."

All three of the Astromech droids beeped an agreement to that.

"You know R5, Dawn has wondered if we could construct a backup memory for you. To make sure nobody memory wipes you. What do you say about that?" Danni asked the small droid.

The sound of R5 screaming "NO" in horror was heard and understood by every life form around in quite a area.

A short distance away Dawn blinked. "I didn't think a droid could scream like that. Wonder what happened?"

"Nothing, concentrate," Xander ordered. Dawn nodded and obeyed almost.

Xander ignored it for now. "Right, we spent almost three months now. There is nothing more I can teach you. Luke and Praiphex you two already know all that I can teach you and what I can't teach you are things you need to learn by yourself."

Then he turned to Kyle who sat with Jan snuggled into him at the table. "Kyle, there are plenty of things I could teach you, but our time is running out. If we stay here much longer our enemies will find us or worse gain too much power. You have the discipline and intelligence to learn by yourself or allow Luke or Praiphex to help you."

Luke nodded. "It is time to move out then."

Xander agreed. "It is. You have made your armor and if you like to use it or not is up to you. But the Jedi during the old times, around four thousand years ago, often used armor. Then it became political incorrect as the Jedi order became more involved with politics then war. We no longer live in a civilized society."

Kyle looked grim but nodded. "When do we leave?" His armor was simple, effective and camouflage painted.

"Today after breakfast," Xander said. He still had to check the status of the skiff with Buffy.


At the same time on a repulsor skiff

"I'm the best at repulsor repairs," Buffy growled as she removed some plants that were growing inside the power conducts. "If anybody can find and repair anything broken it's you, Buffy." She whined. "Stupid swamp world." She growled as she stood up. Alright once she removed the moss, the stupid fish and lizards. The foot long spiders and weird birds with lips that all made a home inside their skiff. She was almost sure it would fly. She narrowed her eyes. "Hell you are going to fly. Because I am Buffy the Force Guardian former Slayer and repulsor engineer, I will not give up." growling in fury she started again. Stupid lip birds, stupid swamp world. "I'll be lucky if I get this piece of junk flying by tomorrow." She whined.

Kiara who was watching the young human woman cursing and whining said, "You know Buffy, if you had cared for the skiff every evening like Praiphex and I told you would be wise you wouldn't have that problem now.

Buffy looked up at her and mumbled, "Wiseass."

Kiara grinned again and asked, "You want some help?"

Buffy nodded thankful and so the two woman fixed up the skiff for the next few hours while gossiping about their males.


Later after dinner as the repulsor skiff lifted off and was flying them back to civilization Luke couldn't help himself as he stared back at the rapidly vanishing island and he was thinking about Leia and how he had failed her.

But not all sheared his gloomy outlook. Buffy was happy. She and Kiara had done a miracle. The skiff was flying and it was all because of her and Kiara she mused while she watched the AV-21 piloted by Jan and her new friend Kiara. Damn she would love to pilot one of those or the swoop from Praiphex. That swoop was one hell of a ‘bike' and when he had some time off while he worked and trained with the others he had shown her a few nice tricks and shared a few nice tuning tricks and tips for swoops and other engines.

Kyle was smirking now and then he seemed to test his skill stretching out with the force to sense things he was always amazed when he found Jan with his senses and how she seemed to glow. If he was truthful with himself he had fallen for her the first time he had seen her, but at that time with all the trouble and fight against the Empire he never seemed to have the time to follow that up and now years later he was fighting against an Empire again, but this time with the knowledge that this beautiful and intelligent woman in the speeder beside them felt love for him as well. He had no clue where all this would lead, but he wouldn't wait years again.

Dawn well she was trying to make R5 be more positive and to accept having a backup memory unit installed. The droid was whining and begging for somebody to end its suffering. Could she not see he was depressed? Could she not understand his pain?

Jade sneaked her arms around Luke. "We will win Luke. We are on our way now." Her green eyes seemed to glitter amused. Luke nodded letting his own skill in the force sense the future. Slowly he nodded and said, "It's still a dark road and a lot of things are uncertain, but together we can do it." He snuggled up beside her and was remembering the photo Xander had shown them of Ben Skywalker, his and Jade counterparts child.

He may not be a Jedi Master yet, but he was a Jedi Knight and the days of training were over and it was time to become a master of the force. Jaina set course back for the world Luke had found and where supposedly a horde of Jedi were training under the old Jedi Master Ood Bnar who had turned himself into a tree to stop Jedi artifacts from falling into Sith hands during the great Sith wars.

Mace Windu stared out of the window and wondered if he finally would see the Sith defeated and the rebirth of the Jedi and the Republic, even if he died during the struggle it would be worth it he decided.

List of Characters in this fic:

Ackbar - Rebel Admiral

Antilles, Wedge - Rebel Ace Pilot and General

Bnar, Ood - Jedi Master, tree guardian of the Jedi world

Calrissian, Lando - Rebel General

Harris-Solo, Danni - Wife to Xander and Jaina

Harris-Solo, Jaina - Wife of Xander and Danni

Harris-Solo, Xander - Jedi Master, Husband of Jaina and Danni

Jade, Mara - Force Sensitive training to be a Knight and girlfriend to Luke

Jaxs - Rebel Commander

Jenna, Sith capture team commander

Kaira - Sith Lord, lover of Leia

Kartan, Kyle - Former Imperial Special Forces, Force Sensitive in training to Knight

Kenobi, Obiwan - Force Ghost

Kragg and Vega -Empire Admirals

Organa, Leia - Empress of the New Empire

Ors, Jan - former Alderaanian intelligence operative, Pilot for Kyle, in love with Kyle

Rona - Force Guardian

Skywalker, Anakin - Force Ghost

Skywalker, Luke - Jedi Knight, Ace Pilot

Solo, Han - Ex-General, Smuggler

Summers-Finn, Buffy - Force Guardian

Summers, Dawn - Sister to Buffy, Jedi Padawan

Verner, Kiara - Wife to Praiphex, Starship Engineer, Master of Teräs Käsi

Verner, Praiphex - Force-Sensitive calls himself a Grey Knight, Smuggler, Mechanic

Windu, Mace - Jedi Master from before the Empire

Yoda - Force Ghost

Zars, Rebel Colonel

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