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Heart = Brains, an Andrew Love Story

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Summary: *ON HIATUS!* Andrew has a date. Everyone is perturbed.

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Television > Criminal MindstootsFR1528920184,59024 Jun 105 Aug 10No

Chapter Two

Author’s Notes: Sorry! This was supposed to be a part of Chapter One, but the coding did something hinky and it didn’t show up. So, congrats, you got a second chapter early.

Chapter Two

Andrew gleefully turned back to his computer now that Dawn was gone. She was a good girl and they were learning to love one another in a very platonic, nonlife threatening way. Part of that was being comfortable with when she decided to be nosy.

Still, though. He was on a date.

‘Sorry,’ he typed, hunching a little over the keyboard before remembering that impressions were important and posture was a part of that and straightening his spine. ‘Friend didn’t heed the warning.’

‘Cool,’ his friend typed. ‘Gone now?’

‘Y. Seemed to like my bowtie,’ he added, because he wanted his date to know he’d chosen his outfit carefully.

‘*beg* Bet I’d like your bowtie,’ crawled onto his screen and Andrew gave a nervous giggle. God, he was so glad he was doing this online. If he’d tried in person first, well, Warren used to tell him the giggling was disturbing.

‘Maybe,’ he typed. ‘But not as much as I’d like your glasses.’

He couldn’t really think of anything else because they’d kept things mostly anonymous. Well, his date had kept it mostly anonymous. Andrew was a magically gifted hacker. He’d traced everything he could on Kevin Lynch and he absolutely liked what he saw. Even if there was a girlfriend in the picture. (He wasn’t sure but the girlfriend might have been the extroverted flirty one when they chatted. He was sort of juiced about that, honestly.)

Then he remembered that they hadn’t swapped pictures and he wasn’t supposed to know that both of them wore glasses with dark frames. (And he hadn’t been kidding. It was all Mr. Giles’s fault, but he maybe had a little glasses kink, now.) And the cursor kept blinking at him because his date (dates?) hadn’t replied.

He jumped when suddenly a video came on screen and he realized it was actually a web cam. He waved and the pretty blonde waved back, Kevin giving a nervous snort which had Andrew relaxing.

“Told you I’d like your bowtie,” the blonde drawled, something ubersatisfied in the smirk that was curling her lips.

Andrew tried to stop it but a giggle crossed his lips, anyway, and he said, “And I already knew I liked the glasses.” He leaned a little closer, eyes widening a little in adoration. “Did you hack my computer?”

Kevin looked up at the woman, eyes googly with love. “Yes, she did. She’s my wonderful Goddess of Wisdom.”

A small blush swept over her cheeks, even as she asked through a throaty laugh, “So. When are we making this official and meeting in person? Because you’ve hacked us and we’ve hacked you. I think that’s as personal as we can get without getting physical.” A spurt of giggles startled everyone and he clapped his hand over his mouth. She looked at Kevin and said stridently, “God, he’s adorable. I can’t wait to pinch his cheeks. All of them.”

Andrew blinked at the computer screen, then typed, ‘C U tomorrow. Whenever you want.’

Then he rapidly turned everything off. She would leave him an e-mail. Goddesses of Wisdom could do that.

And he giggled.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Heart = Brains, an Andrew Love Story" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 10.

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