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Inheriting Family

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Summary: Giles is related to Dr. Janet Frasier. Giles has inherited the guardianship for Cassie. This is post Sunnydale crater and deals with how some familes are made. How two groups of champions can become one.Beta: Genuka

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Stargate > Giles-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR185174,06925329195,2782 Jul 1016 Dec 13No

Part 49 Let’s Go Home

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the mentioned works or shows. Sadly they belong to others but I thought they might like to come out to play for a bit.

A/N: “Speech” ‘Telepathy and thoughts’

A/N: Not betaed so read at your own risk

By:Fire Star

Monday, May 06, 2013

Part 49 Let’s Go Home

Everything being equal the flight home was relatively peaceful. Well peaceful by the standards of SG-1 and the Scooby Gang. Janet of course now that she had been reunited with her daughter and friends turned to Cassandra with a clearly dark look.

“All right young lady I want an explanation about how you ended up on this ship. I know that you were told to remain behind. I am rather certain you have General Hammond tearing out what is left of his hair.”

Cassandra shifted from one foot to the other. 'She knew she was going to be in trouble for this little runner but hey she had to save her mom. That so had to count for something right? Plus who was she supposed to stay with? Ok maybe the General could have looked out for her but the man was wickedly busy and she so could not hang out with Siler I mean the man was a walking menace to human safety. She liked the guy she did but the man ended up in the infirmary even more than SG-1 and that was without ever leaving the planet for cripes sake.'

“I wanted to get to you and save you mom. I got skills and power and I was so not staying behind besides I’m not a kid anymore.”

Cassandra said almost stopping her foot and ruining the rightness rant.

Buffy smirked and looked away so not to encourage Cassie. She noted that Dawn was smiling outright and Giles was cleaning his glasses.

Ethan of course looked proud and that so did not bode well for them if he became close to Cassandra.

Janet took a deep breath and reminded herself that her daughter had believed she had been killed and had been through trauma. She counted to 100 in several languages but it was doing little to calm her temper. She appreciated her daughters fear and worry and her desire to help but, she so should not have snuck aboard. Of course given how trigger happy the Colonel was she kind of understood Cassandra had been worried but still…

‘Remain calm. Your daughter was simply worried and wanted to help. You would have done the same in her place.’ Eugenie pointed out trying to help her new friend remain calm and collected.

‘I know that Eugenie which is why I am not happy with her or myself. We have taught her to think before she acts and she was clearly impulsive this could have been dangerous.’

‘Yes and she still acted out of love for you.’

That deflated a lot of Janet’s anger but not all of it.”All right I understand why you did what you did. However you did disobey several adults who you know have my support. That will be discussed at a later time. What I will say is I am proud of you for sticking up for your uncle Rupert and his family. I know it’s not been easy keeping things from SG-1 and I know they are not happy. However we will be dealing with that when we get home. I am just glad you are safe. I am sorry I worried you. I hope you can accept Eugenie and I as one now?”

“Mom I so don’t care. I like Uncle Jake and Selmak so what if you got a new friend too. I have you back.” Cassie ran to her and hugged her crying with relief.

Janet was now glad she had not lost her temper. '

'Yes she would have to talk to Cassie about breaking the rules and perhaps discipline her for that but, now it was more important that her daughter see she was the same loving mother as before.'

Jack watched and decided he would have to work hard to mend fences he was truly sorry for his actions. His arm hurt but it was the least he deserved for his rash actions. He sighed.

“The rings what do they mean?”
Rupert knew that the American Colonel was stubborn and would not let this go. So he decided to answer it at least in part.

“The rings are a symbol of an organization we all belong to. The color and style of the ring denote office and I suppose you would say a hierarchy or rank system. They are a means of identification that cannot be easily duplicated nor can they be used by anyone randomly.”

“Look rings can be stolen or copied.”Jack said. “What organization and what rank do you hold?”

Rupert gave him a hard look. “That for the moment is classified Colonel O’Neill and you must trust I am telling the truth. As to my position in the organization I am currently its head along with Buffy Summers.”

Buffy scowled at that clearly not liking the idea of being any kind of head honcho.

O’Neill spun around and looked at the little blonde and realized he had missed the ring on her finger. It was smaller and on her right hand which was probably why he missed it. He rarely paid attention to women jewelry he had only ever noticed Janet’s ring because she flashed that glowy light in his eyes so much. He frowned and realized suddenly that Rupert Giles was far more then he appeared to be.

Samantha Carter watched the interplay with interest. She was puzzling out the situation and trying hard to see what so many different people might have in common. Her mind raced over what common denominators they might have? Since she did not know Rupert Giles except from his CV’s and what she found on line and she had no idea about Ethan Raynes she considered what she knew or thought she knew of Janet and the President. Her friend had secrets that much was clear and it hurt a little but, everyone had a past and sometimes it could be painful hell her own was not something she often wanted to share. The Air Force had been her new beginning and maybe it had been for Janet too so she tried not to judge to harshly. Her mind considered everything while she watched the interplay. She noted the so called Scooby Gang was watching just as intently and clearly protectively. That protection clearly now extended to Janet and her ToK’ Ra. The facts were giving her a headache until it hit her. Family, it was all about family connections and what the various people studied.

Jack saw the light go off in Carter and shifted to her side. “So whatcha got for me?”

“I’m not sure sir. Just thinking about something and possibilities sir, connections and possible reasons and reactions to certain things; if I am right it’s big sir and goes beyond just those people.”

“Yeah, I figured that part so what are we talking about Free Mason type stuff of Illuminati/ Divinci code type connections.” He whispered softly “Or is it maybe Skulls type stuff.”

Carter rolled her eyes at the movie reference but she was not sure he was totally wrong either not that she wanted to say that just yet.

Rupert looked at them both and said.”In many ways you are correct that is to say our organization is many millennia in age and it has been passed on through many families though things have changed in the last few years. We are not the Illuminati though Buffy might argue that sometimes our former leaders acted far less kind then that organization. I will say that that organization would never dare interfere with ours. They are not that foolish or suicidal.”

Jack’s joking smiled faded 'because he could tell that the Ambassador was not joking and of course he now remembered that was exactly what Rupert Giles was. Damn why did life have to be so complicated?'

The ship made good time and they arrived back on earth far more quickly than they had expected which was both good and bad.

Jack called in and told the General they were heading to Great Britain it was not like they really had a choice as the ship belonged to Ethan. They had managed to secure the ship Janet escaped on but that was not something he reported not wanting that information to get out. Besides he figured Janet and Eugenie stole it so it was theirs. He knew that decision might be argued with but then again he was wounded and he had only SG-1 with him plus he had presidential orders to play nice. He figured he could get away with this for now.

The ship landed away from the population and this old World War II base would become the beginning of the United Kingdom’s new defense force. Rupert and the others came out of the ships and were met by someone that would impress even SG-1.

“Your Highness it was good of you to come, however it was not necessary.” Giles said as he bowed to the Prince of Wales.

The prince smiled and held out his hand shaking Rupert’s with a smile. “Really it was not a problem. I am currently visiting mother at Balmoral she thought it might be best if I come and welcome Janet home as well as meet her new “Sister”. It is not often we get to meet new royalty.”

Janet blushed at this she had of course bowed because she respected the prince deeply and she did hold dual citizenship something that would come in handy now.

“Thank you for coming sir.” She said.

“It was my pleasure Lady Janet. I was asked to see about establishing diplomatic relations with your new "sister".

Eugenie came to the for Janet’s eyes flashed. “It would be my pleasure your highness though to be fair I can only offer myself and perhaps my brother at this time. I have yet to meet those of the Tok’Ra and ally myself with them.”

“That is perfectly understandable. We merely wished to let you know you have our support and our desire to build a workable relationship.”

Colonel O’Neill and SG-1 watched all this with some trepidation. Jack looked over at his team. Teal’c merely raised his brow. ‘That was to be expected as he was still learning about Earth and her politics. Daniel looked shocked and awed and suddenly very worried. Carter well she looked how he felt like nothing was ever going to be the same again. While they knew their allies had been informed about the gate and that they had clearly not been happy about the situation they had never really considered what this might mean besides maybe having a few teams at the mountain. However it was clear by looking around this base that their allies were not going to just sit back and trust them to keep Earth safe. The base was clearly being upgraded and there was a lot of activity and if they just got two ships they were definitely in the game. Damn the General was so not going to like this at all nor were the joint chiefs. Of course O’Neill knew he had to follow orders but somehow he had a feeling things just got a lot more complicated especially when he spotted a ring on the prince’s finger that bore a striking resemblance to the one Rupert and Janet wore. Damn…’

“Please consider this your home until you can make other arrangement. I have been authorized to offer you and Janet sanctuary here in the UK. This is not just because you are Tok’Ra but because Janet has citizenship here. We will not allow any of our subjects to be detained or experimented on.” The prince said giving SG-1 a hard look. “Janet, Rupert and their families are very important to us and they play a vital role in my countries defense. Any harm to them from this day forward will be considered an act of war. Please relate that back to your superiors Colonel. Also do you harm them I promise to hunt you down and mount your head above my fireplace at Highgrove.”

Jack froze and nodded. He looked over at Jon who paled as much as he had. ‘Damn I so stepped in it.’

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