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Lost Connections

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Summary: What if Death was more then Buffy's Gift? What if he was her father? What if immortality is a family trait? BetaedSiti Noor Adilla

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherFireWolfeFR184961,76911164119,5963 Jul 1014 May 14No

Part 44 clueless….no more

Lost Connections
Disclaimer: See Part One
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Part 44 clueless….no more

Oz got up and dusted himself off. He held on to the paper as he would need it to prove his point. He could not quite believe this. He walked over to the gang. His mind raced as he tried to get it around what he was reading.

“Buffy you have to see this.” He could not believe what he read. Even for the gang this was crazy. Time did not just reset itself not even in Sunnydale.

She put Mr. Pointy away and took the paper from Oz. She was a bit surprised at his long speech. “What’s the what Oz? You look worried and shocked.”

“Check the date.”

Buffy looked at the date of the paper and said. “Damn I hate being right. Hey guys check this out. It looks like we got time warped or something. This is so not of the good. How the heck did t his happen? I mean it was 1999 last time I checked.”

Willow and Tara came over and took the paper from Buffy. Tara read the date out loud. The paper says the date is September 6th 1996. There is no way this is right.”

“Huh? How is that possible? We all graduated already!” Cordelia said in shock. “If we went back in time…that makes no sense. I am so not going back to high school the first time was bad enough.

“It’s Sunnydale Cordelia.” Xander said suddenly he got a strange look on his face. “Wait if it’s the 6th of September!”

“Jessie we can save Jessie. He was not turned until the 8th. “Willow said. “Wait does that mean the master is back too? Huh, what how can this be, I mean none of us wished right. Plus those stores weren’t here back in freshmen year.”

“Lord I hope not.”Giles said cleaning his glasses.
The look of horror on Buffy’s face said the same. “It’s more like time merged. I cannot believe this is a reset. I would almost say it’s another dimension.”

“Giles that makes no sense we would have had to gone through a portal or something right? I mean how can we all remember the past few years if they haven’t happened yet?”
“Paradoxes could happen as well.” Tara said she looked worried. “We could make things worse.”

“What is worse than all the bads being back?” Faith asked.

Buffy looked at her sister slayer and said. “All the big bads we ended being back and joining forces.”

“Well Fuck me.”

“Language Faith Giles how do we find out how this happened and how can we save Jessie!” Buffy said but she agreed totally.

“Not just Jessie Buffy, Athena and Margret and Dillian and about half a dozen others.” Cordy said. “If we can stop the Master that is, he turned them all on the harvest night.”

“Well damn this just got insane.” Buffy said. “Faith is right this is fucked up.”

Adam looked up and was shocked to see several of his vampires turn to dust. A cloven foot demon entered the room with a wicked smile on its face. “Adam I have come to invite you and Glory to join me in ending the slayer Buffy Summers. It seems fate and time itself have been rewritten and I would have my revenge.”

Adam blinked and said. “Why should I help you?”

“Perhaps because I come bearing gifts. He threw a fighting Jessie down along with a frightened Cordette named Athena.”

“Well they look healthy enough. But only two I need more than that.”

“Well my associates have about twenty young men and women outside. Of course they are feeding right now but the bodies should be fresh enough for your use. These two are friends of the Summers girl so I saved them for bait.”

“Logical, I shall send a message to the slayer then. Send the boy.” Adam said with a grin.

“Yes, I shall send him. But first I’m Hungry.” He grabbed Jessie and drank deeply then forced him to drink siring a new vampire.

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