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The Rocky Road Of Mystery Men, Aliens & families

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Gift of a Family Series.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Book two of my Gift of a Family series. Multi pairings and eventually more crossovers but will start with just Buffy and Stargate.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Past Donor)FireDragonFR15712,88199522,8343 Jul 103 Sep 14No

Buffy’s Visitor.

A.N. Major thanks go out to my new beta reader PandorasKnot. She is awesome guys. Also want to thank and wish the best for my old beta reader Clarityfades who is not able to be my beta reader anymore.

Sam poked her head in the door to the infirmary. “Hey, Buffy, are you up to a visitor?”

”Sure Sam it’s always good to see you,” Buffy replied.

“Actually, it’s a friend of yours who finally came for the tour.” Sam explained stepping aside to allow Giles into the room.

“Giles!” Buffy cried out happily “I would come give you a hug but I am healing here. Welcome, why didn’t you tell me you were coming today?” Jack noticed with no small amount of jealousy how she lit up and smiled at the other man. Buffy was positively glowing to see her watcher again.

For a moment Giles seemed to share in the joyful glow with a brilliant smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. Then his British side took over and he was all stiff and proper once again. “Dear girl it is good to see you.” He smiled and polished his glasses.

“Where is Willow? She and Sam are going to get along like a house of cards of fire or something like that. Oh! And you can finally meet my father Jack O’Neill and Daniel in the flesh. This is my father Jack. Jack this is Giles my watcher.”

The two men exchanged pleasantries and Buffy requested Jack go get Daniel so that he too could meet her watcher. When he left Giles took the newly vacant chair next to Buffy’s bed.

“They told me you were wounded. Are you alright?” he asked.

“I will be fine. I am healing well. What about Willow? It is so good to see you.” she smiled.

“It is good to see you. Willow sends her regards she is in England helping me get the council setup again. She is doing much better but wants to take going back into the world slowly.”

“I sort of understand that.” Buffy felt disappointed but knew if it was best for Willow then it was best for her too.

“Buffy, I need to talk to you about the council and the explosion. I have come across information that Traverse was trying to get the council to turn you over to a private company.”

”Seriously?” Buffy asked. “Do you have more information? What did they think would happen with the Hellmouth unguarded?”

“We have a tape of a meeting that was going on before the explosion. Apparently the plan was to have Faith killed so a new slayer would be called.”

”Would the council have gone along with that?” Buffy asked, not really shocked.

“The council seemed to be divided but more of them voted against turning you over to the other company.”

“Well at least Traverse is dead now.” Buffy sighed and Giles started polishing his glasses again. “No freakin’ way! How could he have survived?”

“That is something I am not sure about but in the video feed he was in the council chambers a few moments before the bomb went off. However there was a flash of light and he was gone. A second later the bomb exploded.”

“Crap, he is still alive then. I want to see this tape and I want SG-1 to see it with me. He must have planted the bomb himself and set it to explode if things didn’t go his way.”

“I can’t imagine Traverse working with a vampire like the Dragon.”

“What makes you so sure the bomb was set off by the Dragon? I promise he was in the States when the council was bombed.”

“Well, there was a note,” he explained.

“That is it? Was there no thought given that someone wrote it to keep us from looking at other options?” She asked.

“Buffy, Traverse was a hideously odious man, but are you honestly suggesting that he bombed the council himself?”

“I need to look at the footage before I answer that. Let’s wait for Jack and Daniel to get back; I want them to see it too.” Buffy explained. “You said once before that magic couldn’t be used in the council chambers so the bomb was a regular bomb. Could Traverse have gotten out of the council using magic?”

“No he couldn’t have, but somehow he did.” Giles shook his head even now wondering how the other man did it.

“I want to see the entire meeting Giles, don’t skip ahead.” She stated when she noticed Giles was fast forwarding the DVD.

“I want to see what it is that would make the council turn on Travers when they would support him through the Crucimantium.” Buffy explained.

“It’s bad, and I don’t think they want to let you out of the infirmary to destroy a few punching bags. Please Buffy I don’t think this is a good idea.”

In the end SG-1 gathered around Buffy’s bed in the infirmary to watch the tape from the beginning.

“I like movies, did anyone bring some popcorn?” Jack asked.

Giles froze and looked from Jack to Buffy and back. “He really is your father isn’t he?”

“Duh!” Buffy and Jack intoned at the same time.

Shaking his head Giles started the tape. It started out boring enough Buffy finally broke down to fast forward through the opening pleasantries of the meeting.

“She is our tool to use as we see fit.” Travers’ voice filled Buffy with loathing.

“Summers has been holding the Hellmouth against all manners of attacks. We know you dislike her but she is getting the job done,” another watcher argued.

“My contact has agreed to kill her temporarily, and then resuscitate her. If this works, we could have an army of slayers,” Travers argued.

“If it doesn’t work the Hellmouth will be unguarded. I don’t like her attitude any more than you do but there can be no doubt she gets results.”

“If it doesn’t work we simply eliminate the other slayer, Lehaine, and then we will have a council loyal slayer under our control. However, if it does work we have ourselves a third slayer to negotiate with. I have a second contact group willing to pay for a slayer.”

“A slayer is not meant for the use of companies, they are meant to battle evil,” one watcher spoke out.

“I am disturbed by your willingness to throw the lives of these girls away,” another spoke up.

“They are ours to do with as we please. It is not only our right but our duty to use these girls to our best advantage. Just think, if a brief moment of death can get us two slayers, we might be able to create an army of them. We have more enemies than you know.”

“I for one want to know what these companies plan to do with a slayer? You may think we can trust these companies to do what is right with them, but what assurances would we have that they wouldn’t find a way to use them against us?” the first watcher spoke out again.

“The risk outweighs the benefit. We have plenty of money; I see no need to sell our slayers. We must keep our slayers from outside control. They must remain ours.” The second watcher spoke up again, to be agreed with by most of the room.

“Both slayers are already outside of our control! Can’t you see that?” Travers demanded.

“The Summers girl is performing her duties. Lehaine is about to be released on parole, we will watch her closely to be sure she is truly reformed. While Miss Summers is guarding our world adequately she is not to be touched.”

“Can’t you fools see the opportunity before us?” Travers hissed.

“We have a divine and sacred duty of guiding and guarding the slayer. What you are suggesting is abominable.”

“And yet, each time one of our slayers turns eighteen you all agree to the Crucimantium, because you know that they become too powerful as they reach maturity. We were not able to keep them subjugated.”

“The purpose of our time honored test is not in debate here.”

“Did he just call the Crucimantium a time honored test?” Daniel asked in anger.

“These people are already dead right?” Jack asked, “Because I find myself wanting to shoot them. All of them.”

Giles looked nervous and embarrassed. “Not all of them felt that way.”

“And yet, they haven’t spoken up to say so at this meeting of theirs.”

“Things were going the way that they wanted; they had to pick their battles.”

“What the…” was heard from the screen.

“Shh, look.” Jack called for silence and attention to be turned back to the recording. Sure enough Travers disappeared immediately before the bomb went off.

“That was beaming technology. So the company that wants to get their hands on Buffy must be the Trust.”

“Does this change our plans?” Buffy asked her father.

“No we just have to be even more careful. I don’t want to lose you.”

“What plans? What is going on?” Giles demanded.

“We have made some plans in case a certain company tries to abduct me.” Buffy admitted and explained what was going on.

“I guess we should let you get some rest so you can finish recovering.” Giles stated and stood stretching. “I have an early flight to go back to England.

“I will walk Mr. Giles up, there are some things I want to talk to him about anyway.” Daniel stated to the group and turned to lead the way.

“I just want to stop by my office for a quick moment.” He explained when he took a detour.

“I was wondering, Mr. Giles, are you planning on sending Buffy a new watcher anytime soon?”

“I am Buffy’s watcher.” Giles replied.

“Yes, how exactly does that work with you in England and her in the states? Separated like that how do you watch her?” Daniel asked emphasizing the word watch. Giles stiffened but Daniel wasn’t through yet. “My understanding of a watchers duty is not just to teach and guide but to watch her; to record her deeds and exploits for future slayers and watchers. That isn’t something you can do if you are on a different continent. And more than that; you are supposed to be helping and supporting her but you just left her alone expecting her to deal with everything in her life and slaying on her own. In spite of being a superhero she is still a girl. She is a young woman who sometimes needs to know that she doesn’t have to face everything alone.”

Giles had the grace to be ashamed for a moment before his pride got to him.

“Just who do you think you are to be judging me like that?” Giles demanded.

“Me, I’m nobody. I am just a guy who cares for Buffy. A guy who found her alone facing hell on earth and tried to help. I am the man who held her when she broke down in tears after fighting the dragon and tried to kill herself because of her grief. I am the man who recorded everything he witnessed from her amazing courage to her overwhelming grief, and I am the man who is going to be here with Buffy once you are gone again. Here, I wanted to give this to you.” Daniel handed a diary to Giles. “It will tell you all about who I am and why I am judging you like that. Mostly it will tell you about Buffy’s encounter with the Dragons, both the vampire and the hell beast she had to fight to save the world.”

“I will read it once I get back to England.” Giles lied. He was planning on reading it once he got back to his apartment.

“I will walk you out. Just please think about what I said.”

Giles did think about it, walking back up out to his car and the drive back to his apartment, he thought about it while reading the journal and all night long as he couldn’t sleep.

The next morning found Giles rescheduling his flight and heading back to Cheyenne Mountain. He needed to speak with Daniel again.

Daniel for his part was surprised to see Buffy’s watcher again.

“I read the journal. It was very well written. I have been thinking about what you said all night. You are right, Buffy needs someone here so support her and record her deeds. I can’t be here right now as I am trying to get the council back up and running. I am trying to correct past mistakes like the crucimantium. I have to be in England to do this. So I have a proposition for you.”

“For me?” Daniel parroted dumbly.

“I can’t just send her another watcher. She won’t accept just anyone. Also this place is classified above top secret; there isn’t anyone I can send. You however, are here. Could you please act as her Watcher while I cannot?”

“I would have to talk to General Hammond about it. Everything we do is classified I can’t just send you journals about what we do here.”

“Of course,” Giles nodded.

“With his approval, I would be honored.” Daniel smiled.
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