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Love Beyond Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Love Knows No Bounds". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander is sent back in time and discovers love. From several different people

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Television > Merlin
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XanderLuvsAllFR1554,2780311,19112 Jul 102 Apr 11No


A/N: Sorry about the hiatus but I'm back and Spring break is here,EVERYONE CELEBRATE. Going to Mexico and will have time between partying and everything to get chapters in. Ironic that my spring break starts on April Fools though, college life is funny
that way.

Telling Merlin the entire truth of what had happened to him was very relieving as Xander had been needing to speak of what had happened. To tell Merlin, who felt like a part of him, an essential part of him. Like his children and Buffy yet in a different way....a more consuming way which frightened the hell out of Xander. As they were his all, his family who he planned on spending the rest of his life with. Come hell or high water, Xander would get back to them. Even if now it felt like he would be leaving more of himself behind then what he would be bringing with.

Merlin just stared at Xander after the tale of extraordinary thing, things that were so unbelievable that if it had been anyone other than Xander he would know they were lying. But Merlin simply knows on every level of existence that Xander would never lie to him just as Merlin knows he would never lie to him. Xander was...all. Arthur may be the other side of the coin, their destinies forever entwined but Xander..he was on the same side of the coin with Merlin. Forever connected. A fact that hurt Merlin to realize as Xander had a wife that he obviously very deeply loved and in no way would Merlin cause him to betray her.

"So, in essecne, you are from the future. Sent back in time with an unknown type of magic and have no idea how to send yourself back. You know who we are but won't tell me...Your from the future." That was the part that stuck Merlin the most as while he had seen a lot, the ability to travel in time was not one of them. The power it must take just blew Merlin's mind as he didn't think he had that much power and everyone was always saying how powerful he was.

Xander looked at Merlin and wondered at what he was thinking about. He knew that he should fight this connection more as he had Buffy and his family to get back to but he couldn't help himself so he distracted himself by speaking."I can't tell you as it would change the future and that's bad....and I'm not sure what is real as the legends and myths very obviously got allot wrong." That got Merlin's attention as he looked at him curiously so Xander explained."In most of the myths, you are a old man who either raised Arthur or gave him to another to raise in secret away from Camelot. And magic was most defiantly not forbidden,Morgana was Arthur's half sister and...well, lots of things are just different."

"That...I remembered as an old man...Lovely..Morgana is Arthur's sister but that's a secret so you can't tell anyone. They don't even know."That caused Xander to wince, remembering Mordred. That's why its a bad idea to keep secrets like that as they end up sleeping together not knowing it was wrong. Brilliant. Xander didn't say anything though as he knew better then to try to change the past. His family had time traveled before and nothing good came out of messing with the time...Well, save for Chris obviously but that was different and the future was changeable. Not the past, especially one so important to the future. Camelot changed the world though how was another story. Or why the myths and legends lasted while anything that could prove its existence disappeared forever.

Xander brought his attention back to Merlin when he realized that he was silent to find Merlin staring at him. The connection between them intensified instantly and all either of them could do was kiss again. The need to be toegether was simply to much for either of them. Thankfully though they were interrupted by coughing and they jumped apart to discover Gauis standing in the doorway.

"Well, I see you and Merlin are getting...acquainted...You should be resting though and not getting...excited.So come, Merlin." With extreme reluctant, Merlin rose from the bed and moved away from Xander. Xander watched him go then just laid there trying to get his bearing. What was going on with him, how could he betray Buffy. Who he had loved in some form or other for over a decade. It had only been a day but here he was, kissing another. Being drawn to another, several others actually...Never had Xander thought himself capable of this yet here he was, yearning to BE with Merlin in every way that matters and couldn't stop thinking about Morgana....It was wrong.

There was simply no doubt about it, Xander had to find a way back to his time and family as soon as possible before anything else could possibly happen. With that one thought firmly in his head, Xander fell into an exhausted sleep. Unaware of all that was going to happen to him soon.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Love Beyond Time" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Apr 11.

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