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A hunting I will go

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Summary: Xander runs into a new kind of Predator in Africa and wakes up on another planet- in a heap of trouble.

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Chapter One

Chapter One

TITLE: A Hunting I Will Go.

DISCLAIMER: I own none of this except this little thought that popped up during Predators. Please don't sue me.


Something was hunting them.

He didn’t know what and he didn’t know why. Well he knew probably why, traveling with three young Slayers kinda made you a target for the big and nasty beasties in the middle of Africa. With only their strength and untrained skills and his shotgun and the many weapons in the back of the truck they stood a better chance than any normal person. But the tingle at the back of his neck told him to be wary.

He didn’t always listen to that tingle, at times you couldn’t, not if you wanted to help others, like he had since he was fifteen but you respected it.
The tingle was combined with his new danger radar- his eye socket itched. It had only done this twice now, once at Sunny hell just before the ground gave way and the other was when he was tracking his second Slayer here mindful of the local’s talk of a Vampire old and cunning. Some said six hundred years old others eight, all Xander knew was that itch had saved him from looking up at his body from four feet away, severed at the neck. Now it was warning him and had been for three days.

“Mr. Xander how much longer till we are safe?” Faiza the youngest at eleven asked for what was probably the twentieth time that day. She was small at four foot with short rows and a penchant for pink, albeit faded that warmed Xander’s heart in remembrance of innocence and childishness long since forgotten. “Shouldn’t be much longer honey three hours and a shiny airplane to take you guys to Scotland, and plenty of food and fighting.”

The itching picked up just as Wangari stirred in her sleep he looked in the side mirror and almost took the truck off the side of the road. He was sure he’d seen it. A blur an echo of a shape, larger than a man but smaller than a Fyarl the eyes glowed in the dust and fading sunlight as dusk arrived. Xander locked his jaw and looked to his left briefly at the final new Slayer, the oldest at sixteen.
“Binta I need you to take the wheel and follow the GPS to the airstrip. I need you to be calm and be cool like a Power puff for me while I deal with a little problem on the roof.” Binta’s eyes had grown to the size of saucers and Xander could almost see her adrenalin racing- waring with her former nature as a normal girl. The urge to slay despite no training was almost overwhelming, with an effort she swallowed passed the lump in her throat and slid towards Xander and the wheel, small tremors still running up her arms despite the heat of the day.

Turning in his seat he eyed the others while still directing his conversation to Binta. “Now on three I’m gonna climb out the window and I need you and the others to stay calm and keep going, even if you see me fall off. Don’t stop for anything even road blocks; you just keep going okay?” With small nods from the three he threw on a Xander level three smile and began counting, looking out to the wing mirror again he saw two claws extend from the creatures right forearm.

“One.. two.. three!”
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