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Checkmate: Part 3

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Checkmate". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Five years after Chosen, Buffy wants to retire and have a real life, but can she? Warnings: Femslash & Hetero, Pairing Alexis/Michelle/Buffy/Willow/Dawn/Renee/Faith/Xander.

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Chapter 46: Unity

A/N: This story is quite long and develps several new characters and many new relations. I've completed the story and will upload the chapters as I can, assuming of course that anybody is reading it. To comply with size limitations the story will be broken into three parts.

Disclaimer 1: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Castle do not belong to me. All I do is write about my imaginings for them.

Disclaimer 2: There is femslash and hetero in this story. The pairings in Part 3 are Alexis/Michelle/Buffy/Willow/Dawn/Renee/Faith/Xander, including cross pairings and group sex. The story contains a lot of sexual activity but it is, in my mind, integral to the story line. For those of you that don’t like it then don't read this.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it.

A month had passed since our little airplane adventure and the news had finally died down. Fortunately we were never identified, at least not enough for the reporters to find us, keep our fingers crossed. The video of the four of us that had gotten out was of pretty poor quality and none of it clearly showed our faces. I’d heard there was a much better video of us but that Sam’s troops had located and confiscated it before it had gotten out. The government had, so far, been able to keep the passenger lists and other documentation from being released although several court battles were still going on. I didn’t know what would happen if we ever had to appear at the hijacker’s trial, but that was months away, if ever.

We had spent the afternoon and evening in Washington, getting debriefed about everything that had happened. Buffy, Willow, and Dr. Cranston had disappeared for a couple of hours and when they came back the doctor had stopped worrying about Buffy and she had taken charge. From what I found out later once he had become convinced that she healed as fast as she did his concern was the bullet and the couple of small pieces broken off from it might cause more damage with their sharp edges. Willow, under his direction, used her powers to smooth out the metal leaving three small flattened ovals up against the inside of Buffy’s scapula, difficult to get to but not likely to cause her any additional problems other than setting off metal detectors. Dr. Cranston, Tom as he insisted, was now our doctor, his practice was only a couple of miles from us and now that he knew about us and our world he was a good consultant for Willow when one of us got hurt, although most of the time she still patched us up.

Dawn had kept Renee under her wing the entire time, when we had gotten back home she had insisted that Renee stay with her that night and then she, Willow, and Buffy had had a long talk the next morning. She and Dawn had disappeared for the rest of the day and Dawn had come home late that night alone, but the next evening Renee had joined us for dinner before she and Dawn went out. Dawn and I had a long talk one of the evenings she was home last week, Renee was back at work and was out of town overnight, and she had told me about their developing relationship. Renee had broken up with her boy friend a couple weeks before the whole thing had started, one of the reasons she had been vacationing in Europe.

Dawn felt Renee was in a quandary, she didn’t consider herself bisexual and had a real hard time dealing with Dawn as a ‘girlfriend’, she said they hadn’t gone past second base yet, but at the same time Renee couldn’t shake what had happened to the four of us. I told Dawn to just take her time, she agreed but felt the strain was starting to get to her. Surprising myself I invited her to join Michelle and I that evening, she declined but thanked me for the offer. She said she wanted to ‘save’ herself until Renee was ready. Dawn had gone out with Renee last night and Dawn had never come home, I think Renee had finally come to a decision.

My thoughts came back to the present, Michelle’s hand on my arm pulled me to a stop, we were half a block from our apartment building, it was late, almost 3 AM, and we were both covered in green goop from the Vivaryn demons. We had found their nest and gotten all six of them before they had sacrificed the three cheerleaders they had kidnapped earlier that week. Fortunately the demon’s bodies had burned when we killed them so only small piles of ashes remained, we kicked the ash around until it was just part of the dust and dirt of the old warehouse where the girls were being held.

None of the girls were hurt, just scared, exhausted, and hungry from their ordeal. We asked them not to mention us or the demons, just tell the cops that some masked men had kidnapped and held them. Fortunately the Vivaryn’s weren’t into anything nasty, other than eating young girls’ hearts fresh from their bodies on the night of the new moon, so the girls’ hadn’t been abused in the two days they had been captive. We found one of the girl’s cell phones in her purse in a corner so I pulled one of the manacles holding her hand free from the wall and put her purse within reach. We had her call 911 and then waited outside for the cops to arrive, once we were sure they had found the girls we split. Covered in goop the way we were we hadn’t been able to take public transportation so we got to walk all the way home.

“Okay, hold still while I put on the glamour.” I felt a slight tingle and then saw Michelle change, all the goop disappeared and she looked neat and trim, “Now just hope Tom doesn’t touch either of us.”

We walked the remainder of the block and punched the call button, in a moment Tom was there and opened the door for us, “You two are out awfully late, aren’t you?”

“Lost track of time, Tom.”

He looked around, “Where’s your cab?”

I tried to look embarrassed, “Also lost track of our money; had to have him stop a block up or we wouldn’t have had enough to pay.”

Tom shook his head at us, “You girls have to be more careful!”

“We will Tom, I promise.” We scooted down the hall saying our good nights over our shoulders, fortunately the elevator was there and the door opened as soon as we punched the call button. We got on and the door slid shut behind us.

“Sheesh, nosy doormen!” Michelle hissed under her breath.

“Tom just cares about us, it’s nice.”

“Yeah, I know. I just don’t like having to fib to him. Especially when I have to hold this glamour; I have got to get Willow to teach me an easier way to do it.”

“If you hadn’t said you wanted it so we could go drinking without getting caught she would have taught you already.”

“Yeah, but I was just kidding!”

“You were?”

“Well, that’s what I told her.”

“Usually you’re a good liar, what happened?”

“Well, the fact she was already in my head didn’t help!”

I giggled, imagining Michelle trying to lie to Willow when Willow was in her head. The elevator ‘binged’ and the door opened and we walked down the hall to our, well Buffy, Willow, Dawn and our, apartment. Michelle snapped her finger and twisted her hand oddly and the door unlocked and swung open, we went through and she waved her hand behind her and the door closed.

I saw Dawn rise from the couch in the living room area and come toward us; I guessed she had been snuggled with Renee who was still on the couch, “About time you two got home!”

“What are you doing up?”

She reached out to hug me when Michelle dropped the glamour; she jerked back, “Yuck! What have you two been up to?”

Michelle wrinkled her nose, “Nest of damned Vivaryn demons. Damned things spray like a fire hose when you cut off their heads!”

I could see Renee on the couch, staring at us in shocked disbelief. She had been told about our world and we had told her stories, but it was her first exposure to the real thing. Dawn shook her head at us, “You two go get cleaned up; then we’ll talk.”

I slipped off my jacket, carful to move slowly so as not to knock any of the gunk off, and once free dropped it into the special laundry hamper Willow had put by the front door, Michelle copied me. With the jacket off I could take off the sword sheath that held my sword to my back, I carefully pulled it free and held it out to Dawn, “If you could clean up the weapons it would help.”

Dawn nodded and took it, then reached over to take the one offered by Michelle, “Okay, I’ll clean them and you get yourselves cleaned up.”

“Thanks, Dawn,” Michelle said as we walked through the doors to the gym to go up to our room, one of the master suites on what Buffy had intended to be Dawn’s side of the apartment.

Half an hour latter I was clean and had gotten my hair dry, I walked back into our bedroom to get something to put on for our meeting with Dawn. I had been wondering why they had waited up for us until this ungodly hour, but figured it must be important. I was jazzed from the hunt and fight with the Vivaryn demons so I wasn’t in a hurry to go to sleep, although I was regretting not being able to take Michelle to bed. I heard the water shut off behind me and knew Michelle would be another five minutes or so.

As I walked toward our dresser I became aware of movement over on our bed, I looked over and Dawn and Renee were sitting on the bed, both of them looking at me. Instinct took over and I half crouched and turned sideways to them, one of my hands covered my bush and the other arm covered my breasts. I could feel myself go red, “What the hell are you doing in here!?!?” I screeched.

Before either of them could respond Michelle appeared in the doorway, she stood there as naked as me, calmly drying her hair, “Oh, I told them they could wait for us here; see Dawn brought drinks and sandwiches for us.”

I stood back up and stopped trying to cover myself; they had both seen me nude before, in fact they had both held me when we had all been nude. “Jesus! You could at least have warned me!”

“Sorry, honey,” she grinned mischievously, “must have slipped my mind.”

“Yeah, right!” I said disgustedly.

Michelle grinned and turned and went back into the bathroom. I went to the closet and grabbed a light flannel robe and slipped it on. The thought of food and drink put aside the need for anything other than a covering for my body. I went over to the tray and grabbed a sandwich and a diet coke, “Thanks, Dawn.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, both Dawn and Renee were wrapped in light robes, it didn’t look like they had on anything underneath them, “What’s going on?”

Dawn looked at me, “Let’s wait until Michelle’s out here. Tell us what happened tonight.”

I nodded and swallowed the bite of my sandwich and washed it down with a gulp of coke, and then launched into the story. Although interrupted by the occasional bite of food I was wrapping up the story when Michelle came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a robe that came to her mid-thigh, it was almost shear and the material was so thin that what didn’t show through was clearly outlined under it. She came over and took half a sandwich and a bottle of juice and then sat down on the bed and curled her long legs under herself, “So, what’s up, Miss Dawn?”

“Your partner made an offer the other night; I was hoping to take her up on it with a minor expansion?” Dawn smiled at me as she said it.

I couldn’t think of what she was referring to and then it came to me, I was too shocked to speak so Michelle filled the silence, “What offer?”

“To make love with me,” Dawn said.

Michelle looked at me in shock, “Alexis!?!”

I finally got some control back, “It was with both of us!”

“Hey! You or both of us, either way, it’s a great idea!” Michelle grinned at both Dawn and I, and then looked over at Renee who was watching us with wary embarrassment, “You’re welcome too!”

Dawn looked at Renee; then back at Michelle, “That’s the expansion I mentioned, although Renee’s not quite sure about any of this.”

Michelle turned to Renee and reached out and took her hand, “I know we seem really strange, and we are, but in a good way! When Alexis and I make love we join mentally, not just physically, our minds, our thoughts, our feelings are all shared. You felt that, or some of that, when you formed that circle with Alexis, Willow and Dawn. We know, really truly know, what both of us feel for each other, understand?”

Renee nodded, “I know, that is what I’m trying to get back to, but I can’t!”

“We know that we are mated for life; there are no doubts in either of us about that. Since we know that, we can share our love with others without threatening our love for each other. I can love Dawn, I can make love with Dawn, and that doesn’t diminish the love Alexis and I share, and it doesn’t threaten the love we share because it cannot be threatened.”

Renee nodded again, “Okay, I understand that. I think I can accept that.”

Michelle nodded and smiled at Renee, “I don’t know you that well, I only got a slight ‘taste’ of you on the airplane, but Alexis was with you, a lot closer to you than you can imagine. She knows a lot more about you than any of your previous lovers, more than your parents. She hasn’t shared that with me because it wasn’t hers to share; we’ve sort of developed an ethic for our abilities. There are times when we learn a lot more about someone than they may be comfortable with; we’ve sort of worked out that when that happens it’s up to that person if it goes any further. So what Alexis learned about you on the plane she’s kept isolated from me. On the other hand, what she feels about you, she can’t keep that from me, so I know how much she likes and respects you.”

Renee looked over at me, I smiled at her, “You’re good people!”

Dawn nodded, “That’s what I keep trying to convince you of, Renee.”

Renee looked back at Dawn, “But… why haven’t we…” Tears started to come to her eyes, “Why haven’t we been able to establish a connection?”

I thought about what happened on the airplane, an idea came to me, “Renee, when we were on the plane Willow and I connected, once we were able to connect we brought Dawn into the connection, then I talked you through lowering your barriers and making the connection with us, remember?”


“Well, I was the conduit of that connection; I was the connection to you, you only connected to Willow on the surface, the conscious level, not the emotional level, I stopped that part of the connection with me. Dawn, well she was on the other side of Willow, Willow probably did the same thing, consciously or unconsciously, to keep you from being overwhelmed.”

“Oh, okay.”

“And understand, Michelle and I, Willow and Buffy, our minds integrate amazingly well. We don’t know why that is, but I think Michelle and I are just naturals; Willow and Buffy are because they have lived with each other and loved each other for so long they just grew together. From what I can tell you and Dawn are at the next level, you are very compatible; don’t doubt that, but not nearly so tight as Michelle and I or Buffy and Willow.” I didn’t mention that Dawn was also closer to Michelle and I and Renee was closer to Buffy and Willow; that could wait.

Renee nodded, “Okay, but what does that mean?”

Michelle spoke up again, “It means you may need some help to establish the connection with Dawn. I think once it is established you won’t have any difficulty establishing it again.”

“Oh, okay, but how do we do that?” She asked tremulously, I think she had some idea as to what that meant but she didn’t want to say it out loud.

“Well,” Michelle grinned at her, “we could do it like you did on the plane, all sort of sterile and distant. I’m sure Alexis would be able to talk you through it, and since you’ve done it before I’m sure I can handle Willow’s role.”

“Oh, that sounds like a plan!” She grinned weakly.

“On the other hand, we could all just make love together and let it come naturally. The mind blowing way!”

Renee blushed red, “I’m…”

Michelle moved until she was kneeling directly in front of Renee, she still had hold of one of her hands and now she took hold of her other hand, she tugged on the hands until Renee was looking into her eyes, “Renee, don’t be embarrassed. Don’t ever be embarrassed about your feelings.”

Renee nodded reluctantly.

“Look, I can be outrageous, really blunt, all of that is just who I am. But I think it’s an asset, I get through a lot of the bullshit most people spew around. I want to talk to you straight, okay?”

Renee nodded, still looking only in Michelle’s eyes, “Sure.”

“Making love with us will be one of the most mind blowing experiences of your life. You may have a better experience, a more powerful experience, maybe a deeper experience with someone, or some ones, else sometime in the future. But this will always be the first time you’ve truly experienced another person. Alexis and I are at a disadvantage, we lost our virginity at the same time we experienced this, so we don’t have anything to compare it to. But I’ve talked with Willow a lot about it, she says she remembers when she and Oz first made love and she lost her virginity and how she thought she had just had the most profound experience of her life. Then she fell in love with Tara and they made love for the first time and it became the most profound experience. And then Tara was killed and she had another profound experience, although this time it was evil and she went all apocalyptic but it was another level. And then the fourth time, when she did the spell that released all the Slayers, she was sure there could never be anything beyond that. Then she made love with Buffy and they connected, and suddenly all the rest just paled, almost to insignificance, but not. She doesn’t ever want to make those events insignificant, because they are not, but compared to connecting with her mate there is almost no other way to describe it.”

Renee was staring at her in stunned silence, finally after several minutes, she asked weakly, “But, who’s my mate? You and Alexis are mated, and you said Dawn and I aren’t really that close!”

Michelle looked chagrinned, then she stiffened herself, “I haven’t discussed this with anyone, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I also had a lot of time to observe when you were learning to fly that airplane. I have a theory, and what I’ve seen supports it, do you want to hear it?”

“Sure,” Renee said, almost reluctantly.

Michelle looked at Dawn who, after a moment nodded, and then at me, I smiled at her, “Go ahead, old wise one.”

“I’m not joking about this.”

I sobered, “Go ahead my love.”

Michelle nodded, then she turned back to Renee, “Your mate is Dawn, your tri-mates are Buffy and Willow, Dawn’s tri-mates are Alexis and I, our six-mates or whatever you want to call it are all of us. But any of us can join with any other, either for pleasure, or for other reasons.”

All of us chorused “What?” or the equivalent, confusion was rampant.

“Hold it!” Michelle said loudly, when we quieted she went on, “I think we’re a special group. Look what we did on that airplane, and I don’t mean taking down the hijackers, that was just Slayer stuff. But taking control and flying that airplane? You don’t realize it because you’re not Witches, but that magical stuff Willow was doing, that was way beyond what any Witch should have been able to do. And she was able to keep doing it for half an hour with just Dawn’s input, until you got to her and taught her the easier way. But even then, what she was doing? That was incredibly powerful magic and she was doing it with almost no strain at all.”

Dawn was looking at her in amazement, “She never hinted it was that hard!”

Michelle looked at Dawn, “Willow, remember?”

Dawn nodded and Michelle turned back to Renee, “When the four of you joined together, do you remember your orgasm?”

Renee nodded, “The most incredible thing I have ever felt.”

“Pssh!” Michelle snorted, “Just wait a little while. When you and Dawn went off you lit that plane from end to end, it took me forever to get those fool fighter pilots calmed down enough to come back to us, they could not understand how we were still alive. They said the glow that came out of every window of that airplane was so bright they didn’t know why they weren’t blind. After that, the energy that you were generating, that was what was powering you and Willow so you could fly that airplane.”

Renee looked at Michelle for a while longer, then she looked over at me, and then finally she looked at Dawn. She seemed to steel herself and then she turned back to Michelle, “You sure spin one hell of a yarn.”

“It’s not a yarn, it’s the truth.”

“Well, either this is the most elaborate seduction I’ve ever heard of or…”

“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life,” Michelle let go of Renee’s hands and reached up and held her head, then she leaned forward slowly, Renee waited for her, tense but determined, and then Michelle’s lips pressed against Renee’s. Renee was motionless for several long seconds and I could see Michelle pressing harder, then Renee seemed to melt against Michelle and they almost went over, Michelle recovered and pulled Renee to her, never breaking the kiss. Finally Michelle eased up, Renee looked dazed and Michelle looked around to us. She pulled Renee to her until Renee’s head rested on her shoulder and Michelle was holding her in a comforting embrace.

Michelle looked at Dawn, “I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, I’m sure there is an infinite number of ways to do this, but what feels right to me, you and Renee need to connect first.”

“We’ve tried, it hasn’t worked.”

“We’ll be here to help, it will work.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?”

Michelle laid Renee down on the bed, carefully straightening her legs; she gave her another soft kiss on the lips and whispered to here, “I’ll be right here.”

Michelle motioned for Dawn to come to her and Dawn moved up the bed until she was kneeling on the other side of Renee, I moved over to give her room and sat cross legged next to Dawn. Dawn was looking down into Renee’s eyes and Renee was staring back up at her, Michelle reached down and undid the belt of Renee’s robe, I could see Renee start to tense. Michelle put a hand on her head and petted her hair, “Relax, my love, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.”

I could see Renee force the tension from her body, but I could tell she was still mentally tense. Michelle slowly spread Renee’s robe, starting at the top and slowly pulling it further and further apart, suddenly I heard Michelle’s thoughts, “See how beautiful your mate is, see the perfection of her body!”

Distantly I heard Dawn’s thoughts, “Oh, god! Can you hear me, Renee?”

Michelle finished spreading Renee’s robe, her large breasts with dark areoles, the nipples standing up, rose in smooth curves from her chest. Renee’s smooth flat stomach ended at a neatly trimmed bush, just an inch strip of dark brown curls covering her mound and cleft, I giggled as I thought, “A pilot would have to have her landing strip.”

Michelle eased Renee’s arm out of the robe and, as she freed Renee’s arm closest to me stretched the arm out until I took Renee’s hand in mine. With the physical contact I could start to sense Renee’s thoughts, “Renee, love, can you feel me?”

Distantly I heard a thought come back, “Michelle?”

No, it’s me, Alexis”, Renee’s eyes swiveled to mine; I smiled at her, “Look at your mate.”

Renee’s eyes returned to Dawn’s. I looked over at Michelle and saw her reach up and untie the bow at her throat and shrug out of her robe. Her magnificent body exposed; her silver blond bush visible between her slightly parted legs, I wanted to jump her; she glanced sharply at me, “Alexis! Concentrate on Renee, this is her time now!”

I tore my eyes off Michelle and looked back down to Renee. Michelle eased Renee’s other arm out of her robe and placed her arm on her own thigh, pressing Renee’s fingers into her soft skin at the top of her thigh next to her silver bush.

Dawn was kneeling beside Renee; Michelle reached over and slowly undid the belt on Dawn’s robe and then reached up with both hands to slip them under the loose material at Dawn’s throat. She lifted the robe off Dawn’s shoulders and let it slide away from her. Michelle took Dawn’s arm and pulled her gently toward Renee, forward and down, and placed her hand on Renee’s breast, then leaned back out of their way as Dawn continued down until her lips touched Renee’s. The two girls kissed for a long time, I could feel the tension rise between them. Finally Dawn broke the kiss; she eased off her knees and lay down at Renee’s side, her hand never stopping the soft caresses of Renee’s breast. Dawn’s other hand went up to softly stroke Renee’s long brown curls.

I could sense both of their thoughts, reaching toward each other but separated by the barriers I could see each of them maintained. I took Renee’s hand, the one I was holding, and gently placed it on Dawn’s back, as soon as I lost my touch on her I lost their thoughts. I laid down behind Dawn and eased one hand under her, she lifted so I could slide it all the way under and over until I could put my hand under Renee’s shoulder. Dawn settled down, pinning my arm under her, I swore at myself because I had forgotten to take my robe off. I undid the belt and shrugged my other arm out of it before I put my other hand on Dawn’s shoulder and laid quietly behind her, my body touching most of Dawn’s, from my breasts pressed against her back, my bush against one of her ass cheeks, to my thighs against the backs of her legs. She raised her leg and I slipped mine between hers, she tightened her thighs around my leg and held me to her.

I reached out carefully with my mind, “Renee?”

Yes, Alexis?”

Feel here, and here?”


Dawn’s right on the other side, just relax, calmly, let her caress you. Watch Dawn’s eyes, feel her love for you, see, right here, lower this, just let it go away.” I could feel Renee trying to follow my instructions, I could feel when she started to feel Dawn and she tensed again, “Renee, relax, let her come to you.”

How can I relax with what she’s doing to me!”

That’s your body, enjoy it, relax your mind, here, at this point, just ease it down.

Renee?” another thought came weakly through.

Renee, honey, feel me?”

Oh god do I feel you!”

Suddenly I felt the warm, tingling, throbbing sensation I had grown to associate with the pulse of pleasure when a clitoris is correctly stroked, “Good, Renee that’s great, ease it down, ease down the barrier.”

Dawn’s thought came across, “What was that?”

Michelle’s thought came through, the giggle with it sensed rather than heard, “That’s what Renee feels when you stroke her clitoris like that.”

The sensation returned, lessoned, then increased; Dawn’s thought screamed through all of us, “Oh My God!” the sensation eased into the back ground, “You have been doing this for how long and you voluntarily come out of the bedroom?”

Yes, the same as you can ease up and just enjoy the background now. Renee, are you ready for the next step?”

There’s another?”

Yes, Dawn, just as you are, keep it like that but concentrate on Renee.”

Okay,” I felt Dawn’s focus shift slightly, the waves of pleasure coursing through them and overflowing into me; and Michelle I imagined; kept the tension high. Michelle’s thought came through, “Renee, feel this?”


Follow it, slowly, gently.”

What is it?”

It’s Dawn; it’s her feeling for you.”

She feels that? For me?”



Is that how you feel?”


Not at me, direct it at Renee.”

Renee, honey, feel me?”


Let me feel you!”


I eased my thought in, “Renee, here, feel where this is in the way?”


Move it aside, just ease it out of the way.”

OH! Dawn! How can you be sure!”

Because you’re you, my love.”


See, no doubts. It’s us, together, feel us together?”

Oh, yes, OH YES!” I felt Dawn increase the pressure on Renee’s clitoris and felt the wave of pleasure sweeping through them and us. And then another wave and I felt Michelle open to me, I felt her holding Renee’s hand against Dawn’s mound, I felt Renee’s fingers slip inside Dawn and I felt the sensation of her fingers on the walls of Dawn’s vagina. And then Renee’s thumb found Dawn’s clitoris and the waves flowed over both of them.

I opened my eyes, Dawn was holding herself above Renee, the two girls gazing into each other’s eyes, I could see Michelle on the other side of them and grinned at her, she smiled back and then I lost sight of her as Dawn leaned down to kiss Renee. Both Dawn and Renee were glowing, the glows pulsing with the waves of pleasure they were sending through each other, growing in intensity but out of sync. I could see my arm glow a soft green, intensifying as the pleasure built within them.

Renee, Dawn?”

Yes.” They responded together.

Synchronize yourselves, match each other; bring yourselves up together.”

I could feel them change their pace until they were working together, the pulsing of the glow emanating from their bodies matched. I could feel the increased levels of pleasure and I rode the waves with them, Dawn was moving against Renee’s hand which also resulted in her ass sliding against my pussy, I shifted until the movement created pressure on my clitoris and I felt the sensation flow through me, joining with what I was feeling from them. And then Michelle was there, a could feel her caress Dawn’s pussy, her hand on top of Renee’s, adding to the pressure Renee was putting on Dawn’s clitoris, and then Michelle slipped a couple of fingers into Dawn, joining Renee’s fingers as they caressed the walls of Dawn’s vagina. Michelle’s pussy was pressed against Renee’s hip, she ground her clitoris against Renee’s hip bone, sending waves of pleasure through all of us.

Renee tensed, and then her orgasm ripped through her and into us. Dawn’s orgasm joined hers and then Michelle and I joined them, four orgasms traveled through us, amplifying each other, joining us together and growing and growing, I couldn’t imagine anything better and then we went up another level. Finally, after what felt like hours but could only have been minutes, the waves of pleasure slowly receded, I relaxed, bonelessly into the bed until my heart and breathing finally returned to something close to normal and I could muster the energy to be aware of anything outside my body.

I opened my eyes; Dawn was collapsed on top of Renee, her body almost completely covering her. I pulled my arm out from under them and got rid of the robe I had had on. I lifted myself up, Dawn was covering Renee, her head snuggled against the side of Renee’s, her arm thrown across Michelle who lay on her back, her breathing coming in ragged gasps.

I slipped quietly off the bed, Michelle’s eyes came open and followed me as I went to our mini-fridge and got out four bottles of juice. I brought them back and set them on the night stand next to the bed. I opened one and drank half of it, then I got another and opened it and offered it to Michelle, she wiggled up the bed until she was leaning against the headboard and then took it and started sipping the juice.

Dawn lifter her head and I held a bottle toward her, she started to lift herself off Renee and then stopped, Renee’s eyes popped open and they stared at each other for a moment before Dawn leaned back down and kissed her. Then Dawn lifted herself up until she was sitting on her heels, straddling one of Renee’s legs. I opened another bottle of juice and handed it to her; she drank about half of it and then leaned down and pulled Renee up a little ways and held the bottle to her lips so she could drink. As soon as they finished the bottle I gave them the last one to share.

When everyone had finished their juice I collected the empties and went back to the fridge and got some more bottles of juice for them and a diet coke for me. As I came back to the bed I could see Dawn was slowly thrusting her pelvis forward and back, rubbing herself on Renee’s leg. Renee was smiling at her and then turned to me, her eyes locked on mine and then her thought came, “Is it always like that?”

No, that was one of the most intense I’ve ever felt. But if you mean can you always share with your partner like that? Then yes, at least Michelle and I always do.”

Why do you guys ever leave your bed?”

Michelle’s thought came before I could reply, “I keep asking her that, she’s always making excuses about having to eat or we would starve to death, I just don’t understand it.”

Hey, if we starved to death we couldn’t keep doing it, could we?”

How do you know?”

I would rather not risk it, I enjoy you too much. Besides, we can’t spend our entire lives making love.”

Three thoughts came at the same time, “Why not?”

Uh, abstinence makes the heart grow fonder?”

Michelle stuck her tongue out at me and gave a loud raspberry, the sound startling in the quiet of the room. We all giggled, I looked down at Renee and Michelle lying beside each other, their sides together, Michelle was holding one of Renee’s hands, their fingers intertwined. Renee’s other hand was on Dawn’s thigh, pushing and pulling as Dawn continued to slide her pussy on Renee’s thigh. Michelle held her other hand out to me and I took it, she drew me to the bed, I put the bottles and can down on the nightstand and sat on the bed beside her.

Dawn and Renee were starting to glow a little, Dawn stopped her sliding and reached down and took Renee’s other leg, the one she wasn’t straddling, and lifted her knee up and spread the leg wider apart. Dawn shifted her position until she was kneeling between Renee’s spread legs, then she worked her way backwards until she could lie on her stomach with her face just above Renee’s pussy. She slipped her arms under Renee’s thighs and then stuck out her tongue and took a long slow lick up Renee’s cleft, working her tongue between the folds of skin. She never took her eyes off of Renee who had her head lifted up so she could see Dawn.

Michelle grabbed some pillows and slipped them under Renee’s back so she could watch Dawn without straining. Michelle scooted down and lay on her side beside Renee, her face right at Renee’s breast, she ran her tongue around Renee’s nipple so it hardened and then took the nipple in her teeth and pulled gently. I could feel the tingle of Michelle’s teeth on Renee’s nipple and the wave of pleasure coming from Renee’s clitoris as Dawn’s tongue slid over it. Michelle jerked my hand gently toward her a couple times and then let go, I went around to the other side of the bed and crawled on and lay down beside Renee, mirroring Michelle.

I reached across Renee and took Michelle’s hand and brought it to Renee’s stomach and put it on top of Dawn’s hand, then I put my hand on top of Dawn’s other hand. I leaned over Renee and ran my tongue around the nipple of her breast, then blew softly on it until it hardened. I took the nipple in my teeth and nipped it, pulling gently on the breast as I felt the tingling sensation flow through her body. I matched Michelle’s ministrations so we kept a steady flow of sensation coming from Renee’s breasts and through us. Dawn continued to lick Renee’s pussy, slipping her tongue amazingly deep into her vagina; then bringing it up to swirl around her clit. I could see the glow from all of us was steadily increasing.

Alexis, Michelle, both of you sit up, kneel beside me.”

I got up as Renee had directed, reluctantly taking my mouth from her breast, but I could still caress it with my free hand and pinch the nipple with my fingers so the tingles coming from it didn’t stop. Michelle mirrored me on the other side and then Renee slipped her hands between our legs and her fingers started caressing our clefts. I gasped at the sensation and spread my legs further apart to give her easier access.

I could feel her fingers enter me and Michelle at the same time, and then her thumb was on our clits and the level of pleasure pulsing through the four of us went up again. I felt Dawn’s fingers as they entered Renee’s vagina, her tongue concentrating on Renee’s clitoris. Renee matched the stroking of her thumbs on Michelle and my clits to the swirling of Dawn’s tongue on her own clit.

Renee’s thought came to all of us, “Dawn, fill me with your hand!”


Your hand, I want all of it inside me!”

I could feel Dawn pull her hand from Renee, then it was going back in, bigger and deeper, I felt Renee relax her vagina and then Dawn’s hand slipped through the outer ring of muscle and I could feel the fist fill Renee. Renee clamped down her vaginal muscles around Dawn’s wrist but Dawn kept her arm sliding slowly in and out, just a couple of inches, but enough to amplify the waves of pleasure flowing from Renee.

How about you two?”

Oh god, can you?” I thought.

I felt Renee pull her fingers most of the way out of me, her thumb came off my clitoris, she folded her thumb into her fingers and started to slowly push her way into me, “Relax your muscles, Alexis.”

I tried to do as she directed and her hand went further into me and then the widest part of her hand slipped through the band of muscle and she was all the way inside me. I felt her hand slip into Michelle a moment later and looked over at my mate, her eyes wide in amazement. Renee rested her elbows on the bed, “You control the movement; I want to concentrate on what Dawn is doing to me.”

I slowly rose and settled, she held her arm steady so her hand moved inside of me and her wrist rubbed the entrance of my vagina. “This must be something like it feels to have a man inside of you,” I thought.

Something like it, but I never felt any male as big or as gentle,” Dawn replied.

I felt Renee form her hand into a fist inside me and I reveled in the pleasure coming from being so filled. I could still feel Dawn’s tongue slowly caressing Renee’s clit and her hand inside Renee. I could also feel the waves of pleasure coming from Michelle; the only thing missing was there was nothing on my clit.

Use your hand, silly!” Renee’s thought came to me; I hadn’t realized I had thought out loud. Reluctantly I took the hand that had been on top of Dawn’s and started to caress my clit, immediately Michelle did the same.

The waves of pleasure steadily rose, before I lost complete control I leaned forward, carefully so as not to disturb any one, and kissed Renee’s soft lips. After several minutes I heard Michelle, “My turn!”

Reluctantly I broke the kiss and rose up, Michelle was immediately in my place. I resumed my slow rise and fall on Renee’s arm, the pleasure sweeping through all four of us so intense I could not understand why our orgasms hadn’t occurred. Dawn’s thought came to me, “We’re holding until everyone is ready.”

Who isn’t ready?”

Michelle, she has to finish the kiss.”

I relaxed, stroking my clit, feeling Renee’s arm and fist slide within me, feeling the intensity of the pleasure coursing through our four separate yet joined bodies. Finally Michelle and Renee broke their kiss; Michelle rose back up and started matching my movements on Renee’s arm and the strokes of her fingers on her clitoris. We were in sync and Dawn matched us, the stroke of her tongue on Renee’s clitoris combining with the caress of our fingers on our own clits.

The intensity of the feelings coursing through our bodies reached a new high, and then another barrier crashed down, one I had forgotten was even there. I felt Michelle’s love, and Dawn’s love for Renee. From Renee there was fear, then after a moment amazement, and then acceptance, when she accepted what Dawn was offering so freely I could feel her own love suddenly explode, primarily to Dawn but a portion to Michelle and I.

And then the orgasm hit, there were no individual orgasms from each of us, to be felt and shared by all of us, there was only one, it was all of ours, combined, no piece identifiable from one of us but no piece that was not part of all of us. The sensation that slammed through my body only intensified as time passed, it was growing in power to a point beyond comprehension. And then we were held there, sharing and feeling and being, time passed and the sharing continued, and then there was blackness.
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