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City of Shadows

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Summary: At the end of season seven, Buffy is given a new challenge. As the slayer it is her job to protect. And so her new journey begins. In the world of Merry Gentry.

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesrecklessloverFR182927092,57630 Aug 104 Sep 10No

Come forth and heal

It was dark where she was, cold and dark. Buffy smelled fear, fear and blood. But more than that, she smelled roses.

Open your eyes Buffy. You are safe here. The goddess wasn’t physically with Buffy anymore, but she could still hear her in her mind.

Safe? How could a place that reeked of blood be safe? Although unsure, Buffy did as she was told. The minute she opened her eyes though she regretted it immensely. Buffy had seen bad scenes before, but the one laid out in front of her definitely made the top five. There was so much blood in such a small space. At least ten bodies were scattered across the room. If it weren’t for her slayer strength, she knew without a doubt she would have been sick. As it was though, Buffy was a warrior. She got up from her spot in the back of the room where the goddess so graciously dropped her and went to check the men’s’ pulses.

They were alive, barely. She didn’t understand why, but on some kind of instinct, she prayed to the goddess for help. The overwhelming smell of roses fell upon her.

Child, listen carefully. Go to the man who is covered in blood red roses. Place your hands upon his chest and I will do the rest. Go forth now and heal.

Buffy was getting used to the musical voice of the goddess in her head. Maybe I really am crazy. Buffy thought. She did as the goddess commanded. Within minutes the man was breathing more steadily. She looked over her shoulder and saw more roses falling.

Go forth and heal. The voice sang out. Buffy continued to heal the men as the rose petals fell upon them. The men were staring at her as she healed each of them. They had a look of pure wonderment on their beautiful faces.

The first to speak was a gorgeous grey haired man. His hair fell past his knees in astonishing curls. He had the deepest grey eyes. His voice was magical. You could hear the roar of thunder in it. It was the kind of voice that makes everyone stop and listen.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” The gorgeous man with the remarkable voice asked.

“Hey. I’m Buffy, you know, the girl who just saved your life. Although, I’m not sure from what. What did this to you? Where exactly are we? Oh, and what’s your name because honestly I don’t think you want me going around calling you beautiful voice man….

a/n: I'm sorry for the briefness of this chapter, but I am currently at work. I just really wanted to get a second chapter out. I am still not completely aware of where this is heading, but bear with me. Please, leave comments, any advise or complaints are welcome.

The End?

You have reached the end of "City of Shadows" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 10.

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