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City of Shadows

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Summary: At the end of season seven, Buffy is given a new challenge. As the slayer it is her job to protect. And so her new journey begins. In the world of Merry Gentry.

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Literature > Merry Gentry seriesrecklessloverFR182927092,57630 Aug 104 Sep 10No


Disclaimer The characters that are introduced in this story do not in anyway belong to me. never have they, and never will they. The characters you recognize are from the creator Joss Whedon and Laurell K. Hamilton.

Buffy stepped off the bus and took a look down at the crater in the ground. That was all that was left of the quite literal, hell hole that she'd called home for the past 7 years. It was all she could do not to burst out into tears. She had finished her journey. Buffy knew she had to let herself give into her pain. The puncture in her abdomen had reopened. She knew she would die here. Oddly enough, she was ready.

My child? Is this really what you wish? To just leave without fulfilling your duty? The most beautiful voice rang out for all to hear.

Buff knew she was loosing it. At this point she didn’t care. She screamed at the voice singing down from the heavens.“ My duty? If my duty has not been fulfilled with the destruction of the hellmouth, the loss of my love, and the loss of friends, then duty be damned. I quit.”

Her friends were all staring at her. Willow made the first step. Already Buffy could see that she was in the middle of a healing spell.

“Will. I beg of you don’t. It is my time to go now. Please, just let me go.”

She saw the look of protest on everybody's face but before they could say anything, Buffy was emerged in a blindingly, glowing light.

It took her a minute to get hold of her surroundings, when she did, Buffy wasn’t in the least impressed.

“Where am I?”

You are in the in-between. Buffy Summers, I am the Goddess. Mother of all. I can feel your soul. It is not your time to go. Just to go somewhere new.

“Listen here. I said it before, I'm done. Through. Finished. There is nothing left for me in this life."

Ahh. But there is much to be done in a completely new world. People you are meant to be with. Many lives to save. Their destiny was prewoven with yours. Shall you decline my offer they shall all die.

“No fair.”Buffy pouted. “How's a slayer supposed to refuse to help the lives of others?” She had no choice. She accepted the Goddess' offer to go ‘somewhere new’ she just wish she knew where exactly that was.

Authors Note Please give me reviews. I would love to take this somewhere but feedback is well appreciated, good and bad. PS, i know its short. But its just getting started. Let me know. Thanks
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