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One Moment

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Summary: One event causes Xandra to enter a new reality and a new life

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Literature > Fantasy > Sword of Truth SeriesXanderLuvsAllFR1832,284142,1658 Oct 1016 Jan 11No


Nothing. They meant absolutely nothing to Richard and while he knows that they should he simply doesn't care. Kathlan may have been his wife and Zed his grandfather but Darken was his brother and Xandra was his Everything, his love. There was nothing more important to him then that, then them. Not even his past. The need to touch one of them was overwhelming so he moved to Xandra's side and touched her hand, instantly feeling better. Kathlan gasped while Xandra smiled at him calmly, enjoying being touched by her mate. Which is why Darken and her had been holding hands from the start.

Turning to the two captives, Xandra found nothing special in them. Their magic was intriguing to be sure but nothing that screamed important.It was just was, Even the Confessor was nothing special and her power disgusted Xandra, to take someones free will away from the was audacious. The fact that an entire 'country' allowed it, allowed those type of people to be their leaders was even more disgusting. In no way would she allow that to continue. Xandra would help Darken make this world better, as he had explained to her. She may never be able to return to her home but as she didn't really want to she was fine with that. So she
would make this world better as she had her own.

The fact that she was so accepting of staying scared Xandra completely as it meant leaving her children behind but to not stay....How could she leave Darken and Richard behind, to never again feel the closeness of her soul-mates. The mere idea was soul destroying and not something she could truly even contemplate.And it wasn't like she was leaving her children to a life of Oliver Twist type orphanages or being in the US system. They would be raised by her once family. While the closeness they had once shared had died when Giles choice her as his successor, Brad and William not able to understand why he would choice her over
them when they were so much 'better'. Xandra still trusted Fred to look after their children and Giles to look after his 'grandson.' So there was nothing stopping her.

Darken smiled at her as he felt her accept..something and knew that she was now truly his, completely and utterly..Well, Richard's and his.He frowned at his brother, not at all liking the idea of sharing her with Richard or anyone else for that matter. Still he felt the connection and knew that Xandra needed Richard just as much as she needed Darken so he would have to adjust. Thankful the connection between Richard and her was different. More ownership then the equal an abiding love in their connection. Not to say he couldn't feel that Xandra loved Richard as she did but...different. Which made it better.

Having had enough of being ignored, Zed spoke firmly,"Richard, I know you are being controlled by the boxes but you must fight it. Think of your love for Kathlan, your people...your unborn child."No reaction what so ever from Richard but Xandra did laugh. Knowing that on all levels, Richard was HERS. That his basers emotions were being controlled by Darken were of no consequences at present but she didn't like the fact that Kathlan threw Zed was trying to stake a claim on one of her mates. So Xandra grabbed Richard's hand and tugged him to her so she could kiss him.

"Tell me, Richard. Tell me how you feel about me." Xandra purred at him and watched as he shivered, smirking as his eyes began to burn in pure want and desire. He was still hers and always would be. She trailed a hand along his face as he opened his mouth.

"You are my all, my soul-mate, my eternal one, the one being I was meant to be with in all existence. To even comprehend a life without at my side is tantamount to suicide, as death would be better than a moment of you not being at my side.You.."Xandra grabs him and just kisses him, beyond touched by all of it. While Kathlan just cries at seeing her love, her husband declare his love for another and by far better than he ever had to her. Hat was going on, why would Darken make Richard do this. just to hurt her. Why? He had never really cared about her before so why now. Not to mention the woman was in a throne beside Darken as if they were equals. Not to mention touching her, it was all wrong.

It was only at Darken's very loud cough that Xandra and Richard pulled away from each other and look toward him. All Darken did was pull Xandra to him and kiss her gently but possessively. Then he turned to the two captives.

"It is time for you to know your place, which is below me...Below us. You will be loyal absolutely to my Queen and I." With that he used the power of Ordin.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "One Moment" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jan 11.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking