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One Moment

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Summary: One event causes Xandra to enter a new reality and a new life

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Literature > Fantasy > Sword of Truth SeriesXanderLuvsAllFR1832,284142,1658 Oct 1016 Jan 11No

Moments in Time

Disclaimor:I don't own BTVS or Legend of the Seeker.

Author's Notes: In this reality, Xander is a girl, the Slayers are boys, Willow is a boy as is Tara,and Angel is a girl. Giles, Dawn and Spike being the only ones not to change sex. Buffy is Brad, Willow is William, Tara is Tom, Faith is Fred. Spoilers for the Legend of the Seeker Season 2. To learn about Legend, look on Wikiepedia

One moment in time in two realities caused things to change beyond all recall as the two realities merged into one for a very brief moment in time. Causing a single person to leave her reality and enter the other without any way to stop it. Which was how Xandra found herself in front of two men instead of being in London in SLayers HQ. She looked at the men and felt a connection
immedately. As did they, Darken and Richard moved to her. The moment the three of them touch, an energy goes threw them all. Binding them all together into one being.

Xandra pulled Darken to her and kissed him passionatly, trying to absorb him into her. They stayed locked together for minutes before Richard pulled her to him. Needing her. They kissed possevively, Xandra feels like she owns Richard while Darken is her equal. So after a little she returns to Darken and kisses him again as she pushes his robes off. Intending to be with him here
and now. Though Darken managed to guide her to his newly required bedchamber.

There he laid her down gently on the bed and stripped her of her clothes then he his. Richard, who had followed also stripped. He then joined them on the bed and Xandra kissed him as Darken kissed down her body until he was eating her out. The three of them progressed from there until Richard and Draken were inside Xandra. Claiming her on all levels.

The next morning they woke up tangled together, wrapped around each other tightly. Darken pushed Richard away and pulled Xandra to him and led her out to the balcony. Where he told her about D'hara, the boxes of Orden and all that Richard had done to him. Xandra told him about Sunnydale, about her magic and her children. They told each other everything about each othera and watched the sun rise over the People's Palace. It was breathe taking and oddly enough made Xandra realize that she should be worried,
panic'd even. As she was not in her own reality.

Not to mention she had just had sex with two strangers, expect...they weren't strangers to her. As she knew them in her very being, as if they were her..soulmates. Maybe thats what they were, stranger things had happened to her after all. Though this was one of the oddest. Transported to another reality and meeting her soulmates. Two brothers, both her soulmate. That was
definetly one of the oddest.
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