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Lost, Regained & Found

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Summary: Bo and Kenzie meet yet another sort of Fae who has some odd friends. Also, Dawn gets kidnapped. Again.

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Television > Lost GirlDmitriFR764,922066,75013 Oct 1012 Dec 10Yes



Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

Sometime later...

“Well, it was really fun meeting you people,” Faith said with something that was almost, but not quite a smirk. “However, what with Dawn getting kidnapped and what-not, obviously we’ve overstayed our welcome, even if just for a bit.”

“Maybe just a bit, exactly what I was thinking,” Hale – who has finally appeared on the scene – was stayed near Dyson just in case Sophie came out of the house. “What’re they doing in there?”

“Sophie and Kenzie are decorating the house, Dawn is offering them friendly advice, and Bo’s checking to ensure that they don’t blow their entire budget. Hale, how come you never told me that your ex-bride was a born saleswoman?”

“’Cause I didn’t know that, and I’ll be staying away from her from now on,” Hale said firmly. “A spear can kill you, man!”

“You don’t say,” Faith nodded, her voice dry. “Still, I don’t think it’s just a spear that you have to worry about, she can carry a grudge, I was told.”

“And so can Demorigan,” Dyson replied, just as dryly. “Is that why you’re leaving?”

“In part,” Faith admitted with an enigmatic look. “But for different reasons than you think. In anyway, for the next two weeks or so, life in this locality will be pretty volcanic...”

* * *

Something was in the air. Demorigan could smell it. Yolanda’s uncharacteristic behaviour merely confirmed. “You!” she turned to the lesser fey, “are there any unexpected visitors for me?”

“Yes, one,” Yolanda nodded, meekly, which rose Demorigan’s hackles even further. “She’s been here for most of the day-“

“Oh, she was, was she?” Demorigan growled as she stomped her way into her office – and froze, as she met with the glowing eyes of her boss, thought to be deceased.

“Hello, Demorigan,” the latter smiled, growling. “I’ve been reading your quarterly financial re-views – I think we need to talk.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Lost, Regained & Found". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking