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Journey of Rebirth

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Summary: A rational transaction changes Xander's Destiny

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredFreddyfrmelmstFR18914,878512360,1584 Nov 103 Jan 14No

A piece of the Puzzle

Part 8 a Piece of the Puzzle

Disclaimer : See part 1

Xander suppressed a shiver as the Ebon Hawk glided over the Arctic landscape.

“General receiving a Jedi locator beacon it seems that this Academy was active not too long ago.” Able told Xander from the co-pilot seat.

“According to the notes Bultar left the Council set this place up as an emergency field hospital and supply depot during the clone wars but it never saw any action.”

“So the Jedi that were here before didn’t know about this Legacy?” Able asked.

“Nope that particular secret remained hidden here.”

The Ebon Hawk did a slow circle of the Academy moving in between the four spires as the hanger opened and allowed the ship to land.

Xander exited the ship followed by Able and the Droids.

“T3 connect to the Computer and see if there are any active defenses systems and dig up any information you can find about what’s been happening in this place since you were last here.

The little Droid chirped affirmative and rolled up to a terminal and connected.

T-3 chirped an alarm to Xander and Xander drew his blaster.

“What’s wrong General?” asked Able as he readied his blaster rifle.

“T3 says there is another life form in the Academy but the sensors are so bad he can’t tell where it is or what kind of life form it is.”

“Looks like HK and I get to have some fun.” The clone smiled.

“Excited Declaration: Oh yes Master it has been so long since I have been able to hunt.”

Xander rolled his eyes as he nodded to T3 and the droid opened the door to the interior of the academy.

Looking up the ramp Able was not happy. The path to the control was a U-shaped ramp that would keep them bottled up but it was the only safe way in.

“General was there a reason you chose to come here instead of Kayshhyk which is where your friend said the next piece of this Legacy would be?” Asked Able as swept the hall with his rifle.

“I know that this wasn’t the next one on the list but I had a feeling something I would need very soon would be found here. And if there was one thing that is drilled into all Jedi-in- training, its trust your feelings.”

Able nodded. As T3 chimed in.

“Statement T3 has detected movement in the next room Master it maybe the life form

T3 opened the Door and Xander saw a girl standing there wooden stake in hand ready to attack.

“Let me guess you are the assholes that are going to die trying to probe me.” Snarled the girl.

“No we aren’t I’m Xander and this is Able. We don’t mean you any harm.” Xander told her as calmly as he could as he lowered his weapon.

The girl’s eyes widened “Xander Harris?” she asked.

Xander nodded. “How did you know my name?”

“I came from Sunnydale. I ended up here when your girl Willow opened a portal to try and bring you home and instead everything not nailed now got sucked in including yours truly.” Faith told him as she slipped her stake back into her belt.

“They all think you ended up in Hell Xander.” Faith told him.

Xander nodded. “Not quite we are in another Galaxy not another dimension.”

“Another Galaxy?” Faith asked in almost a whisper.

“Yep the portal dropped you on a planet known as Telos.”

“Wow first Slayer is space that’s gotta be something.”

“Query what is a Slayer Master?” asked HK-47.

“A warrior.” Xander smiled.

Faith just smirked. “I’m a lot more then that Xander.”

Able looked at her unsure what was going on.

“Of that I have no doubt Faith.”

Faith chuckled this confidant man in front of her was not what she expected based on the stories that B and her friends and told her and yet she could help but feel that there was more to him then they knew.

“So what have you been doing on this planet since you got here X?” Faith asked.

“We just got to this planet Faith I landed on another world.”

Faith’s eyes widened.

“So how does that work do you have a ship or is it beam me up Scotty time?”

“We have a ship.” Xander told her.

‘”Sweet so what brought you to this world? Not that I mind the company but just wondering.”

Xander looked past Faith as he felt a slight tickle in the back of his mind. “We came here took of part of something that could send us home. And I think we are on the right track. Aren’t we Master Brianna?” Xander smiled.

Faith spun around and gasped as she saw the ghost of the white haired woman.

“Statement. Interesting sensor detects her but they also show she has no material essence.”

“Force Ghost I’d heard of them but never seen one before.” Able said with a mild sense of wonder.

“How do you know me young Jedi?” asked the ghost.

“I am a student of Master Revan’s Holocron. It contains the teaching of Master Revan as well as the teaching of both his crew and the crew of the Jedi Exile.”

Brianna smiled. “What brings you in search of the Legacy?”

“A promise to a friend.” Xander answered solemnly.

“I understand and it seems you are well on your way to forming your own crew.” Brianna smiled at Xander.

“Hey you guys saved the Galaxy from the Sith. Stick with what works.”

Able chuckled at that.

“In order to gain the Legacy you most first complete a trial.”

“When do we begin?” Xander asked.

Briana just smiled.

Darkness surrounded the Machine and a in the darkness a long Dead Sith Lord smiled. Exar Kun would return. Not a clone but a True Lord of the Sith Reborn.

The Cloned Body’s eyes snapped open as Exar’s Spirit entered the Empty Vessel. On the clone’s face a scar began to appear. The Dark Lord Exar Kun was back and the Universe shuttered.

Xander Faith and Able stepped off the lift and entered the bowels of the Telos Academy. Briana had told them of the Location of the Trial Chamber intended to be used for giving the Jedi Trials to Atris’ students the Jedi that hid the Legacy repurposed it to guard this piece of the Legacy.

Xander looked around the room and then saw the pedestal in the center of the room. On it rested a pair of Lightsabers.

“What’s this?” Faith asked as she looked at the Sabers.

“I think this one might be the original Lightersaber of the Meetra Surik the Jedi Exile.” Xander pointed to the Longer of the two sabers.

“And the other one General?” Able asked.

“I think it could be the Lightsaber Atris used when she fell to the Darkside.” A holograph appeared before the trio.

“Greeting seeker of the Legacy I am Jedi Knight Briana before you are two Lightsabers chose a saber to proceed but choice wisely the Trial you are about to undertake will not be an easy one. Once you have chosen a saber proceed to the door at the end of the room.”

Xander looked down at the sabers. One was used by a Jedi one by a fallen Jedi.

He smiled as he lifted Meetra’s saber. It was in sync with the lightside he could feel it.

“Very good Padawann you test begins now.”
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