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Crimson and Clover...

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Summary: Video Log from Xander Harris

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Movies > CloverfieldTjinFR131280081,77114 Nov 1014 Nov 10Yes
Xander looked into the lens and tried to find the words to explain everything. “Video log, New Watchers Council report, May twenty-second.
My name is Alexander Harris, if you’re watching this right now than I’m sorry to say we failed.” He said before taking a deep breath. “We were betrayed by someone that we… well I guess you can say, trusted, Andrew used the blood of a hundred slayers that he collected from around the house to jumpstart an ascension, we only managed to find out after Kennedy barged into his room after she caught him rummaging through her trash.”

Taking a moment to compose himself Xander looked back into the camera “He… he killed Kennedy, Willow found her the next day and… she didn’t take it well, I… I had to stop her. We’ve managed to track Andrew to a cargo freighter just off the New York coast, me and the Slayers are going in to stop him, I’ve already alerted Riley about this, he is mobilizing the Army, If we fail Andrew will become Agnon the devourer, he will probably hit New York and feed to gain strength enough to survive on this plane. Giles warns that if he gets enough, he will be all but invulnerable.”

Looking up at the rapidly approaching ship Xander took a moment to glance back at the Camera “If we succeed this Video will go into the council storage, if not… good luck, and know that we tried our best.”

With a soft pulse of energy the camera returned itself to the coven in Dover to be hidden away in case of the worst.

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The End

You have reached the end of "Crimson and Clover...". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking