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Stormy Willow

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy and the Fairly Odd Phantom". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Fairly Odd Halloween. Clockwork's meddling has resulted in Willow's becoming a ghost PERMANENTLY! How will the Scoobies get her back to normal? Or can they?

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Cartoons > Danny PhantomSithicusFR15825,1220144,59116 Nov 1022 Nov 10No

Welcome to the Ghost Zone

Author's Notes: We begin this story at a point intersecting with the previous one. If you haven't already read it I strongly recommend skimming through it before proceeding with this one. Fairly Odd Halloween was just like an episode of the Fairly Oddparents, off the wall humor and wacky hi-jinks abounds.

Stormy Willow will try to be more like an episode of Danny Phantom. Seriousness, very little humor and some possible dark thunderheads in the future. (Considering Willow's emotional state at the moment.)

Also I promise, minor fourth wall breaking this time. Now, can I get a hand setting up this disclaimer guys?

Danny Fenton shrugged and pushed a button on the Fenton Disclaimer Creator...

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work of fanfiction are the property of their respective owners. The author has borrowed them for a not-for-profit piece of fiction that the world can read for free... But if you want to review you have to register to be a member on TtH. Don't worry registration is also free. Willow and all related characters are the brainchildren of one Joss Whedon by name, possibly the founder of M.E. Productions, though I can't be certain of that. Ember and all related characters from Danny Phantom are the brainchildren of Butch Hartman and belong to Nickelodeon who is currently part of the Disney family I believe though they may have once been property of Viacom who sold them to Disney... I am unclear on that particular business deal. (And would it kill them to make Danny Phantom's three seasons avaialable on DVD for the author to buy... Pretty please.)

Thank's Danny, you can go get ready for your big scene in chapter two.

"Whatever," Danny said before he left.

And since we don't have any fairies this time we'll just have to go...

Spooky Chapter One Begin SPOOKY!

The Ghost Zone is a dimensional realm connected to Earth – all ghosts live there – and everything which can happen in the Ghost Zone can have an affect on Earth. Likewise anything which affects the Earth affects the Ghost Zone.

This realm is where the spirits of the departed arrive once they die, but only if their deaths were violent. We’ll just ignore the stuff about heaven and hell and stuff… Or things like human souls and reincarnation – because quite frankly that would just complicate the story too much.

So! The Ghost Zone is where ghosts live. Many ghosts are bitter and upset with their place of dwelling – mainly because they are forced to endure harsh conditions – and also one particular ghost by the name of Walker enforces his pathetic attempt at law and order on them far too roughly.

Walker is a control freak. There I said it. Many suspect it is due to the nature of Walker’s death – he was killed during a prison riot back in the nineteen thirties while he was ‘enforcing’ some rather cruel laws on his then living prisoners.

Ghosts are naturally predisposed to do evil because the show is about a boy who gains ghostly powers to protect the world and hey – without villains there wouldn’t be a show.

Ok. Intro is almost done with so bear with me. Or is that bare, I always get those two confused.

Once again this will involve two groups meeting up to thwart a grand destiny – however the second of our two groups will take a few chapters to actually show up. So let me tell you about the first group.

This group is led by Danny Fenton. A boy who was just fourteen when his parents built a very strange machine – it was designed to view a world unseen. When it didn’t quite work his folks just quit, then Danny took a look inside of it. There was this great big flash – everything just changed – his molecules got all rearranged.

When he first woke up he realized he had snow white hair and glowing green eyes. He could walk through walls, disappear and fly – he was much more unique than the other guy – it was then that he knew what he had to do. He had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through. He’s here to fight for me and you. He’s gonna catch’em all ‘cause he’s Danny Phantom.

Also more commonly classified as a Halfa, half-ghost, half-human, he gained his powers through the strange accident caused by his parents’ ghost portal. An artificial version of the naturally occurring type which randomly appear all over the globe allowing ghosts to escape.

These ghosts tend to be hunted down by Mister Fenton and his two companions when they appear in Amity Park, his home town. However other so-called ‘ghost experts’ also exist and some of them successfully manage to thwart the low-level specters that escape in other areas of the world.

But Amity Park is where the true ghosts from the ghost zone do most of their haunting. Ones with actual powers beyond the standard ghost ability package – the reason for this is uncertain, but it is possible that Amity Park is the ghost’s version of the Hellmouth.

Our story begins on Halloween night – more specifically it begins mere moments before an event occurs in both Sunnydale and Dimmsdale – to be even more exact we begin our tale in the home of the Ghost Zone’s spectral master of all Time and Space, Clockwork. Who is observing all events past, present and future of our hero Mister Phantom from his Clock Tower home.

Clockwork studied the paths of time carefully – his face did not betray any emotion – however he was clearly surprised by the developments occurring surrounding the young teenaged rocker Ember.

“Curious,” he noted as his spectral form changed between that of a child and an adult. “I am uncertain precisely what step I should encourage to be taken at this particular moment. Several possible timelines are quite promising indeed, but perhaps I should allow for the possibility that involving certain parties in Mister Fenton’s life would be beneficial to him.” Clockwork smiled the barest hint of a smile and waved his staff.

In doing so he sent Ember McLain from the Ghost Zone to Sunnydale, California and thus ensured that one sequence of events would play out as intended. “This shall prove quite interesting,” Clockwork stated. “Of course I already know what choices Ember and her new ‘friend’ are destined to make,” he added as he changed between adult and old man forms. “Now to let the rest of the pieces fall into place for Miss Rosenberg’s first encounter with the Ghost Zone.”


Ember pulled Willow into the ghost zone through the portal which opened to accept them – unaware that she was dooming her fellow ghost into a fate that would lead down a very harsh path indeed.

Willow Rosenberg ceased to exist as a mortal human as soon as she passed into the strange and twisted dimension. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the vast oddity of the ghost zone sprawled out before her.

Willow was speechless.

Ember smiled. “This is where we are forced to live,” she said. “Oh sure it’s ok, as far as ghost zone’s go, but it isn’t exactly Earth,” she added.

Willow gave a slow nod. “How have you not gone insane from all the lack of gravity-ness?” she asked.

Ember chuckled. “You get used to it… Although – how do you know I haven’t gone insane from it? Maybe that’s why I’m always trying to conquer the Earth,” she said with a playful smirk.

Willow shook her head. “Not funny,” she said. “Ok. I’ve seen it, so let’s get back.”

Ember frowned slightly feeling a little bad about tricking Willow – she really did think the other teen was kind of cute and possibly good friend material – maybe even friend material with benefits. “I probably should have mentioned that we can’t get back to Sunnydale from here,” she admitted in a soft tone.

“What! Why?” Willow demanded her eyes widening in fear and nervousness.

Ember sighed. “Unless you can open a ghost portal at will you’re kind of stuck entering and leaving this place from randomly generated entrances and exits… Or you try and sneak out when someone opens an artificial ghost portal,” Ember explained with a shrug. “The problem with that is… The only two artificial ghost portals in the world are owned by some seriously annoying creeps,” she added.

Willow would have started hyperventilating if she could – instead a thunderhead began to form above her. “You lied to me!” she accused. “You brought me here on purpose so I couldn’t reverse the spell making me a ghost!” Willow started to get scary looking – her ghostly form flickered and the sexy costume she wore turned a blood red in color while the black of the storm clouds seemed to darken her hair color.

Ember hastily shook her head in denial. “I did not!” she shouted. “Willow, we can get you back, we just have to be… Careful, about how we do it,” she added.

“Careful! Why should we be careful?” Willow demanded angrily.

“You will cease your weather manipulation at once! You are under arrest for breaking my laws,” Walker stated as he and his prison guard ghosts appeared with sudden swiftness.

Willow turned to face the other ghost. “This does not concern you!” she declared raising her right hand palm flayed with fingers pointing at each of the five spectral interlopers.

Walker was confident his anti-ghost shields would prevent her from doing any serious damage – perhaps he was slightly overconfident.

Willow drew in the thunder clouds she’d generated in her anger and sent five large bolts of ectoplasmic lightning into the chests of the five ghosts. One by one each of them popped out of existence – banished back to Walker’s prison and leaving Ember and Willow free to resume their conversation.

Turning back on her ‘friend’ Willow shot a dangerous glare at Ember. “Lead me to that ghost portal. Now!” she commanded in an imperious tone.

Ember felt a tingle run up her ghostly spine and she burst into a broad smile. “Cutie, I knew I had a reason to still like you,” she said.

Willow eyed her with a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

“Ok, ok, cutie, but… could you say my name again before we go?” she asked.

“Ember,” Willow said in a warning tone.

“Alright!” Ember cried pumping her fist in the air. “You are hot!” she added taking Willow by the hand and leading her out of the area dominated by Walker. “I’d love to see if you fried those pinheads,” she said.

Willow smiled. This was actually kind of nice – in a weird trippy kind of way – maybe being with Ember wasn’t totally of the bad. But she had to get back to Sunnydale so she could reverse this spell… No way did she want to be a ghost permanently – even if it did come with some killer perks and a real power upgrade.

To Be Continued…
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