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Ethan’s New Toys

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This story is No. 18 in the series "Life (And Unlife) In Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ethan’s Halloween costumes became real, and so did the fake props carried by those wearers, as shown by Xander’s toy gun that changed into a working weapon. In this AU, Ethan added something else to the costumes. Join in by writing your own chapter!

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Disclaimer: I, and anybody else joining in, own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and any additional characters, whether living or other, from whatever media presented here, along with the words, phrases, and compositions quoted in the following chapters from various popular entertainment creations during these stories, are each and every one the property of their original owners.

“Oh, bugger,” grumbled an annoyed Ethan Rayne, as he looked down into the cardboard box he’d just taken from its hiding place on the bottom rear shelf of the cash register counter. The Englishman had then placed that carton upon the flat surface of the counter and pulled open the top flaps, revealing what was inside this package.

The whole reason for this Chaos mage’s current exasperation was the bothersome fact that he’d just cast the preliminary enchantment upon the Halloween costumes that were now crowding the small shop located in Sunnydale’s business district. It had taken him a couple of hours to single-handedly lug everything out of his rental van and set up all the outfits and props on display, with these items now ready for eager customers to pick out their choices on what to wear for this evening’s parties or going trick-or-treating on the streets of the small California city. Of course, after Ethan cast the main spell invoking Janus itself later tonight, there’d then be perfectly wonderful pandemonium throughout the whole town, as the costumes at once changed their wearers into the actual characters matching whatever clothing they were presently garbed in. A state of affairs sure to bring a warm glow to any anarchist’s heart, except that only a minute ago, Ethan had made a slight balls-up of everything.

It wasn’t like he’d actually meant to do this. Just before the ex-Londoner had placed his costumes inside the shop he’d recently rented, Ethan had carefully looked around the empty room, apparently cleared out entirely of its previous contents by the former tenant. Finishing his examination, the mature man had been satisfied at the time that there wouldn’t be any magical problems with casting his beginning spell to prepare the costumes and other items about to be moved inside the store. Unfortunately, after performing the initial invocation inside the now-packed shop to get these holiday outfits ready for the subsequent full-power spell done with the bust of Janus carefully tucked away in the back room, Ethan had then discovered that bloody box the size of a suitcase undoubtedly forgotten and left behind in the shop by the last tenant. After all, from what the landlord had casually mentioned as Ethan had signed the lease, that previous occupant had operated a toy store here, and what the Chaos mage had just taken out of the box to glumly inspect was nothing else but a prime example of a child’s plaything.

Despite his evident irritation, a twist of Ethan’s lips now allowed a faint, wry smile to form on his features, as the man reluctantly admitted to himself that back when he’d been a wee nipper himself, this tiny car he was holding would’ve been treasured by that little boy so long ago. Lifting up to his face the small object just half the length of his smallest finger and peering more closely at the toy, Ethan was actually impressed at the amount of fine detail displayed upon the miniature body of that automobile. With its spinning rubber wheels, minuscule windows that allowed the accurate interior to be admired, and a flawless paint job, this diminutive vehicle looked totally like an exact duplicate of that real-life car whose only apparent difference from that toy was in being a hundred times bigger.

Yes, well, the manufacturer of this toy had clearly done a bang-up job and bully for them, Ethan sardonically noted to himself, except that right now, as revealed by the mild tingling in his fingers gripping that little automobile, it and every single one of these other numerous different toy vehicles nearly filling the entire box had just been accidentally imbued with Chaos magic, exactly like his costumes and their props. Alas, the disconcerting fact was that Ethan had absolutely no bloody idea what, if anything, might happen when the finishing magic cast by the bust of Janus pervaded those toys later tonight.

The safest, most sensible thing for him to do would have been for Ethan to simply remove the preliminary spell from everything in the shop -- his wares and those sodding toys -- to then stuff that packed box into the rubbish bin outside the back of the store, and once again install the first part of the Chaos magic into his costumes.

However, there were two objections to that prudent proposal. The first flaw instantly realized by Ethan was that he basically wasn’t sure if things would work properly if that sorcerer had to do it all over again. There were absolutely no guarantees with any kind of Chaos magic, and it was wholly possible that he’d just pulled off the only successful try during his very first attempt.

The second objection had to do with Ethan Rayne’s prompt reaction throughout his entire life to such issues as safety and caution:


A very slow and evil grin now appeared upon the Englishman’s face, as he gently placed the toy car back in the box with its various metal companions. Ethan wasn’t about to discount the remote possibility that what had just occurred was some kind of sign from his master, Janus itself. After all, if the human caster of Chaos had totally no idea concerning the type of anarchy produced tonight from his accidental spell upon those toys, it was clearly right and proper for Ethan to see what kind of disorder, confusion, and bedlam which would result on this Halloween in Sunnydale from unobtrusively slipping those little cars into some of his costumes that matched these toys….

Author’s Note: Well, you’ve got the idea. Add your own chapter on what you think might happen, now that Ethan is gleefully adding a further prop to his supernatural holiday outfits! The toys can be cars, or in fact, any other type of vehicle on or off the road; after all, just about virtually every means of land transportation, whether real or fictional, has been made into toys. Let’s stick to only those items, since air, water, and space toys are a bit excessive (for now).

Do a crossover or not, but whatever else, be imaginative, and have fun!

Further Note: Story rating is FR15 for now; this may change if warranted. Don’t be limited or think you need to meet or exceed this!
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