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Five by Five

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Summary: Faith discovers something about herself... BtVS/BSG/SPN

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Five By Five

Disclaimer: Yeah, I own Supernatural, BSG and BtVS. I am also a cylon-watcher-transgenic. I am so gonna get sued…. OKAY I have nothing, cept for an unhealthy addiction to tobacco and too much time on my hands. Enjoy

Summary: Faith ‘died’ on Caprica six years before the cylon attack, was resurrected on Earth with no memory. She was fifteen at the time. Now at 23, with her criminal record expunged she is free to do as she pleases and has taken over for Buffy as the head slayer, but has recently become discontented with the fight. She is about to find out she has a whole other destiny she had lost her memory of, and now it’s time for her to return.

Note: I wrote this over a year ago, and it kind of went into oblivion, but if people like it I'll prolly pick it back up.

Pairings: Faith/Xander, Galen/Cally, Kara/Sam, Sharon/Karl, more will be revealed…

Chapter One

The night was unusually quiet as Faith Lehane stalked through St. Angela’s Cemetary in Cleveland. She had been a slayer for going on seven years now, one of the longest lived on record and though she was initially buzzed by and found extreme pleasure in the fight against the dark forces, she now found herself somewhat complacent. The buzz of her calling was long gone and she was slowly losing the thrill that came with a slay. She looked skyward at the stars that were scattered across the galaxy, brightly lit and shimmering against the blackness of space. She is enthralled by the spectacle, and not for the first time, she questions her origins. For as long as she could remember, which was from about the time she was fifteen, she had always wondered who she was exactly. Her foster mother had been a terrible alcoholic, and had done all she could to break Faith’s spirit, telling her that she was stupid and would never amount to anything. It was the worst when the bitch was drunk. That was when the insults intensified tenfold and the beatings came. If the watcher Dormer hadn’t come when she had, she doubted that she would’ve still be around by the time she was called as a slayer. But all of that did not help her get any closer to the truth of who she was. She knew that she had been found in March of 1997 by a State Trooper named Dignam, and had been labeled a transient when she could not give any information about who she was. All she could remember from that night was waking up in some kind of bathtub that was filled with an unknown liquid. She was still covered with the stuff when she was found stumbling around South Boston.

She was so deep in her thoughts that she failed to pick up on the fact that she was being followed until her stalker was almost on top of her.

“Peaceful night out isn’t it slayer?” a British voice said from her right. Faith whirled towards the man who had spoken. He had on a trenchcoat and wore a full rim hat.

“Whistler.” Faith acknowledged, recognizing the man after a moment from when he had come to see her in Boston after Dormer’s death years before and told her that she was going to be needed in Sunnydale.

“Faith.” Whistler replied shortly, looking nervous.

“So when is the next catastrophe of biblical proportions?” Faith quipped, knowing that it had to be bad, for the PTB’s to have sent him.

“I’m not here about an impending apocalypse.” Whistler says. “I actually came to fulfill a promise I made a long time ago.”

“And this promise was?” Faith asks, her curiosity peaked, and slight apprehension dawning at the back of her mind.

“To watch over and protect you until it was time.” Whistler answers.

“Time for what?” Faith asks, this time with more trepidation.

“Time for you to go home. Time for the circle to be unbroken once more.” Whistler tells her. He quickly mumbles a few words under his breath, so low that even Faith’s enhanced hearing is unable to pick it up. She tries to go into a defensive posture, but finds that she is unable to move, her whole body held immobile by an unseen force.

“What the frak are you playing at Whistler?!” Faith demands, then is quiet for a moment. ‘What the hell does ‘Frak’ mean?’

“All of this has happened before and only you can stop history from repeating itself Faith.” Whistler says cryptically, and that’s the last thing Faith hears before the pressure of the force holding her pushes in on all sides and she falls to the mercy of blissful unconsciousness.

Chief Galen Tyrol, Tory Foster, Samuel Anders, and Colonel Saul Tigh are standing tensely in a small storage hold.

“It’s true. We’re cylons. And we have been from the start.” Tyrol says solemnly.

“So if we’re part of the final five, who is the last?” Tory asks

Tigh opens his mouth as if he is about to say something, but is cut off as there is loud crack and the four newly discovered cylons look up to see a hole open up in the fabric of realities and a sultry brunette woman falls through the rip and crashes to the floor. The rip closes right after. The woman is still for a moment, then stirs and slowly gets up. She looks around at the shocked, but now familiar faces, the faces that had been haunting her during her sleep that Whistler had induced to send her back, and were also prominent in her fractured memories that had returned.

“Who the hell are you?” Tigh demands, using every ounce of military training to sound as intimidating as possible. The woman just smirks at him.

“To answer Tory’s question from before, I’m your missing kin.” The woman answers. “My name is Faith.”

Chapter 2

The four cylons looked dumbstruck at the newly arrived woman who claimed to be the final cylon.

“If you expect us to just believe that, you’re our of your fraking mind.” Colonel Tigh said scathingly, still angry at the discovery that he himself was one of the people he had dedicated the last forty-five years of his life to protecting humanity against.

“I’m not any happier about it than you Saul.” Faith replies nonplussed by Tigh’s anger. “Hell, I was happy enough on Earth not remembering my past.”

“You’ve been to Earth?” was the collective question from Tyrol, Tory and Anders.

“Yeah, for the last eight years or so.” Faith replied immediately.

Before anyone could say anything else, the voice of Lt. Gaeta filtered through the comm. Unit that hung in a corner of the room.

“Cylon fleet inbound, confrontation imminant. All hands to battle stations.”

“What do we do?” Tory questions uncertainly.

“We do our jobs.” Tigh replies after a moment of silence. The others just look at him in disbelief for a moment. “My name is Saul Tigh. I am an officer in the colonial fleet. Whatever else I am, whatever else that means, that’s the man I choose to be. And if I die today, that’s the man I’ll be.”

Tigh turned and strode out of the room, Tory following a moment later. Tyrol started to go, but Faith stopped him.

“Where should I go?” She asked, not having any knowledge of the place she was now.

“Do you have any mechanical knowledge?” He asks after a pause.

“A little from working on my motorcycle, but I learn fast.” Faith replies.

“Good, as far as anyone has to know, you were brought to Galactica to replace one of my deck crew that died of radiation poisoning. We’ll work the rest out later. I’ll show you the way to the main hangar.”

Faith nodded and followed Tyrol out of the room, Anders limping after them a few moments later.

As soon as the three cylons entered the landing bay, Tyrol was immediately accosted by his wife.

“Where the hell have you been?” Cally demands, glaring at Tyrol. He starts to explain, but Cally cuts him off by pointing at Faith. “Who is she?”

“I’m Laudman’s replacement.” Faith replies easily, and Cally nods, the tension leaving her. Faith quickly expands her senses, letting them flow over Cally, Tyrol, and Anders, then the rest of the deck crew, then the whole of the battlestar, and finally the rest of the fleet. She is surprised what she reads from Cally’s aura. She had felt the same thing when she was around several people back on earth. She withdraws after a moment and blinks a few times to get her bearings back.

“I’ll explain where I was later in private.” Tyrol promises her, then yells to the rest of the crew. “Let’s go! Get that bird in the tube!”

The crew explodes into action, working furiously to make sure that all the vipers are battle ready and in place for takeoff. Tyrol, Anders and Faith remain standing together and exchange a look. Faith decides to tell Tyrol what she found out from her scan.

“Galen, we need to talk. Now.” Faith orders, giving her most intimidating stare. Tyrol nods and she leads him away from Anders, to a empty corner of the room.

“We need to tell your wife.” Faith says deadpan, once they are out of the hearing zone of the rest of the people.

“What?!” Tyrol coughs out. “She hates cylons pretty much more than everyone. She’d lose her mind.”

“It would be kind of hard for a half-cylon to be so against her own people.” Faith replied without missing a beat.”

“What are you talking about? Cally is human, the only two half-Cylons in the fleet is Helo and Athena’s daughter Hera, and my son I guess.”

Faith shakes her head. “Your son is three-quarters cylon, Cally and Hera are half cylon, whether they know it or not. It’s your decision whether or not to tell her, but I can guarantee that if you don’t tell her and she finds out on her own, she will wind up dead, either by her hand or someone else’s.” Faith finished, not telling Tyrol that she had seen that if they didn’t reveal themselves to his half-cylon wife that she would be killed by Tory, to keep the final five a secret.

“You have visions?” Tyrol asks incredulously.

“On occasion, although they’re more like fractured impressions of a vision.” Faith answers. “We have to tell Cally to avoid this unwanted outcome.”

Tyrol nods in understanding. “If we get out of this we’ll hold a meeting in secret.”

“It has to be the five of us, Cally and the other cylon I sensed onboard.” Faith tells him.

“That would be Athena, Sharon Agathon.” Tyrol informs her.

“She has to be there too.” Faith says, not leaving room for a disagreement. “For now we need to get back before we attract unwanted attention.”

The two of them returned to the main part of the landing bay and got to work.

Anders was inside his viper awaiting the go ahead from the control room to take off. As soon as they gave him the signal, he shot forward and down the tube and out into the darkness of space and into the battle that was already underway. He spotted a cylon raider heading for the FTL drives, and quickly gave chase. He was about to fire on the raider when it spun in midair to face him.

Anders waited for the first shot to hit, but was stunned when the raider just remained immobile. After a moment, a red light lit up in the middle of the raider’s windshield and scanned Ander and his viper.

“What the frak?” Anders questioned to himself, and was shocked as the cylon fleet jumped away as one at the conclusion of the scan. He waited a few minutes then returned to the landing bay.

The Galactica jumped to it’s next location as soon as everyone was on board again.

Chapter 3

When Cally finally finished work for the day and got back to the quarters she shared with her husband and son, she found a surprise. In addition to her Husband who was sitting at the kitchen table, and her son who was sleeping on his little bed, the quarters were almost full. Colonel Tigh and Tory were also seated at the table, Anders was leaning against the east wall, next to the miraculously resurrected Kara Thrace. A few feet away from them, the woman from earlier, Faith, was sitting lazily on a crate, and Sharon and Karl Agathon sat on the nearby couch.

“Close the door Cally.” Tyrol asked her softly. She complied without a moment hesitation. When the door was closed and securely locked, she turned back to the assembled group. She looked from person to person, but could tell that no one outside of her husband, the Colonel, Tory, Anders, or Faith seemed to know why they had been asked here.

“I have to ask before I say why you’ve all been asked here, that nothing you hear in here leaves this room. This can’t get back to the Admiral, Lee, Roslin, Baltar, or anyone.” Tigh states, taking charge. After a few moments the entire group agrees to the terms. Tigh looks at Tory and then Faith and they both nod, then move to stand by the door. Cally takes the opportunity to steal Tory’s chair and sits down heavily.

Tigh takes a long pull of the scotch in front of him, and then starts his explanation.

“Right before the cylon fleet appeared in the nebula, the final five were revealed to eachother, drawn to a remote cargo hold by a cylon signal in the form of a song. It switched us on.” Tigh states and the room goes deathly silent.

“You’re a cylon?” Cally screeched, throwing herself back, trying to put as much space as she could between herself and Tigh. She found herself in her husband’s lap as a result. Kara, Karl and Sharon all remained silent in the face of the bombshell that had been dropped in their laps.

“Cally, stop.” Tyrol said, trying to calm his wife. She stilled after a moment, but her eyes retained a frightened edge.

“You said the final five had been drawn together. With Cally’s outburst, Karl in the CIC the whole time, and Kara in the air, that would mean that-“ Sharon started, but was cut off by Tyrol.

“Tigh, Tory, Anders, Faith and myself are the final five.” Tyrol finished for the other cylon. Cally tensed for a moment, feebly struggling in her husband’s arms, but gave up just as quickly and opted to just remain motionless.

“That doesn’t tell us why you called us here specifically.” Sharon says, swallowing her shock and glee at being privileged to be in the presence of the final five.

“We came across another startling fact.” Tyrol said. “Hera is not the only half-cylon in the fleet. There are several others. That’s the reason Cally needed to be here for this.”

“I’m a.. a half-cylon?” Cally’s voice cracked.

“Yes.” Faith replied. “But this information cannot leave this room. It must remain a secret for the time being. Can we trust you to hold up the agreement?”

Karl agreed immediately, his love for Sharon clearly evident, Kara reluctantly following him. Cally was last, squeaking out an affirmative.

“Good. Now I think we all have our own roles to play here. There is something coming, something big and we all need to be here to face it.” Tyrol says. “This meeting is over.”

Chapter 4

Four Months Later

The attack on the Cylon Resurrection Hub had been a success, and one of the D’Anna’s had been rescued. However, upon the return to the basestar of the cylon rebels, D’Anna had taken charge and was now holding Roslin, Baltar and numerous pilots hostage onboard.

The landing bay was silent as as D’Anna Biers stepped out of the raptor. She was met by the group of the Admiral, Colonel Tigh, Tory and several armed marines.

“I didn’t come here to start a fight.” D’Anna says, putting her hands up in a sign of peace.

“What did you come for?” Adama asks, not trusting her for a second.

“I’m here for the final five cylons, and any of the half-cylons that want to come along for the ride.” She says, subtlety looking from Colonel Tigh, then Tory, and then to the grouping of Faith, Tyrol, Cally, and Anders who were standing on one of the balconies overlooking the room.

“We don’t know who the final five are, and the only half-cylon that I’m aware of is Hera Agathon. So I can’t exactly meet your demands.” Adama said after a moment.

“They know who they are. I expect them to be on the basestar in the next two hours or I will start airlocking pilots.” D’Anna said, and turned to get back into the raptor.

“Wait!” Tory burst out, causing everyone present to look at her. “I’m coming with you. I have the president’s medication, she needs it.”

Adama looked hesitant, but concurred. “Go. Get the president her meds.”

Tory nodded and followed D’Anna onboard the raptor. The safety door closed and the raptor moved into the launch tube, and was soon gone. Colonel Tigh waited until Adama had left, and then signaled to the other three members of the final five, and Cally. It was time.

An hour later, Major Karl Agathon walked into the quarters of his commander. He sat down on the other side of Adama’s desk.

“We need to talk sir.” Helo said.

“What are you talking about Karl?” Adama asked, worry creeping into his voice as he recalled D’Anna’s revelation of the final five being in the fleet as well as half-cylons other than Karl and Sharon’s young daughter Hera and that they knew who they were.\

“The Final Five and one of the unknown half-cylons are ready to reveal themselves.” Saul states, and continues before Adama can speak. “They will meet you in cargo hold 317 in twenty minutes.”

“Is this your way of admitting that you are one of the final five Helo?” Adama asks, subtly reaching for his pistol.

“No sir. I am merely passing on a message.” Karl said. “They are on our side sir, and I don’t believe that they would do anything to purposefully endanger the fleet. Twenty minutes, sir.”

Helo nodded his head in a gesture of the utmost respect for the admiral and walked out.

Admiral Adama and his entourage of Lee, Lt. Gaeta, Racetrack, Lt. Hoshi and several armed marines entered the empty cargo hold.

“I knew this was gonna be a trap.” Lee muttered, eyeing the empty compartment.

As if to prove his point wrong the door on the opposite end of the hold opened and Sharon stepped through, Karl and Kara right behind her.

“What the frak is this?” Lee yelled upon seeing Kara.

“Calm down Lee, I’m not a cylon. I’m just… moral support like Helo.” Kara said to her former lover. She turned to the elder Adama. “Could you please ask the marines to lower their weapons, we don’t need any unnecessary bloodshed today.”

Adama stood quietly for a moment, his eyes boring holes into Kara. “Holster your firearms.” He ordered, and the marines obeyed wordlessly.

When it was certain that no one would shoot at any newcomers to the room, Kara turned to Sharon and Karl. They both nodded and Sharon moved to the partly open door, and said a few words to whoever was out there and then stood back. Sam Anders walked in first, his hands held out to show he was unarmed, and moved to stand by Kara. Faith came next, followed by Tyrol and Cally who walked together, and finally the Colonel.

“Saul?” The Admiral questioned in shock.

“I’m sorry Bill. But I am one of the final five.” Tigh replies.

“So the five of you are-” Lee questioned, but Cally cut him off.

“No, I am not one of the final five. I am only half.” Cally says.

“Then who?” Adama demanded.

“Tory Foster is the final member of the five.” Athena answered.

Faith stepped forward. “D’Anna wants the final five because we know the way to Earth. I believe that we can reason with her if we put on the illusion of our lives being in danger. With the primary hub destroyed, they will be unable to resurrect us if we are killed, so they will have no choice but to agree to let the hostages go if they believe our lives are threatened, by I don’t know, airlocking us?”

Adama stared at the cylons, the half cylon Cally and Helo and Starbuck for a long moment. “I think that it might work.” He finally agreed.

D’Anna stood in the central command of the basestar, Tory nearby as well as a Leoben, a Sharon and two sixes. The silence was broken at the shrill ring of the comm. Unit. D’Anna picked it up.

“Are you ready to hand over the final five?” D’Anna asked smugly.

Lee’s voice answers without hesitation. “I’m calling to let you know that a half hour ago Colonel Tigh was captured and locked into the Launch tube. Twenty-Three minutes ago Crewman Faith Lehane was also caught and put with him. Ten minutes after that Ensign Samuel Anders went in as well and the Tyrols have just joined them. If you come to Galactica with Tory Foster and the hostages now, maybe we can discuss a peaceable ending to this situation.” Lee hung up.

“Frak! They found them.” D’Anna swore, and slammed down the receiver.

Tory grinned inwardly. Their plan had worked, and now both her people and the survivors of humanity could make their way to Earth.

Chapter 5

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Earth.” Faith said once the final coordinates were punched into the navigational computer and the fleet made one last jump. Faith hung up the comm. unit that connected her to CIC, and moved to stand with Tory, Anders, Kara and the Tyrols just as the giant blue and green sphere that Faith called home.

“Are you sure you will be able to contact your friend?” Cally asks, and Faith nods.

“Once we get on planet it will be a piece of cake.” Faith replies, and then teasingly says, “As long as the stealth raptor you and Galen made doesn’t frak up, we’ll be fine.”

“Hey!” Cally protests, smacking her best friend in the arm lightly.

Two days ago, Faith had approached the admiral and requested that she be allowed to make first contact with a team of her choosing. She had reasoned that she was the only one who actually knew Earth and the societies that governed the planet, and that she could get in touch with people that would allow them a safe haven or help to integrate people into the already existing society. The Admiral had agreed and Faith had chosen the Tyrols, Lt. Gaeta and the Agathons as her team.

“Alright, enough sightseeing. Time to get going, I hate being cooped up in a raptor for too much long so I’d like to get back on Earth as soon as cylonly possible.” Faith says, and leads the Tyrol’s out of the observation deck, waving good by to Tory, Sam, and Kara as they went.

The three of them met up with Gaeta and the Agathon’s in the hangar bay. The six of them got into the raptor quickly. Gaeta took up the seat in front of the communication console, and the Agathons took the pilot and co-pilot seats. Faith, Galen and Cally took the passenger seats and about ten minutes later, they were in the air, heading for Earth.

Xander Harris grinned as he watched a large group of slayers enjoying themselves by the lake that the council’s building was situated next to. He sighed, wishing that they would come up with a lead on the whereabouts of Faith, who had gone missing almost six months previous. Buffy, Giles, Willow, most of the rest they had all given up, but he, Robin, Dawn and Vi were all certain that Faith was alive somewhere. He didn’t know why, but the four of them had rallied around Faith after the fall of Sunnydale, and rallied around eachother after Faith disappeared that night in March. He couldn’t describe it but it was as if they shared a common bond, a bond that no one else seemed to be able to integrate themselves into or break apart. The bond was also shared with the Winchester brothers, Gwen Raiden, and Nina Ash, but none of those four were there at the moment.

“Xander! Xander!” a high-pitched voice called out and Xander winced at the sound, and slowly turned to face Andrew Wells, who was running over to him as fast as he possibly could.

“What is it Andrew?” Xander asks noncommittally.

“That just appeared over the lake, Rona saw it first and told me to come find you.” Andrew prattled, pointing to a large shape in the sky, a shape that seemed to be getting closer and closer to Earth quickly.

Xander just stood and watched it’s descent to Earth, knowing deep within the fiber of his being that he would get some answers soon. He could sense Faith again, the feeling stronger than it had been since she had disappeared. She had come home.

The shape, which Xander could now tell was a ship landed gracefully on the ground in front of the council hq, and the large group of slayers who quickly encircled the aircraft, ready form action, but Xander’s calm demeanor kept them from attacking.

He watched as a door opened on the side of the craft and he was rewarded with the sight of Faith standing there in an strange militaristic blue and silver uniform. She grinned widely upon seeing him as well.

“Hey Xan, good to see ya.” Faith smirked, jumping to the ground in front of him. She was followed by several people garbed in the same attire as Faith. Once Faith and the others were on the ground, Xander asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“Where the hell have you been?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Five by Five" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Dec 10.

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