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Roanapur Knights: Learning Curve

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Roanapur Knights". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Some of the Scoobies do not yet understand how dangerous Roanapur can be ... And some insist on learning the hard way

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Anime > Black Lagoon(Recent Donor)BHRamsayFR18812,167024,97531 Dec 1022 Feb 11No

Chapter One

Roanapur Knights - Learning Curve

Author: B.H. Ramsay

Disclaimer: Characters appearing here belong to Mutant Enemy & Funimation Entertainment

Rating Teen

Spoilers: none

Summary: Some of the Scoobies still do not understand how dangerous Roanapur can be and some insist on learning the hard way

There weren't many places like U.G. Pork in the world, let alone in Roanapur. A squat and nondescript building located in a section of town that seemed permanently in shadow.

A few random lights scattered erratically around the building managed to CREATE more gloom then they dispelled. The entire effect served one purpose only, to make sure anyone and everyone was already in a state of extreme nervous tension BEFORE they encountered the person who unquestionably ruled here, the body disposal expert and occasional bounty hunter, Fredericka Sawyer known to those who even knew she existed at all as Sawyer The Cleaner.

Sawyer carried a wriggling burlap bag through the secluded hallways; undisturbed by the bag's frenzied screaming. She kicked open a metal door dragging the bag to the center of the killing floor, a stark white tiled room covered in gore and the blood of the various people, and there had been many, who had been unlucky enough to end their time in Roanapur in this room.

Sawyer unceremoniously dumped the contents on the floor, a young man fall from the bag struggling against the bonds holding his hands and feet.

"I said I was sorry." He pleaded "I'm really, really sorry."

Sawyer gazed at him silently a feral grin on her face. Making sure the young man could see her every move, she picked up a large knife which she used to cut through the boy's clothing. She quickly stripped him of his clothes.

"Look just let me explain ... it was an accident a glitch anyone could have screwed up but if you let me fix it."

Sawyer's turned her sour face and shook her head silently. She began donning a set of full surgeon's scrubs. She slowly and deliberately pulled on a set of heavy rubber gloves.

A young brunette entered the room. her arrival sent a shudder of relief though the struggling boy.

"Faith, come on Faith - you aren't going to let her do this?"

"Andrew when you came here, I warned you - everybody warned you. Roanapur isn't like the outside world. Bad things can happen to people who do stupid things and you did a very, very stupid thing."

Andrew Wells watched as Sawyer the Cleaner prepared her most lethal instruments. As she moved about the room, she would occasionally cast baleful looks at Andrew.

"Faith, you realize she's going to kill me?"

"She'd have good reason Andrew you broke a cardinal rule in this city, one nobody who's still breathing has ever broken."

"Tell her I can fix it just give me a chance - I can totally fix it."

Sawyer paused, she seemed to be considering her options.

Faith owed it to her her fellow Scooby. She was all for throwing a scare into someone but the tortures Sawyer was capable of unleashing on Andrew were far and away worse then the infraction.

"You do realize, he might be the only one who can fix this quickly," Faith reminded Sawyer, "anyone else ... it might be a while. It might be a long while before it gets sorted out."

Sawyer paused, growling in frustration.

Faith laid a sympathetic hand on her shoulder, "I get that you are pissed with him and you have every good reason. All I ask is twenty four hours, just give him a day to fix it. After that if he still hasn't fixed it well..." she let the sentence trail off.

Sawyer looked at Andrew with a savage grin on her face. Andrew's imagination told him exactly what fate would hold in store for him if he failed to undo his mistakes.

"Andrew, you promise to fix Sawyer's voice machine?" Faith asked.

"Yes!" He screamed as he cowered on the floor watching The Cleaner who seemed reluctant to surrender her prey.

"...And you promise you will never touch her voice machine ever again without her permission."

"I am so, so very sorry I did that."

"...And you will remove all traces of Autotune from her voice machine."

"It will be like it was brand new I swear."

"If you don't - this will be the last thing you ever hear" Sawyer hissed in the distorted pitches her auto tune corrupted Mechanical Larynx forced her to speak in.
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