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The Man With The Hands

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Summary: Kate Beckett thought she had enough on her plate dealing with Rick Castle. Then she ran across her old boyfriend Xander Harris on a case. Complicated doesn't begin to describe this situation.

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Television > CastleatticusFR21718,1133120450,16829 Jan 1129 Jul 12No

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Good Morning

Lanie Parish was currently a happy coroner. Not because of the three dead body's in the hotel swimming pool but because she had had quite possibly the best date she'd ever had last night. At the moment she was waiting outside the hotel for a particular car to pull up because when it did she was going to pounce on her best friend and regale Detective Kate Beckett with the high points of her wonderful night.

When the car pulled up Lanie's lips pulled back into a smile that would make most Miss America contestant's weep with envy. The presence of Kate Beckett's unofficial partner best selling novelist Rick Castle didn't even hamper her mood. When Kate got close enough to see Lanie's smile, Kate raised an eyebrow. Lanie flicked her eyes to Castle and shook her head.

"Castle, go find Esposito." Kate spoke.

"Why?" The tall man asked, stooping low to get to her eye level.

"Would you rather I hand cuff you to the car door again?" She nodded her head back to the car.

He gave her a grin, "I still have my key. And I've taken the liberty of hiding it somewhere on my body. In order to get it you'll have to search me," Castle’s voice dropped to a seductive pitch, "thoroughly."

"I have pepper spray with me today." Lanie called in a lilting voice.

Kate spun from her friend to the pain in her ass with a shark's grin. "Oh, pepper spray. I don't recall if you've ever been pepper sprayed Castle what with your sordid history of mischief and petty crimes."

Castle looked from one woman to the next and decided that he'd better go find Esposito. Inclining his head to both women he walked into the hotel muttering about crazed women and conspiracies to keep the good stuff from him.

"So?" Kate asked, bumping her shoulder into Lanie's.

"I had a GOOD date last night." Lanie grinned.

"How good?" Kate lead the way into the hotel.

"You remember your story about your lost summer and the boy with the magic hands?" Lanie leaned into her friend.

Kate rolled her eyes, "Vaguely."

"I must have went out with his brother last night, cause.... Oh, baby, it was goooood." Lanie shivered.

Kate laughed and hit the button for the elevator, she hated rooftop swimming pools. "So he had hands?"

"He was the whole package, girl. Everything, I mean everything was perfect. He was smart, he was funny, well dressed, he can dance, he's got good taste in food and charming, oh baby, was he charming. He was James Bond in a eye patch." Lanie leaned into the wall beside the door, she shook as a phantom chill crawled down her spine.

The door binged as it opened and both women stepped in, "Two things." Kate said as she reached out and slapped the button for the top floor. "Which Bond and eye patch?"

"Missing left eye. No, he didn't tell me and I didn't feel right asking. And I say he was eighty percent Connery with twenty percent Craig for spice."

Kate blinked. "Okay, I've got to meet this guy. How'd you meet him?"

"My friend Lisa set us up."

"Which one's Lisa."

"The one you don't believe exists." Lanie snorted.

"That's the one who met an African prince while working in her father's fast food place and married him?" Kate asked remembering that particular tall tale.

"Yes, that Lisa. Alex saved Aakeem's life back in Zamunda when someone tried to kill him."

Kate shook her head, she wasn’t going to argue over that particular tall tale again, "Okay. So... second date?"

"Considering I had to crawl my way out the a broken mattress this morning? Hell yeah!" Lanie laughed.

"I'm happy for you."

"If you took a spin on Mr. Castle's wild ride I'd bet you'd be happy to." Lanie snarked.

"No." Kate chopped the air with her hand, "Hell no!"

"Suit yourself." Lanie held up her hands in peace.

The two shared a brief moments silence before the elevator dinged and they got off on the top floor. Detective Javier Esposito was waiting for them, "Hey, this is right up your alley, Beckett, it just keeps getting weirder."

Kate raised an eyebrow and fell in line behind Esposito as they headed to the pool, "Where's Castle."

"With Ryan, taking witness statements."

Kate repressed the groan. "So what happened."

"According to the intended victim a three man hit squad repelled down through the sky light and opened fire on him. At which point he defended himself. Afterwords there's three dead assassins and the intended Vic won't say how." Esposito looked from his notepad over his shoulder to Beckett.

"Where's the intended victim?" Beckett asked.

Coming to the edge of the pool area Javier pointed to the right. "He'd be the guy over there telling the medic how to stitch him up the right way."

Kate looked at Esposito like he was crazy but Javier just shrugged and shook his head as if it was funny.

"You do like the fun ones." Lanie joked. The she stopped and sucked down a deep breath before squeaking, "ALEX?!"

Kate looked from her stunned friend to the guy over by the pool on the right and felt her own breath leave her body. "XANDER?!"

The man in the eye patch looked up at the sound, quickly he got to his feet startling the medic stitching him up. "Lanie? Katie?"

"You know him?" Kate asked Lanie at the same time Lanie asked her the same question. Neither woman taking their eyes off of the bleeding muscled man before them who was doing an above average job of filling out his little black speedo.

"My date last night with the hands." Lanie said softly, shaking her head back and forth.

"My lost summer, he's the boy with the hands." Kate whimpered eyes clenching shut.

"Oh, this is just too good." Castle spoke from behind both women with absolute glee.
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