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Concealed Shadows

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Summary: They walk on two different paths. Both saved the world and lost someone they cared for. Now their paths shall cross and in the process a secret that was once concealed shall come to light.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredLadyHealerFR1821,278071,8541 Feb 113 Feb 11No

Chapter One: The Arrival of a Doctor

“What?” The Doctor exclaimed as he rushed around the central control of the TARDIS flipping switches and pulling levers. “No. No. NO.” He quickly turned a knob on the upper part of the console before flipping three switches towards the bottom. Grabbing a spare tool on the chair he hit the lower part of the navigation system. “Behave.” He ordered before tossing the tool back onto the seat. The lights in the main control room dimmed briefly, before flaring back up as if arguing with him. “I mean it. You’re in enough trouble as is.” He scolded it as if it was a wayward child. Again the lights dimmed. He hit a couple more buttons and pulled down a lever before he looked up, watching as the pumping light-blue crystals of the time column slowed to a halt.

“What is your problem?” The Doctor demanded annoyed. “This is the fifth time this month that you switched the coordinates of our landing.” The Doctor frowned, throwing his hands into the air. “Not even different times just plopping us down in different places in 1998!” Walking to the right he pulled the screen closer and hit the two side buttons. On the keyboard below he typed in the command to start a diagnostic scan. “I thought we came to an understanding the last time you started these fits. I’d listened! I’d replaced the broken sprocket on the relative time filter. Upgrade it even. So why? Why are you doing this?” He sighed. “You’re costing me a fortune in repairs, you are, again.”

Reaching into his inside jacket pocket he took out a pair of thick frame glasses and slid them on as he kneeled down and pried open the under panel. Grabbing his sonic screwdriver from his pocket he started to trace the wires, glancing up every few minutes to check on the progress. Reaching into the subdivision of the directional unit with his left hand, he pushed pass the two thick coils and with a twist of his wrist pulled out a four inch long by one inch thick blue-green crystal and started to examine it as a wailing alarm went off. “Hush, I put it back in a moment.” There were no fractures in the prism only minor grayish blue stress marks running along the surface. Well that was good at least. It would have been a hassle to jury-rig a time mechanism support crystal. Tricky things, those…

The wailing alarms shut off as the Doctor slid the crystal back into place. “Ah, there you go. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” Placing the panel back into place, he gave the console a fond pat, before returning to the monitor. “Well, your systems are fine so why are you throwing tantrums?” Hitting a couple more buttons and continued to read the information flashing on the screen. “Ah Yes!” He grinned. “Magnetic pull due to outside interference! ” He frowned. “Impossible. The shields should have… Oh yes! That’s brilliant!” He pressed a couple of keys. “Two items, I reckon, maybe more. One bouncing off the other in order to strengthen… But Earth doesn’t have that technology, well… not yet anyways. Couldn’t pick up before because… Oh, this is going to be interesting!”

He bounced on his feet before grabbing his long brown coat that was hanging on the railing and slipped it on. Pausing at the doors he glanced back. “Now, behave, no wondering off on me while I go find our contender in our tug-of-war game.” And with a smile the Doctor stepped outside of the TARDIS into the alleyway of downtown Los Angeles.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Concealed Shadows" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Feb 11.

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