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Surprising Transformations

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Summary: Sometimes it the gift no one was expecting that can change your whole world. Xander becomes baby transformer. (Transformer Movie-verse with mostly G1 insertion; slash between bots)

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Xander-CenteredJadeAislinFR131338,9451112540,56111 Feb 112 Oct 12No

Part 1

Title: Surprising Transformations part 1
Author: Jade Aislin
Rating: FRT
Summary: Sometimes it the gift no one was expecting that can change your whole world. Xander becomes baby transformer. (Transformer Movie-verse with mostly G1 insertion)
Disclaimer: Don’t own Buffy or Transformers.
Beta: Eternity and Lady FoxFire
Warning: This is AU. While I try to follow the two movies and the events do happen, I make a few distinct differences. For instance, Jazz does not die! It also has slash between bots that technically have no gender. If you do not like this, I suggest you stop reading now.
Note: Either Frenzy or Rumble is at the Mission City battle; causing what mischief he can in the chaos.
Note 2: The only Autobots from the movies I will be leaving out are Mudflap and Skids, as I dislike the way they were portrayed and I know if I tried to include them, I would probably be bashing them.
Note 3: While I tried to get Jazz’s voice pattern, I don’t think I succeeded very well.

Part 1

Xander looked over at Daniel, giving a small smile at his worried look. He settled back into the pillow on his wheelchair. It had been nearly three years since he had found himself in this new dimension with no way to get back to his girls. The first people he had seen had been Daniel and his young wife Alexis and they had been a godsend. Not asking any questions, they had quietly taken in the bedraggled 19 year old, giving him a place to get dried off and sleep for the night, exhaustion winning over any concerns of where the portal had taken him. Oh he remembered the fierce battle against that magic using demon. He had been fighting off the guy's minions while Buffy distracted said bad guy and Willow and Tara attempted to stop whatever spell he had been casting. The portal the guy had been creating had been closing and he had shared a grin with Buffy between hits. He had just heard the guy scream in denial when the portal had suddenly flashed from a pin prick to a size decidedly Xander-big. And just his luck, he was the closest to the Xander-sized portal. And of course, it would suck in one person before closing with a bang.

When Xander had woken the next morning in Daniel’s guest bedroom, he had immediately thought of his girls. After a quick discussion with his hosts, he found he was still in California, near the Nevada border. He was sure he’d be home by that night. All he had to do was call his friends to pick him up. . . Only the numbers didn’t work. He tried every phone number he could think of. Even Angel’s detective agency, which got him a Chinese takeout place, strangely enough. Nearly in tears, Alexis had sat with him at the computer trying to find any of his friends. He even tried looking up his last name. Oh he found lots of Harris’s, but no Anthony, no Jessica, or no Alexander Lavelle Harris. He was alone.

Thinking back to his first few moments in this universe, he remembered hearing a strange voice that he had been too tired to focus properly on. While the voice had a strange metallic like quality, Xander would have sworn that the masculine voice had been affectionately warm as it said, “Data insufficient. Beginning search. . .”

He wasn’t sure what that voice was. As it was, he had been wobbling on his exhausted legs in front of Daniel’s front yard and the couple had immediately taken the teen inside. Now he knew what must have happened, the portal had taken him to another dimension. When he had blabbed that out in front of his hosts, they had surprisingly just shrugged and offered their home. He couldn’t believe how nice they were being. Oh, they didn’t believe him, but to them he was someone who needed a home and if they could help, so be it.

After an hour long conversation, Xander felt he knew his new world better. Yes, there was shrimp here. And Star Wars. But no Hasbro toy company. And to Xander’s dismay, no Transformers. Xander had gone over the entire plots of the two live action Transformer movies, having seen the second one recently with his girls. Alexis had just smiled at the stories and Daniel had commented that they would make a good movie, which had sent Xander into fits of laughter.

Xander had quickly found a home with the White family. His days had been spent looking for a job until frequent dizzy spells made working impossible. Then there had been the numerous doctor visits, paid for by the White family, much to Xander’s protest. Unfortunately, the doctors could find nothing wrong with him and the many dizzy spells remained a mystery.

It wasn’t until a few months later that Xander realized he was actually in a dimension where the Transformer movies were reality. It had never registered that the White’s lived on the outskirts of Tranquility. It had never registered that the White’s preferred to go into Mission City when looking for city life. It hadn’t even registered when the three of them had gone to Mission City for a day out at Alexis’s request. It hadn’t been until he had seen the strangest convoy driving into the city, a group of military jeeps escorting . . . a yellow Camaro?

“Bumblebee?” Xander whispered in shock. He shook his head. No, it couldn’t be. But then the black Topkick unfurled into a giant robot right beside what was once a bright yellow Camaro, shouting something about screaming stars. Then there was a huge blast.

Next thing he knew there was this little wiry robot laughing gleefully as he tried to choke the life out of Xander. The robots optics burned brightly in interest as Xander gasped beneath him. The bot’s head tilted, his red . . . eyes gleamed brightly as if he was curious as to what the human would do next. If Xander had been able to pay attention, he would have realized the bot looked a lot like the movie version of Frenzy. But he was too busy trying to get a breath in, scrabbling at the metallic hands at his throat, even though it did no good.

“Acquiring data . . . data insufficient. Resuming Search. . .” Xander barely noticed that voice he had heard when he first arrived.

And then the little demon bot was gone. Xander blinked up confusedly at the worried gaze of a blue visored, silver, fifteen foot Autobot. “Ya gonna be okay there, little mech?”

Xander blinked, not even noticing the fight going on around them. Slowly, as the bot he knew had to be Jazz brushed one giant finger down his body, he nodded his head.

The bot smiled. “Good. Ya might wanna take cover though.”

“Acquiring data . . . data complete . . . Processing. . .”

As the bot started to get up, Xander jumped on the bot’s foot, wrapping his arms around it, yelping, “Jazz!”

Jazz stared down at the human in shock. How had the boy known who he was?

Xander looked up at him, determination in his eyes. “Don’t fight Megatron! He’ll kill you!”

Jazz’s visor blinked on and off in surprise. How? A nearby explosion got him out of his thoughts. Gently he pushed the boy towards the couple that was hovering anxiously nearby. “Kid, Ah do what Ah hafta. Even if that means my death. Don’t worry though, Ah’m too tough for ‘ole Megs to kill easily. Maybe after the battle, we can talk about how ya know mah name.”

With that, Jazz got back into the fray, leaping on the rampaging tank and yanking its gun up forcefully, causing the tank to transform into robot mode to strike back. When Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, arrived Jazz leapt at the towering con to give his fellow Autobots more time to retreat.

Xander shook his head as just like in the movie, he watched one of his favorite Autobots being grabbed by the leader of the Decepticons. And just like in the movie, Megatron began to tear the smaller bot in two. However, unlike in the movie, Megatron was forced to drop the poor bot as his body went flying as if it had been hit by a runaway semi. . . Which it had. A semi by the name of Optimus Prime.

Although Xander did not know it, he had delayed the silver bot long enough that the leader of the Autobots had arrived before the unfortunate bot could be torn completely in two, although he was badly damaged and unconscious for the rest of the fight. After the battle was over, government officials had swept through and forced everyone to sign a non-disclosure paper stating that they would claim that the events that had occurred were merely a terrorist act involving massive amounts of hallucinogenic gas. Not that Xander or his friends believed that.

In fact, Daniel was positive there must have been something in the air. For it was only after that day that Xander began to become weaker. There were some mornings that he couldn’t even get out of bed. Until one day, his legs could no longer hold him up. Daniel had to quickly catch the falling young man before Xander’s face could meet the fake wood floor of their living room. Alexis had insisted on buying the best wheelchair money could buy and had it delivered the very next day.

Then the pain started. A bone deep ache that, at first, wasn’t localized to anyone area. Pretty soon, Xander began complaining about a new ache in the back of his shoulders. The pain would come and go, but the doctors could find nothing wrong.

For two years, the Whites spent dollar after dollar, taking Xander to the best doctors. Xander tried to protest them spending all that money. However, the Whites owned a successful oil drilling company and were quite wealthy. They were also the type of people to help out a stranger if they needed it. So, just as they had given Xander a place to live, they had insisted on paying for his medical expenses when it became clear that something was wrong. They even insisted on finding the best doctors in the field. At one point, the doctors had considered a disease called Fybromyalgia. But as he didn’t react in pain to any of what the doctors called tender points, that disease was ruled out. It didn’t matter what new disease the doctors came up with. Each time, the tests would be negative. The doctors could find nothing wrong. Oh, it was obvious Xander was suffering, but they could find no underlying cause. And each month Xander seemed to get worse. Finally, Xander said enough was enough and demanded no more doctors’ visits. It wasn’t doing any good and he insisted that if he was going to die, as seemed more likely as time wore on, he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life miserably going from doc to doc. The Whites had reluctantly agreed when he had given them his patented puppy dog look.

Not that they didn’t still worry about him. On top of the debilitating pain, more and more he seemed to be forgetting the little things. Daniel had been joking with him about light sabers one night when Xander had innocently asked what a light saber was. As it stood now, Xander had forgotten a good portion of the things he had grown up on, Marvel comics and super heroes, Star Wars and Transformers. Increasingly, he would have bouts of childlike behavior. After each episode, he would be acutely embarrassed for acting out and they would try to go on as if it never occurred. Those bouts were happening more and more. Unfortunately, the doctors could find nothing wrong with his brain.

Now Xander and Daniel had just arrived at The Lookout. Alexis had been unable to come due to a meeting she had scheduled out of town and she wouldn’t be back for weeks. The Lookout was a popular make out place for teens over the weekend. However, invariably, during the week, the place would be nearly deserted. It also happened to be the best place to view the stars in the surrounding area, a favorite pastime of Xander’s. Neither of them were aware of what was soon to occur that would change Xander’s whole life.


Xander wasn’t sure why, but for the past few hours he had run the gamut of emotions. At first he was excited and happy, probably to be out stargazing. But then there had been frustration. Nothing seemed to be right. Not the place Daniel had put his chair, not the way the pillow at his back was fluffed. All the little irritants causing Xander to snap at his friend. Oh, he had immediately apologized, not sure why he was so volatile and they had let the matter drop.

Now, it appeared as though a cop was pulling up at the lookout. The only time cops came up to the cliff was when they were looking for someone and Xander and Daniel were the only ones there.

Xander watched as a cop car, a Dodge Charger by the looks of it, pulled in beside Daniel’s car. He looked at his friend in worry. They hadn’t been doing anything wrong had they?

The cop quickly got out of his car and glanced around the area frantically. His gaze kept returning to Xander where it would pause before it would look in the nearby brush.

Xander started to feel a little sad the police officer was not finding what he was looking for.

Finally the officer’s gaze focused on the two friends. He strode over to them, saying brusquely, “Excuse me, Gentlemen. But have you seen anything unusual around here?”

Daniel blinked. “Unusual?”

“Something resembling a big metal egg . . . or perhaps a life sized metal doll?” The officer pressed urgently. Daniel could tell by his voice that this thing, whatever it was, was important to the cop.

“No, sir. Can’t say I have? Xander?” Daniel shook his head and then turned to his friend.

Xander, however, hadn’t been listening to the conversation at all. Instead, with his head cocked to the side, he had been focusing solely on the cop. There was something familiar about him, but for the life of him, Xander didn’t know what it was.

“Are you sur. . .” The officer trailed off, his bright blue eyes focused on Xander’s. His face took on a dawning look of comprehension and shock, quickly followed by a decidedly down turned face as the car behind him gave a visible shudder. “No. . .”

Xander blinked in confusion. Why was he suddenly so disappointed and upset? He looked at the officer and realized it wasn’t him. Suddenly he felt like a little kid who had disappointed their favorite relative. He couldn’t help himself, he burst out crying, hugging himself as he whimpered repeatedly that he was sorry.

Daniel rushed to comfort his friend, not noticing the cop momentarily fizzling out of focus like bad reception on a television. Then the officer crooned soft beeps and whistles at Xander, which although he didn’t understand them, did surprisingly comfort him. The officer crouched down by Xander’s chair, resting on hand on the chair itself, he looked up at the still sniffling young man.

Xander couldn’t stop sniffling as he rubbed at his face. Now it felt as if he was enveloped in a warm hug. As if someone really cared about him. It was one of the nicest feelings Xander had ever experienced. Xander looked down at tender blue eyes that almost seemed to glow. Slowly the officer raised a hand up to brush against his cheek.

Xander stiffened and the cop froze completely as that same metallic masculine voice that seemed to be haunting him intoned, “Acquiring final data. . . Initializing final procedure. . . “

Then the world burned to pieces around him.


End Note: If anyone has a bot or human they want Sparkling Xander to meet or idea for a scene, let me know. I only have a few ideas for the next few scenes. . .so any suggestions couldn’t hurt.

End Note 2: While the characters Daniel and Alexis White are OCs to Transformers, the names Daniel, Alexis, and White are not. Virtual cookies for whoever figures out where I got those three names.
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