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A Charmed Regeneration

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Summary: When Phoebe's latest vision reveals the destruction of the world at the turn of the Millennium, the Charmed Ones must help a strange amnesic learn his true identity before the entire Earth pays the price.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats Stories > Crossover: Other
Charmed > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
MarcusSLazarusFR13923,486152,41216 Feb 1116 Feb 11Yes


For a moment, Prue wasn't sure where she was, her body and mind thrown off by the sudden loss of the additional senses that she'd become accustomed to- even if she had acknowledged from the beginning that she couldn't keep them that didn't stop them being impressive-, and then she saw the Master standing over her, his hands on either side of her face, and knew what had just happened; somehow, the other Time Lord had managed to force her back into her body...

"There you are," the Master said with a cold, mocking smile. Before Prue could regain enough focus to use her powers once again, the Master had grabbed her head and forced her into position over a brilliant beam of light that shone into her eye with such intensity that Prue's vision almost automatically shut down as she stared into it.

"Yes!" the Master yelled, throwing Prue aside as the sound of something large and heavy moving reached her ears, her vision momentarily lost to her as she tried to work out where her enemy was standing. "With the Eye open-!"

"You can't!" Prue yelled desperately, wishing she sounded less panicked than she did; she hated not being in control when the stakes were this high, but the loss of her vision wasn't something she could easily get past. "The Doctor has the TARDIS in temporal orbit; if you try anything now you could-"

"Tear us apart?" the Master asked mockingly, his voice becoming slightly clearer as though he was now addressing her directly. "Naturally, Miss Halliwell; why else would I be doing this?"

"But you'll die-!" Prue began.

"I'm already dead without the Doctor, Miss Halliwell; at least this way he'll go with me," the Master spat back at her, before Prue suddenly felt two hands around her throat as the Master hauled her upwards and began to choke her. "And now... for your role in pushing me to-"

"NO!" the Doctor's voice suddenly broke through the Master's rant, the grip around her neck suddenly vanishing as the sound of a fight reached her ears. As she struggled backwards to escape the fight, Prue's eyes began to re-adjust to the light that had temporarily blinded them, the blackness that had so terrified her earlier being replaced by the blurred sight of the Doctor and the Master struggling over the ever-opening Eye.

"You want dominion over the living..." the Doctor's voice yelled over the roar of 'wind'- or whatever it was- from the Eye, "yet all you do is kill!"

"Life is wasted on the living!" the Master countered, only for further exchange to be cut short when Phoebe grabbed him by the shoulder and practically hauled him off the other Time Lord, sending him staggering back towards the corner of the room.

"You know something, 'Master'?" Phoebe said as she glared at him, cold contempt in her eyes for the man who had so recently taken control of her. "You really talk too much."

Hissing at Phoebe in an almost snake-like manner, the Master leapt towards Phoebe and the Doctor as the other Time Lord began to stagger to his feet. In desperation, Prue thrust one hand out in an attempt to deflect the Master's leap, knocking the psychotic Time Lord just far enough off-target to send him falling past the Doctor and Phoebe into the Eye. Grabbing onto one of the rods around the Eye, the Master was left hanging on for dear life as he looked at the group before him, the Doctor extending one arm towards his old friend.

"Give me your hand!" the Doctor called out urgently, ignoring the shocked stares he received from the Halliwells after he made that offer. Phoebe briefly opened her mouth to ask the Doctor why he would make such an offer, but quickly decided against it; this was the Doctor's foe, and it was his decision what would become of the Master in the end.

"Never!" the Master countered, his voice sounding increasingly distorted as he spoke, as though he was speaking through a layer of mucus.

For a moment, the two Time Lords could only stare at each other as the Master hovered over the Eye, the Halliwells around them uncertain what they should do next as their ally could do nothing but stare at his old friend, until the Master finally lost his grip and fell into the centre of the Eye.

"DOCTORRRrrr...!" he roared, his arms stretched out before him as though scrambling for purchase on something, before he seemed to collapse in front of them, his body breaking down into small particles that subsequently fell into the Eye.

For a moment, the group could only stare at the Eye as it continued to blare in front of them, the Doctor's expression suggesting at an ambiguity that the Halliwells couldn't penetrate, before he turned around and headed back towards the control room, leaving the Halliwells to exchange awkward glances before they hurried after him.

"Uh... what... happened there?" Piper asked at last, uncertainly indicating the room they'd just left as they returned to the control console, Chang Lee standing awkwardly beside it as he looked at them; evidently he hadn't been certain what to do in the earlier situation so he'd simply done nothing.

"The Master fell into the Eye of Harmony," the Doctor said simply.

"Which means...?" Phoebe asked, waving a prompting hand at the Time Lord.

"Which means that, while his consciousness may have survived the transition into the anti-matter universe that exists on the other side of the Eye, he's now trapped in that universe with no way out unless he and an equally strong-willed Time Lord can come to any sort of resolution, which I find unlikely given that neither of them would want to let the other one escape while they stayed trapped..." the Doctor replied, tapping a few controls on the console before he smiled and glanced back at the sisters. "Well, it worked; we're currently at December 29th."

"And... the future?" Piper asked apprehensively.

In response, the Doctor reached over and casually flicked a switch, bringing up the holographic display around the roof that they'd seen earlier. Unlike the image of destruction they'd seen earlier, this time the screen displayed a simple but beautiful scene of stars, planets and galaxies around them, a comet briefly blazing across the view as they watched it.

"Wow..." Lee whispered.

"Incredible..." Prue added.

"Quite," the Doctor said, extending an arm to point at a part of the display that showed a small planet that seemed to be surrounded by a white 'cloud' (Although the sisters acknowledged that it was probably an asteroid field or a nebula or something like that; stellar phenomenon weren't exactly their strong point). "Look over there, on the far side of your galaxy? That's home."

"Gallifrey?" Piper asked, looking at the sight with slightly widened eyes.

It might be distant- to say nothing of it being a slightly stupid thing to focus on-, but the thought that their new friend came from that specific planet...

"Two hundred million light years away," the Doctor said, before he looked at the sisters with a casual smile. "That's a good ten minutes in this thing."

Glancing at the console before him, his smile broadened before he looked back at them. "Well, everything seems to be in order; would you like to get off here, or shall we get back to the present?"

"Present, definitely," Prue said with a resolute nod.

"Outside my club, if you could manage it," Piper added. "I'm already late for the New Year's party, and this is only my first year running the place..."

"Of course," the Doctor said with a smile as he began to adjust the controls. "Just give me the location..."

"Whoa..." Lee said as he walked out of the TARDIS, briefly registering their changed location as he looked at the fireworks going off above them, the sounds of New Year's celebrations coming from the building just off to the side. "It's that simple?"

"Well, piloting is a bit tricky sometimes- I've had to practically rebuild the console from scratch once or twice myself, and things were a bit trickier when I started out-, but once you know what you're doing it's simple, really," the Doctor said, smiling as he and the Halliwells walked out of his ship, taking in the view before them with an approving smile. "Well, there you have it; everything's as it should be."

"Uh..." Lee said slightly awkwardly, reaching into his pocket to pull out a paper bag that he passed to the Doctor. "Your things."

Opening the bag, the Doctor smiled as he removed a thin silver rod from its contents.

"My sonic screwdriver!" he said, grinning broadly as he looked up at Lee. "Thank you!"

"And, uh, these two," Lee added, picking two small red velvet bags out of his pockets.

"Please, keep them," the Doctor said dismissively as he continued to examine the bag, one hand rummaging through it as he held it close to his face.

"Really?" Lee asked, looking at the Doctor in surprise.

"Yes, really," the Doctor replied, looking back at Lee with a brief nod before resuming his examination.

"I better go before you change your mind!" Lee said, exchanging broad smiles with the Time Lord and the Charmed Ones before he ran to the end of the alley.

"Lee!" the Doctor suddenly added, prompting the young man to turn back and look at him. "Next Christmas, take a vacation; just don't be here."

"Right..." Lee said uncertainly, before his eyes widened and he nodded in understanding. "Thanks... Thanks, Doctor."

With that, he turned around and resumed his run back into the San Francisco streets, leaving the Halliwells with a brief wave before he vanished.

"Interfering again?" Phoebe asked with a slight smile.

"Always do what you do best," the Doctor said, before he looked at the three sisters. "On that topic-"

"Don't tell us," Prue said, holding up a hand to stop the Doctor.

"Really?" the Time Lord said.

"We've got my visions; that's all the glimpses of the future we need right now," Phoebe said with a shrug.

"Besides," Piper added, "I think after all this, we need to keep a few surprises."

"Good," the Doctor said, nodding in approval at them with a slight smile on his face. "I'm glad."

He paused for a moment, and then looked inquiringly at them. "Come with me."

"What?" Piper asked.

"Come with me," the Doctor repeated, looking between them with a prompting smile.

"I..." Prue began, looking uncertainly at the Doctor for a moment, before she shook her head. "We can't. We have responsibilities here; we have lives here..."

"I can have you back before anyone knows you've gone-" the Doctor began.

"Look, not that it's not tempting, but..." Piper said, looking apologetically at the Time Lord. "We just... well, we don't belong in your world, Doctor. We deal with demons- even if they're... what you told us they are- with magic, you deal with aliens using your freaky acquired-over-centuries-and-lifetimes'-worth of science..."

She shrugged apologetically. "It... well, we worked out OK today, but it just doesn't work on a long term, does it?"

For a moment, the Doctor could only look reflectively back at her, before he nodded.

"Fair point, well made," he said simply, as he glanced back at his ship with a slight sigh before turning back to them. "Well... it's been fun, but-"

"Oh, no you don't," Prue said, reaching over to take the Doctor's arm with a polite but firm grip.

"What?" the Doctor asked, looking at her in confusion.

"We may not be going anywhere with you, but you're not just walking out on us after this," Prue said, looking pointedly at the Time Lord. "We just saved the entire world from being sucked into a black hole, and it's the biggest event of the century; you are not leaving without sticking around for at least one drink at our club. OK?"

Looking between the Halliwell sisters, the Doctor sighed and shrugged.

"Well," he said, a resigned tone to his voice that was belied by the smile on his face, "given that I'm currently only relaxing in Allen Road while also trying to get London back to normal and stop the Voracians taking control of Earth's machinery, I think it's safe to say that I currently owe myself a second relaxing January 1st 2000 to make up for the last two..."

"Back up a minute; you're 'getting London back to normal' right now?" Phoebe interjected in confusion.

"Oh, I'm just in the city two bodies ago working to sort out a unique little dimensional anomaly where an entity from the previous universe and an entity from the next universe got stuck together; nobody outside myself and a few close friends will even remember it happened when I'm finished," the Doctor said reassuringly before another thought occurred to him. "Oh, and no worries about the Millennium Bug; I sorted that out fairly quickly-"

"Well, you can tell us about that later," Prue said, as she began to walk towards the club with the Doctor's arm still in her hand, a resolute expression on her face that made it clear that, as far as she was concerned, the topics the Doctor was currently discussing could be talked about later. "Right now, it's time to party because it's no longer 1999."

As the group walked out of the alley and into the club- the Halliwells were still dressed for the party they'd attended earlier, and even the Doctor's clothes, while strange, looked like they'd pass muster under casual examination-, Prue, Piper and Phoebe couldn't help but exchange approving smiles at each other.

Not only had they just learned that aliens were out there, but they'd actually helped a man who'd been visiting Earth- and protecting it fairly well, if what they'd read in the Book of Shadows was any indicating of what he'd faced in the past- for centuries to save it from a threat on a scale that they could never have imagined existed, to say nothing of making a very interesting new friend...

It might not last beyond this current meeting, but as Prue found herself spinning on the floor as the Doctor suddenly the time they had spent with the Doctor this year was definitely something that they would remember for a very long time.

AN: Well, hope you enjoyed this; it was short, but I think it works.

If anyone's interested in seeing anything else in this universe as the Doctor and the Charmed Ones work together again, feel free to make a request and I'll see what I can do (Preferably something featuring the Doctor getting involved in one of the Charmed Ones' adventures involving time-travel or reality manipulation)

AN 2: For those wanting to know, the Doctor's previous Millennium encounters took place in the short story "That Time I Nearly Destroyed The World While Looking for a Dress" (The Second Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie), and the novels "Millennium Shock" (The Fourth Doctor and Harry Sullivan, dealing with the Voracians) and "Millennial Rites" (The Sixth Doctor and Mel dealing with beings from the previous universe and the next universe)

The End

You have reached the end of "A Charmed Regeneration". This story is complete.

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