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New Places

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Summary: With Joyce dead, and in the aftermath of the end of Buffy's sophmore year at Sunnydale High, Hank decides that Buffy needs a quieter enviroment, Colorado Springs.

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Chapter 16

New Places Chapter 16


Disclaimer:  If you recognize it, it belongs to its respective owners.  I make no profit from the following.


After finishing with Dormer, and it wasn’t as painful as Buffy had been anticipating, she mostly emphasized about getting reports done promptly and keeping an eye on the pet Jaffa the SGC was protecting.  Buffy figured report writing was the Watcher’s job so it looked like her job was mostly about checking the base out, and planning on what she would do to get either in or out quickly or quietly.


“Buffy, are you planning on doing a patrol tonight?” Hank asked.


“I thought about it.  It might even be a good idea as nothing is going on under the Mountain right now.” Buffy replied.


“I agree,” Wesley replied.  I haven’t had any reason since the Council fired me to check out the night life in Colorado Springs, is there any?”


“Not much, there are a couple of Braken Demon half-bloods that run a micro-brewery and pub downtown, and one of those feel good demons over in that new development.”


Wesley turned, “Feel good demon? You mean a meshj’ne’che’lic?”


“Yeah, like I said, feel good demon,” Buffy replied.


“Did you let it know there was a Slayer was in the area and that it should behave itself?” Wesley asked.


“No, it feeds on good feeling vibes; everyone in the surrounding units is having the time of their lives.”


Wesley nodded as he headed for his car, “You should come along.  Meshj’ne’che’lic demons are very protective of their food supplies, and tend to be rather direct if someone is threatening it. I don’t suppose you’ve investigated if any of the people who might have been annoying the demon’s neighbors have you?”


“No,” Buffy admitted, chagrined that she hadn’t thought about that.


“Which is why we should go and let it know there is a Slayer in the area, just to cut down on possible future fatal accidents in the Colorado Springs and its environs?” Wesley explained as he opened passenger side doors on his Impala.


After Buffy and her dad had gotten in, Wesley drove off and allowed Buffy to direct him to the demon’s lair.  Ten minutes later they arrived in the cul-de-sac of a new development a couple of miles from their house. A less likely demon lair Hank had trouble imagining, Jolinar had to agree.  There were five houses in the nicely landscaped circle; the middle one was obviously holding a raucous party.


“Dad?” Buffy stated, “You stay with the car and keep the motor running.”


Hank was about to protest when Jolinar said mentally, “She doesn’t know yet our abilities, she wants to keep you out of danger.  Plus, we don’t know for sure what is going on in the house; she wants to make sure they have a quick getaway.”  Hank agreed to say nothing, but he wasn’t happy about it, at all.


Buffy and Wesley made their way up to the front door.  In the short walk they decided that Wesley would handle most of the talking, Buffy would just pretend to be a grunt. Wesley rang the bell and unsurprisingly they couldn’t hear it over the music coming from inside. Nonetheless, a couple of seconds after Wesley had pushed the button the door was answered by… Ken?


“Dudes and Dudettes!” The doll impersonator exclaimed. “Come on in, the party is jumping!” Ken smiled, even his teeth were perfect.


“My name is “Wesley Wyndam-Price, my associate,” he said, gesturing at Buffy, ‘Ms. Summers. We are with the Watchers Council.”


Ken’s tan went pale, “Hey, I ain’t done nothing to bring you folks down on me,” he said, eyeing Buffy.  “Why do you think I moved out here to the Springs?  No competition.”


“So, you haven’t arranged any accidents for anybody that might be giving your neighbors a bad time?” Wesley asked.


“Like no, dude. There is no competition out here, why do you think I moved? If people get miserable, there is a condo group down town that is partying down.  I’ll move.”


Wesley looked like he was not completely convinced, but said, “Very well, I will be checking the local records, and we will be keeping an eye on you and your neighbors. As long as nothing untoward happens, we will not be returning.  If we have to return, you will not live to regret it.”<br> <br>

Ken nodded he understood, then stood there and watched the two Council Reps walk back to their car.  He was wondering if he had just met the Slayer… Nah, there had to be more important things for her to be doing than hanging out in Colorado Springs.




“What was with Ken?” Buffy asked.


“Ken?” Wesley replied, clearly not getting the pop culture question.


“Yeah, you know, Barbie and Ken? The dolls?”


“Meshj’ne’che’lic demons are shape shifters, their natural form is a purplish blob with tentacles. They pick an appropriate form for their environment and then use it to be around their food supply.  Except for their tendency to remove threats to their food supplies, they really aren’t much of a problem.”


“They are able to shape shift?” Jolinar asked.


Wesley nodded, he’d just said that didn’t he?


“I have some questions then,” she said, and for the ten minutes it took them to get back to their car Jolinar questioned the watchers about this particular demon, and others shared its abilities, it kind of reminded Buffy of the last time her dad had gone looking for a new car.



After Wesley dropped them off back at the hotel so they could get their car, Buffy and her dad rode home in relative silence. “I’ll probably be starting at the SGC tomorrow, I’ll find out when they want you and Wesley to come in.”


Buffy nodded, “You should make sure it’s sooner rather than later to keep Dormer happy.  Also that Doctor Jackson seems to be a curious kind of guy, make sure he stays out of Wesley’s books until Wesley is there.”


“Do I want to know?” Hank asked.


Last year we scanned one of Giles’ books into a computer and released a demon into the internet, Don’t think it would be a good idea in there.”


“Right,” Hank replied, stop Dr. Jackson from reading books, got it.


They rode in silence for a couple of minutes then Buffy asked, “Dad, do you have anything to write on?’


Hank nodded, “In my bag,”


Buffy grabbed the bag and rooted through it until she found a notebook and a pen.  She wrote a quick note and folded it into thirds. “I’m letting Janet know that I’ll still look after Cassie if she needs me too.”


“That’s good honey,” Hank told her.


“I’m not making up with her,” Buffy said hotly, “Or, are you going to tell me she saved my life too?”

“Basically, though according to Jolinar she likely saved her own life too.”


That got Buffy’s attention, “She really thinks they would have just shot her too?”


“The people in the Mountain? Probably not; but there are others out there that would not have hesitated.”


Buffy rode in silence for the rest of the way home. She hadn’t considered Cassie when she had planned on taking Janet hostage; she was the logical one to take.  She wasn’t about to take Cassie herself, and she hadn’t known if Sam could travel, she was in a hospital bed. Still, Janet had stuck her in the butt with a needle. Though, why wasn’t she upset that what’s his name, Teal? He had shot her with that stun gun thingy.


Once Hank had parked in their driveway, Buffy jumped the hedgerow and dropped her note off in Janet’s mail box. Coming into the house Buffy headed up stairs and got ready for bed.  Her father came into her room as she was turning down her covers.  He hugged her and said, “It will work out, you’ll see.”


Buffy hugged back and replied, “I hope so.”




Wesley waited in his car for Buffy to come out of school, they had talked at lunch and decided that Buffy should continue her after school activities, well Buffy had said she wasn’t giving up the Martial Arts Club just to go into the SGC.  As Wesley’s last class wasn’t over until about an hour after Buffy’s school let out, he saw no need to make an issue out of it.


Spotting Buffy coming out of school, Wesley frowned; she had an apprehensive look on her face. As she got into the car Wesley asked, “What’s wrong?”


Buffy sighed, “I screwed up Wesley. Mr. Allbright went to put me in a hold as a demonstration, I was thinking about the SGC…”

“Did you hurt him?”


“No, but I threw him farther than I should have, he wanted to talk to me, but I told him I had a previous appointment. He wants to talk to me tomorrow.  I think he’s always suspected I was faking, what am I going to tell him?”


Wesley considered, “Well you might consider the truth, you do have some experience telling people that by now. But, I think that should be a last resort.  But we can deal with it later, what has you upset?


Buffy stared at her watcher, she didn’t know if she should be grateful or scared that Wesley could read her already. Shrugging she said, “Tommy Newton asked me to next week’s dance.”


“Congratulations Buffy, as far as I know there is nothing going on that night.”


“I don’t know if I’m going to say yes.”


“Why, is he hideous?” Wesley asked.


“Because of Owen,” Buffy replied quietly.


“Buffy, let’s pretend that I haven’t been your Watcher since the beginning, that I have experience with everything that has happened to you since you have been called,” Wesley said with a light bit of sarcasm in his voice.


“Owen Thurman was kid at Sunnydale High.  He asked me out, I tried to be normal girl, but that was the night that the Master created the Anointed One. We misidentified who that was, and went to the wrong place.  Owen tagged along and got hurt.  He thought that it was cool what we had done, and I realized he was going to get himself killed, so I broke it off.”


“Are you getting the same kind of vibe off of Tommy?”


“Not really,” Buffy admitted.


“Then don’t let the past strangle your present.”


Buffy gave Wesley a look, “As a Watcher, aren’t you supposed to be forbidding me from having a boyfriend?”


“Wesley shrugged, “Probably, but since this is not a traditional Watcher/Slayer relationship, I thought we’d play it by ear.  Plus it gives me a warm feeling at what reading the reports I write will do to Dormer’s blood pressure,


Once Buffy had climbed in he put his Honda into gear and pulled into traffic.  “I looked through the papers today. I saw nothing that needed our attention tonight.  Patrol should be perfunctory and we should be in bed fairly early.”


“I haven’t seen one ‘Barbecue Fork Accident’, since we moved here.” Buffy replied. ‘I wonder if it is all the military in the area?”


“Perhaps,” Wesley said.  “I’ll have to research it, Ken didn’t seem to be in any distress, and he didn’t seem to be the smartest demon I have every run into, so perhaps he hasn’t figured out that there is such a strong military presence in the area.  I’ll let you know what I find.”


Buffy nodded.


When they arrived at Cheyenne Mountain they were directed to a parking place and got out.  They found Colonel O’Neill waiting for them inside the front door to the complex.  He was in his dress uniform, he had the most impressive set of decorations that Buffy had ever seen, but if he expected that to cow her he was in for a shock.  “Buffy, Doctor Wyhndam-Pryce, welcome.” He handed them a couple of badges that had their pictures on them. “They will get you into the SGC, so if you’ll step this way, I’ll get you to Daniel, Doctor Wyndam-Pryce and you can make sure that none of your books have been damaged, then we’ll help you get them back to your house.”


“Thank you Colonel, would you give my thanks to Sergeant Sillar and his men, the window repair and the cleanup of my basement was neat, though and quick. I had rather dreaded contacting my landlord and try to explain why I would have to have BX gas cleaned out of my basement.”


“We aim to please.”





The End?

You have reached the end of "New Places" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Sep 12.

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